Review of Norwegian flight Oslo Stockholm in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY820
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 13 Aug 17, 17:00
Arrival at 13 Aug 17, 18:00
DY   #8 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
Rl 777
By 530
Published on 27th August 2017
Hello everyone! Welcome to the second part of this short itinerary consisting of a round-trip from Stockholm to Oslo over a weekend in August, 2017. This final part includes the short flight back to Stockholm.


This particular background will not be of ample size, in comparison to backgrounds in other reports from this account. The story went like something along these lines:

It was a regular spring day in Stockholm and I was sitting in my room per usual, the day was ordinary until my dad came and told me we had to book tickets in August for just a single night. Apparently a wedding party of one of my cousins' wedding had been confirmed to take place on August 12, 2017. Talks about the wedding party had been ongoing for an extended period of time, it was confirmed at last which meant it was time to book the tickets after our invitation arrived. The standard options for travelling to Oslo are to take the train or to fly with SAS/Norwegian. My family agreed on flying to Oslo and I therefore searched for flights in August. Norwegian turned out to be the cheaper choice and the tickets were booked without further hesitation. This would be the first trip from our new home in the Stockholm area, the recent ARN-HEL-UME-ARN series was the final series from our previous home in Stockholm.

Note: Pictures used in this report were taken with my phone and camera.

Part 1 - ARN-OSL, DY807, Norwegian, Boeing 737-800, LN-DYC - Here
Part 2 - OSL-ARN, DY820, Norwegian, Boeing 737-800, LN-NGS - You are here

Approximately 27 hours 46 minutes after arriving on Norwegian ground, it was time to drive to Oslo Gardermoen Airport in order to catch the flight back to Stockholm. My family visited one of my other relatives' home in Oslo for lunch on the day of return, before proceeding to leave the country. The car was started at 14:46 and the length of the ride in terms of distance would be roughly 56km (34,8 miles). Flight DY820 to Stockholm ARN was scheduled to leave Oslo at 17:00 (5:00 PM).
photo dsc_0742i

Driving towards road 150, also known as Ring 3.
photo dsc_0748i

Driving on Ring 3 at 14:54 (2:54 PM).
photo dsc_0757i

Inside a tunnel.
photo dsc_0764iphoto dsc_0766i

Inside another tunnel.
photo dsc_0773i

Taking an exit towards the E6 freeway towards Gardermoen Airport after eight minutes on road 150 (Ring 3) in Oslo. On another note, it seemed like a continuation on the two lanes to the left would have taken us to the E18 towards Stockholm.
photo dsc_0774iphoto dsc_0777i

On the highly trafficked E6 freeway towards OSL.
photo dsc_0782i

Passing the hotel we stayed at.
photo dsc_0786iphoto dsc_0788i

Driving through the northeastern outskirts of Oslo.
photo dsc_0790iphoto dsc_0792i

35 kilometres to go (21,75 miles).
photo dsc_0800i

Entering Akershus County.
photo dsc_0804iphoto dsc_0808i

Quality Hotel Olavsgaard in the middle of the picture.
photo dsc_0813i

You may have noticed the fact that I have included more pictures from the road to the airport than what's standard on my page, and there is a reason for that difference. Unfortunately I did not manage to include a bonus of the city centre on this series, for that reason I decided to include additional pictures from the drive to the airport where different types of backgrounds can be seen, in order to try to compensate for the lack of bonus pictures in the previous FR.
photo dsc_0814i

Maxbo Stormarknad on the left side, a store for building materials.
photo dsc_0817i

DHL office and warehouse in Berger, Akershus County.
photo dsc_0833iphoto dsc_0837i

23,2 kilometres left (14,42 miles).
photo dsc_0840i

A few houses in Frogner.
photo dsc_0843i

Passing Lindeberg in Akershus County.
photo dsc_0848iphoto dsc_0852i

Crossed Kløfta, a town in Akershus County.
photo dsc_0861i

Haug farm.
photo dsc_0863i

Approaching Jessheim, a town in close proximity to the airport.
photo dsc_0866i

Taking the E16 freeway towards Gardermoen Airport.
photo dsc_0872i

On the E16.
photo dsc_0877i

Driving to a petrol station in order to refuel the car before returning it to the car rental company.
photo dsc_0879i

At the petrol station.
photo dsc_0882i

Once the refueling process had been completed, we drove to the parking garage for rental cars which would be garage P10 according to signs on the road.
photo dsc_0883i

