Review of Singapore Airlines flight Surabaya Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ931
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 08 Oct 17, 10:10
Arrival at 08 Oct 17, 13:30
SQ   #7 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 647 reviews
Eric V P
By 1963
Published on 9th October 2017
This will be my report on flying on Singapore Airlines economy class from Surabaya to Singapore, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia. For the trip from Singapore to Surabaya on SilkAir (Singapore's regional arm), read here.


After getting the almost abysmal experience (by non-premium full service carrier standard) on SilkAir, I was looking forward to having a much improved experience on Singapore and therefore have quite high expectation on them despite the S$170 (US$125) promotional fare for my flight on SilkAir the week before and this flight.

The Singapore to Surabaya route is served by both Singapore and SilkAir daily and almost daily respectively, which also allows me to compare both of them on the same route.

Fun fact: At least 4 people thought I lavishly spent money for the flight when I posted my trip on Instagram while in fact it's much cheaper than my usual flights on Garuda. Singapore Sling, kosher meal, 32" seat pitch, and proper IFE for only S$85 one way? Not too good to be true this time round.
photo 20171008_121410

Trip to Surabaya SUB and check-in

Madiun to Surabaya took several hours by car, fortunately we got to use the expressway on some parts of the trip which was still very quiet.
photo 20171007_093924photo 20171007_0939250

After a day trip in Surabaya I stayed at Best Western Papilio hotel which was not that far from the airport at around S$45 (US$35) after online travel agent discount the room was quite acceptable.
photo 20171007_181428

Breakfast was a very Indonesian affair with most options available being Indonesian - they even have jamu (Indonesian herbal drinks)
photo 20171008_080249

There was an Indonesian mixed rice section.
photo 20171008_081012

The main buffet area features mostly vegetables and chicken.
photo 20171008_081013

Indonesian rice cake, soup, and porridge (at the right) live stations were available.
photo 20171008_081045

Egg station was present as well, however when I asked for the omelette I was asked to have the ones already cooked before instead of having them freshly cooked.
photo 20171008_081102

Bread butter pudding and bakery section.
photo 20171008_081108

Dessert choices.
photo 20171008_081122

After I had my breakfast, I then proceeded to the airport, which was only 20 minutes away.
photo 20171008_085657

Parts of the canopy at Surabaya SUB was renovated, which means access to the curbside was limited to buses.
photo 20171008_090120

Surabaya SUB terminal 2 public curbside area
photo 20171008_090142

A bag check was needed to enter the public area inside the terminal.
photo 20171008_091254photo 20171008_090238

A view of Surabaya SUB terminal 2 towards the check-in area, which requires a valid ticket for entry.
photo 20171008_090443

A weather information display by an Indonesian governmental agency was provided, like the one I saw at Bandar Lampung TKG.
photo 20171008_091339

As Surabaya SUB is in East Java, a display of reog from Ponorogo and karapan sapi from Madura island was shown.
photo 20171008_090522photo 20171008_091358

I showed my mobile ticket and boarding pass to enter the check-in area, with the first sight being the unused VAT refund office.
photo 20171008_090550

A promotion of the airport hotel in Surabaya SUB.
photo 20171008_091409

Garuda's domestic check-in counters and Singapore's check-in counters side by side.
photo 20171008_090602

AirAsia's check-in counters among others.
photo 20171008_090609

Singapore's check-in counters feature an explosive trace checker machine.
photo 20171008_090612

I proceeded to the internet check-in lane and I got my boarding pass in 2 minutes. The staff verified my special meal and seat requests, and afterwards I checked the load for the day, which she mentioned as 224 passengers out of 285 seats available.

