Review of Indonesia AirAsia flight Singapore Jakarta in Economy

Airline Indonesia AirAsia
Flight QZ263
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 11 Nov 17, 10:20
Arrival at 11 Nov 17, 11:05
QZ 24 reviews
Eric V P
By 865
Published on 14th November 2017
Report #17: QZ263 - A taste of SIN T4

This will be my report on flying on Indonesia AirAsia economy class from Singapore to Jakarta, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia. This trip features the very new terminal 4 at SIN and hopefully becomes the first one to feature the terminal operating here, when it was the 5th day AirAsia group flew from that terminal.


As I had some things to do in Jakarta, I decided to proceed and buy a pair of tickets from Singapore to Jakarta and back. However, as I understand some airlines are moving to SIN terminal 4 including AirAsia group, I opted to fly with Indonesia AirAsia for the departure and Jetstar Asia on the way back.

AirAsia group is quite famous for its reasonably priced add-ons (including exit row seat assignment + priority boarding from only S$15 (US$11.3) and a hot meal at only S$4 (US$3)), so I decided to opt for both, making my trip costing in total S$73 (US$ 54).
photo itin price

Trip to SIN and check-in

The evening before the trip started with attending a talk by my ex-employer who happened to visit my campus.
photo 20171110_1631220

After the talk, I proceeded to my hostel as seen below, packed some of my belongings, and then started my journey to the airport. It was a slightly rainy day, so I decided to take a carpooling service to Clementi station followed by metro train, although as the other person was going to the Cathay, I decided to go with him so I could start my metro train ride from Dhoby Ghaut station instead.
photo resized 2

The metro train shuttle route to the airport was quite quiet, but the ride from the city to Tanah Merah was quite crowded – I counted myself lucky to have a seat for the earlier segment.
photo 20171110_212810

The Changi Airport station has already updated the sign with the terminal 4 sign.
photo 20171110_213354

Singapore SIN terminal 4 feature Snorlax – I wonder why is that selected, although at least it looked quite cute.
photo 20171110_213448

As the bus to Singapore SIN terminal 4 had already started boarding, I decided to rush to the bus, which made me unable to clearly take a picture of the bus waiting area.
photo 20171110_213621

SIN terminal 2 drop-off area.
photo 20171110_213715

After a short bus ride, I then arrived at Singapore SIN terminal 4. Bus shuttles may either use the newer bus or the older one, which I will review further down.
photo 20171110_214015photo 20171110_214111

I was then dropped at the departure area - nonetheless the pick-up will still be at the arrival area.
photo 20171110_214130photo 20171110_214228

The drop-off area quite much resembled the ones at SIN terminal 2 or 3.
photo 20171110_214201photo 20171110_214207

One last view of the bus which took me to the terminal 4 public area.
photo 20171110_214224

The first impression when I entered the terminal was that it looked quite modern and have some sense of excitement, but at the same time I couldn't help but to compare it with a newer Singapore SIN terminal 1.
photo 20171110_214238

Contrary to my thought, SIN terminal 4 still has quite some manned counters for the more traditional airlines instead of going fully self-service
photo 20171110_214249

AirAsia's check-in facility, however, resembled a lot like Jetstar's back in terminal 1.
photo 20171110_214305

Their check-in area consist of check-in machines, self bag drop kiosks, and (not visible) payment and document check counters. Some staff members were there to assist passengers when needed.
photo 20171110_214326

The resulting boarding pass unfortunately looked very cheap with receipt-like boarding pass stock and didn't even have any perforation.
photo 20171111_063017

AirAsia's ad on the end of the check-in row.
photo 20171110_214639

The terminal's check-in area felt tighter than the others, especially evident on the walkway between the check-in counters and the immigration counters.
photo 20171110_214702

SIN terminal 4 feature much more immigration gates than in other terminals. Different to other terminals', instead of having an officer check your boarding pass you can simply scan it before entering the gate, and also you have your photo taken for automated boarding. However, I found the experience with the new automated gates to be unpleasant. First, despite having no document check required, my boarding pass was rejected and the officer asked me to get the document check stamp. In addition, my photo in the passport and my real life face did not match (my passport was issued in 2014), so after the officer fiddled with the mobile application for the gates I was finally let through.
photo 20171110_214717

