Review of Taban Air flight Gheshm Isfahan in Economy

Airline Taban Air
Flight HH6212
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 11 Mar 17, 17:45
Arrival at 11 Mar 17, 19:15
HH 2 reviews
Published on 13th March 2017

I have not flown this route or airline myself, but my friend has agreed for it to be published and reported to me via email, as there is nothing on Taban Air on flight-report so far.

This ticket was booked a day in advance and cost 160k Tomans (40€).

Qeshm Airport

Access to airport 7/10
- access via highway, airport taxis existing, busses unknown

Check-In 8/10
- fast, uncomplicated, 20 kilo luggage allowance, paper boarding pass, felt like a supermarket receipt

photo bp

Access to the plane 8/10
- plane was parked approx. 75 meters from the Terminal, passengers walked by foot (under the watch by members of the IRGC)

Services 7/10
- small amount of shops, one coffeeshop and restaurant, police station, luggage wrapping station, double luggage screening (once before entering the terminal, second before reaching the check-in counters

cleanliness 3/10
- condition of the mens restroom was poor: dirty, broken doors and locks, felt (and smelled) like a portable toilet

The plane was an MD83.
photo planephoto boarding

Cabin 5/10
- the cabinfloor was clean, but the inside of the storage place for safety instruction, airsickness bag and magazin hasn’t been cleaned, lots of paper, plastic and pistachio shell trash

Crew 4/10
- the crew did their jobs, not a lot of smiles were shared, “pleases” (hier Befarmoiids) were mumbled, the english announcements were in a proper english, but very quiet and hard to understand; food was served 10 minutes after the seatbelt signs turned off, trash was collected after 25 minutes

Entertainment 3/10
- not existent, at least at my seat, no magazine was offered; newspaper in Farsi were aviable; positive: children were offered a wooden puzzle they got to keep after landing for free

Food 3/10
- Sandwich with chicken-olivieh salad (edible, not a great taste, quite mouth drying), a pack of ananas juice and cookies with chocolate filling; additional glass of water was offered.

photo food

The pitch was reported to be very tight.
photo pitch

Flight was on time and smooth but the plane got a little shaky at landing.

Isfahan Airport
- Luggage arrived after 20-25 minutes which is very long considering the small size of the airport.
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Taban Air

Cabin crew4.0

Gheshm - GSM


Isfahan - IFN



It seems it wasn't the best flying experience he has ever had. However there was no major problem either. He felt safe.



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