Review of Singapore Airlines flight Perth Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 226
Class Economy
Seat 47K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 05:20
Take-off 10 May 17, 14:05
Arrival at 10 May 17, 19:25
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 696 reviews
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Published on 20th May 2017
Day trip out of Perth. First stop, Cavesham Wildlife Park.





Brief stop at Lobster Shack for tour and lunch.




The main highlight, Pinnacles.









Facing the Indian Ocean.


Last stop of the day, Lancelin sand dunes for some sandboarding.


It was a beautiful sunset at the dunes.



Dinner at a popular chinese restaurant at Northbridge.


Night street sights


Warm bowl of pho at Mama Tran on a cold morning.


View of the shopping street.


Delicious Bahn Mi at Le Vietnam.


Back to the airport via bus 380 again to Terminal 1. The SQ check-in counters were deserted as we reached the airport only slightly more than an hour before departure since the airport is rather small and not too busy.

photo 34350782050_5312e16100_b

Boarding pass issued.

photo 34350777320_92919da8d6_b

FIDS. Perth definitely is a much quieter airport than Sydney/Melbourne, in terms of international flights.

photo 33892979404_2b64dbb63b_b

Quick immigration and security later and we were airside. Our aircraft was parked at a distance away at the newer pier.

photo 34350780670_42e1d1fc37_b

South African A343 from Jo'burg.

photo 33892976504_231c396561_b

Eithad B789 arriving from Abu Dhabi.

photo 34350779600_17d08e8242_b

Shops and cafe at the newer wing.

photo 33892974764_c9813c1646_b

Seating area at the gate. The flight back did not seemed too full.

photo 34350778270_b3c4af02d1_b

9V-SVB would be operating the flight back. It is the first re-retrofitted B772ER with "transplanted" economy seats from the B773ERs.

photo 33892972934_7182b1c422_b

10 May 2017
Singapore Airlines
SQ 226
Perth (PER) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 5H00M

Boarding was called and conducted in groups. It was a long walk to the aircraft.

photo 33892971494_226dae77a5_b

Earphones and newspapers were available at the door.

photo 34350776830_82558ee7f2_b

The economy cabin of this aircraft has recently been re-retrofitted with the "transplanted" 2006 Y seats, but upholstered with the 2013 colour schemes. I was seated at the 2-seater last row of the forward economy cabin. Legroom was pretty good.

photo 33892970494_8ae1f3c976_b

photo 34350776120_d98bb8706d_b

photo 33892969214_65ae98f0dd_b

photo 33892967814_533f61d27c_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 34350775250_f5bffb094b_b

Parked beside the Virgins.

photo 34350774450_f219984a38_b

Boarding completed, hot towels distributed, doors closed and safety video played.

photo 33892963794_139a6dab9d_b

Pushed back.

photo 33892966524_588fa220e8_b

It was just a short taxi to the ruway and we soon departed Rwy21 heading towards the Perth City suburbs.

photo 33926204133_b7b56bc084_b

photo 33926203443_43d23374da_b

photo 34695139876_4b05e8b4c2_b

photo 34695137356_a5020866f3_b

photo 34695132966_be31eca786_b

photo 34695132036_d7debc0ee2_b

photo 34695129376_10dabb214c_b

photo 34695126176_cef225c594_b

Video of taxi and takeoff.

Perth CBD can be seen.

photo 34695122536_fa759f5420_b

Leaving the coast off Perth.

photo 34695120446_f69face997_b

photo 34695119256_fb955fff5d_b

photo 34695118606_b0e4c4fdd4_b

photo 34695117876_faa09fcc9b_b

photo 34573073442_31498b99a7_b

The IFE system on this re-retrofitted bird has also been upgraded to the 2006 product equivalent.

photo 34695116806_aa01ca8745_b

Bar service started soon after. Service was rather fast as I saw that there were additional 2 trainee crew in Economy, thus with 9 crew attending in economy to a less-than-full flight.

photo 34573072352_3144fa8d2e_b

I requested for a Singapore Sling (the only featured cocktail in the condensed beverage menu) to go with my nuts.

photo 34695115496_9efd6445f5_b

Started with the animation "Sing".

photo 34695114456_a067c5ba9f_b

While cruising high above the Western Australian coast.

photo 34573070332_2deb8090c7_b

Lunch service soon commenced.

photo 33892933984_1591358db0_b

My friend pre-ordered the Indian Vegetarian meal and was served first.

photo 34573069542_cc6f32b668_b

The normal lunch menu for the flight.

photo 34350773800_533e9131c7_b

Breakfast on the SIN-PER SQ213 sector. Similarly to what was served on SQ225 that I flew on.

photo 33926205333_47513ef990_b

Received my meal choice of Thai masaman chicken curry. It was accompanied with a smoked salmon salad, roll with butter, cheese and crackers and a dessert cake.

photo 33892938364_ccd545fb85_b

photo 33892937134_69ec3e47a5_b

Starter was ok, the curry was not bad.

photo 34573067012_62e7eca093_b

photo 34573068382_9aafe6bda7_b

photo 33892935934_b08bc04e04_b

photo 33892934634_f12b84d83b_b

However the dessert was a tad disappointing. The cake was rather dense and dry, and tasted similarly to our traditional "Huat Kueh", a chinese-style dense cake that we have in Singapore. I would have preferred a creamier cake or an ice-cream.

photo 34573065122_bc660c980e_b

Visit to the huge lavatory (disabled-access) on the B772ER. The usual amenities were present. Noticed that paper towels were not available in the A330 lavs (did not notice the paper towen compartments), but is present in the B772ER.

photo 33892932764_a377647122_b

Cabin view.

photo 34573064252_0e150fc257_b

We were already nearing Indonesia.

photo 33892931644_fed338c95d_b

Somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

photo 34573063182_fe812e8097_b

Watching a second movie.

photo 33892930264_fcc47d544e_b

Starting descend into Singapore, but was put in a holding pattern for a couple of rounds, presumably due to heavy traffic.

photo 33926168193_d962dbbf37_b

photo 33892929094_38a9dee1ae_b


photo 33926167723_23cb44c1fe_b

Final approach and landing into Rwy20R, slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 33926167073_f48daa11fd_b

photo 33926165713_f3bcf9ffba_b

Video of the landing.

We were to arrive at Terminal 2. Taxi to the terminal.

photo 33926164843_b47b7a4d28_b

However, we were allocated a T1 gate D41 instead. Insufficient gates at T2 I guess. We parked beside Jetstar A320s.

photo 34350750340_f823623bf1_b

Disembarking. Airport staff had set up a cordon to direct passengers towards T2 and it was definitely a long walk to the T2 immigration.

photo 33926163623_51b539368e_b

photo 33926162893_459f92df5c_b

photo 33926161853_0a33374dc6_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Perth - PER


Singapore - SIN



A smooth and comfortable flight again on SQ. The re-retrofitted B772ER has definitely enhanced the old products to current standards at least. Service was good but catering was rather average and nothing memorable. However, still a more than decent way to fly in economy.

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