Review of SWISS flight Zurich Warsaw in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX 1352
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A220-100
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 27 Feb 17, 17:15
Arrival at 27 Feb 17, 19:10
LX   #26 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 760 reviews
By 1481
Published on 10th March 2017
Hi again,

This report covers the second leg of my trip to Switzerland with SWISS CS100. You can find the first leg description here:

Let me start with some bonus pictures from my short 3-day stay in Zurich and its area. This was my second stay in Switzerland after an 18 year break. I came here for the first time when I was 18 years old and got this trip from my parents as a gift for becoming an adult. It was a package tour by bus covering almost all country with some great mountain locations as Jungfraujoch and Zermatt with Klein Matterhorn. I'm not so lucky 18 years later, Zurich and some beautiful small towns and villages around Zurich lake must be enough this time, but I'm not going to complain, Switzerland is beautiful and I really enjoyed this short stay.

I spent only a couple of hours in Zurich getting there from the airport by train around midday and coming back to the airport where I was going to be collected by my friends in the evening. A return train ticket costs 13 CHF, the trip lasts approximately 10 minutes and you can take every train going to Zurich Hauptbahnhof or back to Flughafen. In the city centre there is no need to use bus or tram as all you can see during a half-day stay is within a walking distance. The old town is beautifully located between Limmat and Sihl rivers and Zurich lake.

I didn't have very good weather, it was rather cold and windy but I didn't stop me from climbing the cathedral tower for a panoramic view

photo img_0943photo img_0946

The catherdral from one of the bridges over Limmat river

photo img_0941photo img_0973

I made a walk along the lake but it had to be short due to very strong cold wind

photo img_0957

A very nice old town street

photo img_0958

Old Town and river Limmat

photo img_0961photo img_0984

I like Swiss cities but I think the real beauty of this country is hidden far away from its towns, in small villages with Alps in the background.

Let's go back to the city for a minute. Rapperswil is located by the Zurich lake. A very nice small town with a castle, cathedral and Alps in the background.

photo img_1061


photo img_1080


photo img_1081

Alps over the old town roofs
photo img_1100

Zurich lake
photo img_1102

It was very nice in Rapperswil but what I love the most about this country is countryside and mountains.
In the area of Glarus the landscape is still very snowy.

photo img_1137

In the valleys it is already spring :)

photo img_1177photo img_1182photo img_1223

View over Weesen

photo img_1189photo img_1198

It was a very nice but short stay. Time to go to the airport and fly back home :( Good news is my flight again will be operated by CS100!

I've checked us in using Swiss app but while trying to print our boarding passes at self check-in kiosk at the airport I was asked (by the self check-in kiosk) to use traditional check-in desks. Usually it seems there is a problem, maybe overbooking, flight cancellation or delay but a very friendly lady told us everything was fine and it must have been a system failure. Good to hear.

Check-in area number 1 in ZRH

photo img_1227

Departures board

photo img_1228

Airside with duty free

photo img_1229

and special Lindt shop

photo img_1235

Time for some spotting. The weather was very good that day but the sun sometimes didn't help at all in taking pictures.

Swiss A320

photo img_1237

A Bombie CS100 with catering being loaded. This is not my Bombie to WAW but at least the one I could take a good picture of.

photo img_1244

Some apron views with window reflections

photo img_1245photo img_1246

My gate

photo img_1247photo img_1248

And finally my Bombie (at least the visible part of it)

photo img_1250photo img_1254

Swiss A321

photo img_1255

These seats don't look very comfy but they are

photo img_1260

Time for boarding and some views from the jetbridge

photo img_1261photo img_1262photo img_1265

View from my seat, the same one as on my way to ZRH, and the same aircraft HB-JBE

photo img_1268

Pitch is very generous

photo img_1270

Cabin view after boarding being completed

photo img_1271

Slowly rolling towards the runway

photo img_1273

Oh, another Bombie taking off!

