Review of Ukraine International flight Ankara Kiev in Economy

Flight PS722
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 19 Feb 17, 07:00
Arrival at 19 Feb 17, 08:05
PS   #131 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 76 reviews
Published on 21st February 2017

End of my weekend in Ankara


photo screenshot_2017-01-21-21-18-51

PS802 : waw-kbp :
PS721 : kbp-esb :
PS722 : esb-kbp : here
PS801 : kbp-waw :

Esenboğa airport is located 30 kms away from city center , two solutions left , city bus 442 or taxi

Taxi is expensive and prices are random so better to use the bus

However now the line 442 is managed by a private company , so they offer a kind of shuttle ,

Catched the bus from Kizilay's square , however now that call it "July the 15th's square "

photo dsc04610

lot of room for my legs

photo dsc04611

Left kizilay and reached ESB 30 minutes later

1st checkpoint

photo dsc04617photo dsc04618

And iam in the terminal , international flights

Tamam nereye gitmem gerekiyor ???

photo dsc04619

Wait a bit for English version

Thats the schedule for international flights this Sunday

photo dsc04620

For a capital city , especially the capital of a very populated country , thats quite low traffic

How will be weather in Warsaw ???

photo screenshot_2017-02-19-05-52-07

Checkin , almost nobody

photo dsc04621

Same for immigration but agents are slow as fu**

photo dsc04625

Finally reached my gate

photo dsc04629

The window is not dirty but but our plane is

photo dsc04631

Oh , a new buddy in ESB

Get ready to use your flying blue card , since few months JV started flights to JED

photo dsc04635

Ok now i can go to the Comfort lounge .

photo dsc04652photo dsc04636

Besides TK there are 2 lounges a Ankara

Millenium on the right

photo dsc04638photo dsc04639

Today i will try Comfort Lounge

photo dsc04637

Le lounge is small , almost all these small details i like about a lounge are missing

In case you'd like to load your device

photo dsc04640

Check what they offer

photo dsc04641photo dsc04642

Wanted to take a shower , but the guy told me its not possible cause h dont have the key !!

What else ??? Nothing , this lounge is just a waste of time

photo dsc04646photo dsc04647

My breakfast

photo dsc04644

All time i was alone , but 30 minutes later a woman joined me , shes also flying to KBP

photo dsc04645

La TV is on , with Turkish version of CNN

photo dsc04648

Weather is going mad , 9°C / 48.2°F , is not normal in Anatolia

Crew just arrived , they left their hotel .and arrived after me

photo dsc04650

Was so busy writing this report that i missed the boarding call . Went quickly through the gateway

We will fly with a 737-800, was enough lucky to get a safety seat for free

photo dsc04660photo dsc04661

Next to us , PC to VIE , then LH to MUC

photo dsc04659

Still working on my drafts

photo dsc04666

Some tips can help you to guess who was previous owner of this plane

photo dsc04657photo dsc04662

Thats more funny to be here today , cause this plane started to fly in Turkey

photo records

Boarding done , 30 mins before take-off

Safety demonstration inn English/Ukrainian/Russian

photo dsc04667

taxing 15 mins later …

Take-off 5 mins before planned time

Esenboğa Airport has long runways and good location , so the airport was designated as one of the emergency landing sites for NASA's Space Shuttle

Take off quite slow

Moon is still from my side

photo dsc04678

Slowly get sunny , we can see the mountains and small villages around Ankara

Now we can head to the North

photo dsc04685

Start our descent to Boryspil

Ukraine is still under the snow

Landing and iam again in KBP

photo dsc04696photo dsc04697

Taxing , and we get what i was expected , a paxbus

But they gave us only one , so it was crowded as hell

photo dsc04702

Really hard to take good pixs when bus is crowded and 354850 are staring at you

photo dsc04703photo dsc04705

Left and reached the exit/transit area , we arrived same time as those flights

photo screenshot_2017-02-19-10-49-40

Few seconds to get my boarding pass at transfer desks , here is the queue

photo dsc04707

Finally they opened new checkpoints , but still wasnt enough to proceed everyone quickly

photo dsc04708photo dsc04710

20 minutes later iam free

End !
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew5.0

Primeclass Comfort Lounge (Intl)


Ankara - ESB


Kiev - KBP



ESB = huge , clean , well lighted , spacious . I wish we could have the same building in Warsaw .However if you dont speak turkish and you need something it can be complicated , also there are too few services and shops there , and the lack of high-speed train between city and airport is a joke

Lounge = a joke

PS = good job

KBP = bad luck at transit



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