Review of Iran Air flight Tehran Abadan in Economy

Airline Iran Air
Flight IR265
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 22:30
Take-off 18 Mar 17, 15:00
Arrival at 19 Mar 17, 13:30
IR 25 reviews
Published on 23rd March 2017
Hello! Welcome to another domestic Iranian flight, the third out of four.

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I had the chance to be accompanied to the airport by somebody who works for an iranian airline. He showed me around the campus where pilots and plane engineers receive their education.
photo p3181246photo p3181252photo p3181254

As you enter Mehrabad airport area by car (there is now metro as well), you pass by IR headquarters.
photo p3181244photo p3181245

I was then alone in terminal 2 for my departure and didn't feel too comfortable with pictures, but here are a few snaps.
photo p3181257photo p3181258

Here is my old fashioned ticket by the way, obtained in a travel agency in Iran, paid in Iranian cash. 50€, which is a little more expensive than the usual fare because of Norooz (new year) holidays around the 20th of march.
photo itinerary receipt

As I walked around I saw Iran Air now has self-service check-in machines to print boarding passes. As I had luggage, it was not really necessary for me, but I thought I'd give it a try.
photo self service check-in

It worked :-) I could even insert my Frequent Flyer number which I have not used in 4 years, although I've heard only international flights work for mileage accrual.
photo bp

Check-in for my flight then opened 1h30 before departure, which is rather short by European standards. We were asked to go to counter 11 according to the FIDS. As we got there, the employee said his computer was broken and said we should stand at counter 10. The queue rushed over in a first-come first-serve attitude making things a little stressful and unpleasant. Things didn't get better when the screen behind counter 10 indicated "Kish" as a destination confusing both passengers heading to Abadan and those heading to Kish ("Is this the queue for Kish?" - No Abadan. - But it says Kish on the Screen - Yes but the gentleman said this is for Abadan. - So where is Kish? - I don't know.). The confusion also allowed for many people to rudely jump the queue, to rush to the front etc… The granny in front of me was asked to return to the back of the queue when she tried to check-in a plastic bag which was open. Another gentleman got angry for not being in the right queue and was then punished for his rude words by being asked to remove his overweight luggage. It seems every passenger was allowed 25kg. I had 38 (2 bags). It was not a problem.

After this stressful but happy-end check-in experience, I headed straight to departures.

I was surprised how clean and modern the departures area was from the inside, as the building looks terrible from outside. photo p3181263

Great surprise on the airfield! Iran Air's brand new A330-200 was there!
photo p3181260photo p3181261photo p3181262

Boarding! Kind of on time for Iranian standards.
photo p3181265

EP-IDG. 26 YEARS OLD. Has been with IranAir since delivery according to

Some impressions from the bus.
photo a330 and mahanphoto ataphoto p3181266

Boarding via steps from the aircraft.
photo boarding f100photo p3181268

We were standing right be the old IR hangar where 747-SP relaxes in the sun!

Inside the plane

Pitch. OK.
photo p3181271

Sadly I was asked to leave my seat in 05A to sit in 9B (aisle) so that a granny and her daughter could sit together. So there are not many pictures of landscapes…

A flight attendant greeted us in the name of god, the merciful, the compassionate and his prophet Mohammad. Interestingly the English announcement was decently shorter than the Persian one, as they left out most religious content. Annoucements were clear and safety demonstrations professionally conducted.

photo p3181274photo p3181275

Only 1h10 to Abadan. A salt lake (attempt through poor camera + dirty window)
photo p3181277


Warm food on a 1h10 flight! Taste was pretty good for airlines.

Approach and landing in Abadan. A very interesting approach as we were very close to Iraq (the airport is basically on the border) but we still avoid Iraqi airspace. Sadly could not take many pictures.
photo p3181283photo p3181284photo p3181285

The seat.
photo p3181286

And now the highlight! When you get off in Abadan, you basically walk on the tarmac!
photo p3181287photo p3181288

I was greeted by my (far) relatives with flowers, a nice experience. Unfortunately we then waited for 30 minutes for luggage, as things are very relaxed in Abadan. The luggage loaders were walking with carriages they pull by hand…
photo p3181292


BONUS – Abadan

Abadan is an interesting though not immensely beautiful town as it was severely bombed during the Iran Iraq war (1980-1988). The town was home to creation of British Petroleum (BP) and has many English features such as cinemas, homes for British employess etc.

But the most interesting thing for me is that you are close to Iraq.

This is Iraq. Seen from Abadan.
photo image 2017-03-19 160558
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Iran Air

Cabin crew8.5

Tehran - THR


Abadan - ABD



A fun experience, with ups and downs. I warmly recommend Iran Air to all FRs looking for some retro fun :-)



  • Comment 390963 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 542 Comments

    Thanks for another interesting flight-report from Iran.

    There's something charming about those old Fokkers. Also very cool getting a chance to spot the 747SP and the ol' original Airbus, as well as the newest member of the fleet. If only the 321 had been in town!

    I'm impressed by the catering in Y on such a short flight. The food looks fairly appetizing, although I struggled to recognize what exactly is was -- can you describe the contents of the meal a bit?

    The luggage hall in Abadan looks like it could use a little... errr.... work. Especially in the ceiling area.

    Thanks again for an interesting FR!

  • Comment 391008 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8298 Comments

    Thanks for this new report that allows us to travel to (for me) mysterious places. The shot of the brand new Airbus A330 is great and i am very happy that Iran Air and other Iranian airlines can now buy new jets. on teh other side this means that vintage aircradts will dissapear progresively and with them the opportunity to travel back in time. A good flight and a very good meal for the flight but as you say that you can the the irakina border are you sure that the selected airport is the good one as it seems to be Abakan in russia and not Abadan in Iran ?

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