Review of Ukraine International flight Warsaw Kiev in Economy

Flight PS802
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 16 Feb 17, 10:50
Arrival at 16 Feb 17, 13:15
PS 81 reviews
By GOLD 346
Published on 21st February 2017

2 weeks after my trip to Krakow , i am back

Destination : Ankara , cause i'd like to spent a weekend there with Ukraine International Airlines.


photo screenshot_2017-01-21-21-18-51

PS802 : waw-kbp : here
PS721 : kbp-esb :
PS722 : esb-kbp :
PS801 : kbp-waw :

No direct flights between ESB and WAW , so a layover in MUC or ESB is mandatory

However since fall 2016 , PS started flights to ESB , prices from 138eur/150usd , so cheaper than LH/TK

I will have a 6h layover in Kiev, will be long enough to reach city center and make some shopping

Left home but forget my camera , then once at airport i realized that i forget my bag in the taxi … anyway everything is ok now and i can go to checkin

Nice weather , spring is coming soon

photo dsc04376

Checkin was so fast and i was so confused that i forget to take pixs

As i was late i used the fast track , it was empty when i came and also empty after

photo dsc04378

What about my flight ?? Ok i have plenty of time

photo dsc04379

Maybe someday i should try to play , as i feel myself like a david guetta or bob sinclar

photo dsc04381

Next step is immigration , today more people than usual , but the Schengen queues are quicker

photo dsc04385

I had coins and banknotes , so decided to change them for Turkish Liras

photo dsc04421

No lounge today , not enough time sorry dude !

photo dsc04391

This area of WAW is not quite good for spotting , but i was curious to check who is going where

EK is still there . They came to WAW by a380 this month

photo dsc04387

Otherwise LO/TK to the east and south of Europe

photo dsc04388photo dsc04389photo dsc04392

Time to go , today morning is in gate 16

photo dsc04393

Seems the flight will be around 90/95% full

photo dsc04394photo dsc04395

Crowded and slow in gateway….. also inside the plane but it went quick

photo dsc04397photo dsc04399photo dsc04402

Same story for hand luggage

photo dsc04405

But 5 minutes later we are done

photo dsc04408

My seat for today , i forget to ask for windows seat

photo dsc04406

However no one next to me so the entire row is mine

photo dsc04410

Pitch is correct

photo dsc04409

Ready for take-off , however my window is so dirty

photo dsc04423photo dsc04424photo dsc04425

Today is not the time for pixs , lets check whats going on inside

photo dsc04412

February's Panorama is about Kutaisi in Georgia .

photo dsc04414photo dsc04415

I was in Georgia two months ago , i think i should return during summer 2017

Whats next ?

Nathalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy

photo dsc04439

An artist from Philippine , Eisen Bernardo , mixing the classics of painting and hip-hop

photo dsc04435photo dsc04437

Ok, UIA don't really like flight-report

photo dsc04442

Times flies so fast , 90 minutes that is nothing when you are busy , we already started our descent to Boryspil

I thought we would leave by paxbus but no , just we parked in the last gate of the terminal

photo dsc04453photo dsc04454

Last pix of our plane , next to us was LH

photo dsc04458photo dsc04460

Lets walk a bit , cross my fingers and see how is the crowd at immigration

photo dsc04461photo dsc04463

Finally its the same as in WAW , so only a matter of minutes then i am free

photo dsc04464photo dsc04465

No luggage so i can keep walking

photo dsc04467photo dsc04469photo dsc04470

And that's all !
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew7.0

Warsaw - WAW


Kiev - KBP



WAW = fast-track saved my life once more , but next time i should prepare my luggages earlier
PS = flight was delayed so i had more time to buy food/water in Warsaw
KBP = empty so that's cool

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LOT Polish avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 26 minutes.

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