Review of Hainan Airlines flight Guilin City Shanghai in Economy

Airline Hainan Airlines
Flight Y8 7506
Class Economy
Seat 58F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 20 Aug 17, 11:50
Arrival at 20 Aug 17, 18:20
HU   #17 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 25 reviews
Published on 4th September 2017


Hello everyone
The 24th July my parents celebrated 20 years of marriage and they decided to make a family trip for this special occasion
About 2 months before leaving we started to evaluate all the possibilites and in a week we made a sort of round-the-world journey: USA, Caribbean, Fjords' cruise and so on…
After all this we finally decide the destination: CHINA
We booked an organized group tour with one of the best Italian tour operator with departure date 12nd August.
The tour comprised 4 cities: Beijing, Xi'An, Guilin and Shanghai for a total of 12 days
Personally I was very happy because of the many different airlines and planes we would have tried. And obviously also because I've never been to China and it had always fascinated me.
Here is the itinerary:

12nd August Roma Fiumicino - Beijing Capital with Air China Boeing 787-9
16th August Beijing Capital - Xi'An with China Eastern Airlines Airbus A321
18th August Xi'An - Guilin with OKAirways Boeing 737-900ER
20th August Guilin - Shanghai Pudong with Suparna Airlines Boeing 737-800 (YOU ARE HERE)
22nd August Shanghai Hongqiao - Beijing Capital with Air China Boeing 747-400
22nd August Beijing Capital - Roma Fiumicino with Air China Boeing 787-9

photo mappa voli


After spending 2 days in Guilin, enjoying its natural heritage, it's time to leave to Shanghai, IMO the most thrilling part of the travel.
We were driven to the airport in late morning
photo kwl-pvg 1
Differently from Xi'An there was no baggage control at the terminal entrance
The check-in hall looked like a big and dark warehouse
Moreover the A/C seemed to be insufficient for a so big hall and it was a bit hot inside
photo kwl-pvg 2
The local guide left us in front of Group Check-in desk and in about 10 minutes we obtained our BPs
photo kwl-pvg 3
My boarding pass
The flight would be operated by Suparna Airlines (IATA: Y8, ICAO: YZR), partially owned by Hainan Airlines
photo kwl-pvg 5
The queue for the security checkpoint was huge, about 30 minutes waiting according to the check-in lady
photo kwl-pvg 4
Our flight reported to be on time
photo kwl-pvg 6
38 minutes after check-in we were airside
The document control was really slow because the agent checked Western names letter by letter and the control itself was meticolous as always
The boarding had already started, but fortunately the airport was very small
photo kwl-pvg 7photo kwl-pvg 8
Our gate
photo kwl-pvg 9photo kwl-pvg 10
The plane for today's flight: B-1577, delivered in August 2016 (1,1 years old) and previously belonged to GOL Transportes Aéreos and Aircastle
photo kwl-pvg 11photo kwl-pvg 12
Going down the jetway
photo kwl-pvg 13photo kwl-pvg 14
Nice nose!
photo kwl-pvg 15
Air Changan Boeing 737
photo kwl-pvg 16


Fuselage shot
photo kwl-pvg 18
Even this Boeing 737 is equipped with SkyInterior
photo kwl-pvg 17photo kwl-pvg 19
My seat was in the 3rd last row
The pitch was right for a 2 hours flight
photo kwl-pvg 20
The view from my seat
photo kwl-pvg 21
China Souther Boeing 737 pulling into the gate
photo kwl-pvg 22
Cabin during boarding with blue mood-lighting
photo kwl-pvg 23
Winglet with Hainan Airlines logo
photo kwl-pvg 24
photo kwl-pvg 25
Since we were among the last to board the pushback started immediately after we took our seats
photo kwl-pvg 26
Shandong Airlines
photo kwl-pvg 27
Goodbye Guilin
photo kwl-pvg 28
China Eastenrn Boeing 737
photo kwl-pvg 29
Taxiing to the unique RWY at Guilin

