Review of LATAM flight Santiago Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA750
Class Economy
Seat 36C
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 21 Oct 17, 08:15
Arrival at 21 Oct 17, 13:00
LA   #75 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 138 reviews
By SILVER 1982
Published on 5th January 2018
One of the good things of having buena onda with your students and their parents is that they take you on their class trips with them! For free!

This has happened to me a couple of times. But after the last time, I informed that I would not go on class trips for free again. It just doesn't feel right. I'm worried someone might say I'm working hard only because I want to travel for free.

I was hoping my new class would just forget about the issue and travel without me. But one day they called me to their classroom and told me "Profe, we want you to come with us."

Of course, I accepted with a big smile, but inside I was like "Holy sh…!! How much is this going to cost me?!"

Well, at least I was spending the money on myself! So here we are, all set to spend a wonderful week in lovely, adorable, fascinating Brazil !!!

This is leg 1 of 4 of this trip. The reports for legs 2, 3, and 4 will be available soon!
photo route1

Arriving at SCL

We live 850km south of Santiago. An arrangement has been made with a bus company to fetch us outside our school and drop us at the airport. But the rest of the trip is the normal itinerary of this bus, which means that we stop at some bus stations and other passengers travel with us.

We make it at SCL at around 10 pm, after an exhausting 12-hour trip. I'm shattered.
photo img_20171020_230154

First things first. We split into two groups. One group goes to the restrooms while the others watch the baggage. I am in the second group. Rats!
photo img_20171020_231641

Then we are allowed to move freely around the building (always in groups, of course). We have plenty of time. Our flight leaves at 8:15 am!!
photo img_20171020_233859

SCL has three levels. From the second level I see this corner specially dedicated for passengers with long connection times. It gets quite crowded at night! I spent a horrible sleepless night there last winter. I just can’t sleep on airport seats!
photo img_20171021_040618

To the other side, the second floor doubles as dormitory for Haitian immigrants…
photo img_20171021_040642

…who flood the arrivals area at this time.
photo img_20171021_033722_1

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not complaining. It’s just that these levels of immigration are something completely new for us. I hope they'll stay and prosper here.
photo img_20171021_033742

I’ll buy something to eat and drink (Maxi is the most convenient shop I have found at SCL so far)…
photo img_20171021_034546

…and head for the corner at the first floor…
photo img_20171021_033606

…where we’ll spend the night. Afraid of flying? You can come here.
photo img_20171021_040444

Nice way to add some fun to such a tedious activity.
photo img_20171021_033512

After a horrible night at SCL, and an even more horrible 8-hour stopover at AEP, I have learned my lesson. To my students' amusement, I show them how homo sapiens sapiens can modify his environment for his own benefit… with an EVA foam mat. Buenas noches!
photo img_20171021_031322

The next morning

I sleep for about three hours. Of course, when I wake up, the kids are busy sharing the memes they made with pictures of me. They'll see.

Time for checking in. I follow the group…
photo img_20171021_043517

…past the access to international departures.
photo img_20171021_043521

Waiting for instructions while the parent in charge talks to a LATAM staff.
photo img_20171021_043628

We are the only ones at this time.
photo img_20171021_043903photo img_20171021_044027

Know your rights and responsibilities.
photo img_20171021_045136

It seems like my last year of flying has left me in low-cost mode forever!
photo img_20171021_045204

The boarding passes for both legs of my trip are printed at once. Santiago > Sao Paulo…
photo img_20171021_045845b

…and Sao Paulo > Florianópolis. I’m about to have a nervous breakdown!! C and B??? How on earth am I supposed to survive a flight in seats C and B?!?! And how am I going to take pictures for the corresponding flight-reports?!?! Did I pay a whole month’s wages to NOT see the landscape???
photo img_20171021_045944

I growl my way to the police checkpoint. We are practically on our own there…
photo img_20171021_045633

…so we clear the ID check swiftly. This is where a bucket was containing a leak last July.
photo img_20171021_050132

Then comes security…
photo img_20171021_050148

…which is also a breeze.
photo img_20171021_050209

I have never seen those in use.
photo img_20171021_050213_1

The duty free area in SCL is quite large.
photo img_20171021_050408

You go through long, narrow corridors. It’s like they wanted to take your money via osmosis, like a red cell delivering its oxygen load in a thin capillary.
photo img_20171021_051626

