Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 43
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 20 Aug 17, 15:15
Arrival at 20 Aug 17, 16:45
H2 36 reviews
By 267
Published on 15th November 2017
Policeman: Why didn't you report your stolen credit card, sir?
Man: Because the thief was spending less than my wife!

Of course, the lines above are an absurd generalization. I can spend more money than many women. And faster.

But this trip makes me wonder…

I am in Santiago attending a talk along with two colleagues, Claudia and Romina.

Now, after the talk, we have the rest of the afternoon for ourselves. I don't have any plan in particular, but they have a detailed program that includes a tour visiting the main picadas* around town.

Picada? That's a shop of any kind, where you'll get great value for your money.

Pre-flight bonus - Santiago

We don't waste time. From the meeting venue (the brown building on the left)…
photo img_20170819_120900

…we head straight…
photo img_20170819_172510

…for the places where both my colleagues want to vitrinear (go window-shopping).
photo img_20170819_173058_1

Claudia has Arab ancestry, so we make a stop at an Arab restaurant she knows. I had never eaten Arab food before, and my first approach to it is… how can I say it… Well, some of it is a bit difficult to assimilate visually. It tastes much better than it looks, though, but the filling is the same in all cases. Only the "container" changes. I am a good boy, however, and eat everything.
photo img_20170819_145009

Romina's dish looks more appetizing to me.
photo img_20170819_145024

After eating we visit the shopping center at the foot of this building, which happens to be the tallest building in Santiago and looks ridiculously lonely against the much lower skyline
photo img_20170819_173118

This is where I get an unexpected job…
photo img_20170819_173440

Baggage keeper! Trying all those clothes is impossible with your hands full of bags!
photo img_20170819_181250

I am well rewarded, though. They invite me for pizza later that day. This is the view from the pizza parlor.
photo img_20170819_190317

It's winter, and night falls early over San Cristóbal hill. We will meet the following day at the airport. My feet are killing me!!
photo img_20170819_194455


Every time I come to SCL…
photo img_20170820_121406b

…I take the chance to check…
photo img_20170820_121414

…on the progress of the building work…
photo img_20170820_121417

…for the new terminal.
photo img_20170820_121420

This time…
photo img_20170820_121510

…if you look over there…
photo img_20170820_121543

…you'll see that piers C and E are well under way.
photo img_20170820_121525photo img_20170820_122156_1

According to this information on the concession holder's Facebook page, those piers will be supported by 444 columns…
photo img_20170820_122215

…and will add 22 jetways to the existing 18.
photo img_20170820_122228

The main hall will be in the middle, between the access and exit ramps.
photo img_20170820_122308photo img_20170820_122326

The piers and the main hall are shown in that greenish (or light-bluish) color in this ground plan taken from the October 2017 concession holder's newsletter, which is freely available for download. In fact, you can download the newsletter for any month.
photo oct build

Going into the terminal building through Preferential Boarding…
photo img_20170820_122405

…you see this sort of resting area. Actually, if you need some sleep you can lay in any corner, but this area is specially dedicated to it. It's usually full at night.
photo img_20170820_122454

Claudia and Romina are on their way, so I’ll start moving towards domestic departures. Unlike the usual efficiency at national departures, queues here at the international side can be quite long.
photo img_20170820_122844

Crossing the main hall from end to end…
photo img_20170820_122900

…you find this little corner where minor airlines are usually relegated. Latin American Wings, for example, used to be here. The new ULCC JetSmart took its place.
photo img_20170820_123244

And also DAP. By the way, I’m eager to fly with DAP as soon as possible. They cover several destinations in Patagonia, and also Antarctica!
photo img_20170820_123438

On my left, my favorite shop: Punto Musical. Not exactly a picada, but still an addiction for me. I have some time to vitrinear (look around)
photo img_20170820_123518

Wooooow!!!! The three seasons of Star Trek, the Original Series on DVD!!! Should I?? Shouldn’t I???
photo img_20170820_124336

And that’s how my money boldly goes… out of my wallet.
photo img_20170820_135023

A queue like this is no reason to worry at all. It moves very fast.
photo img_20170820_125252

It must have taken less than 10 minutes to be airside.
photo img_20170820_130548

Arturo Merino exhibition

In the boarding room I come across this unexpected display…
photo img_20170820_133442

…about the life and works of Arturo Merino, considered the “founding father” of Chilean aviation.
photo img_20170820_133755

Much of it has to do with his role in the birth…
photo 01c

…and development of the Línea Aérea Nacional, LAN, now LATAM.
photo 02b

I had to resize and rotate these images from the exhibition, but I'm leaving the original ones here in case you want to download them.

