Review of Pegas Fly flight St. Petersburg Moscow in Economy

Airline Pegas Fly
Flight IK 8178
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 14 Jun 17, 10:40
Arrival at 14 Jun 17, 12:00
IK 1 reviews
Published on 10th September 2017
This time I decided to try russian airline Ikar (Pegas Fly). I needed to fly from St. Petersburg to Moscow. There are very much flight per day on this route. But I wanted to buy a cheap ticket in four days before departure. That's why I had small choice. All cheap flight have been in early morning or in late evening. Only one airline had an exception - it's Nordwind airlines. This airline had only charter flights few years ago. After bankruptcy of Transaero, second airline of Russia, few charter airlines started to do regular flights. Nordwind is one of this airlines. Ikar (Pegas Fly) is a partner of Nordwind, these airlines are very similar. Ikar started to do charter flights later, than Nordwind.
Nordwind and Ikar have a huge amount of delays. 2-3h delays - isn't the worst thing. Many charter flights has delays about 10 hours. Regular flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow also have delays. I had understood that, when I bought ticket. Round trip St. Petersburg - Moscow - St. Petersburg cost about 110$, it's cheap for this route.
First problem appeared two days before departure - departure time was changed from 10:00 to 10:40 a.m. I thought that there could be much more delays after that. But there no any problems.
I made online check-in and choose window seat and printed boarding pass. I didn't need baggage, that's why, when I went to the Pulkovo airport, I didn't need to go to check-in.
Pulkovo airport had a big renovation few years ago. After that there no bug queues at security and in the terminal. It has domestic and international terminals, which are located next to each other.
I bought tocket on the Nordwind web-site, but my flight to Moscow was operated by Ikar (Pegas Fly). It's usual situation.
Our plane is in the distant plan.
photo img_20170614_090516

Aircraft - Boeing 767-300ER VP-BDI, 17 years old plane. It was taken from Aeroflot. 767 is rare plane on St. Petersburg - Moscow route. Only Nordwind and Ikar (Pegas Fly) use wide-body jets on this route. Because it has only 2-3 flights per day. For example, Aeroflot has about 20 flights. Ikar (Pegas Fly) has 8 planes - 2 B737-800 and 6 B767-300ER.
There no any problems at boarding. It was on time.
photo img_20170614_100040photo img_20170614_100208
This B767 has 2-4-2 layout. 8 seats in row - very much for B767. Also, Aeroflot had 215 seats in this plane, Ikar has 300. For me with my height 1.77m it wasn't comfortable.
Flight was fully booked. In my opinion, those planes shouldn't flight on long-haul routes. It's unreal to seat in such tight plane for 8 hours. Short routes is much better for such tight B767.
Few photo of other planes.
Ural airlines A320 to Yekaterinburg
photo img_20170614_100614
Izhavia Yakovlev Yak-42D to Izhevsk
photo img_20170614_100716
Nordavia B737-500 to Syktyvkar
photo img_20170614_100843

There no any food on this 1h flight, only mineral water. I think, food isn't need here. Despite big age of the plane, lavatories were clean. Of course, there no any IFE. Russian charter airlines don't like spending money on such things. Also there no any magazines. I think, airline don't have money on it.
Few photo from flight

Landing was on-time. I decided, that it was a good flight. But Sheremetyevo airport spoiled the impression.
At this moment, SVO has 3 working terminals - D, E, F. (B and C under renovation). Only D has domestic sector. And distance from F to domestic D is really big.
Our plane was parked in the very long distance from terminal F. Distance to domestic D was really huge. First of all, we have been waiting a towing machine for 10 minutes. Second, for 300-passenger plane there were only one trap. And the most ridiculous thing: after one special bus for airport (I don't remember brand, maybe Neoplan), airport decided to give COACHES. It's not a joke, coaches instead of airport's busses in Sheremetyevo airport. Passengers with children entered in coaches very slow, because it has a high floor. And the "best" thing - there no bus for last part of passengers, we waited for another bus about 15 minutes. After that we had very long ride to domestic D, also coaches rode slower, than airport's busses like Cobus and Neoplan. And there were one more interesting thing - our bus waited about 15 minutes near terminal for busses from Aeroflot flights. After that I understood, that SVO don't bother about passengers of Nordwing and Ikar. This airport working for Aeroflot.
Finally, I spent 1 hour from arrival on plane's stand position to entering in terminal. I didn't have problem with airline. but I had problem with the airport.
P.S. Photo of this coach.
photo img_20170614_124015
P.S. Sorry, there are no very much photos. It's my first flight report.
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Cabin crew9.0

St. Petersburg - LED


Moscow - SVO



Is flight with Ikar (Pegas Fly) a good deal? I don't think so. You pay less, because you don't know, what delay of flight will be. Sometimes it can be about 12 hours. Also I don't recommend to have connecting flights with this airline. If you're late on your second flight, you will be able to fly only on a next day, because this airline don't have very much flights.



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