And off we go!
photo kwl-pvg 34photo kwl-pvg 35photo kwl-pvg 36
Fortunately the weather wasn't cloudy as previous days and we were able to see wonderful landscapes around Guilin
This was also because Guilin is definitely smaller than Beijing or Xi'An so there's less pollution

About 35 minutes into the flight lunch service started
Mood-lighting passed from blue to orange
photo kwl-pvg 45
There was a choice between two meals

Chicken with noodle or beef with rice

photo kwl-pvg 43
I chose chicken and it was really tasty
Definitely a good lunch to be on a plane
photo kwl-pvg 44
Being close to Shanghai we started flying over a white layer of clouds
photo kwl-pvg 46photo kwl-pvg 47
After lunch the crew passed with duty free cart and I bought a nice Boeing 787-9 model in Suparna Airlines livery
Maybe I'm the only one in Italy to have it XD
Very nice box too
photo kwl-pvg 48
About 30 minutes before scheduled landing "strange things" started to happen
We began the descent but about 5 minutes after the plane rose again
After flying a little bit more it started again to descent
photo kwl-pvg 49photo kwl-pvg 50
Amazing coastal landscapes

Landing announcement was done in Chinese and in a very poor English and the only understandable words were "Landing" and "Shanghai"
photo kwl-pvg 56
The plane continued his descent over swamp areas

And than the city suburbs
photo kwl-pvg 61
The smog and humidity level is perceivable
photo kwl-pvg 62
photo kwl-pvg 63
Factories and warehouses
photo kwl-pvg 64photo kwl-pvg 65photo kwl-pvg 66
Last moments on air
photo kwl-pvg 67
And finally welcome to….HANGZHOU!
photo kwl-pvg 68photo kwl-pvg 69


My big passion for aviation also includes a big fashion for airports and their architecture
While we left the runway I immediately saw the Terminal and I didn't recognize it
I had clear in my mind the images of Pudong Airport Terminal 1 and 2 and seeing another terminal was quite strange
We were parked on a remote area quite far from the Terminal but full of other planes
Our guide came and told us that due to bad weather in Shanghai our flight was diverted to Hangzhou (IATA: HGH , ICAO: ZSHC)
It wasn't still unclear if we would have wait there or be desembarked to be transferred to Shanghai by bus or train
She also told us that this was said during the announcement but it wasn't so clear in English
What really impressed me was the total absence of reaction from Chinese people. Maybe if something like this happens in Italy or Europe in general people will start to loudly complain.
photo kwl-pvg 0aphoto kwl-pvg 0b

But now it's time to continue the report…
The international terminal
photo kwl-pvg 72
KLM 787 parked at the terminal
photo kwl-pvg 70
All Nippon Airways 767 and Asiana 777
photo kwl-pvg 71
China United Airlines 737 landing behind us
photo kwl-pvg 73
LuckyAir 737 (it's just an impression or the tail looks like British Airways' one?)
photo kwl-pvg 74
Air China A321 at the remotes
photo kwl-pvg 75
SF Airlines 757F at the apron where we were parked too
photo kwl-pvg 76
Shanghai Airlines A330
photo kwl-pvg 77
The view from our parking area
photo kwl-pvg 78
The only announcements made by crew reminded us to relax and not to smoke on the plane
Actually really useful
Most of the people stood and walked around the plane and the crew distributed some drinks
I spend most of the time chatting with my group mates and playing Sudoku
About 1 hour and half after a Malaysia Airlines A330 parked next to us
Really amazing plane and livery

About 3 hours after landing in HGH some planes parked in the nearby started to move to the RWY…a good sign
The guide, translating us from Chinese announcement, told us that PVG was opened again and we would have departed soon
photo kwl-pvg 83
Shanghai Airlines A330 pushing back and leaving
photo kwl-pvg 84photo kwl-pvg 85photo kwl-pvg 86
Loong Air A320, a really nice livery
photo kwl-pvg 87
Meanwhile Shanghai Airlines A330 took off
photo kwl-pvg 88
After 2 hours and 50 minutes we left our stand
photo kwl-pvg 89
XiamenAir 737 in SkyTeam livery
photo kwl-pvg 90
Taxiing to the RWY
photo kwl-pvg 91photo kwl-pvg 92
China Southern A321
photo kwl-pvg 93
The apron where we waited
SF Airlines 757Fs, China United Airlines 737, Spring Airlines A320 and Malaysia Airlines A330
photo kwl-pvg 94
Malaysia Airlines A330
photo kwl-pvg 95
Who would have imagined we would "visit" a fifth city (or his airport)
photo kwl-pvg 96