The security feature new machines, which are much more convenient as I did not need to remove my laptop from my bag among others and also separated bags requiring manual check with the ones cleared for departure. Instead of metal detectors, they also used full body scanners.
photo 20171110_215622photo 20171110_215618

SIN transit area and departure

I passed through the duty-free store, which was laid out quite similarly to DPS.
photo 20171110_215626photo 20171110_215643

Fortunately, the maze ended there as afterwards the transit area consisted of seating areas and shops behind the gates like in CGK terminal 3, the main difference being CGK terminal 3's retail area felt much more cramped.
photo 20171110_215747

An art piece showing a traveling family.
photo 20171110_215805

Map of SIN terminal 4 - due to its layout, there are quite few moving walkways around the terminal. Also, the H gates refer to the bus gates, where they have some of them downstairs.
photo 20171110_215818

A sample of the signage at SIN terminal 4 - it could be seen that there are only 2 lounge clusters available, both of which are upstairs.
photo 20171110_215836

The food court unfortunately quite lacked the variety seen in its terminal 3 counterpart.
photo 20171110_215939photo 20171110_215942

Much like the other terminals, the sleeping area feature sleeping chairs and seats.
photo 20171110_220302

From the sleeping area it is possible to see the public check-in area.
photo 20171110_220324

One of the two lounge clusters consist of Plaza Premium/SATS Premier lounge cluster,
photo 20171110_220411photo 20171111_013056

Cathay Pacific lounge is also available. Unfortunately, the Cathay Pacific lounge mainly caters to its own customers as only those flying out of terminal 4 may access the terminal.
photo 20171110_220414

As I was looking for some drinks, I decided to proceed to the terminal 3. To start, we needed to go to the terminal 4's arrival area by the elevator.
photo 20171110_220940

Afterwards, I proceeded to the staff who asked me why did I want to go to the main terminal, stamped my boarding pass with the M stamp, and escorted me to the bus waiting area.
photo 20171110_220847

The people there also asked me to put the T4 sticker like below on my T-shirt to identify me as a reentry passenger when I go back, and perhaps to return me to terminal 4 should they look for me.
photo 20171110_221156

By the time I arrived, the bus was already waiting for me, which was always the case for all my subsequent bus trips.
photo 20171110_221038

This shows the interior of the terminal 4 shuttle buses fleet, marked with the Terminal 4 Shuttle writing. The load factor was very low with only me, a security officer, and the driver inside.
photo 20171110_221116

The ride was quite a long one at around 7 minutes like the shuttle between Singapore SIN terminal 2 and 3 transit area when the people mover was not operational (2.30 - 5.00 AM daily).
photo 20171110_221622

I then arrived at SIN terminal 2 transit area, which apparently was refurbished to match the design at terminal 4.
photo 20171110_221851photo 20171110_221903

SIN terminal 2 arrival immigration seemed quite quiet.
photo 20171110_222005

Escalators from the transit floor to the arrival immigration - another escalator going up is located just behind.
photo 20171110_221950

After I arrived at SIN terminal 2, a staff member upon seeing my sticker asked me whether I know how to return to terminal 4, and just after I went up to the transit floor another person asked me the same thing again when he saw the sticker. I wonder if it is Singapore SIN's standard procedure, and while I appreciated the care it may seem a bit overwhelming for the others.

A view of SIN terminal 2 transit area. I then continued walking a bit to the people mover station.
photo 20171110_222119photo 20171110_222129

The station features a display of views in Singapore where when people came nearby at the specific range they are also displayed in the image.
photo 20171110_222210photo 20171110_222233

The people mover was typical of the others at SIN.
photo 20171110_222342

Unlike the other people mover trips, we had the chance to see the outside the airport much better were it not for my bad camera.
photo 20171110_222440photo 20171110_222449

The terminal 3 transit area people mover station. The platform to gates A15 - A21 is opposite the one for the interterminal transfer.
photo 20171110_222607

Returning to the familiar home.
photo 20171110_222725photo 20171110_222726

First, I decided to have a ramen for supper, which was quite good and reasonably priced except that they used paper bowl.
photo 20171110_222832photo 20171110_223029

Unlike usual, SIN terminal 3 which was usually quiet turned very crowded that evening.
photo 20171110_223841photo 20171110_223852

My next destination was the Long Bar, which unfortunately was closed even though it was only 20 minutes away from its closing time.
photo 20171110_224018

The pre-mixed Singapore Sling looked especially interesting.
photo 20171110_224058

I then tried the S$7.5 (US$5.5) minced meat noodle again, reminiscent of the lost passport incident on my previous trip.
photo 20171110_230837

For comparison, here is the S$5 (US$3.8) minced meat noodle.
photo 20170930_014633

Irvins, a brand selling salted egg products, is about to open a store at Singapore SIN terminal 3, so at the moment the sole store is in Singapore SIN terminal 2.
photo 20171110_231519

I then returned to Singapore SIN terminal 2, and along the way I did not take any more photo.

