Review of Sky Airline flight Osorno Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 46
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 12 Oct 17, 13:55
Arrival at 12 Oct 17, 15:20
H2 40 reviews
By 429
Published on 19th October 2017
If you have posted a report here before, these words may sound familiar to you:

"Important: Your Flight-Report's cover photo must be representative of the flight experience (i.e. aircraft, cabin, seats, meals, etc.) Photos not related to the flight experience will not be accepted."

So, how on earth can I explain that a cow is part of my flight experience before the admins object to my cover photo??

You're kindly invited to read about the privileged cows that make any avgeek go green with envy!


Osorno is some 110km south of my hometown, Valdivia. Both cities have a lot in common: Both are about the same size (around 150.000 inhabitants) Both share the same cold, rainy weather most of the year. And both have a rich German heritage due to the colonization of the 1800s.

But for some reason, instead of being two good sister cities, there's a sort of rivalry between them. I have the impression that Osorno has always been the "ugly sister". While Valdivia is a popular tourist destination, with vibrant nightlife and lots of youth thanks to its various universities, life in Osorno revolves around cattle farming and the dairy industry.

I'm boarding today's flight at Osorno airport - Cañal Bajo - just for fun. I decided I'd arrive in the city a bit early in order to look around. The river Damas flows through the city.
photo img_1548

The park on its border is a refuge of peace and quiet…
photo img_1549

…though it looks a little gloomy this time of year.
photo img_1551

This bridge connects it…
photo img_1552

…with the center of the city.
photo img_1550

This bull at Osorno's main square is a testimony to the importance of cattle farming for the local economy.
photo img_1557

Some views of the Plaza de Armas
photo img_1558

…and its fountain.
photo img_1564photo img_1567

The European influence is evident in the local architecture…
photo img_1568photo img_1569

…and in the names.
photo img_1579

Most areas look like any other ugly Chilean city, though.
photo img_1571

Huge bovines in front of an important bank.
photo img_1573

As in many other places, shopping centers are popping up everywhere, even in residential areas.
photo img_1574

Rain is a constant here.
photo img_1577

The Mercado Municipal is where the local produce is sold.
photo img_1583photo img_20170812_125644

photo img_20170812_124356

…you can buy some wooden artifacts…
photo img_20170812_124411

…dress up like an elegant huaso (the Chilean version of a cowboy), wearing a poncho, a short jacket and a chupalla (hat)…
photo img_20170812_124730

…or visit one of the many…
photo img_20170812_124641

…restaurants, which offer a wide variety of local delicacies, from fish to… beef, obviously.
photo img_20170812_125148_1

Unfortunately, I have to keep moving.
photo img_20170812_125213

He sure feels at home here! I thought he was dead!
photo img_20170812_125331

A mooo-ving experience

Unsure how to reach the airport, I take a micro (city bus) that takes me….
photo img_20170812_131703

…to the east across the highway.
photo 0001

The driver explains that he must drop me some kilometers before the airport, and that any bus going to the next town will drop me outside the airport. Those buses are very frequent. I shouldn't wait more than 15 minutes.
photo img_20170812_131849

But I get anxious and prefer to call an Uber instead.
photo img_20170812_133830

I should have waited a little longer. Only two minutes after I call the Uber, a bus comes.
photo 0003

Look! ZOS is right behind this field!
photo 0004

From the road…
photo 0005

…it’s just a few meters…
photo 0006

…to the terminal.
photo 0007photo 0008

Parking: 600 CLP (0.96 USD) the first half an hour. 4000 CLP (6.5 USD) for a whole day.
photo img_1585

Welcome to Cañal Bajo airport (ZOS)
photo img_1584photo img_20170812_135638

It’s certainly a very small airport.
photo img_20170812_134549

Your living room is probably bigger than this hall!
photo img_20170812_134601

Only two shops: A small gift shop and somewhere to buy some cookies or a soda. (They had run out of coffee when I went!)
photo img_20170812_135307

The gift shop.
photo img_20170812_135009photo img_20170812_134736

Some tourist information on the wall…
photo img_20170812_135346_1

…including a map of the province…
photo img_20170812_135346_1b

…and a colorful depiction of the main attractions of the area, like the Osorno volcano and lake Llanquihue (Yang – KEE – way)
photo img_20170812_135346_1c