Three model planes are also on display:
photo img_20170820_133632

The LAN18 was built in Chile, based on the Fairchild FC-2W.
photo img_20170820_133302

It crashed in 1939.
photo img_20170820_133252

It was restored in 2007 by Santiago's Aviation Museum.
photo img_20170820_133314

The 1929 Curtiss P-1 A Hawk war plane.
photo img_20170820_133511

Curtiss was a US company but, according to this information, this plane was also built at the local Curtiss factory in what used to be SCL’s predecessor: Los Cerrillos airport. That factory had been established thanks to Merino’s initiative.
photo img_20170820_133531

Finally, the British De Havilland DH-60 G Gipsy Moth.
photo img_20170820_133548

It was the very first plane of the Línea Aeropostal Santiago - Arica, LAN’s predecessor.
photo img_20170820_133559_1


There comes CC-AHC.
photo img_20170820_133958photo img_20170820_134005

Am I right when I say that that aircraft looks like a BAe? It must be one of DAP aircraft.
photo img_20170820_134019

In the meantime, Claudia and Romina make it to the airport. We are ready to board… in style. The day before, during our shopping tour, Claudia suddenly cries “Look at that!!” and races across the street. Completely clueless, Romina and me run after her, fearing that an accident or something worse has happened. Then Claudia runs into a shop and grabs that bee backpack. “I’ve been looking for one of these for ages! The kids are gonna love it!!” Gosh. She teaches primary school.
photo img_20170820_144205

She places her bee backpack where she can see it. Who would dare stealing it?!
photo img_20170820_145457

A pre-flight visit to the restroom. If you ever visit South America and need toilet paper, you must ask for papel higiénico. Except in Chile! It’s called “papel confort” here. Confort (yes, with an N) is a toilet paper brand in Chile, and it became the standard name for toilet paper here. Just like Kleenex for tissues in other countries. What if you need toilet paper of that specific brand? You ask for "confort Confort". XD
photo img_20170820_145907

This will be my view for this flight. There must be a standard width for the aisle, I guess, but when I compare this to what I saw on a LATAM flight in Brazil recently, it looks quite wide. I wonder if that’s some kind of visual effect because of that flooring.
photo img_20170820_151548

I would say…
photo img_20170820_151712

…that the cabin looks a little older…
photo img_20170820_162818

…than on other Sky aircraft.
photo img_20170820_162830_2

Back home

Whatever, the three of us chat all the way to Valdivia. We are soon disembarking…
photo img_20170820_163927

I can see the captain!! He must see freaks like me taking photos of the cabin at every airport. XDD
photo img_20170820_163934

ZAL is a very relaxed…
photo img_20170820_163945_1

…little airport…
photo img_20170820_163953

…and, having no baggage to claim…
photo img_20170820_164051

…Claudia, her bee, and the rest of us make it airside in no time.
photo img_20170820_164054_1

Romina's boyfriend is waiting for us with his car. Great. I'm so tired!!
photo img_20170820_164304

I had lots of fun, but somewhere in the back of my head I'm happy I'm single! XDD
photo img_20170820_164306

Finally, I apologize for giving this report a too personal touch. For the good times!
photo img_20170819_151233
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew8.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Sky Airline
Punctual. Reliable. Great BOB menu. Good prices. Fantastic for a LCC.

Lots of positive changes, new services. Efficient and clean.

OK for a small airport, but I have seen no changes, no improvements in two years using this airport. Outside walls are showing signs of weathering. Where is the maintenance team? Three airlines will be landing here starting next January. More passengers will demand more and better services, not just chewing gum ball dispensers!!

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The airline with the best average rating is Sky Airline with 7.4/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 28 minutes.

