Review of Philippine Airlines flight Dubai Manila in Business

Airline Philippine Airlines
Flight PR659
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 08:40
Take-off 19 Nov 17, 19:40
Arrival at 20 Nov 17, 08:20
PR   #31 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 33 reviews
Published on 20th November 2017


This trip to Australia could happend thanks to huge Philippine Airlines business class promotion. I would never again fly long haul flights in economy as it is disgusting and you feel like cramped paper. But fare at 900 USD from Dubai to Sydney seemed more than affordable. At that time PAL announced retrofitting of their aircrafts and becoming a 5 star airline by 2020. I was really thrilled to try their product as at the time I purchased my ticket they were quite bad and reviews were so.
As far as I hate Emirates and everyone who founds their product better in any class of travel than on other carriers, I used for my trip from Prague to Dubai Lufthansa. Just a few pictures:

Dubai airport + Lounge

If you are not flying Emirates, you will be flying from the oldes terminal T1. How nice. Check-in area is devided well, thanks to being business class passenger I did not have to queue at the baggage drop off. The problem for me is missing priority lines at Immigration and Security check. This part was were unorganised.
From this main building you take train to departure gates where also lounges are situated on the upper floor. Philippine Airlines have acces to Marhaba Lounge, which has not great reviews but for me it was nice place to stay. The selection of food was great including many hot dishes, soup, sandwiches, salads etc. Only champagne was missing. Toilets clean including two showers. Just ask to use them. When exploring lounge also do not forget to go really backside because there is better area.
photo dxb - mnl 1photo dxb - mnl 2photo dxb - mnl 3


Servis on this flight was absolutelly outstanding. Upon boarding the plane (from first pier, economy went second) every crew member came to introduce themselves and called me by name. They were extremelly friendly and polite. A cabin load was approximately 70% in J, 0% in Y+ and 70% in Y. Seats were comfy, I do not know what other travellers do not like about them.
Welcome drink with many choices but no champagne. Amenity kits and slippers were distributed, meal orders taken also for breakfast. The wine selection was great and traminer was really good choice!

Meal service

Dinner started with champagne, appetizier was smoked chicken with potato salad (not much good) but main course was a top noch! Prawns with rice and broccoli, that was my choice! It was Filipino choise, you can also choose Western and Arabic (as we departed from Dubai).
photo dxb - mnl 11photo dxb - mnl 12photo dxb - mnl 13

Dessert was the selection from ice creams and fruit cake. When the cabin crew found out I will not be going to bed immediatelly they also brought me next glass of traminer and nuts. Nice gesture!
photo dxb - mnl 14photo dxb - mnl 15photo dxb - mnl 16

I had great sleep in lie flat seat for at least 3 or 4 hours. Than the sun rised and cabin crew begun their second service. Again it all started with selection of drinks. This is their delicious white tea (red one) and blueberry smoothie. Fresh fruit, arabian mezze and pancakes can also not be missed!

Arriving in Manila well rested for the second part of the journey

And after arrival I went to Mabuhay Lounge to grab a shower and some fruit as we are in Philipinos and fruit there is delicious! Nice lounge.


As this flight is in A330 with older seats, the comfort is not the highest. Also catering could be better and the have to improve a lot if they want to become five star airline. But cabin crew is on their way there and if we consider that the ticket price to Australia was under 1000 USD I would absolutely recommend this airline!
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Cabin crew8.0

Marhaba Lounge


Dubai - DXB


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    hometoyyz SILVER 538 Comments

    Hi there Tulakpohvezdach, and thanks for a very interesting and insightful flight report -- while I've seen a few PR reports on the 77W, I'm not sure I've seen the A330 product reviewed before.

    Although it's an older seat, it at least looks attractive and isn't totally out of date. Do you know what they're replacing the with on the A330s? At least it doesn't look like the odd dual-level pairs on the 77W, though I think that was also the older product there, if memory serves.

    These seats look like a pretty standard, and fairly modern, staggered lay-flat, which I think is a perfectly acceptable, and generally comfortable, option... especially at that price point.

    What is the reddish juice served as a PDB? It looks interesting.

    I had to laugh at the load factors -- were they even selling Y+? Is it a "real" premium eocnomy or a US-style "extra legroom economy" offering? Maybe with J being so inexpensive, people who are looking to pay more than the absolute minimum just bought up to J rather than "settling" for premium economy? Either way... somewhat bizarre that it was totally empty. I wonder if there were any attempts by Y pax to "upgrade" themselves to get an row to themselves? Ahhhhh... poor man's flat bed!

    The sunrise shots out the window are beautiful!

    The PR lounge in MNL also looks quite attractive.

    Going from their previous status to 5-star over the next three years seem like a very ambitious goal, and it looks and reads like they've still got a way to go, although some of the hard parts (service, most notably, which is a culture issue and it's harder to move the dial on that in many ways) seem like they're in place. Do you think they'll be able to achieve their ambition?

    I've seen some very solid PR deals from time to time, but I tend to stay away because they aren't in an alliance... but one of these days, I'll have to give them a try.

    Thanks again for sharing this most interesting flight-report!

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