Review of Firefly flight Ipoh Singapore in Economy

Airline Firefly
Flight FY 3547
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 16 Jul 17, 17:10
Arrival at 16 Jul 17, 18:40
FY 19 reviews
By 578
Published on 22nd July 2017
Hailed an Uber ride to the airport at less than half the price of the overpriced airport taxis. Checked in an hour before departure. Boarding pass was printed on a receipt paper. There is only a single shop, selling local confectionary, in the terminal building and no other shops after immigration and security. Hence, it is advisable not to arrive at the airport too early as there is literally nothing to do.

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photo 35659153200_716f320cc6_b

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photo 35914401391_2c2c90b300_b

FIDS and the tiny departure lounge after security.

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Our aircraft arrived 5min late from SIN.

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16 July 2017
FY 3547
Ipoh (IPH) - Singapore (SIN)
ATR 72-500
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H28M

Taxi to the parking stand. Firefly's newest ATR72-500 (Firefly has reduced its fleet and withdrew its entire new ATR72-600 fleet from service) would be operating this flight.

photo 35659150130_bf45dfe2d6_b

Barely 10min after the aircraft had parked and incoming passengers disembarked, boarding was called. We made the leisurely walk along the tarmac to the aircraft.

photo 35659149430_ef70eb3e89_b

photo 35659149050_d24df06c6f_b

photo 35659147960_82b9878fda_b

photo 35659148420_6d7f8c1829_b

Cabin shot. The flight would be more full than the incoming.

photo 35208831494_21535f8cae_b

Firefly logo on seatbelt buckle.

photo 35208832824_7160e6e675_b

View out the window.

photo 35914395371_b1178fc280_b

Again, once the last passenger boarded, doors were closed and safety demonstration performed.

photo 35659146680_7c53520555_b

Taxi out for departure.

photo 36048539495_9bfdc25008_b

And a very powerful departure out of Rwy22.

photo 36048538735_f2fe22bffc_b

photo 36048538015_ec0e93d662_b

Climbing out of Ipoh.

photo 36048537145_3cb5fcb8ef_b

photo 36048535995_24d4dd348e_b

Shortly after, the refreshment service started. On the flight, the meal cart was used and hot beverages were offered as well.

photo 36048535255_d5ec134b4f_b

The great cabin crew offered me one each of all the available snack choices of curry puff, muffin and peanuts! Snack feast onboard!

photo 36048534725_f6429819cb_b

photo 36048534285_0857c6f449_b

Had a hot tea to go with the snacks.

photo 35208836524_005df64e11_b

Admiring the scenery below as we flew over Kuala Lumpur.

photo 35208836094_9cfba80f75_b

photo 35877618422_bdff3703e8_b

photo 35208835194_715b185294_b

Making a left bank as we passe Malacca.

photo 35877615772_0e3a8706d3_b

photo 35877615272_1569edc1fe_b

Made a visit to the tiny lavatory, equipped with the minimal amenities.

photo 35208831794_51e1b69039_b

View of the cabin.

photo 35208832284_0bb1b38495_b

Descending into Singapore. We flew a long approach pattern along the southern coast of Singapore, passing Batam and Bintan, before heading up north and approaching from the north.

photo 35208831164_c7c610b0d5_b

photo 35208830834_8c6783f167_b

photo 35208830544_75f13f34c8_b

photo 35877610532_2fe34e11d0_b

Approaching and landing into Singapore Rwy20C.

photo 35877609742_110a756f1b_b

photo 35877609172_5a81608976_b

Parked at the remote stand for disembarkation.

photo 35877608332_58f511e71e_b

photo 35877607712_68d0a2110b_b

photo 35208828594_4c1c55024e_b

Passing Scoot and SQ while on the bus ride to the terminal.

photo 35877606292_baef367db6_b

photo 35877605542_a353842ba9_b
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Cabin crew8.5

Ipoh - IPH


Singapore - SIN



It was again a smooth and comfortable ride on Firefly with very good service and offerings on this short-haul route. Definitely looking forward to fly with Firefly again in the near future!

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