Once in the boarding room… the kids and the Chemistry teacher jump onto the power ports like hungry predators on their helpless prey.
photo img_20171021_051745

It’s still dark outside. CC-BGN is waiting there. It looks like this will be its first flight of the day.
photo img_20171021_064015photo img_20171021_064027

5:51 a.m. I’m not sleepy. I ask Tammy, one of my students, to keep an eye on my baggage while I go to the restroom and look around. “No problem, profe. I’ll look after it.”
photo img_20171021_055119

Very few people around.
photo img_20171021_055215

These touchscreens would be very welcome in Guarulhos, as we’ll see in future reports.
photo img_20171021_060116

I come back to the gate. Thanks for watching my baggage, Tammy… Tammy???
photo img_20171021_065517

The day is breaking.
photo img_2750

Aerolíneas Argentinas’ LV-GUB is waiting next door…
photo img_2774

…and cleaning staff has started working.
photo img_2772photo img_2773

The control tower is across from the terminal building. DGAC stands for Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil, the local aviation authority…
photo img_2776

…and the original meaning of Avianca used to be Aerovías Nacionales de Colombia. The current meaning is said to be Aerovías del Continente Americano, but I fail to see how Avianca fits those words!
photo img_2777

Much the same that happens with LATAM, which used to be the Chilean LAN (Líneas Aéreas Nacionales) and the Brazilian TAM (Transportes Aéreos Meridionáis).
photo img_2752

They put the names together and - oh, happy coincidence - it fit LATin AMerica almost perfectly. They only had to drop the N.
photo img_2778

I wonder what his job is.
photo img_2780

Great. My breakfast is being loaded…
photo img_2753photo img_2760

…and the cabin must be clean and fresh.
photo img_2759

Hm! Look at the vehicle parked bottom left. It says publicaciones técnicas. Does that mean this vehicle is a sort of mobile technical library?
photo img_2762

CC-BGN is in charge of taking us beyond the mountains and into paradise today.
photo img_2764

Woo hoo! Boarding is about to start.
photo img_20171021_070856

The future of my country is… sleeping.
photo img_20171021_070932


But we all spring into action when we are called. Yes! Yes! Brazil, here we go!
photo img_20171021_072622

Coxinhas and caipirinhas, here I go!!
photo img_20171021_074108

Busy cockpit.
photo img_2781

How exciting! My first flight on a 787!
photo img_20171021_074217

Hm. Brazilian green in the front. Chilean red and blue at the rear. Very inclusive.
photo img_20171021_074252b
I hope I picked the right glasses for her!

Weird. I don’t remember seeing a first or business class.
photo img_20171021_074304photo img_20171021_074321

The upholstery is not leather as it used to be on former LAN, but textile. I don’t like it. I’m a bit allergic to dust mites and…
photo img_20171021_074531

…do you know how much dust a seat can gather IN it? You should watch this video:

Legroom is more than enough for me.
photo img_20171021_075652

Even with my legs stretched I don’t touch the seat in front to me, though I have the impression that a less bulky pocket would leave even more free room.
photo img_20171021_075707

The flight

According to we are leaving on time.
photo info

photo img_20171021_082308

This is when my agony starts. This is my view from 36C.
photo img_2785

I have to contort and focus carefully to take some photos.
photo img_2786

What's worse…
photo img_2787

…sitting in 36A is a young lady…
photo img_2788

…who doesn't even seem to be interested…
photo img_2789

in watching out of the window.
photo img_2792

BTW, that's about the whole Latin American Wings fleet. None of them flying?!
photo img_2793

The thing is, she just leans against the wall and sleeps…
photo img_2795

…all the way to Sao Paulo!!
photo img_2796

First time I get a sharp photo of that one…
photo img_2798

…and its Hercules (?) friend.
photo img_2799

Turning round.
photo img_2800photo img_2802

photo img_2806

…here we go.
photo img_2810

We take off southwards.
photo img_2812

There are two routes to cross the Andes to/from SCL.
photo img_2813

One some 100km south of the city, next to Rancagua…
photo img_2814

…and one some 50 km north, next to San Felipe.
photo img_2818

Today we are using the north crossing.
photo img_2820

We turn right in a sort of spiral and then bank left, right, left, right… I’m getting dizzy!
photo img_20171021_084436

The valleys north of Santiago under the morning sun.
photo img_2822

Not sure if this is the road to the coast or to the north. My biological compass is out of control.
photo img_2823

I found it! That’s Llay Llay, 65km north of Santiago, by the Panamerican Highway.
photo llayllay

We are soon flying above the Andes, which are still covered with some snow after a particularly cold winter.