Women up. Men down. This airport is a bastion of feminism!!
photo img_20170812_134756_2

Baby changing table in the men's restroom. The message is loud and clear!
photo img_20170812_134320

Back in the hall, even though no announcement has been given over the PA, passengers are commenting that there is a delay.
photo img_20170812_134836

In fact, according to, at 14:42 CC-AHE is just leaving Santiago! It won't make it to Osorno until more than an hour later. We won't be leaving at 15:20, that's for sure. :(
photo screenshot_20170812-144240

But… isn't it great? Plenty of time for a tour of the premises. Let's go outside.
photo img_20170812_135603

ZOS is surrounded by fields. The access from the road is over there, behind those white bales of grass.
photo img_20170812_135608

This is the entrance from the airport to the field where the bales are. But this is private property, so let’s go straight…
photo img_20170812_135910

…to the main road, and let’s start our tour here.
photo img_1613

This is the view on the left. Cows! Grazing or dozing happily…
photo img_1588

…abandoned to the most peaceful bovine peristalsis.
photo img_1592

Who wouldn’t like to live that life? All the food you can eat. All the plane spotting you might want. Well, too bad that flights arrive only three or four times a week at ZOS. Nothing is perfect.
photo img_1600

On the other side of the road, more lovely, green fields.
photo img_1611

Queltehues (aka treiles or tero teros) lay their eggs on the ground. If you get too close to their eggs or chickens, they make a lot of noise and try to shoo you away by flying menacingly above your head.
photo img_1619

An acequia (irrigation canal). One like this flowed across my grandparents’ backyard when I was a child. I used to put paper boats in the stream and follow them until they disappeared into the neighbor’s property. <sob>
photo img_1625

I close my eyes and enjoy the crisp air and the sounds of the countryside for a moment. Do you like the sound of water?

From there, it’s just a few steps…
photo img_1608

…back to the terminal. Over there, the main hall. The waiting room is on the right, on the second floor.
photo img_1650photo img_1628

Let’s walk towards the left.
photo img_1630photo img_1629

The terminal building…
photo img_1631

…doesn’t seem to follow the modern lines…
photo img_1632

…of other Chilean airports I have visited so far.
photo img_1633

ZOS was built in the 60s.
photo img_1634

This is the view through the wire mesh fence on the left side of the terminal building.
photo img_1637

Zona de seguridad 2, reads that yellow sign.
photo img_1638

And what seems to be a little weather station.
photo img_1639

Let’s go to the other side now. Today the wind is perfect for a patriotic photograph. XDD
photo img_1640

On the right side, Sky’s baggage loader is already waiting for our flight.
photo img_1641photo img_1642

My cellphone fits perfectly between the bars of the fence for this shot of the back of the building.
photo img_20170812_142817

Let's go back inside. Lunch in Chile is the most abundant meal of the day, but I didn't have lunch today, fearing I might be late for my flight. Now I'm really hungry.
photo img_1643

No sandwiches or coffee at the shop. Will have to make do with some chocolate milk and cookies. :'''(
photo img_20170812_145023


When the time for boarding eventually comes, we line up along the glass panels that separate the security checkpoint from the rest of the hall.
photo img_20170812_145741

Some proactive mind printed a little sign to show the way.
photo img_20170812_134927

After security check come some steps leading to the second floor, on the right wing of the building.
photo 0009

I find a well-lit, spotter friendly boarding room…
photo 0010

…equipped with a TV monitor, and connected to the only jetway, much appreciated in this rainy weather. On one side it has a view on the apron…
photo 0011

…and on the other side, a view to the parking lot and…
photo img_1658

…our friends…
photo img_1659

…the cows. Can anyone say that my cover photo is not part of the flight experience, now?
photo img_1660

I move to the far end of the room…
photo img_20170812_150530

…from where I have a comprehensive view of the place.
photo img_20170812_150740

The restrooms are in this corner. That one is for the disabled…
photo img_20170812_151045

