Review of UP flight Tel Aviv Prague in Economy

Airline UP
Flight LY2523
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 10 Sep 17, 18:35
Arrival at 10 Sep 17, 21:05
LY 1 reviews
By 920
Published on 20th September 2017
Since 2004, when Terminal 3 opened for international flights, terminal 1 operated only for domestic flights.
In 2009, terminal 1 operated again for international flights, but only for Low cost flights, and after the check in in the terminal, passengers were moved to terminal 3 for boarding and duty free.
Then, in last June, after renovation of terminal 1, it began to operate fully for low cost and charter flights, but still only for outbound passengers. Inbound low cost and charter flights still recive their services in terminal 3.
So here's my flight report about my flight with UP and after a long time since my last visit in terminal 1.

Terminal 1 parking area:
photo dsc02219photo dsc02222

Outside view:
photo dsc02224photo dsc02225

photo dsc02228

Self check in area:
photo dsc02229

Check in area:
photo dsc02233

After the security check, some photos from the terminal:
photo dsc02236photo dsc02237photo dsc02238

I went to the toilets, and as you can see, they were clean:
photo dsc02239photo dsc02240

There's one coffee shop and some duty free stores, less than you have in terminal 3, but it's enough.
Also you can buy some food and drinks in automat machines:
photo dsc02241
Water bottle: 7NIS (1.5 Euro)
Coca cola bottle: 9NIS (2 Euro)
Sandwich: 14NIS (3 Euro)

Photos from one of the duty free shops:
photo img_20170910_163900photo img_20170910_165733

Gate area:
photo dsc02244

View from the bus:
photo dsc02248

Our aircraft:
photo dsc02256photo dsc02258

Aircraft Information:

Boeing 737-8Z9(WL)
4X-EKU since March 2013 (Elal), in Up since February 2014
Used by Lauda air (as OE-LNT since May 2006 to March 2010), Austrian Airlines (as OE-LNT since March 2010 to March 2013) and Elal (as 4X-EKU since March 2013 to February 2014)

Israir A320 4X-ABI, the newest aircraft in Israir fleet:
photo dsc02261

Wing view:
photo dsc02265

photo dsc02268

Some photos from the cabin:
photo dsc02269photo dsc02271

Photos during taxi in TLV:
photo dsc02276photo dsc02288photo dsc02291

Take off video: (4K is available)

Over Tel aviv:
photo dsc02295

GPS information during climbing:
photo screenshot_2017-09-10-18-43-51-960_com.mapfactor.navigator

Shortly after take off, the crew served cup of water.
We bought sandwich and muesli for 12$ USD:

Nice and big products, but not so cheap…

Wing view during sunset:
photo dsc02309

In flight magazine, duty free and menu:
photo dsc02314

40 minutes after take off, I went to the WC:
photo dsc02318photo dsc02319
Not dirty, but could be cleaner.

Cabin view during cruising:
photo dsc02321

photo dsc02326

GPS information during cruising:
photo screenshot_2017-09-10-20-35-58-794_com.mapfactor.navigatorphoto screenshot_2017-09-10-21-23-04-541_com.mapfactor.navigator

GPS information during descent:
photo screenshot_2017-09-10-21-59-01-729_com.mapfactor.navigator

Over Prague:
photo dsc02330

Landing video: (4K is available)

Prague terminal:
photo dsc02332

Jet2 aircraft:
photo dsc02333

Economy plus seat:
photo dsc02337

Good bye 4X-EKU!
photo dsc02338

PRG terminal:
photo dsc02340photo dsc02341

Baggage claim area:
photo dsc02342photo dsc02344

Terminal view after baggage claim area:
photo dsc02346

Outside view of the terminal:
photo dsc02347

Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Prague - PRG



Up is low cost company on behalf of Elal, the biggest airline in Israel.
They opreate 4 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, and sometimes they use Elal or sundor (Charter company on behalf of Elal) aircrafts.
The service was very good, the cabin crew were very nice, the flight was very smooth, include the take off and the landing.
However, the aircraft should look better and they should reduce the prices in the menu.
The legroom is OK for me, but less than you'll have in Elal Boeing 737-800/737-900 or LH A321 for example.
Overhead screens worked well in this flight, but if You want to hear something, You need to buy headphones for 2$ USD. (I know that in LCC all services costs money)

Terminal 1 was nice, but less than terminal 3. It was clean and the access from the parking is excellent, but they should improve the times of the security check, by adding more workers.

PRG airport was very good also, very clean, easy to navigate in the terminal.

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