3 hours and 20 minutes after landing we took off again to Shanghai-PVG
photo kwl-pvg 97photo kwl-pvg 98photo kwl-pvg 99
Hangzhou from air
photo kwl-pvg 100photo kwl-pvg 101
Enormous road interchange
photo kwl-pvg 102
Outside the weather became more gloomy as we approach Shanghai

Costa Crociere's ship
photo kwl-pvg 109photo kwl-pvg 110
The flight lasted about 40 minutes
I don't think we reached a high cruise altitude because we started to descent immediately after climb
photo kwl-pvg 111
Shanghai Port
photo kwl-pvg 112photo kwl-pvg 113
Approaching Pudong area
photo kwl-pvg 114
Racing with Turkish Airlines 777 landing from IST maybe
photo kwl-pvg 115
Last moments in air
photo kwl-pvg 116photo kwl-pvg 117
Lined up to land on RWY 16L/34R
photo kwl-pvg 118
Pudond Airport Terminal 2
photo kwl-pvg 119photo kwl-pvg 120
Without any doubt now…Welcome to Shanghai
photo kwl-pvg 121photo kwl-pvg 122
Crossing RWY 16R/34L
photo kwl-pvg 123
Delta Airlines 747-400
photo kwl-pvg 124
Cathay Dragon A320
photo kwl-pvg 125
We were parked on a remote stand in front of the new terminal under construction
photo kwl-pvg 126
The cabin during desembark
photo kwl-pvg 127
Fuselage shot
photo kwl-pvg 128
Bye bye
photo kwl-pvg 129


The bus ride to the terminal took 27 minutes! We spent about half of this time in the middle of the apron waiting for who-know-what
Unfortunately the windows were steamy and I wasn't able to take pics of beutiful aircrafts outside like a Qantas A330 passing close to us :/
photo kwl-pvg 130
Shanghai Pudong Terminal 2 is very big and has a very nice architecture
photo kwl-pvg 131
Our baggages were already on the belt fortunately
photo kwl-pvg 132photo kwl-pvg 133
At the exit the local guide was waiting for us to take the bus
We kindly asked her to meet directly at the hotel, located on Nanjing Road, because we wanted to experience the MagLev
MagLev station is located between Terminal 1 and 2
photo kwl-pvg 135
The ticket costs ¥40 (instead of ¥50, if you show your BP) that is about 5 euros. I heard it was very expensive but because Subway ticket costs ¥4
Baggages were checked at the entrance
photo kwl-pvg 136
Train model in the waiting hall
photo kwl-pvg 137
Time to board the train
photo kwl-pvg 138
Train rear before departing
photo kwl-pvg 139
The train left at the precise moment shown on the timetable
photo kwl-pvg 140photo kwl-pvg 141
Rapidly we reached cruise speed of 300km/h
Usually the speed is 420km/h but in the evening is a bit "slower"
photo kwl-pvg 142
Inside the coach is larger than normal trains
photo kwl-pvg 143
In 8 minutes we made the 30,5 km ride to Longyang Road station
Front of the train
photo kwl-pvg 144
The station has an interchange with Shanghai Subway Line 2 which brought us to the hotel
photo kwl-pvg 145
The day after we changed a little bit the program to visit the city in less time
I was very excited because Shanghai had always fascinated me
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Hainan Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Guilin City - KWL


Shanghai - PVG



This flight was unlucky from the beginning
Fortunately the stopover in Hangzhou was not so long and the crew do their best to ensure passengers' comfort



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