Inside the parking garage at 15:43 local time (3:43 PM). Scheduled time of departure was set to 17:00 (5:00 PM).
photo dsc_0885i

Returning the car was a breeze. My father parked the car at a return spot, left the keys and we were good to proceed towards the terminal building without having the need to complete any additional formalities.
photo 20170813_154644

Walking to the departures area at 15:47 (3:47 PM).
photo 20170813_154715

To the upper level.
photo 20170813_154848photo 20170813_154919

The airport train station was visible from this spot, on the arrivals level of the terminal building.
photo 20170813_155237

Continuing to the departures level, located a floor above the arrivals section at OSL.
photo 20170813_155311photo 20170813_155334

The check-in area was open and spacious, once again a stark contrast to the airport experience in ARN.
photo 20170813_155340_li

photo 20170813_155352photo 20170813_155408

Multiple check-in desks lined up neatly.
photo 20170813_155413

A capacious area.
photo 20170813_155945_li

As soon as I was finished with my blurry pictures of the check-in area, I walked up to a check-in kiosk and printed out our boarding passes before moving up to the next step which turned out to be an automated BP check followed by a customary security control. Multiple kiosks were faulty, leading to long queues behind the functioning kiosks.
photo 20170813_160641

The security check was cleared in 10 minutes, we entered at 16:06 and cleared the checkpoint at 16:16 (4:06 PM - 4:16 PM).
photo 20170813_161646_li

The gate assigned for flight DY820 to Stockholm was D8 according to this FIDS found after going through security.
photo 20170813_161656

SAS B736.
photo dsc_0887i

HOP! E-190.
photo dsc_0888i

Continuing towards the D gates.
photo 20170813_161801_liphoto 20170813_161915_li

A customs border had to be crossed before entering gates assigned for international flights.
photo 20170813_161917_li

Duty-free shopping could be done after passing the customs border.
photo 20170813_161947photo 20170813_162027

Continuing to reduce the distance between us and gate D8.
photo 20170813_162342photo 20170813_163050

The section with the gates was incredibly roomy, another major dissimilarity from the airport experience in ARN.
photo 20170813_163136

At gate D8 by 16:32 (4:32 PM).
photo 20170813_163219

Flight information:

Airline: Norwegian Air Shuttle

Flight no & route: DY820 OSL-ARN

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 17:00 (17:18), UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 18:00 (18:00), UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1 hour (42 minutes)

The 738 for today's flight was registered as LN-NGS, having been delivered to Norwegian in January 2014. This fact makes the aircraft considerably newer than the ride I had on the previous flight, LN-DYC, which was delivered in 2010.
photo dsc_0894i

Boarding for flight DY820 to Stockholm was announced at 16:45 (5:45 PM), 15 minutes before our scheduled time of departure.
photo 20170813_164552_li

To the jetbridge.
photo 20170813_164816

Walking on the jetbridge towards the aircraft.
photo 20170813_164818

This time around, boarding was solely done from the front of the aircraft.
photo 20170813_165112_hdr

A lighter traffic jam is encountered upon entering the 737.
photo 20170813_165114

Progressing, but at a slow pace.
photo 20170813_165210

Seated on seat 25A at 16:54 (4:54 PM), I had the identical seat number on the former flight from ARN to OSL.
photo 20170813_165451

Status of boarding: Ongoing.
photo 20170813_165455_li

photo 20170813_165458

photo 20170813_165506

Boarding was nearly finished at 16:56 (4:56 PM).
photo 20170813_165611_li

Mood lighting onboard this 737.
photo dsc_0895i

Wing view from seat 25A.
photo dsc_0896i

Safety card, part one.
photo dsc_0897i

Part two.
photo dsc_0898i

N by Norwegian magazine.
photo dsc_0899i

A blurry picture of the menu found in the magazine. Generally speaking, the prices were not the most attractive in the world but fairly normal for Scandinavian standards.
photo dsc_0902i

There was a selection of pictures from some of the menu items, next to the menu.
photo dsc_0903i

Overhead monitor.
photo dsc_0904i

Seat pitch was sufficient for a flight of this length. I am 179cm tall (5'10").
photo dsc_0905i

One copy of DY's barf bag was found in the pocket of the seatback.
photo dsc_0907iphoto dsc_0908i

