Review of Olympic Air flight Split Athens in Economy

Airline Olympic Air
Flight A3871
Class Economy
Seat 5D
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 12 Oct 17, 14:50
Arrival at 12 Oct 17, 17:45
OA 14 reviews
Published on 23rd October 2017
Dear readers and flyers,

The flight reported here is part of the following trip :
  • ORY-SPU : TO3570 (Transavia France) // Boeing 737-800
  • SPU-ATH : A3871 (Aegean Airlines operated by Olympic Air) // DHC 8-400
  • ATH-CDG : A3614 (Aegean Airlines) // Airbus 321

My boyfriend decided to do the above trip and booked that a few weeks prior to the trip. Since I was available to join him I decided to book the same flights. Of course the price went a bit higher because I booked 3 days before the trip (add 60€ on my total booking compared to his). However the price was still reasonable to buy all the same flights as him.

The booking process don't need to be explained. I just booked SPU-ATH-CDG with A3 on some web travel agency with a connection of roughly 24 hours in ATH allowing us to take a tour of Athens. I paid 110 EUR for those two A3 flights.

We wanted to do the OLCI 48 hours before the flight but it wasn't working. So we had to leave that task for the check-in agent.

Let's start the journey to SPU…

On the day of the flight we were in Trogir, a town a few kilometers away from the airport.
photo zimg_0848

We decided to take the public transport to reach the airport at the cost of 13 HRK (1.70 EUR). The journey was short and the bus dropped us off in the main street in front of the airport entrance.
photo 20171012_124747

We had a short walk through an airport car park to reach the only terminal and we can observe the works to build the new terminal.
photo z101_1582

Directly in front of the current terminal you can find many buses.
photo 101_1583

There's some shade outside the terminal.
photo 101_1585

We entered in the small terminal where check-in counters are mixed for all airlines. We walked towards the Business counter since my boyfriend is A3* Gold. No problem to check us in on the flight with our 2 different booking numbers.
photo z101_1587

I get a boarding pass for the flight.
photo zimg_0860

The waiting time at the security checkpoint was close to zero despite only two lines opened.
After that we were facing the only gate(s) for domestic flights. On the right the passport control. Just behind it is already the only lounge at SPU.
photo z101_1588

My boyfriend wasn't sure we would be allowed to get into that lounge since he didn't find any information on the internet. You can see which airlines are using the lounge for your future trip there.
photo 20171012_131137

The lounge is quite small but at the moment there are a few available seats left. There are toilets inside the lounge so no need to go outside.
photo z20171012_140311

Some magazines can be found behind the main position of the lounge staff. It looks like there are no newspapers except the one left on the right table.
photo zimg_0863

The lounge has a view on the apron but a rather restricted one with stairs or trees in front of it. Two computers are available and there is free wifi too. You can also charge your phone free of charge with the loading station on the right side.
photo zimg_0861

There is a good diversity of drinks offered especially the ones without alcohol.
photo zimg_0864photo 20171012_131843

Some other drinks found near the window.
photo 20171012_131848

As far as the food is concerned you can mainly find salted snacks and some biscuits.
photo zimg_0866

There is one tv screen with the list of the flights and one tv on the right but no sound.
photo zimg_0865

A selection of fine snacks !
photo z101_1597

The machine for hot beverages offers hot chocolate, let's try this. There's milk in it and it's a good hot chocolate ! I wasn't expecting that from a machine ! Yes I am a hot chocolate lover with milk !
photo dsc_1093

After the lounge visit we headed upstairs to watch our plane land. But we missed it and it was parked further away from the terminal. You can find it behing this Croatian A320. The landscape in the background is nice !
photo zimg_0869

There was a few shops where you can spend some remaining time.
photo zimg_0867

Boarding time, we had to get on a bus to bring us to the plane.
photo z101_1598

On our way we meet this A319 of EZY.
photo zimg_0872

We pass next to our plane registered SX-OBF.
photo zimg_0884

Of course the bus drops us off on the other side of the plane and we have a view on the ATC Tower.
photo zimg_0888

Queue to board the plane in front of the propeller.
photo zimg_0893

People let some larger carry on luggages next to the plane's stairs. However after every one had boarded, the flight attendant made an announcement to tell us that there was no carry on delivery service at ATH and that the luggages would be found on the baggage carousel at ATH. So everyone who had left a carry on outside had to go out to pick it up again and find some space to store it in the cabin.

