Review of Ryanair flight Trapani Warsaw in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR 3144
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 24 Sep 17, 18:10
Arrival at 24 Sep 17, 20:40
FR   #11 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 284 reviews
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Published on 27th October 2017
Hi Everyone,

Welcome to this flight report covering the flight back from Trapani (TPS) to Warsaw Modlin (WMI) together with some photos from the second half of my holiday in Sicily.
You can find the first leg description here:

The first part of the story ended when I was in the island's capital - Palermo. Our next destination was Agrigento with its famous Valley of temples - an archeological site showing what remained of the ancient city of Akragas and its 10 temples. As we travelled by car, we had an opportunity to stop wherever and whenever we wanted. That's how we found a small pearl - a medieval city of Caccamo.

photo img_5266

As everywhere in Sicily, the best thing you can do while being to a beautiful place like Caccamo, is to have a cup of coffee and something sweet. For me Sicily has the best sweets in the world.

photo img_5238

Unlike Agrigento, that is rather modern and doesn't make a good impression, the temples are beautiful. As the site is big, a lot of time and walking is required. We spent there more than 2 hours and still it wasn't enough. If it wasn't for the wind, dust and crowds of people, I could spend there whole day. Most of the temples are just ruins, while the temple of Concordia is preserved almost in its original shape. Happily unlike the Acropolis in Athens there are no scaffoldings.

It was nice to discover there this ancient-like sculpture made by fameous Polish sculpturer Igor Mitoraj.

photo img_5305photo img_5309

From Agrigento we headed to the "Scala dei Turchi" (Stairs of the Turks), very picturesque white limestone cliffs. As you can see on the pics water is not very transparent there as it contains the material the cliffs are made of and the clear blue sea water starts many meters away of the shore.

photo img_5337photo img_5349photo img_5354

Our final destination was a beautiful city of Castellammare del Golfo where we spent almost 4 days sunbathing, swimming, sightseeing and of course eating, before we went back home. The city itself is very cosy, not polluted with too many tourists and chinese souvenirs.

photo img_5361photo img_5364photo img_5367

Something special for Nechus - a Sicilian dog sleeping in the middle of the street. We've checked every time when we passed there if he was alive and in the evening saw him walking from one restaurant to another, so he was fine.

photo img_5358

I've already written here about sicilian sweets. There are plenty of them, but once more I fell in love with cannoli, a kind of wafer "pipe" filled with sweet ricotta cheese. Hard to describe their taste, you need to try!

photo img_5457photo img_5455

Our city seen from the nearby mountain while on our way to famous (and totally not worth going to) San Vito lo Capo.

photo img_5394

Only 20 km from Castellammare is one of the best preserved ancient Greek (almost whole island has once been the most important Greek colony called Magna Graecia - The Great Greece) temples - Segesta. It requested just a short ride, so we couldn't miss it as it really is worth seeing.

photo img_5431photo img_5426photo img_5445

Time to say goodbye to wonderful Sicily and Castellammare and go to the airport. Let's say goodbye with a decent pizza and sicilian wine.

photo img_5470photo img_5462photo img_5476

Trapani airport is situated just a few meters from the sea. we arrived early, so instead of staying in a small and boring airport, we went to the nearby beach for the last mediterranean views and some spotting.

The airport itself doesn't look bad at first but then you discover it to be very small - a fact that in the very peak of the summer season in August must make it totally crowded.

photo img_5504

Small arrivals hall

photo img_5506

Airport's patron hidden in a corner with fire extinguisher

photo img_5508

Arrivals and departures (99% Ryanair)

photo img_5509photo img_5510

Check-in. Must say it was quick and the staff was polite. The told us not to worry about the bag weight… are we really flying Ryanair?

photo img_5511photo img_5512

The scurity check was also very fast and everyone was smiling there. I wish more security controllers were like this.
In the airside of the terminal there are just a few gates, one quite big souvenir shop and one cafe/bar. Wondering how the Etna explosion looks like? I still have at home a mixture of spices brought from Sicily 3 years ago and called "Kill your mother-in-law". I suppose it must be more or less the same.

photo img_5517

The gates area

My gate - number 7

photo img_5520

Boarding to Cagliari

photo img_5523

And finally our walk to the aircraft and boarding by the aft doors

This time we fly a typical older B737-800 with bigger and more comfortable seats.