We eventually make it to the other side.
photo img_20171021_085434

Welcome to Argentina.
photo img_2840

This area at the Andean foothills is a bit dry.
photo img_2841

In the end, I was making a big fuss about nothing. The whole way to Sao Paulo is cloudy!!
photo img_2844

At least I can visit the bathroom whenever I want.
photo img_20171021_090742

I only noticed this button while writing this report. What could it be? Is that symbol a cigarrette? Can anyone enlighten me, please?
photo symbol

Basic amenities like soap…
photo img_20171021_090753

…and refreshing towels.
photo img_20171021_090811

Others not so basic, like skin moisturizing.
photo img_20171021_091022

Changing table.
photo img_20171021_090716

Bi-fold doors!
photo img_20171021_090728

Er… Won’t they pose a threat to my privacy?
photo img_20171021_090925

Hm! I have seen that pattern before. I can’t remember where.
photo img_20171021_090955

Is it the colors? Is it the seat design? Something makes this cabin look a bit messy, don’t you agree? I mean, compare it to cabins like QR’s in this report.
photo img_20171021_090550

One of the things I love most about Brazil is the language! Brazilian Portuguese is my favorite language! Everything in it is mesmerizing, from the abundance of “gee’s” and “chee’s” to the seductive way they lengthen stressed syllables. For example, the Spanish and Portuguese word for "difficult" is difícil. We say dee FEE seel, but they say gee FEEEEE seew. Now imagine it coming from someone with large, dreamy, black eyes, and a smile where teeth like large white pearls are shining like the sun… <sigh> Makes my legs feel like jelly.
photo img_20171021_091548

The windows have been dimmed. Boeing hit the nail on the head! With those large windows, the outside light would be very annoying.
photo img_20171021_092303

But you can forget about aerials if you don't have the window seat. :(
photo img_20171021_092313

We are about to reach the tropical forests…
photo img_20171021_092338

…and there’s no sign that the sky will get clear.
photo img_20171021_092554

Breakfast is coming.
photo img_20171021_092700

Important information.
photo img_20171021_092757

No options. Just receive your tray and eat.
photo img_20171021_093057

Let’s see. The main dish comes with a bread roll…
photo img_20171021_093127

…peach jam, butter, a glass with…
photo img_20171021_093157

…metal cutlery. And they take your nail clipper at the airport for this??
photo img_20171021_093450_1

Oh! The butter comes from near my city!
photo img_20171021_095058

And the main dish is… Omelette. It needs some salt, which is included with the cutlery. The problem is that the cabin is really dark and I can’t see if the salt is falling or not!! You can see the omelette here thanks to some help from Photoshop…
photo img_20171021_093335

…but the real thing looks like this!
photo img_20171021_093335b
That’s the perfect excuse to approach the lady sitting in what should be MY seat and ask her to lighten the window a little. She looks at me with a blank face. “How?” she asks. “You might try those controls under the window,” I reply, repressing the many derogatory adjectives that suddenly pile up in my mind. She sort of whacks the buttons with her thumb until the glass becomes a little lighter. “Is that OK?” she asks. “Yes,” I smile. “Thank you.” Ten seconds more and we all would have flown out through the hole!