The FA asks 3 passengers in the front rows to move at the rear just for take-off. A third passenger in 4C in front of us hesitate to do that and the FA reassure him saying that she will personally take care of his wife until he comes back. Laugh from the neighbours around including us.

General view of the cabin.
photo zimg_0939

The seat pitch was ok.
photo zimg_0896

Here is the table for the upcoming snack !
photo zimg_0897

Take-off and backtrack on the runway as there's no real taxiway at SPU.
photo z101_1624

Some views after take-off : Split and Marjan hill on the right of the picture.
photo z101_1632

From Marjan Hill the view of Split (old town) looks like that :
photo zimg_0688

A small part of the runway is just seen next to the propeller's air inlet and Trogir further away.
photo z101_1635

I picked one candy in the basket.
photo zimg_0910

Snack is served with hot and/or cold beverages first. I took Sprite and tea. The bread of the sandwich has pieces of olives. The filling is cheese and breaded chicken.
photo zimg_0906

Close up of the content of the sandwich. It tasted really good. Not really a common sandwich taste in my opinion.
photo zimg_0907

We thought that would be all for the snack and the flight attendants came back with some kind of dessert.
photo zimg_0913

It was a chocolate croissant but not a crispy one.
photo zimg_0914

Not much to see outside at the moment.
photo zimg_0900

In the backseat pocket the magazine is the same as A3…
photo zimg_0915

… whereas the safety card and the sickness bag are branded Olympic Air.
photo zimg_0916

Now some views above from Greece.
First picture : Bridge linking Antirrio and Rio, near Patras.
photo zimg_0920photo zimg_0922

Dhiaporia islands.
photo zimg_0927

Reaching ATH soon : Athens was on the other side of the plane.
photo zimg_0930

Just before landing, the town of Markopoulo.
photo zimg_0933

After landing we reached a remote stand where a bus waited for us.
photo zimg_0937

Waiting for some remaining passengers to join us in the bus.
photo zimg_0945

The bus left the remote stands to take us to the terminal. Among the line of Olympic Air planes you can see an ATR 42 of Sky Express, a regional Greek airline.
photo zimg_0949

On our way to the termianl we saw this CS100 of LX landing.
photo z101_1703

Here is a general view of the ramp with an EK B777 at the back.
photo z101_1706

Passport control once we were in the terminal. Not a long walk and we were then in the baggage reclaim area.
photo 101_1715

That's where we had to collect checked-in bags of our flight.
photo 101_1720

Finally we took the bus to Athens city center and it lasted roughly one hour.

Since there was no airshow on that flight I can provide you a Flight Radar 24 screenshot of the journey.
photo za3871-1
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Olympic Air

Cabin crew8.5

VIP Lounge


Split - SPU


Athens - ATH



The airline did well on this flight. Even though there was no proper meal tray the sandwich was really nice. However the croissant wasn't great. There was a good selection of drinks and many opportunities to get something to drink during the flight. That was quite a long flight in a noisy Dash 8-400 but I felt ok for the entire flight. No entertainement was available. FA were professional with a little humour.

Business Lounge : the food offered there is poor, mainly salted snacks. However the good selection of drinks is far better. It's a quiet place where it's easier to find an empty seat than upstairs in the huge boarding room.

SPU : Hardly any waiting time in the various queues but it is surely not the same in this small terminal during the peak summer season ! The new terminal is on its way. Boarding area was busy and it's not easy to find empty seats.

ATH : We were quickly out of ATH. It's a shame that the airport is quite far away from the city.



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