Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Warsaw in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS 623
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 09 May 17, 13:00
Arrival at 09 May 17, 14:15
OS   #59 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 314 reviews
By 613
Published on 3rd July 2017
Hi again,

Welcome to the last part of my trip to Milan and back to Warsaw onboard Austrian Airlines. This is the very last leg of this trip and the one I waited for the most as the flight was operated by Fokker 100 that I have never flown before.

07.05.2017 - WAW-VIE, FLIGHT OS624, EMBRAER 195
07.05.2017 - VIE-MXP, FLIGHT OS515, AIRBUS A320
09.05.2017 - MXP-VIE, FLIGHT OS508, EMBRAER 195
09.05.2017 - VIE-WAW, FLIGHT 0S623, FOKKER 100 - you are here

My previous report ended with a late arrival to Vienna from Milan and having only 30 minutes between the flights reduced to 20 I was very anxious if I was going to make it. Deboarding by bus in Vienna made the matters even worse but when we finally reached the terminal I saw many people running from the bus straight to the terminal doors, giving a quick look to the departures board to check the gate number and then running again as if the building was on fire. I was one of them. There was no time for Sachertorte this time, just run Forrest, run! :)
When I finally got to the gate, scanned my boarding pass and - again - run down the stairs, I realized there's gonna be a bus boarding again. It took me a whole long bus ride to the aircraft to understand that I actually made it and there is no need to run anymore.

Finally there she is :) It was worth running to be finally boarding a Fokker 100 :)

photo img_2308

When we approached the aircraft I saw the people from the first bus were already boarding it. It wasn't nice to wait so long outside in this cold, rainy and windy weather, but on the other hand I could take some pictures of the F100.

photo img_2315photo img_2317photo img_2318

How did it get so cold? It was so nice and sunny in Milan and the weather in Vienna looks as if it was March and not almost mid May!

photo img_2320photo img_2326photo img_2329

Once on the stairs I spot another F100 taxiing, it seems the place is a Fokker place as there is almost all of the Austrian Fokker fleet located here. Tunis Air A320 in the background

photo img_2328

Finally I'm on board, making my way to the very rear of the aircraft where I chose deliberately to seat (to be close to these fantastic, noisy as hell engines). The first thing I do is visiting the lavatory as I didn't have enough time at the airport. I would do it anyway. A lavatory is a place not to miss when flying an aircraft for the first time. This one is - as whole aircraft - very oldfashioned.

photo img_2331

Cabin crew jumpseats located at the very rear between two toilets

photo img_2332

First - rainy - view from my seat

photo img_2334

A very classic overhead pannel

photo img_2335

Not a very generous legroom. The aircraft isn't really very spacious.

photo img_2348

Let's look outside as we already start taxiing to the runway. QR 777 and EK A380

photo img_2339

Finally I have a better view of the engine once the raindrops are gone

photo img_2345

Autrian A321 taking off ahead of us

photo img_2353photo img_2354

And now it's our turn. This wing looks really good as for an aircraft of this age, it must have been renovated not long ago.

photo img_2356

The sound is really great, there's no other aircarft anymore (once the MD family is gone from most of the European carriers) that produces this special vibrating sound during take off.

photo img_2359photo img_2360

Finally some blue sky and sun above the clouds

photo img_2363photo img_2365

Cabin view from my seat

photo img_2361

and the safety card

photo img_2366photo img_2367

The CC in this flights consists only of two FAs which is quite strange for an aircraft of this size. As both of them take care of the business class passengers first and then only one of them makes the drink ans snack service in economy, I'm served seconds before the fasten seatbelts sign for landing is on. That makes me resign of taking a beer and choose just a cup of water instead.

photo img_2374

Slowly descending towards Warsaw. Weather seems much nicer here

photo img_2372photo img_2380

Final approach with some turbulence

photo img_2385photo img_2388photo img_2392

Landing was taugh and we spent quite a long time over the runway before touchdown

photo img_2394

They say it isn't too warm in Warsaw today but at least there is no rain

photo img_2399

EK 777 before it's flight back to DXB

photo img_2400

We turn right to park at a remote stand

photo img_2403

near this LOT Q400 wearing an advertisment of chocolates called "Ptasie mleczko" (very good and popular chocolates here but I find this livery quite disgusting)

photo img_2409photo img_2410

As I'm sitting almost at the very rear, I let everyone disembark deliberately to take this empty cabin shot. The FA from the back doesn't seem very happy I'm taking pictures but she didn't seem very happy throughout the whole flight, so maybe that's not it. Anyway I don't care about her mood too much. It was definitely the worse Austrian crew in all the 4 flights.

photo img_2413

That's the end of my Austrian trip. Many thanks for reading!
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I waited for this flight but apart from the F100 I wanted to fly, it wasn't the best flight I had with Austrian. There wasn't enough CC on board, th service was slow and they hardly made it before descending to WAW. Fokker 100 is an old aircraft that definitely belongs to the past but it was a great experience to fly it before it retires. Should you ever have a connection of 15 minutes before the flights in Vienna and not know how to make it, ask me ;)

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