Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Jakarta in Economy

Flight 3K207
Class Economy
Seat 17C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 15 Sep 17, 15:45
Arrival at 15 Sep 17, 16:40
3K 49 reviews
Eric V P
By 1725
Published on 19th September 2017
This will be my report on flying on Jetstar Asia economy class from Singapore to Jakarta, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia.


Besides studying, I am also doing volunteer work in a non-profit foundation. As the foundation was holding a talk in Jakarta and the president of the foundation was supposed to leave to UK soon (which was postponed due to visa issuance delay), I decided it would be best to pay a visit to Jakarta.

On my past reports I tend to use full-service airlines, however this time I flew on an LCC due to timing issue - I accidentally scheduled a part-time work on Friday around lunch time, which means the connecting time between the end of work and the talk was very tight at only 6 hours. I also picked Jetstar as it is based in Singapore and offers early check-in or possibly even going straight to gate with online check-in. Due to those conveniences, I was initially quite willing to spend S$80 (US$60) for the one-way trip on an LCC.

Early check-in at Singapore SIN

Jetstar offers web check-in on all its routes and even offer the possibility of going straight to gate on some major routes (Singapore SIN to Jakarta CGK included). However, as I didn't book a return trip with Jetstar I ended up requiring document check, which means I needed to stay overnight at the airport to prevent me missing the check-in time by the time I arrived at the airport for my departure.

Web check-in boarding pass
photo 3kbp

Jetstar, together with AirAsia, heavily relies on self-service at Singapore SIN terminal 1. However, Jetstar's check-in area setting was more elaborate as AirAsia was about to move to the new Singapore SIN terminal 4 in several months.
photo 20170915_004912photo 20170915_005239

Being Qantas' subsidiary, Jetstar's check-in area also happen to be nearby Qantas'.
photo 20170915_005242

Singapore SIN terminal 1 was undergoing major renovation in the public area.
photo 20170915_004921

The self check-in machine at Singapore SIN terminal 1. Rather than providing common machines usable for all airlines at once, the self check-in machine was only meant for use for a single airline.
photo 20170915_004649photo 20170915_004656

Only English and Chinese was available.
photo 20170915_004701

There were several options available to prove the passenger's identity.
photo 20170915_004707

After scanning the passport, I needed to find the flight I was about to take.
photo 20170915_004739

Self check-in machine is only meant for passengers departing within 12 hours of departure, which means camping at the airport.
photo 20170915_004745

Beside the AirAsia check-in area there were a secluded seating area, however the seats at Singapore SIN terminal 1 and 3 public area come with individual armrest, which makes them very uncomfortable to sleep on.
photo 20170915_005420

The 24 hours food court at Singapore SIN terminal 3. I ordered iced coffee and chicken rice as my supper.
photo 20170915_020039

Seats at Singapore SIN terminal 3 public arrival area, which also comes with individual armrest.
photo 20170915_020508

Singapore SIN terminal 3 public check-in area, which was especially quiet.
photo 20170915_021012

The automatic people mover at Singapore SIN operates more than 600 roundtrips between Singapore SIN terminal 1 public area and Singapore SIN terminal 2 and 3 public area, but when it was put down for maintenance they turn to this elusive shuttle bus, operating just 30 roundtrips between Singapore SIN terminal 1, 2, and 3 public area, and even with that the occupancy was extremely low.
photo 20170915_025132

After being unable to sleep for a few hours I was back to the self check-in machine at Singapore SIN terminal 1 public check-in area and printed my boarding pass.
photo 20170915_040604photo 20170915_040612

The boarding pass dispensed by the machine was shoddy and very thin. To make the matter worse, I still needed to have my documents checked anyway.
photo 20170915_040643

As it was early in the morning, the document check counter was not opened and I ended up having to proceed to the common kiosk assistance counter.
photo 20170915_040706

Even the stanchion bar features the airport logo.
photo 20170915_040840

Next-generation check-in counters were installed, featuring the design like the self bag drop counters.
photo 20170915_040928

I waited for around 10 minutes to be served, as some people clogged the counter with a large amount of checked baggage. As usual, I checked about the load, which the check-in counter staff mentioned that it was quite full at around 160 people and afterwards he printed my boarding pass. Unfortunately for me, I put my old boarding pass on the table as well and after he provided me with the new boarding pass he asked me why had I checked in using the kiosk as well (it mentioned document check), took my self check-in boarding pass, and tore and discarded it.