photo img_5554

The safety card and the legroom

photo img_5534photo img_5535

View from my seat

photo img_5533

Finally we speed up for take off

photo img_5537photo img_5539

and head towards the sea

photo img_5541photo img_5542photo img_5543

The city of Trapani and Mount Erice

photo img_5550photo img_5551photo img_5552

Passing by the San Vito lo Capo at the very edge of the peninsula that looks nice from above and on almost every picture but when you go there, you see just crowds of people

photo img_5557photo img_5558

And then it's just getting darker and darker. I have to admit a very strong part of the flight was the crew - young, energetic, friendly and in a good mood, despite being already some hours at work.

photo img_5560photo img_5561

These olive crakers became puffed as a result of the pressure difference, when we landed they came back to their initial condition

photo img_5563

Welcome back to the dark and rainy Modlin

photo img_5569photo img_5572

At least the rain finishes as we deboard the aircraft so we won't get totally wet as on our way to Sicily

Waiting for the bag. I would cry like a baby if my olive oil, home made pasta, sundried tomatoes and other sicilian specialties that made our suitcase so heavy got lost. Happily the bag arrives intact.

photo img_5582

So that's it. Time for some colder and more wet climate for the next couple of months :(

Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu1.0

Trapani - TPS


Warsaw - WMI



TPS is a typical small low cost airport with very friendly and relaxed staff. Ryanair for me is like a shuttle bus that offers only the essentials with definitely the lowest possible level of joy of flying. However the crew was a big and postive surprise.



  • Comment 417209 by
    CounterSurprise 80 Comments

    Great Flight Report with unique and really nice bonus pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 417212 by
    marathon SILVER 9723 Comments

    Caccamo is on my must see list next time - we could only make a brief stop there before departing from PMO.
    Only two hours in Agrigento's Valley of Temples ? We spent the whole day there !
    Sicilian pastries are a total disaster when you train for a marathon ;)
    Thanks for the confirmation that Vito del Capo is not worth visiting - we hesitated and decided against driving all the way to there.
    Great pictures after take-off !
    Thanks for sharing this report and wonderful bonus pictures !
    (suggestion : encapsulate them as bonus so readers can choose to skip it... which I never do)

  • Comment 417303 by
    loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

    Hi Marathon, thanks for your kind words. I planned to do it this way, but as Ryanair flights are usually not very interesting, decided to put the bonus pics inside the report to make it more pleasant. As far as the Valley is concerned I would have spent there whole day too if it hadn't been so windy, dry and hot. San Vito is a terrible place, you loose a lot of time getting there, discover no parking space, crowds of people, completely avarage beach and extremely high prices.

  • Comment 417311 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us! It is always a treat to read through them.

    Spectacular bonus pictures in the beginning, lovely to look at.

    Nice shots of your ride while boarding.

    “At least the rain finishes as we deboard the aircraft“
    - Good to hear :).

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 418304 by
    Pilpintu 757 Comments


    I enjoyed this trip around Sicily from beginning to end! I loved those views in your previous report and in this one! Those sweets have given me the perfect excuse to plan a trip to Italy!

    And what a nice detail: "il doggino"!! XDDD I see that dogs speak the same language all over the world!

    The bag of crackers puffed up! Hm... That might explain my own situation: The problem is not my body, but the lack of pressure around it!! XDD

    Thanks a lot for this very informative report.

    Addio, amico!

  • Comment 444400 by
    tommo 15 Comments

    Dear Loukas,

    I loved reading your trip report and your fun way of writing :)
    In the next two months I'm having 6 Ryanair flights myself (CGN-WMI-CGN, CGN-TSF-CGN, FRA-LIS-FRA) and I'm curious if they changed since I last took them two years ago.
    Sicily looks lovely and I'll put it on my long list of places I want to travel to.

    Greetings from Germany

    • Comment 444414 by
      loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

      Thanks for your kind words. Looks like you're gonna have some great trips, Lisbon is definitely on my list, I hope to go there this summer. I don't think Ryanair changes a lot, they introduce new planes and connections but I wouldn't expect much from an ultra low cost airline. Have a great flights and great time wherever you go! Thanks for stopping by.

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