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  • Comment 419917 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hola Don Nelson!

    "Finally, I apologize for giving this report a too personal touch. For the good times!"
    - I seriously don't think that some of us mind. Injecting some individuality into each FR makes it more interesting and let us peek into the personality of its author. ;)

    "I can spend more money than many women. And faster."
    - This is a dangerous proposition. I am not a shopper and dislike uncontrolled consumerism, but I will be in a tempting situation in a few days when I visit Bangkok, which is supposedly the "it" place for shopping in Asia. And guess what? I will be accompanied by two ladies as well - my sisters. :P

    "I had never eaten Arab food before,"
    - There is a first time for everything. So did you like it? i personally love the hummus (chickpea) and baba ghanoush (eggplant) dips with warm pita breads. Oh and the lamb dishes are wonderful too. ;)

    "Baggage keeper! "
    - So you got a taste of what the average husband goes through when shopping with his wife. lol. In your case x2.

    "I am well rewarded, though. They invite me for pizza later that day. This is the view from the pizza parlor."
    - Glad to find that your sacrifice paid off. Santiago looks like a very nice city from your pics.

    "I have some time to vitrinear (look around)"
    - Now it is my turn to contribute with an idiomatic expression from Costa Rica. When you say "vitrinear" we say "vinear" (curiosear). A person who is curious about other people's doings is a "vino". I can't imagine talking like this in Chile though. :P

    "Should I?? Shouldn’t I???"
    - I deal with this dilemma by asking myself if i would have regrets not buying it. If the answer is yes then I go ahead and buy it. ;)

    "And that’s how my money boldly goes… out of my wallet."
    - Looks like this trip was productive for you too. So it's safe to assume that you are a sci-fi fan.

    "We are ready to board… in style."
    - You captured her walking with confidence. She would feel at ease walking in a fashion runway.

    Thank you for sharing another fascinating FR Nelson.

    • Comment 419923 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 732 Comments

      Hola Adán!

       I am not a shopper and dislike uncontrolled consumerism

      Bueno, creo que me puedo describir como una víctima del con-su-mismo, porque soy de los que siempre andan con-su-mismo pantalón, con-su-mismo par de zapatos, con-su-mismo reloj.... Jajjajajaja

       i personally love the hummus (chickpea)

      Wait a minute. Now that you mention humus, I must say that I was wrong when I said this had been the first time I tried Arab food. I love making falafel!!! My falafel is better than the one I’ve tried in restaurants, and it’s Arab food!! I forgot that when I was writing the report. :D

      In your case x2

      Living some things in your own flesh makes you more compassionate.
      I’m feeling a great compassion for married men right now!!! XDDD

      A person who is curious about other people's doings is a "vino".

      I had to rewire my whole brain to understand that!! How can vino have such a meaning!!! Such kind of person would be called a copuchento in Chile, from copucha (chisme). The verb is copuchar, or copuchentear.

      A person who is curious about other people's doings is a "vino".

      Yes! It’s like sneezing. When it comes, it’s difficult to control.

      it's safe to assume that you are a sci-fi fan.

      Much of a trekkie!!!

      Thanks for dropping by, Adan! Reading your comments is always un placer. ^^

      • Comment 419934 by
        jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

        Hola Nelson.

        "Bueno, creo que me puedo describir como una víctima del con-su-mismo, porque soy de los que siempre andan con-su-mismo pantalón, con-su-mismo par de zapatos, con-su-mismo reloj.... Jajjajajaja"
        - LOL. Bien destacado por lo visto. ;)

        "I love making falafel!!! My falafel is better than the one I’ve tried in restaurants, and it’s Arab food!! I forgot that when I was writing the report. :D"
        - I think you are a closeted fan of Arab food. ;)

        "I’m feeling a great compassion for married men right now!!! XDDD"
        - It's good training. :P You never know when cupid is going to strike with his arrows.

        "Reading your comments is always un placer. ^^"
        - Al contrario mi estimado. ;)

  • Comment 420273 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus! Thanks for another funny report. I think that by the time I finally come to Chile the new Santiago terminal will be ready. Anyway the construction works look really impressive. The bee bag looks so funny, that should be the cover of this report! Have a nice day!

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