…and for the rest of us.
photo img_20170812_153905

I find the message a bit confusing.
photo img_20170812_150542

The airside restrooms…
photo img_20170812_154307

…look nice and tidy.
photo img_20170812_154321

Back in my corner I discover a little area where these boarding group markers are kept, next to… a cooker hood?!
photo img_20170812_150851_1

And a sink?! Hm… something tells me that the local Club Aéreo has the perfect spot for some superb asados (BBQ’s) in this boarding room!
photo img_20170812_150858

Still some 20 minutes before our plane arrives. Some athletes are trying to set new records on TV…
photo img_20170812_150926

…while I enjoy the view of the apron.
photo img_1657

The baggage loader I saw earlier.
photo img_1655photo img_1662

The controls look pretty simple.
photo img_1663photo img_1664

At long last, the ground staff take their positions.
photo img_1668

That lady in the jetway seems to be impatient, too. BTW, moments before boarding she calls out “Who’s got an electronic boarding pass?” I’m the only one! All the other passengers have the paper version.
photo img_1669

They look at the distance and wait…
photo img_1670

…and then he suddenly jumps into action.
photo img_1671

There comes CC-AHE!
photo img_1672photo img_1674

Sky Airline is promoting a new alliance with TransVip…
photo img_1676

…a transfer company.
photo img_1677

I have used them a couple of times…
photo img_1678

…but I think it doesn't make any difference if you access their website directly…
photo img_1679

…or via Sky Airline's website.
photo img_1680

I love the way it parks there, not parallel nor perpendicular to the terminal, but in an angle.
photo img_1682

Looks like almost everybody is loving the view. I wish my students paid the same attention when I speak!
photo img_20170812_160943_1

Chocks in place.
photo img_1683photo img_1684

No time to waste! There come the stairs.
photo img_1685photo img_1687

photo img_1688

Now, prepare for the traditional Osorno greeting: - Knock knock. - Who’s there?
photo img_1690

- The interrupting cow.
- Interrupting cow wh-
- Moooooo!
photo img_1691
Don't say you didn't roll your eyes at least! XDDD

While the passengers disembark…
photo img_1692photo img_1693

…the road is marked for the passengers disembarking through the rear door…
photo img_1694photo img_1695

…and our luggage is loaded.
photo img_1696photo img_1697

Only now the rear door opens…
photo img_1698

…and everyone runs free.
photo img_1700photo img_1701

The last passengers are helped down the stairs…
photo img_1702

…and it’s our turn to board.
photo img_1703photo img_1704

As you see, I’m not in a hurry at all.
photo img_1705

I take my time watching others board.
photo img_20170812_161732

Oh, I almost forgot. No USB chargers at ZOS, but these are all over the boarding room.
photo img_20170812_161707

My turn comes.
photo img_20170812_161812

We are sent down the ramp…
photo 0012

…directly out…
photo 0013

…to the apron.
photo 0014photo 0015

These “panoramic” jet bridges are fantastic.
photo 0016

Let’s board.
photo 0017photo 0018

A smiling Sky FA! I never thought I’d live to see this.
photo 0019

This will take some time.
photo 0020

The flight

Some little artist used the back of the seat as a canvas. Very creative.
photo img_20170812_162845

The usual adds…
photo img_20170812_162901_1

photo img_20170812_162909

Contents of the seatback pocket.
photo img_20170812_162753

I find Sky’s inflight magazine exceptionally good. They go the extra mile and include some interesting interviews. A Chilean actress is on the cover this month.
photo img_20170812_162433

Of course, the typical tourism information, too. Some photos of Chungará National Park. Did you see the tourism bonus of my flight from Arica?
photo img_20170812_162530

Ew! This marks a new low. Not for Sky, but for dirty passengers!
photo img_20170812_162602

We’re all ready to go.
photo img_20170812_164446

These guys finish their work…
photo img_1708

…and here we go.
photo img_1709

The Club Aéreo. I bet they are the ones who make the best use of the kitchen facilities in the boarding room
photo img_1710

We taxi…
photo img_1712

…to the end of the runway…
photo img_1714photo img_1716

…and in no time…
photo img_1717

…we are climbing above the cows.
photo 0022photo 0023

River Llutún (never heard of its existence before I wrote this report!) is the last thing I can see…
photo img_1719