photo img_1277photo img_1278photo img_1280

Now it's our turn to take the runway

photo img_1281

and take off

photo img_1284photo img_1285photo img_1287

View of Zurich, lake and Alps appear as we turn left

It is nice to see the airport you have just taken off from

photo img_1300

and even nicer to fly over it a minute later

photo img_1307

Bodensee beneath

photo img_1309

and some Swiss/German/Austrian Alps

photo img_1318photo img_1319

The susnset begins as we leave the mountains heading north over Bayern

photo img_1323

Service begins as soon as the seat belts sign is off. The flight is supposed to last only 1:30 this way. We are going to have sandwiches with chicken or cheese. I choose cheese and it's a good choice as my sandwich has inside a very thick slice of good Swiss cheese and some mayonnaise, nothing more unfortunately but the cheese is so good! Tea with milk and water goes perfectly well with it. Chocolates were distributed afterwards.

photo img_1326

The cabin with overhead monitors

photo img_1328photo img_1329photo img_1333

Safety card

photo img_1331photo img_1332

You can buy a model of 777-300 or Bombie from the duty free catalogue

photo img_1334

Time runs fast and we are already close

photo img_1335


photo img_1338photo img_1340photo img_1341

We pass by the same 788 as on the way to ZRH. Later I will find out it was diverted to WAW from a charter flight after an engine problem.

photo img_1344

This time there should be no jetbridge failure, I hope

photo img_1346

Last look on the great seats as we disembark. Bye, bye Bombie!

photo img_1347

Time to take my bag and go home. It was a nice flight, nice Swiss experience and nice stay in this beautiful country where everything works as it should. I will miss Switzerland.

photo img_1348

Many thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew9.0

Zurich - ZRH


Warsaw - WAW



This was my second flight with Swiss and onboard CS100 and I really enjoyed it. The aircraft is great with beautiful desing, good legroom and huge windows. Swiss offers a decent service as for a 1:30 flight. The CC was very professional and polite which made the flight even nicer. ZRH is a well organised, divided in many smaller parts which makes all the departing procedures faster and easier. In two words: Swiss quality :)

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  • Comment 389460 by
    Pilpintu 732 Comments


    That's how those amazing bonus pictures can be described!! You can't imagine how much I appreciate them! You payed a lot of attention to composition!

    my seat, the same one as on my way to ZRH, and the same aircraft HB-JBE

    That seat is legally yours now!! :D

    We are going to have sandwiches with chicken or cheese

    This is a bit ahead of LATAM's catering, which is my reference. It's a good thing that you have different options to choose from, and that they serve food that's so representative of their identity.

    The cabin with overhead monitors

    I find those little monitors so cute. Aren't they a bit too small? Is the information legible from the seat?

    Later I will find out it (788) was diverted to WAW from a charter flight after an engine problem.

    GASP. Engine problems so soon?!

    Last look on the great seats as we disembark.

    Most beautiful Y cabin I have ever seen!

    this beautiful country where everything works as it should.

    Is there such a place in the world??? You're gonna make me cry!!!!

    A carefully made report, pleasing to the eye and informative at the same time. Very good work. Congrats!

  • Comment 389490 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 963 Comments

    ''It was a nice flight, nice Swiss experience and nice stay in this beautiful country where everything works as it should. I will miss Switzerland''

    Lol , thats a big piece of change compare to Warsaw !

    Happy that the flights were good ! I love their screens , hope LO will get one these new bombardiers soon

    Pa !

  • Comment 389507 by
    Numero_2 9991 Comments

    Thanks for this enthusiastic FR about LX and Switzerland ! ^^

  • Comment 389663 by
    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this FR and nice bonus.
    With those fresh sandwiches LX does provide one the best catering on short european flights.

  • Comment 390120 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Absolutely fantastic bonus pictures from gorgeous Switzerland!

    Nice spotting shots in that beautiful light.

    Wonderful aerial shots after takeoff, excellent capture of the airport as well.

    The sandwich does not look bad for a flight like this one.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good one, see you.

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