Review of Cathay Dragon flight Hong Kong Hangzhou in Economy

Airline Cathay Dragon
Flight KA626
Class Economy
Seat 47H
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 24 Aug 17, 07:55
Arrival at 24 Aug 17, 10:05
KA 68 reviews
By 982
Published on 8th October 2017
Hi readers! I took flight KA626 from HKG to HGH on 24/8/2017.

I had joined Wing On Travel for a 5 days Huadong trip.

To the airport:

At 0250, I woke up. Very tired. I got about 4 hrs of sleep. I did my grooming, then did a final check to my luggage. At 4am, I left home to take the overnight cityflyer bus NA29 to airport. Since Super Typhoon Hato affected HK the day before I left for the Huadong trip, and brought a Hurricane Signal 10 to HK, devastating views could be seen.

After Severe Typhoon Hato
photo imag0349photo imag0351

Arriving at the bus stop at 0407, I waited for the bus, which arrived at 0415.

Pitch black sky
photo imag0352

NA29 route info
photo imag0353

On the way to Airport! Location: Cheung Ching Tunnel, which implemented single tube both ways traffic
photo imag0354

At the airport:

I arrived at the airport at 5:10am, 10 mins before the scheduled meeting time. The tour guide told me to come back to the meeting place at 6am, so I walked around the terminal. After retrieving my documents, I went to check in.

Flight ticket
photo imag0375_1

Bye bye luggage, see you in HGH!
photo imag0360

After crossing the immigration, I headed to Cafe de Coral to have a short breakfast. Then, I headed to gate 502.

Going to the gate from the main terminal
photo imag0363

I took the bus from the main terminal to gate 502, located in the satellite terminal. Upon arriving there, I got some time, so I did some plane spotting.

ANZ B777-200(ER) and my flight
photo imag0364

My flight!
photo imag0365photo imag0370photo imag0369


At 0720, boarding commenced! There were a long queue towards boarding.

photo imag0371

Goodbye, Hong Kong! See you in 5 days! Photos taken in the jetbridge.
photo imag0372photo imag0374

After I settled myself, I took photos of the seat (contents).

At 0754, the plane pushed back, and at 0759, we started taxi to rwy 07R for departure! Finally, we started the takeoff roll at 0816 and rotated after about 30 secs. Hangzhou here we come!

After 16 mins, at 0832, we cruised at FL246 (7,500m, as china uses the metric system, unlike most countries who used the imperial system). Breakfast was distributed as soon as we leveled off at cruising altitude. The breakfast was quite nice, with the exception of the egg. That was terrible.

photo imag0380

After breakfast, coffee and tea services started. I got the cup of coffee, which is nice!

photo imag0381

At 0927, our flight descended to FL226 (6,900m) for some time, then continued descent. After 1 hr 50 mins in the air, we landed in HGH airport runway 25 smoothly. Taxiing was quick, and we arrived gate 213 at 1010.

Thank you for reading my report!

Photos and video about Severe Typhoon Hato, if you are interested:
Severe Typhoon Hato
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Cathay Dragon

Cabin crew10.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Hangzhou - HGH



HKG: Nice airport, clean, polite staffs. Amazing!

HGH: Small airport, clean, efficient in baggage delivery but not in the customs.

KA: Nice FAs', professional captains, breakfast is great with the exception of the egg. Overall good!

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