Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Jakarta Singapore in Economy

Flight JT152
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 17 Sep 17, 06:15
Arrival at 17 Sep 17, 09:00
JT 26 reviews
Eric V P
By 1290
Published on 20th September 2017
This will be my report on flying on Lion Air economy class from Jakarta CGK to Singapore SIN, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia. For the return flight by 3K as well as some photos of my trip in Jakarta, read here.


Due to my volunteer work in a Jakarta-based foundation, I needed to go to Jakarta on very short notice with ticket for both segments of the trip (SIN-CGK and CGK-SIN) booked less than 24 hours before the trip.

When I thought of booking the flight back to Singapore, I was split between JT or ID, with ID apparently providing IFE, larger seat pitch, and free meal. However, I also watched a video showing ID's free meal on the route, which was way below GA's standard (not that I could book special meal anyway), and considering that I also remembered that their seat also has no adjustable headrest and their IFE option is extremely limited (or is it that my benchmark is slightly difficult to achieve?) I decided that the Rp200.000 (US$15) premium would be better spent on nice food in Singapore, I went for JT instead, which costed me only Rp500.000 (US$37.5) one-way before OTA discount even though it was booked only 9 hours before travel.

This report also includes Lion Air's new paid hot meal option, which is yet to be seen elsewhere.

Typical of international flights operated by Lion Air, web check-in was not provided for the flight.

Trip to CGK and check-in

After I met my friend and charged my phone, I took Grab's carpooling service to the airport. To save on toll fee, the trip was routed via Daan Mogot road and Kalideres terminal.
photo 20170917_011635photo 20170917_015646

Entering the airport area
photo 20170917_020545

Some blurry photo of the signage leading to each terminal.
photo 20170917_020736

Planes parked at CGK terminal 1
photo 20170917_020746

After going to the western end of the airport, I finally reached CGK terminal 2.
photo 20170917_021055

CGK terminal 2 public drop-off area, which like CGK terminal 3 is separated with the public pick-up area.
photo 20170917_021236

FIDS for CGK terminal 2E. Even though Lion's check-in counters are closer to CGK terminal 2E, it would fly from CGK terminal 2D.
photo 20170917_021324

CGK terminal 2 public area, with only a handful of places such as the exorbitantly priced A&W restaurants (it's also more expensive than others outside the airport as well) were open.
photo 20170917_021502photo 20170917_021601

After trying to catch some sleep and failed, I proceeded to the check-in area. Security was reasonably fast at that time.
photo 20170917_034249

MH's early morning flight to KUL seem to be quite popular.
photo 20170917_034254

In fact, the flight was so early no other airline had opened their counter yet.
photo 20170917_034319

One of the lamps flickered, which shows a lack of maintenance by the operator.
photo 20170917_042607

Premium check-in for several airlines were available at the end of CGK terminal 2D check-in area.
photo 20170917_043455

The check-in counters looked very dated, possibly the same as what I saw on my first intercontinental flight to Frankfurt on 2002.
photo 20170917_043459

Thanks to GA moving to CGK terminal 3, CGK terminal 2F check-in area was undergoing a renovation.
photo 20170917_044236

Soon, queue for Lion Air group flights to KUL and DMK were opened with only one counter each. I decided to join the queue anyway as no counter for flight to SIN had opened despite the ETD being only 2 hours 30 minutes away. Queue was very long for both flights.
photo 20170917_044830photo 20170917_051216

As there were some network problems, I ended up waiting for 40 minutes. While it was gruesome, it was still better than the 1 hour wait on Cebu Pacific's flight from Hong Kong using their densely configured A330-300. Boarding pass was flimsy, typical in Lion Air Group's operation in Indonesia. I also inquired about the load for the day as usual, and the agent mentioned a load of 100 passengers on a 215-seats B737-900ER.
photo 20170917_052730

Meanwhile, the check-in queue for the flight to Kuala Lumpur KUL had grown that long, testament of the group's stinginess.
photo 20170917_052738

On my way to the immigration. As I used the automated clearance, it only took me less than 1 minute as usual.
photo 20170917_052855

CGK transit area and departure

The immigration counters and automated clearance gates (only the bulky ones were used). The manned counter queue for Indonesians are surprisingly longer than the foreigner's for that day.
photo 20170917_053054

A view of the transit area.
photo 20170917_053053

Signs leading to the E gates - my flight would use the D gates instead, which means a long walk.
photo 20170917_053125

As it was still early morning, many shops were still not open, which is a dismay as I had yet to have a substantial breakfast.
photo 20170917_053314

FIDS showing my flight.
photo 20170917_053416

A cluster of lounges at CGK terminal 2 international departure area - the Esplanade Lounge seem to be the closest lounge to a SilverKris lounge.
photo 20170917_053612

All gates in CGK terminal 2D or 2E international departure area use common security screening area, but they are all located just before entering the gate, making it impossible to buy drinks for consumption at the gate.
photo 20170917_053710

The moving walkway was turned on this time, leading to the farther gates.
photo 20170917_063322

Only a couple (or only one) water dispenser was provided, which dispensed lukewarm and only worked using a proximity sensor. It was, therefore, quite a hassle to use it for large bottle as I needed to put my hand near the sensor several times to get enough water.
photo 20170917_063555

Walkway to the gates.
photo 20170917_063615photo 20170917_063633

Instead of tearing the boarding pass upon boarding, in CGK terminal 2 it was done when entering the gate. The tear shows how flimsy the boarding pass is.
photo 20170917_065205

The interior of the gate, which was sparsely filled with amenities. However, I stayed there for quite a while as universal plugs were only available there and my phone had been quite low on battery.
photo 20170917_063708photo 20170917_063710

NH's 788 and SQ's 773 preparing to return to their base, while the plane about to carry me to Singapore was still being prepared.
photo 20170917_062124photo 20170917_062143

Boarding was fast as the load was quite low and people slowly making their way to the gate rather than everybody waiting at the gate to board together.

