Review of Ukraine International flight Istanbul Kiev in Economy

Flight PS716
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 26 Feb 17, 06:55
Arrival at 26 Feb 17, 08:00
PS   #111 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 54 reviews
By 132
Published on 11th August 2017

End of this short weekend in Istanbul


photo waw-kbp-ist

PS802 : waw-kbp :
PS713 : kbp-ist :
PS716 : ist-kbp : here
PS801 : kbp-waw :

Départure from Taksim by shuttle around 4 o'clock

photo dsc05087

Istanbul is not sleeping , 4am and still traffic

40 minutes later we reached our destination

photo dsc05090photo dsc05092

It's emtpy ! but really i've never seen IST like this

photo dsc05096photo dsc05098

And what about my flight

photo dsc05097

Good that i came two hours earlier , cause checkin is already full of paxs

One guy with 19384 luggages will keep a counter busy for 10 mins

photo dsc05104

Here was the queue after i left

photo dsc05106

Security and passport control , meanwhile i had time to prepare myself

photo dsc05107photo dsc05108

And today it was quick

photo dsc05109

In the main hall thats another story , crowd everywhere , you can see that IST is mainly a transit airport

Then lets go to lounge , last time i couldnt try one of them , then today is the good day for it

photo dsc05110

Comfort , Millenium or HSBC ??

photo dsc05111photo dsc05112

.photo dsc05113

Niet , today i will try the Primeclass CIP , which is located downstairs

FIDS everywhere in the lounge , good idea

photo dsc05116

Lounge is divided into two rooms

First let's try the smallest one cause iam hungry

photo dsc05118photo dsc05119

There is a meeting room , in order to advertise the partner of this lounge , because you may have notice the cobranding

photo dsc05122

Catering is good , as usual in Turkey , its more like breakfast style . If you'd like to drink , then go to the other side

photo dsc05123

I was so hungry that i forgot to take a pic

photo dsc05117

Let's check the main big room

AWESOME !!! Looks like a chillout bar/lounge exclusive , you just need to add the music of "the sound you need" and that's it

photo dsc05124photo dsc05125

Deco is quite nice , i love it

photo dsc05127photo dsc05128

Only con is about TV news channels , instead of Fashion TV, ESPN, BET or Hustler

photo dsc05132

Now i'am full, time to drink

Decided to take a beer , even if its not really the time for such drink but i couldnt say no

photo dsc05126photo dsc05139

Just saw on CNN international that Donald Trump will not attempt the WHCA's dinner this year (White House Correspondents' Association)

photo dsc05133

Meanwhile on CNN Türk (Turkish version of CNN) it's about the referendum for modification of constitution

photo dsc05134photo dsc05136

Completely different channels

Ohh , boarding will start soon

photo dsc05137

Ok , i get used to it in IST , so better not waste time and rush to my gate

photo dsc05142photo dsc05143

Gate 207 , gonna take me 5 mins max

.photo dsc05150

Ads for a turkish company , proof that there are not only TK and PC

photo dsc05151

In less than 4 minutes , we went from "go to gate" to "last call"

photo dsc05152

Damn i missed it , sorry i couldnt return and try again

photo dsc05153

Today our plane is a 737-800

photo dsc05165

Boarding is almost completed but we need to wait for last paxs

Then we are ready to push back

Safety instructions

photo dsc05166


photo dsc05167

Sorry the next pixs are aweful , because of low luminosity

Bye bye Turkey , next visit Summer 2017

photo dsc05177photo dsc05178

Sunrise over black sea , then turbulences when crossing clouds

I was so busy writing this draft that i missed the annoucement of FA , someone in lavatory needed medical assistance

photo dsc05179

Therefore we will make a stop in Odessa

Beginning of our descent to ODS

Wanted to go there for summer 2k17 , finally it came faster than i expected

photo dsc05190photo dsc05191
photo dsc05193photo dsc05195

Now we are done , we can continue as planned . I checked and we will be one hour late , but I will be ok as my layover is quite long

photo dsc05198photo dsc05199
photo dsc05200photo dsc05201

Bye bye ODS

photo dsc05204photo dsc05205
photo dsc05207photo dsc05209

Meanwhile second service when we received free water

photo dsc05210photo dsc05212

Descent and landing in KBP , it was just as short as a domestic flight

photo dsc05214photo dsc05215
photo dsc05217

Oh an intruder

photo dsc05218

As I am flying with PS frequently I started to remember the registration ID of their planes

photo dsc05219

B738 are a big piece of PS's fleet

photo dsc05220

First short connexion PAXs

photo dsc05221

Good idea of recycling

photo dsc05223

2nd bus is empty

photo dsc05225photo dsc05226

UR-GEB as usuan in D01 , ready for KBP-CMB

photo dsc05229

Transit zone

photo dsc05230photo dsc05231

No need for a stamp today

photo dsc05232

Just few minutes to wait in order to grab my luggage and iam ready

photo dsc05233

The end !
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew7.0

Prime Class Prime Class Lounge (First Class)


Istanbul - IST


Kiev - KBP



IST = nice airport when emtpy
Primeclass = i f*ckin love it
PS = good job
KBP = nothing else to say



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