The boarding pass was equivalent to SilkAir's in terms of thickness, but at the same time wasn't decorated with the green colour expected at Singapore's proper economy class boarding pass.
photo 20171008_094322_colphoto inked20170930_150048_li

At least it's better than Singapore's boarding pass from the self check-in machine.
photo inked20170930_011743_li

Garuda's premium check-in lounge
photo 20171008_091009

The sole ATM after the check-in area.
photo 20171008_091516

Besides a handful of stores, the walkway to security looked sparse.
photo 20171008_091505

The domestic security features turnstiles to scan boarding pass.
photo 20171008_091544

I proceeded to the international security, which was empty.
photo 20171008_091609

Immigration was relatively swift, however as I went for the rightmost counter I was asked to move to another counter to the left as that counter prioritized flight crews (even though it was also available for common passengers) and AirAsia's flight crews were there around the same time. The next immigration officer then also said that it was quite quiet since the morning peak (consisting of flights to Johor Bahru JHB, Kuala Lumpur KUL, and Penang PEN by AirAsia on A320, Singapore SIN by Garuda on B738, Singapore SIN/Taipei TPE by China Airlines on A333, and Hong Kong HKG by Cathay A333) was already over. I was let through in 2 minutes.
photo 20171008_091926

Surabaya SUB transit area and departure

The duty free store, which is technically the sole store in the airport was very sparsely stocked.
photo 20171008_091908photo 20171008_091909

That also includes the alcohol and cosmetic section.
photo 20171008_091937photo 20171008_091944

The new lounge was already opened.
photo 20171008_092009photo 20171008_092028

The meal options seemed to be on the smaller side.
photo 20171008_092049

The entrance to the lounge, which I skipped this time.
photo 20171008_092105photo 20171008_092112

AirAsia's ground staff about to check AirAsia's passengers' carry-on baggages.
photo 20171008_092147

The waiting room was very quiet.
photo 20171008_092218

Select seats above the curbside were fitted with AC and USB plugs, which surprisingly was not universal. I worked there for around 1 1/2 hours while waiting the boarding.
photo 20171008_092253

A newspaper rack was present, although it was empty.
photo 20171008_110009

A charging station was also present, which seemed to be poorly maintained.
photo 20171008_110022

Indonesians naturally love boarding as early as possible, however I decided to board quite late as my boarding group was the last and that way I could spend more time working and taking photos.
photo 20171008_105109

Garuda's A332 bound for Jakarta CGK.
photo 20171008_105800photo 20171008_105910

A better view of the plane I was about to take.
photo 20171008_105812

Scoot's A320 bound for Singapore on almost the same time as Singapore.
photo 20171008_105913

After I took those photos I went past the boarding pass check without much queue, and proceeded to the plane.

Singapore used two aerobridges, but as I was flying in economy class I went straight instead of turning left that way.
photo 20171008_110126

In the economy class aerobridge there were still some queues.
photo 20171008_110127photo 20171008_110150

Some views of the plane on the business class section from outside.
photo 20171008_110157photo 20171008_110159

Singaporean newspapers were provided, so I naturally reached for The Business Times.
photo 20171008_110223

On board

Flight: SQ931
Plane: 9V-STU
STD/ATD: 10.10/10.13
STA/ATA: 13.30/13.28
Load factor: 79% combined (224/285; 30C 255Y)
Seat type: Standard economy class

I was greeted by the flight attendant and directed to the second aisle.
photo 20171008_110253

View of the business class, featuring angled lie flat seats (even though they are mediocre, they are the best in the route and also equivalent with what China Airlines provided)
photo 20171008_110300

The economy class was still quite crowded.
photo 20171008_110326

After I settled into my seat, the first thing I checked was the KrisWorld, with an acceptable screen size and also a nifty lamp below. I preferred this kind of IFE screen as it is adjustable, however the screen was not that sensitive to touch and the response was slow.
photo 20171008_110552

Legroom was quite acceptable, and the provision of several seat pockets was appreciated although the extra thickness made the legroom look slightly smaller.
photo 20171008_110558

The flight attendant offered scented hot towels, typical on Singapore flights.
photo 20171008_110721

The towel was typical, although that was a nice gesture.
photo 20171008_110745

In the seat pocket was the safety guide and the IFE guide.
photo 20171008_110919

In-flight magazine and shopping catalogue was also present, though the airsickness bag was notably absent.
photo 20171008_110846

The table could be also fold in half and featured a mirror.
photo 20171008_111021

A flight attendant brought my kosher meal, showed it to me, and asked if I would prefer to have the main dish heated. The box, unlike Stogel's, has the main course placed outside, which does not require me to break the seal before it could be heated.