The boarding pass issued at the manned counter was better, but the colour scheme made it look rather cheap.
photo 20170915_042320

One view of Singapore SIN terminal 1 check-in area before returning to my place for some sleep before class.
photo 20170915_040421

Singapore SIN terminal 1 public arrival area was quite quiet.
photo 20170915_042655

Unlike during my last trip, Singapore SIN terminal 1 public pick-up area was air-conditioned and has already finished.
photo 20170915_042807photo 20170915_042842

My S$10 (US$7.5) trip for the 40 km journey back home on Uber's carpooling service. The driver was especially grumpy as the trip was very far by Singapore standard yet overly cheap, but I had no choice as the eectric train service was not yet available.
photo 20170915_043403

Trip back to Singapore SIN

A view of one of the older halls in my campus taken while I was waiting to be picked up. For the trip to the airport, I used Grab's social carpooling service, which after discount costed me S$11 (US$8.3).
photo 20170915_135236

One of the signs that you are almost arriving at Singapore SIN are the flowers at the median of the expressway.
photo 20170915_143106photo 20170915_143313

Reaching Singapore SIN terminal 1
photo 20170915_143417

Singapore SIN terminal 1 public drop-off area.
photo 20170915_143530

Singapore SIN terminal 1 feels like the most packed terminal among the others, especially as I had flown to and from Singapore SIN terminal 2 and 3 quite a few times.
photo 20170915_143550

Boarding pass checks were only conducted before proceeding through immigration.
photo 20170915_143721

Immigration counters at Singapore SIN terminal 1.
photo 20170915_143933

Singapore SIN transit area and departure

Singapore SIN terminal 1 transit area, which was quite crowded.
photo 20170915_143940photo 20170915_143943

There were quite few planes at the inside part of Singapore SIN terminal 1, with the most distinctive one being Emirates' B77W.
photo 20170915_144440photo 20170915_144444

Singapore SIN tend to have small immigration area, which means such crowds are often inevitable when large planes were arriving.
photo 20170915_145929

I then noticed that my flight was retimed, which is another way of mentioning delay in Singapore SIN. The delay was quite significant at 80 minutes, making my trip increasingly moot. I checked at the transfer area whether there will be compensation for the delay or if there was a possibility to cancel the trip, none of which was provided.
photo 20170915_162339

The limit between Singapore SIN terminal 1 and terminal 3 transit area was subtly marked with the carpet design.
photo 20170915_162336

During the delay, I walked around Singapore SIN terminal 3 and had some meal there. After wandering for around 30 minutes, I started my trip back to Singapore SIN terminal 1.

The crowd at the arrival immigration was visible again.
photo 20170915_162904

FIDS showing gate status
photo 20170915_163012

Singapore SIN terminal 1 transit area near the D gates
photo 20170915_162436

Cathay Pacific's A359 spotted.
photo 20170915_163148

British Airways' A380 - at least it was nowhere nearly as dirty as the one saw on my last trip.
photo 20170915_163258

The trip to the gate may be long, but how long can it be?
photo 20170915_163303

Scanning machines for arrival security.
photo 20170915_163347

Singapore SIN terminal 1 transit area extension
photo 20170915_163407photo 20170915_1634150

The gate was in fact at the very end of the terminal, ending the excruciating trip. Unlike at Singapore SIN terminal 3, there is no automated people mover from the end gates to the main area.
photo 20170915_163500

Does Jetstar love to use gates nearing the end of the terminal, or is it an LCC thing?
photo 20170915_163520_001

Security was reasonably fast, and I was let through after a haircare product was checked and found to be just at the maximum capacity at 100 ml.
photo 20170915_164015

Singapore SIN terminal 1 gate D38/48/49 features seats and a handful of sofa, but I could not find the drinking water dispenser or even power plugs beside some seats I ended up sitting at the corner just to get the much-required power plug.
photo 20170915_164230photo 20170915_164233

A few minutes later boarding started, though I opted to board late as I had quite few battery power left to book my ride from Jakarta CGK later on. Boarding was quite orderly, unlike the possible mess found at Indonesian airports.
photo 20170915_165430

Walkway to the plane
photo 20170915_165521

Some views of 9V-JSB, the plane about to carry me to Jakarta CGK
photo 20170915_165544photo 20170915_164151

This aerobridge features some pattern, which unfortunately looks rather cheap.
photo 20170915_165608

Thanks to the high load factor, people were queuing to get into the plane.
photo 20170915_165858photo 20170915_170017

On board

Flight: 3K207
Plane: 9V-JSB
STD/ATD: 15.45/17.06
STA/ATA: 16.30/18.16
Load factor: 85 - 95% Y (160 - 170/180)
Seat type: Standard economy class

I somehow took a photo of the front door registration details, which I mistook for the plane registration details above the door.
photo 20170915_170056

The cabin looked rather tight.
photo 20170915_170108

Being on a LCC, a full baggage bin can be expected as well.
photo 20170915_170343

I was seated on the standard aisle seat, featuring extremely tight seat pitch my knee touched the seat in front of me.
photo 20170915_170406

There were safety card and a promotional brochure,
photo 20170915_170512

The inflight shopping catalogue and inflight magazine, and
photo 20170915_170528

A menu, featuring obscenely expensive items such as a hot meal for S$12 (US$9) or a non-alcoholic drink for S$4 (US$3).
photo 20170915_170541

During the welcome announcement, there was no apology provided for the delay, which was unappreciated as even Lion Air provided one a few years back when one of my flights with them were delayed.