Dessert is a bit disappointing.
photo img_20171021_094101

Time to check the seatback pocket.
photo img_20171021_100146_1

Apart from the duty free catalogue…
photo img_20171021_100210

This month’s Vamos (Let's Go) magazine features Rio de Janeiro on its cover. Aha! Now I remember where I saw the restroom floor pattern!
photo img_20171021_100520

Inside, an article about Latin American flowers, since spring is coming to the southern hemisphere.
photo img_20171021_100647

Passiflora. We have those in Chile, too. Beautiful! Did you know that it was called that way after Jesus’ passion (suffering) according to the Christian belief? Catholic missionaries compared the flower’s pistils (female organs) to the nails supposedly used to fix Jesus to the cross. How creative.
photo img_20171021_100702

Cattleya trianae, also flor de mayo (Mayflower)
photo img_20171021_100712

Salvia guaranitica, or blue sage
photo img_20171021_100730

…and Erythrina crista-galli, or ceibo. Hm! A rooster’s crest is called cresta de gallo in Spanish. I suppose crista-galli is Latin for rooster’s crest. Am I right?
photo img_20171021_100741

Safety information card.
photo img_20171021_100926
photo img_20171021_101038
photo img_20171021_101148

Not everything is bad. The middle seat remained empty.
photo img_20171021_101524

The headphones.
photo img_20171021_101400photo img_20171021_101426

Power ports at the base of the seats…
photo img_20171021_101545

…and beneath the screen.
photo img_20171021_101850photo img_20171021_101706

Over Paraguay… still cloudy.
photo img_20171021_102700

The IFE is impressive. Lots of options.
photo img_20171021_102013

Not a whisper in the cabin. Everyone’s hypnotized by the pixels.
photo img_20171021_103040

Valentina is finding hidden objects in a kitchen.
photo img_20171021_103129

One of the parents is playing the classic Bejeweled.
photo img_20171021_103354

Someone is watching Spiderman…
photo img_20171021_104122

…and somebody else is trying to relax with music.
photo img_20171021_104620

Soon we start to descend. I can see green at last! The dense Brazilian forest.
photo img_2847

In final approach we fly west to east over Guarulhos, in the north of the city.
photo img_2848

Rodovía Fernão Dias.
photo img_2849

Last meters…
photo img_2850photo img_2853

photo img_2854

photo img_2856
photo img_2859

This building is just outside the airport.
photo img_2863

I spent HOURS looking for it on Google Maps until I realized that Google Maps is outdated!! Only the pillars are shown.
photo cosa

And here we are.
photo img_2864photo img_2865

photo img_2868photo img_2869


Welcome to GRU.
photo img_2874photo img_2875

photo img_2877

Only a short taxi…
photo img_2878

…across the other runway…
photo img_2881

…and a taxiway…
photo img_2883

Taxiing past a Sw…
photo img_2884

…iss Airlines. My camera can’t cover a wide area from my seat!
photo img_2885

Pieces of the airport.
photo img_2887photo img_2890

I can’t linger in the cabin this time. I have to follow the group.
photo img_20171021_115951

My first flight on a 787 was a bittersweet experience.
photo img_2892

This is what the apron at terminal three looks like.
photo img_2893photo img_2895

Terminal 3.
photo img_2896

Meeting! Where now? We are hungry! What? Fetch our baggage at baggage claim now?! Then we are going for lunch. OK.
photo img_20171021_120003

I’m very happy I took this one. I ended up very confused after all that walking around terminals 2 and 3.
photo img_20171021_120024_1

GRU looked infinite to us. We walked…
photo img_20171021_120127

…and walked…
photo img_20171021_120145_1

…and walked…
photo img_20171021_120257

…and kept walking.
photo img_20171021_120325

I have to rub my eyes when I see this. “Want a round trip for a fair price? Request an Uber.” We might soon see something like this in Chile. What about London?? XD
photo img_20171021_120453

ID control. When the female officer checks my ID card she looks at me and at my card once and again. “Engordé,” I say in Spanish because I can’t remember how to say “I gained weight” in Portuguese, but she doesn’t seem to understand. I rummage among my linguistic brain cells and remember I heard somebody say “Estou fofo.” “Aww, so un pouquinho,” (just a bit) she says. I know she’s lying! :’’’(
photo img_20171021_120610

The ground plan is not very helpful at the moment because I don’t have the slightest idea where I am standing, but at least I know that we arrived at terminal 3, and that we must board our next flight to Florianópolis at terminal 2.
photo img_20171021_121329

Baggage claim?! Why didn’t the plane bring us directly here? And we have to walk up to the very bottom. Shoot me!
photo img_20171021_121421