…before we reach the clouds.
photo img_1724

The BOB service starts as soon as we level off.
photo 0024

The clouds block the view…
photo img_1727

…until we reach Rancagua…
photo img_1735

…some 100km south of Santiago.
photo img_1737photo img_1740

These are not the Andes…
photo img_1741

…but some high hills near the coast.
photo img_1744

This year there's more snow than usual…
photo img_1745

…but that won't be enough to save Aculeo lagoon from shrinking until it dries up completely.
photo img_1747

Its waters are intensively used by farmers.
photo img_1748

Those are the Andes in the distance…
photo img_1752

…much higher…
photo img_1753

…and with an extensive collection of volcanoes.
photo img_1757photo img_1758

The valley in central Chile is characterized by these "island hills" sprinkled all over the flat area.
photo img_1762

That green triangle on the right used to be Los Cerrillos airport, Santiago's main airport until 1967. In a controversial decision, it was closed in 2006 and turned into a park and a housing project.
photo img_1764

Departamental Av. going to the east.
photo img_1765

Downtown. See the bend of river Mapocho? The main avenue of Santiago, the Alameda, starts there. In fact, they say that the avenue was buil on what used to be an arm of the river. You can see the Alameda bottom right. Also, there a high building at that bend.
photo img_1768

It's the Telefónica building. It was the tallest in Santiago when it was built. See the little obelisk at its foot? That obelisk is in the center of a large roundabout officially called Plaza Baquedano, but popularly known as Plaza Italia. That's where large demonstrations (or celebrations) usually take place.
photo img_1771

Now, flying above the northern suburbs…
photo img_1773photo img_1774

…we bank to the left…
photo img_1776

…in a U-turn…
photo img_1778photo img_1780

…and now we are flying…
photo img_1783

…southwards, as the sun sets.
photo img_1784photo img_1786

Touchdown at SCL.
photo img_1789photo img_1790

Unlike other occasions…
photo img_1791

…this time we don't stop at the domestic flights wing.
photo img_1792

I wonder where we are going.
photo img_1795photo img_1797

On the way I see this Mineral Airlines 737, which serves (obviously) the mining industry. But more exciting is the brand new A320 behind, with the beautiful loica on its vertical stabilizer. I didn't know it at the time, but I would soon fly on it! Report coming soon!
photo img_1798

Eventually, we make our way…
photo img_1801

…to gate 20, and park next to Aerolíneas Argentinas.
photo img_1802

Aahhh… nice memories.
photo img_1803photo img_1807

I linger on my seat…
photo img_20170812_175050

…watching the action outside…
photo img_20170812_175111

…until almost everyone has deplaned.
photo img_20170812_175751

My well-alingned seat.
photo img_20170812_175745

Some information about this flight.
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-09-11 12-20-26

Boo, the city. To think that only 60 minutes ago…
photo img_20170812_175928

…I was surrounded by cows, birds, grass and trees. :(
photo img_20170812_180002

I enjoyed staying on the plane. The problem is that now I don't know where everybodu has gone! I find locked doors!
photo img_20170812_180027_1

I wonder if I should go this way? I walk and walk…
photo img_20170812_180037

…until I come to baggage claim. This is the first time I emerge on this side!
photo img_20170812_180432_1

The night is falling over the cranes at the construction site for the new international terminal.
photo 0026

In spite of the noise and the traffic of the city…
photo 0027

…I think I know what I will dream of tonight!
photo img_1646

Mooo-chas gracias for reading! ^_^
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Osorno - ZOS


Santiago - SCL



Pretty little airport in unmatched surroundings. A great experience for nature-loving avgeeks! Excellent connectivity. Close to the city. Hopefully services will improve as flights become more frequent. So, continuing the everlasting tug-of-war between the two cities, who has the best airport? Valdivia or Osorno? Hm... my opinion might be biased. I'll keep my vote secret for now. :D

I'm sending all my love to you, SCL.

Sky Airline
Nice experience. Deserves tidier customers! And as I learned later, their BOB prices are quite reasonable!