Some views of SIN terminal 2 transit area, which looked pretty dingy.
photo 20171110_234908photo 20171110_234958

LH's 388 about to return to FRA - the airline had some sentiment on me as my first intercontinental flight in 2002 from CGK to FRA via SIN was operated by them.
photo 20171110_235047photo 20171110_235104

To return to terminal 4, I needed to first show my boarding pass and passport to the staff on the unused gate F51 to verify that I would fly out of terminal 4.
photo 20171111_011748

Security screening was also conducted at terminal 2, but as they used the conventional screening machines I needed to separate my laptop among others.
photo 20171111_012054

Escalator leading to the bus waiting room downstairs.
photo 20171111_012102

The waiting room looked especially comfortable and felt quite common with the waiting area at Singapore SIN terminal 4.
photo 20171111_012123photo 20171111_012129

This time, the bus used the normal buses instead of the designated terminal 4 bus.
photo 20171111_012230photo 20171111_012249

I then took some photos before the security officer asked me not to take photos on board.
photo 20171111_012320photo 20171111_012337

As I arrived at terminal 4, I reported to the transfer staff and went up with a view of the quiet arrival immigration area.
photo 20171111_012910photo 20171111_012932

Unlike at the other terminals, they even managed to put some trees at the arrival area.
photo 20171111_013001

The lavatory was quite much like the other terminals.
photo 20171111_013652photo 20171111_013703

As there is (close to) no scheduled late night flight, the terminal was very quiet at night.
photo 20171111_022335photo 20171111_022339

I then took a sleep at the sleeping lounge, and while the seat itself was fine and they even have adjustable headrests, they are still quite uncomfortable as it could not reach high enough to support my head (I am 5' 11")

After sleeping for around 3 hours, I returned to terminal 2 again to take the salted egg snack orders.
photo 20171111_060930photo 20171111_061415

The dining area at Singapore SIN terminal 2 had started to become crowded, so I postponed my breakfast.
photo 20171111_062141

This is the Irvins brand salted egg potato chips (they also have the fish skin version), which has become quite popular in Indonesia and usually commands a Rp40.000 (US$3) premium per package.
photo 20171111_062714

I then started working on this report at the laptop access area, one of the very few places featuring 2 universal power plugs per person.
photo 20171111_062544

For my breakfast I went for curry puffs.
photo 20171111_081641

A view of the aircrafts on Singapore SIN terminal 2.
photo 20171111_083955

Since I had bought the snack orders and it was around 1 hour to departure I returned again to terminal 4.
photo 20171111_085503

The view was noticeably better on the way back.
photo 20171111_085621photo 20171111_085657

SIN terminal 4 admittedly looked a bit dull from the outside.
photo 20171111_085828photo 20171111_085829

There was only one CX plane this time - on my previous trips I remember I saw 3 planes parked which made me wonder if this is mini-HKG or SIN.
photo 20171111_085959photo 20171111_0859590

The public area looked especially brighter during the day, but at the same time they didn't rely too much on natural sunlight.
photo 20171111_090356

I quickly went to the gate, only to hear my flight being retimed by 20 minutes.
photo 20171111_090530photo 20171111_090839

FIDS of the morning.
photo 20171111_090859

As I broke my denim, I decided to immediately go to a store, get a new pair of running pants, and proceeded to the lavatory. When I arrived at the lavatory near gate G7, I was pleasantly surprised to see the toilet there featuring Japanese style bidet which include among them warm seat, multiple bidet water settings, and proximity sensor to open/close the toilet lid. If only other toilets at least have the bidet ….
photo 20171111_094031

United's 787 departing to San Francisco SFO.
photo 20171111_102254

Boarding gate at Singapore SIN terminal 4, featuring automated boarding gates.
photo 20171111_102235

The plane of the day, which was PK-AZD, an A320-200 plane fitted with new winglet.
photo 20171111_102328photo 20171111_103702

Boarding soon started, but typical with flights to Indonesia boarding was chaotic as the priority for exit row and select front row seats were not enforced.

