Review of Etihad Airways flight Sydney Abu Dhabi in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY455
Class Economy
Seat 47A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 14:40
Take-off 19 Dec 16, 21:50
Arrival at 20 Dec 16, 05:30
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By SILVER 8245
Published on 14th February 2017
Etihad Airways A6-APH EY455 SYD-AUH

Flight Details :

Airlines: Etihad Airways
Flight: EY455 SYD-AUH
Reg: A6-APH
Aircraft: Airbus A380-861
Dep SYD Terminal 1: 9:50 pm
Arr AUH Terminal 3: 5:40 am
Distance: 12,075 km
Flight time: 14h 39m

Trip Report: Etihad Airways A6-APH EY455 Sydney to Abu Dhabi

Below is the long video [42 mins approx] report covering the flight.


I had planned to visit Mumbai during the December 2016. Had almost booked Malaysian Airlines but my internet dropped just as I was about to hit the submit button. On restarting the price had risen by a few hundreds. Tried other options, found Etihad price reasonable for the time of the year.

My relatives had flown with Etihad a month earlier, had water spilled on the pant. My expectations were low after hearing the service level.

Still decided to give it a go as I wanted to try something different from the usual flights.

I was travelling via Abu Dhabi after 36 yrs. Having 8 hours transit, had booked seat on the Etihad bus to Dubai. Dropped the idea as it would take 1.5 hours each way. I planned to take public transport to Abu Dhabi city from Airport.

Airport Services

I had done my online check-in 24hrs earlier. Had a dinner meeting with friends and got dropped at the airport. Arrived at the airport around 6.30p.m and joined the internet check-in queue. Had about around 20 people ahead, took around 30-35 mins for Check-in.

Check-in Queue

photo 20161219_192401_resize

When my turn came, passport, visa was checked. Check-in person said that my destination was the happening place. I later found out why. It was around 7p.m, decided to head for immigration and security check.

Immigration didn't take long as I went through e-passport and the queue was shorter. Security was next, got a full body scan before begin let out into the duty free area. Next stop was GST refund. Queue here was crazy. Atleast 50 people in queue, mostly mainland Chinese with tonnes of items. The queue was extremely slow. Had filled the GST claim online yet it took 1.5 hours to reach the counter.

Flight Schedule

photo 20161219_211548_resize


Went straight for the gate, boarding had commenced. I was seating the front section most passengers had already boarded.
Went down the aerobridge to see the Etihad bird.

Etihad Airways A6-APH

photo 20161219_212115_resize

Boarding via front door

photo 20161219_212227_resize

Waiting for boarding to complete

photo 20161219_213217_resize

Soon everyone was settled, door was closed and pushback commenced. Safety instructions was displayed on the IFE screen.

Outside view

photo 20161219_220650_resize

I had activated the tail camera.

Tail camera

photo 20161219_220654_resize

Flight information

photo 20161219_222805_resize

Flight departed at 9.50pm local time. Once cruising altitude was reached, Hand towels was provided. Dinner service commenced soon. Got served first as I had ordered special meal.

Dinner Packaging

photo 20161219_225554_resize

Dinner- Rice Pulav, Lamb Curry, Spinach Salad, Bread roll, Donut

photo 20161219_225846_resize

I didn't like the meal. Rice was dry, the lamb was rubbery. Lucky had a good meal before boarding the flight. I don't like wasting food, but the food was terrible.

Half eaten tray

photo 20161219_231330_resize

Crew served others. Got a red wine to snooze off after the meal. Tray was collected along with others. It was going to be long flight, decided to check out the IFE.

IFE loading

photo 20161220_001534_resize

Flight Information

photo 20161220_001545_resizephoto 20161220_001550_resizephoto 20161220_001639_resize

Got served popcorn after 3 hrs.


photo 20161220_065915_resize

Glass holder

photo 20161220_070210_resize

Decided to stay off the entertainment and snoozed off for few hours,

Closer to Sri Lanka

photo 20161220_074507_resizephoto 20161220_074513_resizephoto 20161220_081145_resize

The flight was in complete darkness from start to finish, hence there are not window views till just after take off and before arrival.

Tail Cam view - Darkness

photo 20161220_081452_resize


photo 20161220_082721_resize

Amenity kit

photo 20161220_082847_resize

Reading material

photo 20161220_083201_resize

Safety card

photo 20161220_083302_resizephoto 20161220_083321_resize

E-box Entertainment Guide

photo 20161220_083411_resize

Still about 5 hours of flight, I had connected to the onboard Wi-Fi for 24 hrs paying AUD $35 approx .

Wi-Fly Instructions

photo 20161220_083446_resize

Breakfast service started about 1.5 hrs before landing. A new set of crew was providing the service.
I didn't like the food again, the upma was dry. I tasted couple of spoons and let it go.

Breakfast - Rava Upma, chutney, fruit salad

photo 20161220_095436_resize

I felt the crew service was not upto the mark from both sets.

Flying close to Arabian Peninsula

photo 20161220_112138_resize

Closer to Abu Dhabi

Flight Information

photo 20161220_114515_resizephoto 20161220_115540_resize

Soon it was time for touch down. Windows shades up, seat upright, tray table in, cables off the usb charger.

Cabin prepared for landing.

photo 20161220_115543_resizephoto 20161220_115556_resize

Landing was smooth. Arrived at the gate in Terminal 3.

Window view

photo 20161220_121451_resize

I was in no rush to get off, had a chat with my seat mate - Spanish girl, she was travelling to Mumbai onwards to Goa on Jet Airways to a yoga resort.


photo 20161220_121514_resize

Tail cam view

photo 20161220_121605_resize

Flight location

photo 20161220_121621_resize

I deboarded once the crowd had passed.

View of the Airbus A380

photo 20161220_122836_resizephoto 20161220_122850_resize

Towards immigration

photo 20161220_123225_resizephoto 20161220_123514_resize

After arriving at immigration, only 4 people were in the queue. I was asked where I was coming for and how long I will be staying. Answered the questions. Got my photo taken and passport stamped with 30 day visa. My bag was checked all the way to Mumbai. Having just a handbag, passed customs without any issues.

Exchanged some AED Dirhams at the exchange and went outside.

Outside view

photo 20161220_125043_resizephoto 20161220_125251_resize

It was 5.20 am and dark outside, decided to wait till daylight before heading into the city.

Waiting area

photo 20161220_131041_resize

Will write the next trip report : Abu Dhabi - Mumbai on Etihad Airways A380.

I'm unable to load all the photos. Do watch the video, where I have covered the complete flight.

Hope you enjoyed the report.

Thanks for reading
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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew5.0

Sydney - SYD


Abu Dhabi - AUH



Overall Etihad had a good hard product and weak on the customer service, food and beverage. Sydney Airport was packed as usual with the evening bank of departures. GST claim was extremely slow. Abu Dhabi Airport was not busy at the hour, took couple of minutes to walk of the terminal. Will I fly again with Etihad - No.

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