Safety video was then played, which still used the old one. The screen was temporarily stuck and I informed a cabin crew of it, who then checked my screen afterwards not once, but twice, each by different person.
photo 20171008_111039

Compare it with the new video about to be launched soon:

Surabaya SUB terminal 2 seen from the plane.
photo 20171008_111106

We soon pushed back for departure from runway 10 with Garuda's A333 and Scoot's A320 ahead of us.
photo 20171008_111342photo 20171008_112827

After both of them and Lion's B739ER bound for Kuala Lumpur took off, we were still held as we waited for Wings' ATR72 to land.
photo 20171008_112733

We then took off and started climbing, which was smooth.
photo 20171008_113005

The flight map just after take-off
photo 20171008_113017

As the weather was clear throughout the climb, the climb was probably the smoothest one I have ever had with not even minor bumps encountered.
photo 20171008_113318photo 20171008_113335

The fasten seatbelt sign was turned off, and the flight attendants started sending special meals by hand, starting from the child meals, then the other special meals.

Following is the meal menu for the kosher meal:
Appetizer: Smoked salmon salad with apricot, olives, raisin, lemon wedge, and cold noodle
Main course: Stir fried chicken thigh meat in sweet and sour sauce with basmati rice
Dessert 1: Apple cake
Dessert 2: Fruit cocktail
Bread 1: Whole meal bread
Bread 2: Plain crackers
Snack: Chocolate praline with non-dairy filler
Drink (default): Mineral water

The meal was fortunately catered by Hermolis. Notice the main course being outside the plastic box but still double sealed.
photo 20171008_114450

The seal of the side dishes.
photo 20171008_114539photo 20171008_114644

The seal of the main course.
photo 20171008_115028

Notice from the catering, which also promoted their kosher wine.
photo 20171008_122005photo 20171008_122014

As the plastic covering was quite cumbersome, it took me some time to take everything out of the plastic tray on to the ordinary tray.
photo 20171008_114921

The meal indeed looked better than the one provided by Garuda.
photo 20171008_115153

Smoked salmon salad happened to be slightly bitter and didn't taste salty, but otherwise was acceptable. The main course didn't look that good and reminded me of the seafood meal on Garuda's Singapore to Surabaya flight, although it actually tasted fine with the basmati rice being not clumped and the chicken quite flavourful and not too stingy. Apple cake reminded much of apple pie with apple chunks spread, although it lacked the crust needed to be worthy of a pie, while the fruit cocktail was ordinary except that they added a grape which didn't match that well. Both breads were relatively plain, although I preferred the more flavourful crackers rather than the bread as the bread was also quite tough. To end the meal, the chocolate praline's filler looked and felt a bit funny compared to the other chocolates. On overall, the meal was quite acceptable and far better than Garuda's Stogel meal. Besides, the kosher meal was quite much more substantial than the normal meal, which was appreciated.

The apple cake (or rather pie)
photo 20171008_120803

Chocolate praline with fillings
photo 20171008_122228

The normal meal consisted of:
Appetizer: Prawn salad with lettuce
Main course: Lamb rendang with rice and stir fried long beans (they happened to mention rendang as curry sauce) or fish (no more details was provided for the fish)
Dessert: Chocolate cake
Bread: Bread roll

The flight attendant came to my row 10 minutes after my meal was served, and asked for my seatmate's order and our drink requests. There was no menu booklet provided.
photo 20171008_115407

The drinks offered on the cart consisted of:
Water: Mineral
Hot drinks: Coffee, tea
Soft drink: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, 7-Up
Fruit juice: Apple, orange
Alcoholic beverages: Beer, red wine, white wine

I asked for the white wine and Singapore Sling. The flight attendant directly provided me with the white wine and also said she would get back later as it wasn't available for order straight from the cart. The white wine was quite ordinary, although it was drinkable.