  • Comment 416619 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus,

    Let's make it clear: your report made my Thursday morning at work! I laughed and laughed and couldn't stop laughing. It was a good choice to choose the cow as a cover photo cause it attracts attention much more than one more fuselage shot. I can't understand how much relaxed this dog must be to lie like that in the middle of the shopping mall! I'd like to be like him one day or like one of these avgeek cows! You made me laugh once again with these "small hills that are not the Andes" - in my, mostly flat like a table country, these would be considered very high mountains. Great aerial shots of Santiago! Have a nice day and many thanks for this funny report!

    • Comment 416666 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Loukas! How are things?

      I laughed and laughed

      So glad to hear that! I'm always afraid of boring the readers with too many details!

      It was a good choice to choose the cow as a cover photo

      That's right. It felt like the logical option to me... as long as the admins agree!

      I can't understand how much relaxed this dog must be to lie like that in the middle of the shopping mall!

      I watched him for some moments. I thought he had been poisoned because I found him too... plump. I have seen poisoned dogs before and the dead bodies swell. But then he kicked a bit in the air. He was dreaming! Then I took the photo. Two police officers came and stood next to him. I though they had come to shoo him away, but they just stood there and chatted. The dog is the market's pet and everyone there feeds him. That's why he looks so relaxed. He feels at home.

      I read about your trip to Sicily this morning. That's my favorite kind of report! Very complete, and what beautiful places! I need to read it soon again.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • Comment 416627 by
    FFlyerCDG 3134 Comments

    Hola Nelson :-)
    Your reports are not only very informative but always a guaranty of entertainment and laughs and this one isn't an exception to the rule... Just loved it !!!
    I've never been to ZOS but, to be totally honest, I'm not really sure the city will be on the list for my next trip to Chile even if I loved the cows the dog and the surroundings of ZOS airport^^
    BTW... Tricky question regarding the Shopping Center and it's signage... What's the third language after Spanish and English ?
    Thanks again Nelson for this very informative, detailed and funny report and I'm waiting for the next one.
    And I'd love to see a bonus of Valdivia in order to be able to make a comparison with Osorno^^

    • Comment 416667 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments


      Just loved it !!!

      Thank you very much!! ^^

      I'm not really sure the city will be on the list for my next trip to Chile

      LOL. I don't think Osorno is on anyone's holidays list, but you will probably have to stop for gasoline or a snack here if you are travelling around the south of Chile. And if you visit Chile, visiting the south is a must! In fact, a very common question you'll be asked if you are visiting from abroad is "Ya conoció el sur?" (Have you visited the south, yet?)

      What's the third language after Spanish and English ?

      That's Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuches. They are the original (native) inhabitants of this area. Chilean Spanish is heavily influenced by Mapudungun. We use a lot of words taken from Mapudungun, and it has also affected our phonetics to some extent! You can find more info about Mapuches and Mapudungun in my previous report here:

      I'd love to see a bonus of Valdivia

      Oh my! You are right! I have neglected my own city so far! :O

      Thanks again Nelson for this very informative, detailed and funny report and I'm waiting for the next one.

      Thank YOU for your nice comment! ^_^

  • Comment 416646 by
    marathon SILVER 9719 Comments

    There is a cow on the divider of the road just before CDG Terminal 2F. Maybe I should call it part of the flight experience too ;)
    It your apartment in Paris is bigger than this hall, you don't write Flight Reports because you can afford to fly private jet from LBG :)
    The layout of the toilets is not feminist at all, IMO. Men have less effort to reach the toilets when they are uncomfortable, and they can peep under the skirts of the women going up to their toilets.
    The cows are the same breed as the ones raised in Normandy - a quintessentially dairy region in France. This really seems like an airport in the countryside.
    Kudos for spotting these handicapped and emergency exit signs next to each other ! I wish I had taken this picture...
    Now you know you should display a plane's picture to capture your students' attention !
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful report !

    • Comment 416668 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Maybe I should call it part of the flight experience too

      Who knows! I think it will depend on your moooood! XDDD

      It your apartment in Paris is bigger than this hall, you don't write Flight Reports because you can afford to fly private jet

      True. You have a point there. I guess I'm still living in the old times when my grandparent's backyard looked much like the fields around ZOS!