Safety instructions were displayed on the overhead monitors while preparing for pushback, the video was shown in Norwegian and English if my memory is not fooling me.
photo dsc_0911i

Pushback commenced at 17:10 (5:10 PM).
photo dsc_0913i

Three birds on the tarmac, including an Ethiopian Dreamliner.
photo dsc_0914i

Proceeding to the runway.
photo dsc_0915i

Brussels Airlines A319 preparing for flight SN2284 to Brussels.
photo dsc_0916i

photo dsc_0919i

Seconds before lining up with the active runway for departures this Sunday afternoon.
photo dsc_0923i

On the runway.
photo dsc_0926i

Rolling down runway 19L at 17:17 local time (5:17 PM).
photo dsc_0928i

Lifting off.
photo dsc_0929iphoto dsc_0931i

Several logistics companies below the winglet, including Marine Harvest Terminal, GF Logistikk and Expeditors International Norway.
photo dsc_0933i

The E16 freeway.
photo dsc_0935i

Sand, an area seen below the aircraft's flaps.
photo dsc_0937i

Sand on the bottom part of the picture with the town of Jessheim visible above Sand.
photo dsc_0939iphoto dsc_0942i

Jessheim around the winglet.
photo dsc_0948i

Parts of the Glomma (also known as Glåma) river are exposed on the left side of this picture. It is the longest and largest river in Norway, measuring in at a length of approximately 621 kilometres (384,87 miles).
photo dsc_0953i

16 000 ft and climbing.
photo dsc_0956i

Sarnes, the administrative center of Sør-Odal municipality located in Hedmark County, Norway.
photo dsc_0957i

Connecting to DY's onboard Wi-Fi was a trouble-free experience, for the second consecutive time in a row. I used to struggle connecting to the Wi-Fi network on previous itineraries with Norwegian.
photo screenshot_2017-08-13-17-25-43iphoto dsc_0959i

Tracking my flight, using the aircraft's Wi-Fi connectivity. My friend Martin1405 also tracked my flight, thank you!
photo screenshot_2017-08-13-17-30-42i

Cartoons were shown on the overhead monitors while cruising towards Stockholm.
photo dsc_0961i

My interactions with the FAs were limited on this short hop but the captain was informative and kept the passengers well informed about the flight (information about the routing, weather, final destination etc).
photo dsc_0963i

Lighting and the overhead panel.
photo dsc_0964i

Ludvika, a town in Dalarna County, Sweden.
photo dsc_0970i

Smedjebacken, another town in Dalarna County, Sweden.
photo dsc_0971i

Ludvika and Smedjebacken.
photo dsc_0972i

Söderbärke, a village/town with less than 1000 inhabitants. Lake Östra Svetan and Västra Svetan can be seen to the left of the populated area. Lake Barken running through Söderbarke can be spotted in the picture, a coherent lake consisiting of two narrow lakes known as Norra Barken and Södra Barken (northern and southern part). Lake Norra Barken can be seen north of the populated section while lake Södra Barken can be spotted south of it.
photo dsc_0978i

Fagersta, a town in Västmanland County.
photo dsc_0982i

photo dsc_0987i

Heby, a smaller town in Uppsala County.
photo dsc_0988i

A tip of Ekoln, the northenmost bay of Lake Mälaren.
photo dsc_0993i

Road 263, Hjälstaviken to the left of it (lake and wetland) and parts of Lake Mälaren on the right hand side of road 263.
photo dsc_0996i

The E18 freeway.
photo dsc_0997i

Lake Mälaren with four bridges crossing it. Two bridges are used for the E18 freeway, one bridge is used as a walkway/smaller road while the last bridge is a part of Mälarbanan (railway tracks).
photo dsc_1002iphoto dsc_1003i

Approaching Bålsta.
photo dsc_0002i

Different angles of the bridges.
photo dsc_0003iiphoto dsc_0004i

The town of Bålsta, located in Uppsala County. The Stockholm commuter train extends to Bålsta, making Bålsta one of few commuter train stations outside the Stockholm area,
photo dsc_0005i

Returning to clouds.
photo dsc_0007i

Reflection of our ride.
photo dsc_0009i

Lining up with runway 01R.
photo dsc_0011i

Descending through the cloud layers.
photo dsc_0016i

The northern tips of Upplands Väsby are spotted after descending through the clouds.
photo dsc_0017i