She came back 20 minutes later, apologized for keeping me waiting, and served the Singapore Sling, which tasted quite good but was served in an unbranded plastic glass.
photo 20171008_121410

Meanwhile, someone must have stored my meal so cold beforehand even the default mineral water still had some ice in 30 minutes after the meal was served.
photo 20171008_121636

A view of the cruise, where we were above the Java sea.
photo 20171008_122532

The extra legroom seat at row 48, featuring power plugs on both seats (I only managed to find one on my pair of seats).
photo 20171008_122923

I visited the toilet which unlike SilkAir actually had no queue and looked quite clean.
photo 20171008_123006photo 20171008_123013

Economy class cabin seen from the rear - notice the seat features on the seatback.
photo 20171008_123243

I then decided to have a look at the earphone provided, which looked quite cheap and came in a plastic pack, although unlike headphones was also reusable after the flight. Children receive their own headphones.
photo 20171008_114502photo 20171008_114510

A 2-plugs to 3.5 mm adapter was provided.
photo 20171008_123553

Their selection was extensive and I settled on Mozart's Requiem.
photo 20171008_132108photo 20171008_131010

Duty free wasn't aggressively promoted, instead people were asked if they would fill a feedback form instead. Notice how my 15.6" laptop was barely usable as the space was a bit tight for a laptop that size (perhaps it could be best relegated to SilkAir's exit row seats, or even better, business class as I tried on KLM's intercontinental business class product from Singapore to Denpasar.
photo 20171008_124432

I also checked with them if they have some souvenirs available for my younger sister, for which they gave me these goodies:
photo 20171008_124758

As we started the descent, there were some minor bumps as the weather was a bit cloudy.
photo 20171008_125307photo 20171008_125310

With the flight attendant asking to stow my laptop quite early, I tried to take some rest using the headrest, which was a bit of a challenge as it could not go up that much.
photo 20171008_131016_col

Singapore's flights depart from either terminal 2 or 3 depending on the destination, so as the plane would continue to Seoul ICN we would arrive at Singapore SIN terminal 3:
photo 20171008_131156

Some views during descent.
photo 20171008_131239photo 20171008_131853

I wonder if it has become some sort of hobby, but on my last few flights all of them would deploy speedbrakes on descent
photo 20171008_131241

About to reach Singapore SIN
photo 20171008_132211_001photo 20171008_132212

Views on short final
photo 20171008_132228photo 20171008_132236

The flight landed slightly rough due to the bad weather and we taxied to terminal 3.

Singapore SIN terminal 3.
photo 20171008_132546photo 20171008_132637

We were parked beside China Airlines A350 bound for Taipei TPE.
photo 20171008_132730photo 20171008_132725

As my seatmate had left, I found that her seat had an airsickness bag available, printed in dark blue.
photo 20171008_133243

A last view of my seat with the headrest fully extended - I decided to disembark later.
photo 20171008_133500

The economy class.
photo 20171008_133509

I bid farewell to the crew and proceeded to the terminal building.
photo 20171008_133529

The last view of 9V-STU happened to be a bad one.
photo 20171008_133549

On the other hand, China Airlines' 350 could be seen far better.
photo 20171008_133554

Arrival at Singapore SIN and post-arrival trip

We walked along the corridor of gates B1 to B4.
photo 20171008_133646

9V-STU also happened to be parked on Singapore's A380 on the left side.
photo 20171008_133705

A view of the gate.
photo 20171008_133657

I then entered the Singapore SIN terminal 3 transit area without arrival security.
photo 20171008_133803

Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of vending machines on the airport.
photo 20171008_133829

As usual, Singapore SIN terminal 3 transit area was not that crowded.
photo 20171008_133834

Immigration was also quite acceptable and I was through in less than a minute.
photo 20171008_133905