Walking towards the plane never feels this quiet before. On a side note, why is it possible to provide carpet to the aerobridge and the walkway but not to the departure area?
photo 20170917_063854photo 20170917_063909

Unlike as usual, even there were no bunching at the airplane door like usual.
photo 20170917_063929

On board

Flight: JT152
Plane: PK-LPI
STD/ATD: 06.15/06.25
STA/ATA: 09.00/08.57
Load factor: 47% Y (100/215)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

Some details of the plane.
photo 20170917_063936

The plane seem quieter than usual even though boarding was already halfway.
photo 20170917_063947

Little did I know that 20F would be a non-reclinable emergency exit row seat, but at least it offers better legroom than the abysmal one found on my previous flight from SIN with 3K.
photo 20170917_064204

To compensate for the legroom, the table could be extended for quite long.
photo 20170917_064215

Inside the seat pocket were the guide for those seated in the emergency exit row seats and safety card.
photo 20170917_064234

Lion's famous prayer card and inflight magazine was also present.
photo 20170917_064311

New to me, Lion also has food and beverage menu available, and instead of offering only snacks they also offered hot meal options.
photo 20170917_070401photo 20170917_070405

A view of NH's 787 from my seat.
photo 20170917_071338

Being one of the most generous LCCs with free 20 kg free checked luggage allowance, the overhead bin was not especially full.
photo 20170917_064849photo 20170917_065306

Safety demonstration was done during the pushback.
photo 20170917_071334

Soon we started our taxi to the runway 25R, passing by CGK terminal 2E and 2F.
photo 20170917_071441photo 20170917_071916

CGK terminal 3 was also visible during taxi.
photo 20170917_072158

Take-off was acceptable, as usual. After take-off, I decided to sleep, which lasted for an hour.

The flight attendants were offering their buy on board products, and on their last round I decided to buy their fried rice with prawn cutlet. They did not preheat their meals in advance, so I needed to wait for 10 - 15 minutes to get the meal.
photo 20170917_082231

The plane had started its descent to SIN.
photo 20170917_083314photo 20170917_083842

The meal came in Lion Air Group's plastic cutlery.
photo 20170917_084133

When I opened the meal, I found out that their meals are very small, far smaller than the ones offered on Indonesia AirAsia. While taste-wise the meal was fine and the chili sauce was quite strong for an inflight meal, the portion size was unfit even for a child and therefore offered terrible value for money despite the side dish. As they provided the meal quite late, the flight attendant checked if the meal was served late and therefore still allowed me to use the table even during final descent.
photo 20170917_084156

Some more views of the descent as the plane approached SIN.
photo 20170917_085239photo 20170917_085435

The landing was quite rough and a screeching voice was heard before the captain deployed the reverse thrust. Afterwards, we taxied to SIN terminal 3 gate B1/2/3/4.
photo 20170917_085931

Deplaning started afterwards.
photo 20170917_090154_001photo 20170917_090156

Before leaving the plane, I checked if it would be possible to take a photo of the cabin, which the flight attendant allowed.
photo 20170917_090714photo 20170917_090715

I bid farewell and proceeded to the transit area.
photo 20170917_090724

Singapore's A388 parked right beside our plane.
photo 20170917_090748photo 20170917_090745

We walked along the corridor ….
photo 20170917_090856

To find out that there was no post-arrival security, which was appreciated.
photo 20170917_090925

Arrival at SIN and post-arrival trip

SIN terminal 3 gates B1/2/3/4 are doubtlessly the more convenient ones from the north arrival immigration counters.
photo 20170917_091006photo 20170917_091009

A view of the gates.
photo 20170917_091022

The manned counters were not that crowded this time and the automated gates had no queue, allowing me to clear immigration in less than 1 minute
photo 20170917_091039

As I had no checked baggage, I proceeded straight to the public arrival area.
photo 20170917_091443photo 20170917_091447

The electric train services were already operating, so I took it instead of carpooling.
photo 20170917_092213

Bonus: After the trip I got very tired I slept for the entire afternoon. On the evening, I had my minced meat noodle supper nearby, which was quite good.
photo 20170917_232138
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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew3.0

Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



This trip perfectly shows Lion Air's service short-haul international route, which could be considered as below average. While I was quite lucky to receive emergency exit row seat free of charge, the rest of the offering were mostly subpar.

CGK offered abysmal service, and worse, wasn't conducive for sleeping or even working. The airport itself may be award-winning on its early days, but nowadays seem to be in dire need of improvement. Its lack of amenities were also disappointing, especially as the majority of international passengers from the airport will still be stuck in the dated terminal. SIN, on the other hand, were well-maintained and very efficient, allowing me to go from the plane to the public arrival area in just 10 minutes.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Reasonable price (Rp500.000 (US$37.5))
+ Lack of immigration queue at CGK
+ Relatively new plane
+ Free emergency exit row seat assignment
+ Low load factor
+ Accommodating cabin crew
+ SIN gate usage
+ Reasonably efficient immigration at SIN

Things that can be improved:
- Inability to do online check-in
- Late night public transportation option to CGK
- Seats fit for sleeping at CGK terminal 2 public area
- Check-in counter opening times and queue length at CGK
- CGK international departure layout
- Amenities at CGK international departure gates
- Normal seats' seat pitch
- On board meal portion size

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