Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Tokyo Jakarta in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA875
Class Economy
Seat 61H
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 03 Dec 17, 11:45
Arrival at 03 Dec 17, 17:25
GA   #30 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 213 reviews
By 2611
Published on 4th January 2018
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After 10 days visiting Yokohama, Yokosuka, Kamakura, Hakone and Tokyo, it's time to head home. We had breakfast at my favourite fast food place in Japan, Sukiya. Their beef bowls are simply the best out of the three major chains in Japan.

Garuda Indonesia
Tokyo International Airport (HND) - Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK)
Economy Class
Gate 142

Haneda is easily accessed by subway straight to the terminal. Garuda uses check-in row L in Haneda.
photo img_9047

Collected my boarding pass after check-in.
photo img_9048

I walked around to have a look at the terminal before heading airside.
photo img_9049photo img_9050

After security screening and immigration, we are finally airside.
photo img_9051photo img_9054

Today's flight departs from Gate 142, located towards to the end of the terminal. It's a slightly long walk from immigration.
photo img_9056photo img_9057

Our bird for today, PK-GIE. A magnificent B77W.
photo img_9058

Japanese efficiency when it comes to boarding. Boarding my rows is strictly enforced with separate queues for separate queues for the different rows.
photo img_9060

Boarding and crossing via aerobridge! Newspapers are available at the door for passengers.
photo img_9061photo img_9062

Entering through the second door, we head straight into the Economy cabin. Arranged in 3-3-3.
photo img_9064photo img_9065

A POV shot from my seat. Seat pitch is okay, I've sat in worse.
photo img_9066

Welcome screen of the IFE. I really like this where they show Indonesia's scenic locations.
photo img_9067

The amenities are placed in the seat back pocket in advance. Headset, amenity kit and a bottle of water.
photo img_9068

The seat-back pocket also contained the following: Safety card, Airsickness bag, Arcade Duty-Free catalogue, Stars Entertainment guide and Colours magazine.

Took a look at the flight map for this flight. It seems that this flight map is not as detailed as others as it doesn't give much info like airspeed, altitude and such.
photo img_9074photo img_9075photo img_9076

Sitting next to a KE B77W bound for Seoul.
photo img_9077

Safety video is played once the door closes.
photo img_9080

First movie for me, The Great Buck Howard.
photo img_9079

Taxi to take-off!
photo img_9082

Goodbye Tokyo! See you again soon!
photo img_9084

And now for a special series of photos. Since it was a clear day and I managed to nab seats on the right side (pun intended), we managed to get a clear view of Mount Fuji!
photo img_9083photo img_9086photo img_9087

Meal service begins soon after we pass Fuji and the excitement has died down.
photo img_9089

I picked the Indonesian option for this meal. It was a curried chicken with long beans, carrots and rice. The meal was accompanied by a bun, quinoa salad and chocolate cake. My drink of choice? Naturally, Asahi. The indonesian meal option was excellent in both flavor and portion size.
photo img_9090

The meal trays were collected somewhere south of Osaka.
photo img_9091photo img_9092photo img_9093

Took a walk after the meal to the toilet and visited the Galley. The toilets are clean with some basic amenities and some extras.

Continued with my movie till the the halfway mark of the flight.
photo img_9098photo img_9099photo img_9100

Once we were over Brunei, a second service begins as the cabin crew hands out vanilla ice cream.
photo img_9101photo img_9102photo img_9104

We soon begin our descent into Jakarta.
photo img_9106photo img_9107

Landed at Soekarno-Hatta!
photo img_9110photo img_9111

Flight map confirming our arrival.
photo img_9113photo img_9114

And finally, exiting via the disco aerobridge of Soekarno-Hatta.
photo img_9115
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew8.5

Tokyo - HND


Jakarta - CGK



I've enjoyed myself very much on Garuda. The service is excellent, the food is comparable to SQ and the cabin is comfortable. The IFE may not match EK or SQ in terms of content, but it certainly holds up against the major players very well. Garuda is certainly a carrier worth trying.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Garuda Indonesia avec 8.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 7 heures et 41 minutes.

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  • Comment 426541 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6807 Comments
    Another beautiful report! Well written with lovely photos. It seems GA has consistently good service in Y. Thanks so much for sharing!
  • Comment 426742 by
    Razza_Pr 216 Comments
    Hello, FiamaArin! Thanks for this FR.

    The flight looks.. full? Is my assumption correct? And on the same bird which flew me from LHR awhile back! :D

    In an era of cost-cutting, I didn't expect a small amenities pack for Y passengers, let alone one that seems to be an improvement from my last flight on Y with them, running DPS-MEL in 2014. How was the meal?

    After having read & heard other reports covering CGK T3, I am of the opinion that it's rather unsightly (to say the least), and somewhat disorganised. Like a low-end Asian shopping centre with feelings of claustrophobia owing to lack of natural lighting from above. Thoughts?

    Thanks again for this FR.
    • Comment 426744 by
      FiamaArin AUTHOR 71 Comments
      Hi Razza_Pr,

      Yes indeed, the flight was completely full. I had orginally booked an aisle and a window seat hoping for the middle to be empty but alas, it was taken.

      The amenity pouch was a nice touch by Garuda. I wasn't expecting it on a day flight. The indonesian meal option was excellent in both flavor and portion size.

      I would have to disagree with the claustrophobia. CGK T3 has really high ceilings and they almost feel like I'm in PVG. In fact, in terms of appearance, CGK matches most with PVG in my travels. The only gripe I have about CGK is that when you arrive, the A/C is on full blast and it's incredibly cold but the moment you move to the departure area, it's very hot and stuffy. CGK T3 needs to improve on it's climate control system.


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