No visit to the arrival area would be complete without a visit to the store.
photo 20171008_134244

Instead of EVA having its own mobile counter, it used a common Star Alliance one.
photo 20171008_134301

The waiting area seemed to be quiet.
photo 20171008_134340photo 20171008_134527

Priority luggages arrived first, followed by the rest. As my baggage was among the earlier to arrive, I was out in no time.
photo 20171008_134405

Porter service was available, although I did not see one available.
photo 20171008_134420

I was out to the public area in only 11 minutes since I went out from the plane, which was quite fast.
photo 20171008_134628

Needing to rush some work, I decided to take Uber's carpooling service back to my campus, which as usual costed me only S$10 from the airport for the 40 km journey. However, I was sharing with someone going to Choa Chu Kang as well, which made the trip slightly longer.
photo 20171008_140223photo 20171008_141950

My first meal after I arrived was chicken rice, which happened to be mediocre.
photo 20171008_144953
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Surabaya - SUB


Singapore - SIN



My 15 reports on various airlines in the past have been quite critical and I also came with high expectations for the flights, but Singapore managed to deliver its premium services quite well. While flying on the route by Singapore could very well cost around S$300 in normal days, the service better be good, and that is what Singapore's positioning really lies. There were some flaws such as the service being slightly rushed, the headrest being too short, and the IFE being sluggish, however on overall they offered a significantly better product than SilkAir, or even Garuda does after its cost-cutting. I told my flight after I ended the trip to one of my friends who happened to be on an internship with them, and he mentioned that while the group is undergoing cost savings, it does not seem to affect its services.

Surabaya SUB needed to significantly improve its duty-free and other retail offerings, besides offering automated immigration gates and universal power plugs. Singapore SIN was very efficient as usual and quite acceptable as an international airport.

Singapore tends to be on the more expensive end, which means I would need to find reasonable fares (which would be quite hard anyway) to be able to fly with them, though given the chance I would not hesitate flying with them again.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Reasonable fare (S$170 (US$125) roundtrip)
+ Acceptable check-in waiting and processing time
+ Acceptable security at Surabaya SUB
+ Acceptable immigration at Surabaya SUB
+ Reasonably quiet transit area at Surabaya SUB
+ Proactive and apologetic flight attendant
+ Acceptable seat pitch and width
+ Pre-departure hot towel provision
+ Kosher meal look, size, and taste
+ Singapore Sling in economy class (most likely a premixed one, but at least there is one)
+ IFE's wide variety
+ Clean lavatory
+ Acceptable immigration at Singapore SIN
+ Fast baggage claim

Things that can be improved:
- Uncoloured boarding pass stock
- Lack of automated immigration gates at Surabaya SUB
- Lack of duty-free and retail options at Surabaya SUB
- Lack of universal power plugs at Surabaya SUB (at least there are USB plugs)
- Lack of Indonesian newspapers (a mix of Singaporean and Indonesian ones would be better)
- IFE not touch responsive
- Slightly rushed flight attendant
- Slightly uncomfortable headrest
- Flight attendant asking to stow laptop too early

Information on the route Surabaya (SUB) Singapore (SIN)


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    JW19 120 Comments

    On a 2 hours flight with almost 300 passengers, I doubt many airlines can do it as efficiently as SQ in economy. Rushed shouldn't have been a description, its mandatory for such a short duration.
    For improvement I'd rather they keep the current seat width and pitch and cut cost somewhere else. Hate airlines that goes for 3-4-3 in a 777.

    • Comment 415787 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Thank you for visiting!

      The service was quite rushed, but they still managed to clear my table 1 hour before landing so it's still possible to slightly stretch the service time. Perhaps they could ask people to stop using devices later on (ex.: 15 mins before landing instead of 30)?

      Couldn't agree more on that - with even Cathay and all Middle East carriers turning to 3-4-3 the 9-abreast seats on 777 planes are getting rarer. At least Singapore didn't cut its services the way Malaysia has gone to, considering that both of them were one very long ago.

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