Review of Ukraine International flight Kiev Istanbul in Economy

Flight PS713
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 25 Feb 17, 12:30
Arrival at 25 Feb 17, 15:30
PS 81 reviews
By GOLD 379
Published on 10th August 2017

Next episode of my weekend in Istanbul


photo waw-kbp-ist

PS802 : waw-kbp :
PS713 : kbp-ist : here
PS716 : ist-kbp :
PS801 : kbp-waw :

After security , i'am in main hall with all fids

photo dsc04921

4h de transit , should be quick , next step is to buy a sandwich , seat somewhere and upload my pixs

photo dsc04922photo dsc04923

After this i can have a walk , then seat around gates D2/D3 in order to charge my phone

A new member of Cirque du Soleil ?

photo dsc04925

Lets see whos there

photo dsc04926photo dsc04929photo dsc04930

Oh , A3 just arrived

photo dsc04933

My pix was screwed because of this fuy's laptop , need to wait until he moves a bit then retry

photo dsc04936

No , not yet cause he decided to open his laptop wider

Time for boarding , gate D5

But before i have to pee

photo dsc04938photo dsc04939

Stubborn as i am , i went back to finally catch this A3

photo dsc04940

Now , iam relieved so i can go to d5

photo dsc04941photo dsc04943

Waiting in the line besides a group of young czechs

photo dsc04944

Today we will fly with an e190 , so for sure my D seat is a windows seat and pitch will be good

photo dsc04945

Get inside , very slow boarding

photo dsc04946photo dsc04950photo dsc04951

Thats the downside of e190s , the overhead bins are very small

photo dsc04953photo dsc04954

And today i will be alone

photo dsc04955photo dsc04962

A3 is there , ready to return to ATH . Weather in Kiev is awesome , i just hope its gonna be the same in Istanbul

photo dsc04960

As usual iam trying to find my luggage

photo dsc04963

Knowing how sub contractors in KBP are not very reliable so usually i dont check luggage or i dont put anything valuable/useful for my trips

AirArabia from/to SSJ

photo dsc04966

Over there Azerbaijan Airlines reminds me about GYD , and also since end 2016 it is possible to apply for evisa from internet

photo dsc04974

Also a windrose plane lost in KBP

photo dsc04977

Take off , sweet and long , as i like them

photo dsc04979photo dsc04980photo dsc04981

However its a little bit windy

photo dsc04983photo dsc04984photo dsc04985

Last eye contact with KBP

photo dsc04987photo dsc04988

And now we can fly south-east, Ukraine ->BlackSea->Bosphorus->Istanbul

photo dsc04991photo dsc04992

Endless sea of clouds !!!

photo dsc04995

Clouds above us

photo dsc05009

Here is our meal for today

photo dsc04996

In front of me , a girl from kazakhstan switched to full flat bed mode

photo dsc05006

Just by looking at clouds over the black sea make me think that weather wil not be great in Istanbul

photo dsc05010

Start our descent

photo dsc05011

And here we are

Atatürk from above

photo dsc05015

And we are not landing, so it mean traffic jam and we need to wait and turn around few more minutes

photo dsc05018photo dsc05021

Galatasaray's stadium , former club of Didier Drogba and Wesley Snejder

photo dsc05023

10 miutes standby and we can land

photo dsc05026photo dsc05027photo dsc05031
photo dsc05033

Welcome to the main TK land

photo dsc05034photo dsc05036photo dsc05037

When they say its full , it is for sure

photo dsc05038

In this pix , you can see a line of 2/3 planes ready for landing after this one

Ohhh Air Moldova !!! And KIV is really close

photo dsc05047

Exit , e190 are wonderful while seated , however walking through them is a nightmare if you are tall

photo dsc05048photo dsc05050

walk walk walk walk walk , you see me i be ……

photo dsc05052photo dsc05054photo dsc05055
photo dsc05057

Whats the new TV show to watch in Turkey ?

photo dsc05062

Passport control quite empty , lucky iam today

photo dsc05066photo dsc05067
photo dsc05068

Number 9

photo dsc05071

I hope the new airport will not became a giant mall like in DXB

photo dsc05070

The world decided to meet in Atatürk

photo dsc05072

I have to walk and walk again

photo dsc05075photo dsc05076

Finally my baby followed me , great !

photo dsc05085

Exit then metro

photo dsc05079photo dsc05080
photo dsc05083

The end !!!
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew7.0

Kiev - KBP


Istanbul - ISL



KBP = just be patient and wait for your flight
PS = e190 are far better than b738
IST = i was lucky i avoided the crowd

Information on the route Kiev (KBP) Istanbul (ISL)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 2 minutes.

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