At last! At SCL we have baggage belts 1 thru 10. At GRU I am picking my baggage from belt 307.
photo img_20171021_122112

What do we have to do now? Walk!
photo img_20171021_122239

photo img_20171021_122607

Hm! So I could run out of that door right now and nobody would ever hear from me again! Sounds so tempting.
photo img_20171021_122610

But no. I will carry on with my current life… for now. We have to queue up for a new check in…
photo img_20171021_122736

…where our GRU > FLN tickets are re-issued.
photo img_20171021_143230

After that, a visit to the restrooms over there, behind the check in counters.
photo img_20171021_125844

We wait for everybody to finish the process.
photo img_20171021_125849

In the meantime, I take some photos of the main hall around us.
photo img_20171021_125853photo img_20171021_125858

photo img_20171021_125906

We sit for lunch at last. Our connection to Florianópolis leaves in a couple of hours.
photo img_20171021_145854

Thanks / Gracias / Obrigado for reading!!
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Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Sao Paulo - GRU



Not the best regional service. Not the worst. Their catering is light years behind what I have seen on for Singapore Airlines, for example, but it's undeniably better than, say, Aerolíneas Argentinas' boxed meal.

Great IFE.

Colorful cabin. I don't like the textile upholstery. I think leather is cleaner.

I'm going to have a T-shirt printed with the letters SCL and wear it all the time.

I tip my hat to an airport that can remain efficient while dealing with more than 30 million users a year. It's huge. Full of services and shops. Clean. All I saw this time was to my complete liking.

Information on the route Santiago (SCL) Sao Paulo (GRU)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 4 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Santiago (SCL) → Sao Paulo (GRU).


The airline with the best average rating is LAN Airlines with 7.7/10.

The average flight time is 4 hours and 20 minutes.

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  • Comment 425811 by
    DiegoSS02 69 Comments

    Como siempre, un placer leerte, Nelson!!! Such a nice gesture from your students by asking you to join them. In my opinion, LATAM meals aren't that bad for flights above three hours, and the metal cutlery certainly gives a nice touch. I had a similar meal in a ASU-LIM flight two years ago in the back then TAM Airlines. For flights below three hours, they only serve a muffin. Saludos!!!

  • Comment 425848 by
    arturo1989 108 Comments

    Buen trip report. Si puedes escanearme las tarjeta s de embarque de tu vuelo y las etiquetas de equipaje con un escáner de fotos en tamaño grande y mandármelas a mi correo electrónico te agradecería que me ayudaras a completar mi colección... (Cuando me refiero a tarjetas de embarque las quiero sin datos privados ni códigos de barras). Por si acaso quieres mi correo es
    Gracias y disculpa

    • Comment 425982 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      Hola Arturo!

      Puuuucha!! Haberlo sabido antes! Las tarjetas de embarque las imprimen en un papel tan piñufla que se arrugan altiro, así que les tomo una foto en tanto me las entregan y de ahí ya no las guardo. Las fotos que puse aquí son todo lo que queda de ellas. :(

      En julio voy a viajar dentro de Argentina en la aerolínea Andes, que no es tan conocida. Envíame un mensaje antes de las vacaciones de invierno para acordarme de guardarte las tarjetas de embarque, OK?


  • Comment 425984 by
    VHBrando 5 Comments

    Excelente trip report, Nechus! Siempre con muchos detalles y humor! Espero que disfruta mi país, gracias y bienvenido!

  • Comment 425986 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5272 Comments

    Hey Nelson, thank for this first report in a new adventure! Yikes, In your shoes, I don't think I would have agreed to do that 12 hour bus ride to SCL before the flight. I would've bought a cheap flight--12 hours on a bus sounds like torture, especially arriving at midnight when you flight is 8 hours later. I would die! You are a courageous man!

    Congrats on your first 787 flight! My first 787 flight 2 years ago was also on a LAN 787-9. Maybe it was even the same plane...too lazy to actually check ^^

    I can't believe you quietly accepted not having a window seat. You didn't try to change it before boarding? Somehow, despite being in the aisle seat (at least you weren't in the middle!), you managed to take some beautiful shots of the Andes! I can only imagine all the contortion that needed to happen to take those pics from the aisle haha. P.S. your PNR is showing on one of the baggage stubs in the BP pic.