As my boarding pass bore the M stamp, I needed to proceed to the gate agents to have my boarding pass checked and partially tore despite using the automated immigration counters. Seems like a sign for me not to go around the airport?
photo 20171111_103534

We then went down one floor to go to the aerobridge.
photo 20171111_103804

Further unlike in other terminals, the arriving passengers go through a separate corridor to go to the arrival immigration.
photo 20171111_103821

The aerobridge was nothing special, akin to the other terminals.
photo 20171111_103830photo 20171111_103850

We soon reached the plane's left door for boarding.
photo 20171111_103907photo 20171111_103913

On board

Flight: QZ263
Plane: PK-AZD
STD/ATD: 10.20/10.56
STA/ATA: 11.05/11.34
Load factor: 77%-83%Y (140 - 150/180)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

The flight attendant welcomed me and I went down the aisle.
photo 20171111_103931

As few were willing to pay for the emergency exit row seats I had the whole row to myself, at least until the passengers in 12AB moved to 14AB after the meal service. The load factor for the emergency exit row seats stood at only 41% (5/12).
photo 20171111_104044

The seat pitch may not be as huge as SilkAir's A320 row 10, but nonetheless it was acceptable.
photo 20171111_104112

Safety card together with the exit row guide were present
photo 20171111_104201

AirAsia also loaded the global as well as Indonesia Travel 3sixty magazine.
photo 20171111_104238

Duty free and accessories + dining menu was also present.
photo 20171111_104316

Last but not least, Tony Fernandes' book and an airsickness bag was present.
photo 20171111_104350

As the plane was first bought for the Indonesian market, the signages are also still in Indonesian and English.
photo 20171111_121742photo 20171111_121747

A view of outside the aircraft. The window wasn't at their best, so all photos of the outside will look slightly worse than usual.
photo 20171111_104705

The cabin didn't look that full despite the ~80% load factor.
photo 20171111_104743

The plane soon pushed back for departure.
photo 20171111_105638photo 20171111_105641

It was quite a long taxi as we departed from runway 20C.
photo 20171111_110905photo 20171111_110955

Takeoff was uneventful and soon we climbed to the cruising altitude passing SIngapore's east coast
photo 20171111_1110250photo 20171111_111135

There was only one table available for exit row seats, although it could be extended quite far away commensurate with the seat pitch.
photo 20171111_112533

The first trolley carried the preorder meals while the second one behind served the others.
photo 20171111_112927

The menu I opted for the day consisted of:
Appetizer: Finna brand mini prawn crackers
Main course: Rice with anchovies, beef rendang, cassava leaves, and green chili sauce
Drink: Coca Cola
The general sales trolley with a full suite of items, including ice.
photo 20171111_113504

The glass was a semi-glossy paper-lined paper glass, which is used regardless of whether it is for a cold or hot drink.
photo 20171111_114451

Here is the meal provided from the preorder trolley.
photo 20171111_113254

The meal after being opened and complimented by the glass of ice from the sales trolley.
photo 20171111_113607

To start, the shrimp crackers tasted fine despite being on the slightly smaller side. With regard to the main course, the rice was a bit on the drier side while the rendang was quite tender except the last piece, where it was a bit tough. It was also complimented with cassava leaves which was again slightly on the more chewy side and green chili sauce which had a bit of kick, so would appreciate having more of the chili sauce to compensate the reduced flavour. Even though the meal may not be stellar, with the whole meal and the drink costing only S$4 (US$3) when booked ahead, it was very well worth it I even joked to my friends of AirAsia almost running a charity when it comes to preordered meals - compared to other LCCs on the same route they came as a very clear winner in terms of value for money.

