Review of Iran Aseman Airlines flight Abadan Tehran in Economy

Flight EP861
Class Economy
Seat 19D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 23 Mar 17, 17:00
Arrival at 23 Mar 17, 18:15
EP 17 reviews
Published on 24th March 2017
Hello and welcome to the last domestic Iranian flight for this trip,

it's time to get back to Europe and the journey starts in Abadan, southern Iran by the border to Iraq.

Abadan - Tehran is a fairly busy route with 5-6 flights per day.

Abadan's airport is tiny and was built by "the English" (British Petroleum).

My flight was supposed to depart at 17:00. My relatives said there was no need to be there before 16:30 and this turned out to be true.

Unfortunately there was no opportunity for me to take real pictures in the airport, but here is a screenshot of the airport website asserting all flights are on time.
photo screen shot 2017-03-23 at 15.37.52

My ticket.
photo itinerary receipt ep

Check-In was messy as usual. This time I was less fortunate and the employee asked my to take one of my two bags into the cabin on top of my laptop bag. I guess 37kg for an allowance of 25kg was a tad too much.

My boarding pass. Interesting format.
photo bp

Boarding area was upstairs on top of check-in area. Boading passes were stamped before proceeding to security. Once in the boarding hall, there was a first sneak peak of the aircraft.
photo p3231429

Boarding Abadani style meant walking out on the tarmac. Boarding startet at 17:07, that means 7 minutes after scheduled departure time. Kinda on time for Iranian standards.
photo p3231432

Surprise! My relatives were standing right behind the fence and greeting me. So cute!
photo p3231433

Aircraft impressions

EP-ZAZ, 23 years old and with numerous operators over time according to
photo screen shot 2017-03-24 at 02.14.27

Cabin impressions. Old and shabby but ok.
photo p3231444

The seat.
photo p3231439photo p3231449

I also need to mention there were two rows of proper business class seats in a 2+2 arrangement in a creamy colour.

Other cabin amenities.

Pitch. Very average, no more than 30-31 I think.
photo p3231441

Push back! 25 minutes late. My relatives still standing there.
photo p3231440

Unfortunately I was seated in the aisle, so no interesting pictures of cruise. It was very cloudy anyway.

Soon, snack time!

OOPS. This is bad. (cabin losing points in my grades)
photo p3231450

Snack. Unfortunately mostly sweet except for cashew nuts. No proper food like on Iran Air. But still a generous offer compared to European flights.
photo p3231451photo p3231452
The crew did its job and smiled a little bit. A little tiny bit.

Approaching Tehran!
photo p3231453

Landing in Mehrabad. If only I had had the window seat, there were many interesting machines and airlines to capture!
photo p3231454photo p3231455

A last impression of the cabine before saying goodbye.
photo p3231456

Driving to Terminal 6 in a very crowded bus.

Luggage took ages to arrive, a decent 30 minutes.
photo p3231458photo mehrabad t6

That's it for my last domestic flight in Iran for a little while.
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Iran Aseman Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

Abadan - ABD


Tehran - THR



It was okay but did not have the flair or food of Iran Air. Delay without apologies is not acceptable by my standards when one leaves the airport 1h30 after scheduled arrival time for a domestic flight.



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    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8298 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this return flight with us. It's impressive to see the succession of operators for this aircraft in various part of the planet. The seats are ok but the tablet lloks dirty and the food is less generous than son iran air. But it's nice to discover another airline !

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