Review of easyJet flight Mulhouse / Bâle Larnaca in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U21197
Class Economy
Seat 18F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 25 Feb 17, 14:40
Arrival at 25 Feb 17, 19:20
U2   #10 out of 18 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 749 reviews
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Published on 11th March 2017
Hi and welcome to my second flight-report of a Easyjet flight. This time, I´ll be flying with Easyjet, in one of their newest A320, based in Switzerland. As I live in Lyon, I had a 4 hour ride to the airport and parked my car in a parking lot, just five minutes by foot from the main terminal. The parking is not too pricy: a week costs 60€.
photo 20170225_120518
As weather was good, the journey to the terminal was pleasant. It´s my first time flying from this airport and it looks nice.
photo 20170225_121203
As I am flying on Easyjet, no need to get boarding passes, neither to check hold luggage. Anyway, I had a look to EasyJet check-in counters.
photo 20170225_125528
I arrived nearly 3 hours before scheduled departure so I had plenty of time to visit the airport. It was modern and I didn´t feel cramped, even if it were holydays in France.
I searched for our flight on the Net and find out today´s ride : HB-JXB, a 4 year old A320.
photo screenshot_2017-02-25-14-04-58
I had a look to the FIDS: lots of EasyJet flights and flights to european capitals.
photo dsc_0016
The airport of Basel is in fact also the airport of Mulhouse (France) and of Freiburg (Germany), that´s why it´s called "Euroairport". The airport is divided in two parts: the french sector and the swiss sector, where EasyJet Switzerland is based.
photo 20170225_125510
The airport has a good terrace, open in summer, with nice views and a strange machine.
photo 20170225_125826
As the boarding time was a getting closer, I passed throught security and customs. Staff was really efficient and kind.
photo 20170225_125927photo 20170225_131303
After a forced pass throught duty free shop, I proceeded to the boarding gates.
photo 20170225_131357
As you can see, EasyJet has a big hub in Basel.
photo dsc_0001
Euroairport´s skyview lounge wont be today´s waiting room… ;-(
photo 20170225_132356
Finally, I arrived to today´s gate: 21 (or 47… mystery…)
photo 20170225_134034
Where our bird was parked since he arrived from Berlin on the morning.
photo dsc_0032
First boarding anouncement was made 40 minutes before departure…good work EasyJet! But seems like I talked too fast… we waited for 20 minutes, standing up until the staff had finish scanning all boarding passes…
photo 20170225_135331
Boarding was made by foot, not a problem as weather was cool (and I could take a good pic of our bird!)
photo 20170225_142129photo 20170225_142149
Iphoto 20170225_142207
I entered the plane by the rear door and had a good surprise: the cabin was refurbished!!
photo 20170225_142231
Having flown with EasyJet for a hundred flights, it was quite weird to seat in another seat that in the (ugly) ordinary EasyJet´s one.
photo 20170225_142542
Even after 2 minutes seated, I saw a difference: the new seats are more confortable, even if at first, they seemed really skinny.
photo 20170225_193908
Moreover, pitch seemed good, even for a nearly 4 hour flight…
photo 20170225_142647photo 20170225_142700
As the boarding was made, I had a look to the content of the seat pocket and to the control tower:
photo 20170225_142158
After 10 minutes seated, boarding was completed…but gates were still open: the captain was missing!!! Indeed, he was late because of a traffic jam, as he was coming from Zürich… Passengers (who have paid) had to wait for the captain (who is being paid) for almost 20 minutes!!! Unrealistic…
photo 20170225_142739
Eventually, he arrived, apologized…and told us that the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) was out of service: he would have to start the engines separately…
photo 20170225_145959
At last, we pushed back (25 minutes late) and were announced that today´s flight time would be 20 minutes less than expected (3h20), because of strong tail wind.
photo 20170225_150343
After a short taxi, we lined up and banked away from runway 33, heading North.
photo dsc_0068photo 20170225_150806
We immediately turned right and flew over Basel
photo dsc_0074
photo dsc_0075
Zürich Intl´Airport
photo dsc_0079
The Alps
photo dsc_0081photo dsc_0083photo dsc_0085
As the flight went by, the captain kept informing us about where we were flying over, about the cruising speed and altitude. We would be passing over several countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey… such an interesting flight!
photo dsc_0089photo dsc_0090
Unfortunetely, there were clouds and it got dark very quickly… The crew passed by with EasyJet´s ordinary snacks, overpriced as always and I bought a water bottle, as I was thirsty
photo 20170225_160807
An hour and a half after, the crew informed us that, as it was one of the latest flights of the day and of the week, sandwiches twice less expensive, so I went for a bacon baguette, which tasted good and somehow, fresh!
photo 20170304_220129
As we were flying very high (37000 feet), descent started quite soon and we experienced some moderated turbulences. Seat belt sign switched on!
photo 20170225_192027
Eventually, we landed at Larnaca airport 10 minutes late. Not bad at all for an evening flight! Good work EasyJet!!
photo 20170225_193106
We parked in front of the terminal, exited the plane by the rear door and walked to the terminal.
photo 20170225_194023
As we parked at the last gate, we had a quite long walk to the cyprus customs.
photo 20170225_194127photo 20170225_194259
On the other hand, passport control was efficient, and we were out 10 minutes after deboarding the aircraft.
photo 20170225_194712photo 20170225_195046
The airport looks nice and modern but smells weird…
photo 20170225_194952photo 20170225_195911
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Alvaro Lopez.
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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Larnaca - LCA



EasyJet: To sum up, it was a very good experience with EasyJet, better than the last one reported. First, it has an incredible value for money: 120€ return for 2 almost 4 hour flights is cheap! Despite the fact that the captain was late, we arrived just 10 minutes late: nothing to complain about! The crew was really attentive and gave us as many informations as we wanted. Snacks onboard EasyJet, like onboard other low-cost careers are always expensive, but on this flight, we were lucky and got a dicount! In overall, good job EasyJet!

Euroairport: Modern, clean and efficient but non spotting friendly... Parking has affordable prices but I didn´t went by bus so I can´t judge how the access is. I´ll come back for sure, as it´s often less expensive that flying from Lyon.

Larnaca airport: Modern and efficient too. Really close to the city and easily reachable from several cities of Cyprus. The airport offers also views to the runway and is quite spotter-friendly.



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