Lake Oxunda.
photo dsc_0020i

The E4 freeway.
photo dsc_0021iphoto dsc_0023i

The E4 with parts of Stockholm Nord Logistikcenter (Stockholm North Logistics Center).
photo dsc_0026iphoto dsc_0027i

Flying over Lake Fysingen.
photo dsc_0031iphoto dsc_0035i

Moments before arrival.
photo dsc_0036i

Landed on runway 01R at 18:00 (6:00 PM).
photo dsc_0037i

Taxiing towards Terminal 5.
photo dsc_0043i

Multiple SAS birds.
photo dsc_0045i

Thomas Cook Scandinavia A333 and a SAS B738.
photo dsc_0049i

Novair A321NEO.
photo dsc_0051i

SAS A320NEO and an Air China A333.
photo dsc_0053i

Lufthansa A321.
photo dsc_0058i

Primera B738.
photo dsc_0059i

Titan Airways B752.
photo dsc_0066i

Turkish Airlines A321.
photo dsc_0072iphoto dsc_0073i

Company 737-800.
photo dsc_0075i

We waited for the pictured 737 to leave, before lining up with our gate.
photo dsc_0077i

Parked up at Terminal 5 by 18:09 (6:09 PM).
photo dsc_0079i

The disembarking process could be handled from both sides of the aircraft, being seated at row 25 meant disembarking from the rear a "natural" option for us.
photo 20170813_181324

Leaving the 737 at 18:14 (6:14 PM).
photo 20170813_181357photo 20170813_181400

Towards the terminal building, which is nowhere near as fancy as the building in OSL.
photo 20170813_181404

Regine Normann was featured on the tail of LN-NGS, a former Norwegian novelist and story writer.
photo 20170813_181409_liphoto 20170813_181412

Walking towards the exit.
photo 20170813_181548_li

Before continuing to the parking shuttle buses, my family decided to pay a visit to the WCs. The queues were long for most toilets, resulting in a longer-than-usual toilet visit.
photo 20170813_181935

After the lengthy visit to the WCs, we continued to the bus stop on the arrivals level of Terminal 5 in order to take the yellow shuttle bus to the BETA parking lot.
photo 20170813_183308_hdr

We arrived at the correct bus stop in the parking lot at 18:53 (6:53 PM).
photo dsc_0081i

Leaving the parking lot at 18:57 (6:57 PM).
photo dsc_0084i

On road 273.
photo dsc_0087iphoto dsc_0089ii

Continuing on road 273, now having a motorway/freeway standard.
photo dsc_0090i

On the E4 towards Stockholm C at 19:04 (7:04 PM).
photo dsc_0094i

Shortly after entering the E4 freeway, we approached a lighter traffic jam.
photo dsc_0095i

Advancing through the traffic, at slow speeds.
photo dsc_0098i

Slowly passing Rosersberg, a locality in the northern outskirts.
photo dsc_0102i

19:09 (7:09 PM).
photo dsc_0108iphoto dsc_0116i

The flow started moving at a regular pace after a short distance of just 4,5 km (2,8 miles).
photo dsc_0120iphoto dsc_0122i

Driving through InfraCity, a business park and an area for shopping in the northern outskirts.
photo dsc_0124i

Leaving the E4 in order to connect to road 267.
photo dsc_0126i

Driving on road 267 towards the E18 freeway.
photo dsc_0133iphoto dsc_0134i

Joining the E18 at 19:24 (7:24 PM).
photo dsc_0136iphoto dsc_0138i

On the E18 towards Oslo.
photo dsc_0141iphoto dsc_0147i

Leaving the E18 after seven minutes on the freeway.
photo dsc_0151iphoto dsc_0153i

We made it home by 19:36 (7:36 PM), the ride from the airport had totaled at 39 minutes. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR :). Have a good one, see you!
photo dsc_0154i
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Oslo - OSL


Stockholm - ARN



Another short hop with Norwegian, this time from Oslo to Stockholm.

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was sufficient for a short leg like this one.

Cabin crew - I barely had any interaction with the crew on this short leg, but the captain was informative throughout the flight. He made sure the passengers were informed about various aspects regarding the flight.

Entertainment - Wi-Fi worked flawlessly. In addition, cartoons were running on the overhead monitors.

Meal/catering - Almost everything is BOB, I think water on cup can be served for free if requested (I have taken notice from other DY flights but I am not entirely sure if it applies to all occasions). The menu offered a few snacks and drinks to choose from.

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