      Now you know you should display a plane's picture to capture your students' attention !

      I'm willing to try any strategy!

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful report !

      Thank YOU for dropping by!

  • Comment 416900 by
    DiegoSS02 73 Comments

    Hi Nelson!! As always, is a delight to read your FRs!! Your cover picture is just HILARIOUS. I loved the little city atmosphere of Osorno, and also the aiport surroundings. I think Sky should also clean the content of the seat pockets, because the trash on it leaves a very bad image for the airline. Saludos desde Paraguay!!!

    • Comment 416907 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hola Diego! Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Me alegra saber que hay alguien en el mundo a quien le gusta Osorno. jajajaja

      Comparto contigo lo de la basura en el avión. Es impresentable, aunque me queda una peor impresión del pasajero que dejó todo eso ahí. Qué gente tan sucia!!

      En este momento estoy relativamente cerca de tu casa, en Balneario Camboriú. Llegué ayer, después de un terrible viaje doméstico en latam. Saludos!!

  • Comment 417040 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hola Don Nelson.

    It's always a pleasure to read one of your FR's. What i find particularly interesting with each report is that you take the time to showcase the places that you leave from or go to, taking us along on your adventures.

    "The river Damas flows through the city."
    - This shot reminded me of The Netherlands for some reason.

    "Some views of the Plaza de Armas…"
    - Osorio looks like quite a charming city.

    "He sure feels at home here! I thought he was dead!"
    - Lol. I also have a similar pic of a dog in "ecstasy" taken from my visit to Cairo.

    "I close my eyes and enjoy the crisp air and the sounds of the countryside for a moment. Do you like the sound of water?"
    - I find it soothing. You are a romantic, aren't you? :P

    "No sandwiches or coffee at the shop. Will have to make do with some chocolate milk and cookies. :'''("
    - I hope you had a hearty dinner to compensate for it.

    " Can anyone say that my cover photo is not part of the flight experience, now?"
    - With such logical argument, who can refute your claim? ;)

    Gorgeous aerials as usual.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Comment 417059 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hola don Panda! :D
      Así que piensas que Osorno es "charming" y te recuerda a los Países Bajos? Por Dios! Qué buen fotógrafo soy! XDDD
      Sí, absolutamente, soy romántico, contemplativo, y amante de la naturaleza.
      Espero que estés muy bien. Gracias por pasar por aquí. Saludos desde Balneario Camboriú, donde estoy en el paseo de mis alumnos de secundaria. Lo estoy pasando maravillosamente. Es la segunda vez que estoy aquí. Amo Brazil. Creo que es el lugar más hermoso que he conocido. Y el idioma que más me gusta es el portugués!! Hablarlo produce un deleite inexplicable. Eu adoro! :D Te adelanto que vienen flight-reports sobre un deficiente servicio de latam, pero con un maravilloso tourism bonus sobre el lugar.

      • Comment 417114 by
        jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

        "Don Panda" suena como una cadena de restaurantes. :P Mejor registro el nombre por si acaso.

        Que gusto saber que te esta yendo bien en tus paseos. Comparto tu amor por Brasil. Es un pais maravilloso con gente mas maravillosa todavia. Los "brasileiros" estan entre las personas mas amigables que he conocido en mi vida. Los adoro!

        Estoy al pendiente de tus futuros reportes. Ciao querido. ;)

  • Comment 417223 by
    joaointhesky 69 Comments

    Thanks for the marvellous report, as always!
    SKY looks like a really good airline, at least when you compare it to LATAM... Hope jetSmart does a good service, also! And also hope H2 flies to Porto Alegre regularly, someday. We aren't connected to Chile since 2012 or 2013 - we have to stop in Buenos Aires or in São Paulo/Rio, which is not bad at all, cause then we can catch a 787 or an A330 to SCL, hehehhe.
    Looking forward to your next FRs!
    Obrigado e até breve!

  • Comment 417242 by
    Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

    Hi Joao

    Indeed, the more I fly other airlines, the more I think Sky is not bad at all, even though its prices raised a bit after they implemented the so called light and plus tickets. JetSmart report coming soon. It was not bad at all.

    Thanks for commenting! :)

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