    Overall looks like a good flight for regional Y. I agree that the cabin looks messy with all those different colored seats. Sometimes different colored seats works well visually, like on TG, but in LATAM's case, it looks cluttered.


    • Comment 426004 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      Hola Kévin!

      your PNR is showing

      Oops! Thanks for telling! Fixed.

      I don't think I would have agreed to do that 12 hour bus ride

      I was about to tell them "Meet you at the airport", but the ride was part of the experience, so I decided to go with them. We had fun anyway.

      I can't believe you quietly accepted not having a window seat.

      Yes. I'm really silly. Wait to see what happened in the following leg. It was worse. But I sort of reacted on the way back.

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  • Comment 426007 by
    Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

    Nope. It ended up being something else. :'''(

  • Comment 426066 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hola Nelson. Feliz 2018 y comenzamos el nuevo año con esta primicia tan amena que sólo usted nos puede hacer el honor de brindarnos.

    The opening with the 12 hrs. bus ride sounded exhausting. I admire your stamina and patience in escorting your students on this trip. It's always a neat experience to fly a new airplane for the first time and it looks like you enjoyed your first ride on a 787, despite not getting a window seat and the aesthetic of the cabin.

    I find it surprising that LATAM includes a real glass in the food tray. Certainly a nice touch that elevates the meal experience and the omelette looks pretty decent for a regional flight.

    I agree with you about leather seats being better than cloth. They sure give a more "luxurious" feel to the cabin

    The floor pattern in the WC was an ingenious way to incorporate a Brazilian element into the design of the cabin. Personally I think that they should have kept LAN and TAM separate as two distinct companies, sort of like AF and KL.

    Gorgeous aerials as always and interesting shots of GRU. When I visited GRU he new terminal was not built and it was an unimpressive airport. Glad to learn that things have changed.

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous adventure. Looking forward to your next installment.

    • Comment 426205 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      comenzamos el nuevo año con esta primicia tan amena que sólo usted nos puede hacer el honor de brindarnos.

      Awww, gracias. Haces que me ponga rojito. XDDD

      I find it surprising that LATAM includes a real glass in the food tray

      I, sir, salute you, sir, for solving the mystery that kept me scratching my head while writing this report: how on earth to translate "vaso de vidrio"!! I was stuck with "a glass glass" but that sounds so ugly that I eventually gave up. XDDD In the end this "real glass" was just an ornament, because the beverages were served in plastic cups!!

      I agree with you about leather seats being better than cloth. They sure give a more "luxurious" feel to the cabin

      Yes, and cleaner, too.

      Thanks for dropping by, Adan! Feliz 2018 para ti también! :)

  • Comment 426105 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing Nelson,

    Was this one of the B789s with the new Space+ seats LAN has been trying to sneak in? Cabin is a little too busy for my taste, it reminds me of the old CX and TK long-haul cabins.

    "Can anyone enlighten me, please?" <== The single cigarette ashtray, better hope not more than one smoker on your flight ;)

    All in all, a very good looking meal on a flight like this. This is better than what US carriers offer on longhaul. Not only do you get metal cutlery, but you get a real glass for the main. LA is definitely ahead of its Panamanian and Colombian rivals from the north. The omelet looks okay, but is there a potato shortage in Chile? 8 potato cubes only?

    • Comment 426209 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      Hi there!

      Was this one of the B789s with the new Space+ seats LAN has been trying to sneak in?

      Very good question. I have no idea. Being a group trip, one of the parents was in charge of buying the tickets, and I didn't even know my reservation code until the last minute, so I was unable to do any research on the aircraft I would be flying on. :( But in my case, a special seat would have been a waste of space, because I was able to stretch my legs comfortably with the standard 81cm!!

      The single cigarette ashtray

      Oh, thanks for the information! It should come with an automatic ticket dispenser. "Here's your fine!"

      is there a potato shortage in Chile? 8 potato cubes only?