After the meal, I went to the lavatory, which fortunately was quite clean except for some water on the basin.
photo 20171111_121019photo 20171111_121023

To keep the meal costs low, apparently they loaded the meals at CGK as seen on the paper at the trolley saying CGK-SIN-CGK.
photo 20171111_120922photo 20171111_120934

As usual, I took a view of the cabin from the rear.
photo 20171111_121320

The cruise itself was uneventful, although at 11.50 Singapore time we encountered some light turbulences.
photo 20171111_112602

I worked on my laptop and listened some music from my phone for quite a while before descending.
photo 20171111_115337

Descent was fine except for some minor bumps.
photo 20171111_122520

As the plane was landing at runway 25R, the short final offered a view of Tangerang.
photo 20171111_123010photo 20171111_123042

The pilot didn't use the reverse thrust upon landing, making the landing roll slightly longer so the plane can reach terminal 2E faster.
photo 20171111_123110photo 20171111_123139

Upon taxi we passed MH's 738 bound for KUL.
photo 20171111_123315

A better view of CGK terminal 2.
photo 20171111_123348

As we reached the gate I saw GA's 333 about to depart.
photo 20171111_123821

Our plane was parked beside JT's 739.
photo 20171111_123859

I decided to deboard last and asked if it would be possible to visit the cockpit for a while, which was unfortunately not possible as there was not enough space due to people investigating an error shown on the plane's computer system. I bid the flight attendant a goodbye and proceeded out of the plane.

The aerobridge looked very dated, as usual.
photo 20171111_114343

One last view of PK-AZD.
photo 20171111_114404

Arrival at CGK and post-arrival trip

As terminal 2E does not have any immigration facility, we went down from the aerobridge.
photo 20171111_114450

The bus looked quite shabby compared with even SIN's ordinary airport bus.
photo 20171111_114510photo 20171111_114802

We were welcomed by the ground staffs sitting unorganized at the bus arrival area.
photo 20171111_114902

The design of CGK terminal 2 felt very Indonesian.
photo 20171111_114922

After walking to the main building, some more walk is needed to go to the immigration counters/gates.
photo 20171111_115003

Counters and gates for Indonesian passport holders are on the left side. The immigration took me several minutes.
photo 20171111_115012

After passing the immigration, I went to the dingy arrival area.
photo 20171111_115303photo 20171111_115454

As I didn't have any checked luggage to claim, I could proceed to the customs. Despite a lot of the others being redirected for scanning, I was let through in no time.
photo 20171111_115456

I was then offered taxi service by the people at the counters, but I rejected it.
photo 20171111_115545photo 20171111_115559

Traveling by bus require a further walk to the bus stop, which was not appreciated.
photo 20171111_115619

CGK terminal 2 public arrival area is semi-outdoor, which doesn't help as Jakarta is often hotter than Singapore where I am staying.
photo 20171111_115622photo 20171111_115625

As I was picked up by a car, I needed to walk further to the pick-up area, which was again not air conditioned.
photo 20171111_115743photo 20171111_115803

Since the pick-up area is connected to the people mover station, I decided to have a look on what's in store.
photo 20171111_120332

The people over was still in its early stage, so very few trips are being made daily.
photo 20171111_120339

My friend picked me up later on, and we started going back to Jakarta.
photo 20171111_120939

I stayed at a budget room chain, which although insufficient for the discerning travelers was acceptably priced if you are only looking for a place to sleep.
photo 20171111_125635photo 20171111_125703

In the evening, I got to meet some of my friends and acquaintances on an activity. Guess which one is me :p
photo mq
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Indonesia AirAsia

Cabin crew5.0

Singapore - SIN


Jakarta - CGK



The trip quite much showed how AirAsia offers a good value for money for the trip. Despite the relatively low total fare, I managed to get exit row seating, hot meal, and drink, which would simply be close to impossible elsewhere. Singapore SIN terminal 4's innovations are also a warm welcome with more efficient space usage and several new technologies, although especially in terms of the immigration they still have pretty much to learn.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Reasonable fare (S$73 (US$55) one-way)
+ Acceptable check-in waiting and processing time
+ Acceptable security at SIN
+ SIN terminal 4's quietness
+ Portable bidet at Singapore SIN terminal 4 toilet
+ Relatively new plane
+ Acceptable cabin crew
+ Reasonable meal for the price paid
+ Lavatory cleanliness

Things that can be improved:
- Lack of automated people mover to/from SIN terminal 4
- Uncolored boarding pass stock
- Multiple issues at the immigration at SIN
- Poor connectivity between SIN terminal 4 and terminals 1/2/3 transit area
- Lack of universal power plugs at Singapore SIN terminal 4 sleeping chairs (at least there are very few UK-style plugs)
- Few people eligible for automated boarding at SIN terminal 4
- Rather uncoordinated boarding
- Shady apron buses at CGK
- Some immigration gates not working at CGK
- Inconvenient access to bus or car pick-up area

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Jakarta (CGK)


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