Review of Emirates flight Dubai Singapore in First

Airline Emirates
Flight EK354
Class First
Seat A1
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 13 Jun 17, 03:15
Arrival at 13 Jun 17, 14:40
EK   #4 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 546 reviews
By 2236
Published on 10th July 2017
Hello everyone,

today I wanna share with you my First Class flight from Dubai to Singapore on Emirates A380.
it was one of the best flights i've done even though it wasn't very long but I enjoyed it, and I wouldn't mind if it was a 48 hours flight as long as I'm flying first class with Emirates.

two days before my flight I got an email that check-in is opened

photo image2

chauffeur is already booked a week ago

photo image10

After 2 days, I got ready for the flight and here are my suitcases are ready

photo thumb_img_7347_1024

Chauffeur is here, Emirates provide an E class Mercedes for First Class Passengers

photo thumb_img_7348_1024

on my way to Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

photo thumb_img_7349_1024

it took me 15 Mins to reach the airport and as always First Class counters were empty.

photo thumb_img_7354_1024

after i check-in i passed from immigration and security very smoothly.

photo thumb_img_7356_1024

here is my gate 2 our prior to my flight

photo thumb_img_7357_1024

after a walk in the duty free I went to Emirates First Class Lounge which i think it needs bit of renewal as the business class lounge.

the SPA in the first class lounge which I didn't have time for

photo thumb_img_7364_1024

dining tables al around the lounge

photo thumb_img_7365_1024

smoking area

photo thumb_img_7368_1024

after that i decided to have pre-flight dinner which i decided to order instead of going to the buffet, here is the menu and the food.

after dinner I sat little bit and then I went to my gate as boarding started and here is business class lounge, I noticed that its been renewed and it looks now much better than before

photo thumb_img_7385_1024

here is my seat A1

photo thumb_img_7389_1024

Apple juice before take off

photo thumb_img_7391_1024

here are the seat's drinks

photo thumb_img_7392_1024

noise cancelation headphones.

photo thumb_img_7394_1024photo thumb_img_7395_1024

Amenity kit + comfy Pyjamas

photo thumb_img_7399_1024photo thumb_img_7404_1024photo thumb_img_7405_1024

the seats features

photo thumb_img_7407_1024photo thumb_img_7433_1024photo thumb_img_7454_1024

arabic coffee and a date from bateel.

photo thumb_img_7410_1024

PA Announcement

photo thumb_img_7411_1024

push back

photo thumb_img_7412_1024

a refreshing hot towel

photo thumb_img_7413_1024

safety video

photo thumb_img_7414_1024

the route from Dubai to Singapore

photo thumb_img_7421_1024photo thumb_img_7432_1024

First class cabin which had only 3 passengers including me

photo thumb_img_7423_1024


photo thumb_img_7419_1024photo thumb_img_7420_1024photo thumb_img_7424_1024

after take off I decided to watch Family guy

photo thumb_img_7428_1024photo thumb_img_7429_1024

a light meal before taking a nap

photo thumb_img_7441_1024

snack tray which is provided in all first class seats.

photo thumb_img_7450_1024

snack corner in the first class cabin, I got coke with ice and M&Ms

photo thumb_img_7447_1024photo thumb_img_7473_1024

writing kit and power plug

photo thumb_img_7451_1024photo thumb_img_7452_1024

stairs that leads to economy class

photo thumb_img_7446_1024

beauty products with a mirror, I think it was made for ladies :p

photo thumb_img_7453_1024

Beautiful sunrise

photo thumb_img_7435_1024photo thumb_img_7442_1024

lights were switched off to help passengers to sleep

photo thumb_img_7437_1024photo thumb_img_7438_1024

after that I took a nap for around two hours as it was a night flight and i was awake the whole day.

photo thumb_img_7462_1024

woke up and the sun was completely out above the indian ocean

photo thumb_img_7457_1024photo thumb_img_7460_1024

here is my seat number

photo thumb_img_7461_1024photo thumb_img_7479_1024

after that I decided to watch a movie

photo thumb_img_7476_1024

5 mins later a crew came to me to ask me if I want to have breakfast yet and I ordered eggs with beef, cornflakes and fruits.

after breakfast a crew came to me to tell me that the shower is ready for me as i requested before the flight to prepare the shower 1 hour and a half before landing, and having a shower in a flight is the best thing anyone could ask in a flight as it refreshes you.
during shower we had so turbulence and seatbelt sign were on but I decided to stay till I the shower time is over which it is 5 mins

after a refreshing shower it was time for landing, here when we were approaching Singapore

photo thumb_img_7494_1024photo thumb_img_7498_1024

my carry on bag and emirates first class bag

photo thumb_img_7499_1024


photo thumb_img_7518_1024

after a wonderful flight I proceeded to immigration and I collect my bags really fast as I has the first class priority tag.
Emirates provide you with a Chauffeur on arrival to Singapore

photo thumb_img_7521_1024

hope you enjoyed the report

and here is a video report.

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