      I agree. That is very mean from their part. Potatoes are at the base of the Chilean diet. This is almost a violation of our identity!! XDDD

      Thanks for dropping by! :D

  • Comment 426397 by
    marathon GOLD 9557 Comments

    A 12 hour bus trip to get to the airport and then sleep on the terminal floor. You are bringing your logistics arrangements to yet another level !
    The Publicaciones técnicas van is bringing the manuals for use when something goes wrong ?
    At least, the lady in Seat A did not deploy a newspaper during taxiing and takeoff and close the window shade / dim the window thereafter (I've had that. Why did you take a window seat, stupid ?)
    I see that men can change baby diapers in a LATAM plane, unlike Ai France planes
    Nice toilet floor design !
    Try clipping a nail with this knife ! The knife can only cut airline fodder. Besides, no flight attendant would want to have her nails clipped by an irate passenger :)
    Thanks for doing such a great job documenting this flight in these adverse conditions and sharing the story !

    • Comment 426843 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments


      You are bringing your logistics arrangements to yet another level !

      Should I read "yet another HIGHER or LOWER level"?? XD

      At least, the lady in Seat A did not deploy a newspaper during taxiing and takeoff

      She would have been on the cover of the same newspaper the following day. (And I in jail)

      I see that men can change baby diapers in a LATAM plane, unlike Ai France planes

      Glad to know that the third world is finally taking the lead in the matter of civil liberties! XD

      Nice toilet floor design !

      If you've been to Rio, that design can bring you good memories and peace of mind when you need them most!

      Thank you very much for reading!! :)

  • Comment 426423 by
    loukas SILVER 341 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report! 787 is a great aircraft, but you are right, I've seen better interior desings that the one of LATAM. Pity you didn't have a window seat, I remember being impressed by the huge 787 windows and the dimming system. Anyway, a trip to Brasil is always nice, I suppose, even with sleeping on the airport floor included ;) Have a good day!

    • Comment 426844 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      Hi there!

      Pity you didn't have a window seat,

      Serves me well for being so dumb. I didn't even think that I could ask for a window seat myself. I thought they had been previously assigned. :(

      a trip to Brasil is always nice

      You bet!!

      Have a good day!

      Likewise, Loukas!! Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Comment 427448 by
    HDH.Aviation 1 Comments

    I might be a bit late, but nevertheless thank you for the report. Now I know what to expect when I will take this same exact flight in September.
    I see that you were connecting in GRU from international to domestic and needed to collect your bags, do you know anything about connecting international to international (I am continuing with Swiss to ZRH (over 5 hours layover) and am coming from ZRH (only 2.5 hours layover))? As far as I know all international flights depart from T3 at GRU, what do I need to do then?
    If you know anything about it, please let me know, thanks.

    HDH Aviation

    • Comment 427477 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      Hi, HDH

      GRU is huge, but very well organized. Just follow the signs! However, I strongly suggest you ask everything you need to know from the LATAM staff st SCL, or from a FA during your flight. Once you get to GRU you will probably meet nobody but the cleaning staff, and they won’t have the information or won’t speak English.

      Also keep in mind that, in GRU, your check-in counter (A, B, C, D, E, etc) and your boarding gate (“portao”) can be far from each other. So pay attention to the FIDS and check-in early if you are required to do it. Well, that was my experience at terminal 2. Since you are arriving at and departing from terminal 3, you probably won’t have to walk that much.

      Anyway, a 5-hour layover will give you plenty of time to do whatever you need to do at the airport. There are lots of restaurants and stuff to do and see. There are great restaurants on the third (or fourth, I’m not sure) level at terminal 3. Just remember that the first floor (ground floor) is 0 in Brazil, while it’s 1 in Chile, and that made us waste several extra minutes going up and down in the elevators!

      I’m sorry I can not be of more help. However, GRU has a contact form. They might be able to give you more detailed information:

      You can also send LATAM a message on their Facebook account. They always reply:

      Just relax and enjoy your trip! I’ll be looking forward to that report!! :D

  • Comment 449409 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments

    Your flight reports are so nice and detailed with lots of great pictures Nechus. I loved them. I'm glad you managed to see all these beautiful places in South America. That's perfect and thanks for sharing such great FRs :)

    • Comment 450814 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 707 Comments

      I loved them

      Thank you! I'm glad to hear that!

      I'm glad you managed to see all these beautiful places

      Yes. Every corner of the world seems to be full of amazing things to see. So many places to visit, and so little time/money we have. :/

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