Safety demonstration was shown, as usual.
photo 20170915_171011

Due to the traffic situation at Singapore SIN, we waited for more than 30 minutes between pushback and takeoff, again without any notification. On the other hand, on my past flight with Garuda from Jakarta CGK to Bandar Lampung TKG the captain provided information on the pushback and take-off queue.

Thanks to me being seated on the aisle seat (I took the random seat assignment to save on the seat selection fee), there were significantly less photos taken on board.

After the seatbelt sign was switched off, the flight attendants started selling their foods and beverages. As I would be in rush at Jakarta CGK, I decided to get a bottle of drink, accompanied with a glass of ice on an unbranded glass. After I asked for more ice on the glass, my seatmate joked that I should pay even more due to the additional ice.
photo 20170915_181413

Throughout the flight I listened to some musics from my phone and read my previous flight report which I loaded during boarding instead of bothering with the magazine. I also could not sleep as I could not recline the seat out of concern that the person behind me may get uncomfortable.

Before descent I went for a lavatory visit, and the toilet was fortunately quite clean although lacked amenities.
photo 20170915_184312photo 20170915_184315

A view of the cabin, with the curtain closing the front galley.
photo 20170915_184422

The only outside photo I have during the flight, taken during descent.
photo 20170915_190506

Landing was acceptable, and unlike on departure the taxi was actually quite fast.

Thank you, 9V-JSB, hope to see you again soon.
photo 20170915_192622

Arrival at Jakarta CGK and post-arrival trip

This needs to be explained first, but Jakarta CGK was experiencing a blackout before my arrival, therefore only essential services remained available as the airport used its own generator to operate.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the escalator not operating as usual.
photo 20170915_192647

The walkway to the arrival area.
photo 20170915_192714

Some of us went to the moving walkway, hoping for it to operate but we ended up walking on narrow walkway, limiting my walking speed.
photo 20170915_192742

The automated immigration gates were not working randomly, and by the time I gave up 2 out of 3 gates were disabled due to "too many unsuccessful scanning attempts". I was trying to avoid a stamp from Jakarta CGK, but due to that problem I ended up having one after not needing a stamp for several years. The area was also rather stuffy as the air conditioning was not fully turned on.

Jakarta CGK arrival area.
photo 20170915_194507

A drinking water dispenser, which was nowhere nearly as popular with the passengers as the one in Singapore SIN.
photo 20170915_194511

Customs screening area - as Jakarta CGK serves a large number of passenger we simply submitted the customs declaration form and had the officer decide whether to have the bag(s) scanned.
photo 20170915_194609

Booking an app-based ride hailing service is a tough task to do in Jakarta CGK, so I ended up needing to go to the carpark's pick-up area to go to the car.
photo 20170915_195533

Also thanks to the outage, parking tickets needed to be written manually, therefore significantly increasing the waiting time for drivers to get out of the carpark.

Trip to the event I was supposed to attend.
photo 20170915_203553

Bonus: A sneak peek of the trip in Jakarta

Bonus : Click here display
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew3.0
Buy-on-board menu2.5

Singapore - SIN


Jakarta - CGK



While flying LCC is almost inevitable in SE Asia and can be acceptable, this trip on Jetstar was downright horrible. From lack of notification, extremely tight seat, all the way to obscenely priced dining options, it was not the most pleasant experience to travel around SE Asia. Pushing my case for a full service airline has been done quite a lot of times, although as this is a self-funded travel I was more concerned on the other factors. The fare was indeed expensive for the route, however with the flight departing less than 24 hours from the time the ticket was purchased I could not complain for it either (the only all-time reasonably priced option is Lion Air, though their schedule didn't match this time).

Singapore SIN was acceptable as usual despite the increased crowd in Singapore SIN terminal 1, though Jakarta CGK proved that it is not ready to face operational challenges, and to make it worse they also further restricted online ride-hailing services to inconvenient location.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Passable check-in waiting and processing time at Singapore SIN
+ Acceptable immigration and security at Singapore SIN
+ Interterminal connections at Singapore SIN

Things that can be improved:
- Lack of straight to gate option for one-way travel
- Significantly reduced number of seats fit for sleeping at Singapore SIN public area
- Singapore SIN gate usage
- Cheap looking aerobridge finishes at Singapore SIN
- Slightly dated looking cabin
- Extremely tight seat pitch
- Lack of in-flight entertainment
- In-flight meal prices
- Lack of toilet water
- Dated terminal at Jakarta CGK
- Non-functional moving walkway and automated immigration gates at Jakarta CGK
- Lack of convenient access for ride-hailing services at Jakarta CGK

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