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Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL6190
Class Premium Eco
Seat --
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 13 Nov 17, 09:40
Arrival at 13 Nov 17, 11:40
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Published on 24th November 2017
Hi dear Fligh-t reporter.

Today, i propose you a new FR aboard a famous US airlines Delta.

As often beween USA and Canada Delta Airlines let it regional branches operating those flights.

Today I'm going to Detroit within Gojet.

Why Detroit? Just because i don't know this city and used to travel as soon as i can. Moreover Detroit has a great story. It's known as the US car capital in spite of the recent crisis which affects the city.

My trip begins early morning at the bus station in Montreal downtown at 6:30AM. A this time the only public transportation available is the bus 747. There are one every 30 mins.

In 30 minutes we are in the airport.

photo 20171113_070506photo 20171113_070508

The airport is divided in 3 parts: the domestic, international and transborder terminal.

The transborder terminal only welcome flights to USA as we pass the US borders directly in the airport. It's actually a great idea for the connecting flights as we directly arrive in USA in domestic terminals.

Thus drection to the transborder terminal.

photo 20171113_071029

Here is the program for this morning.

photo 20171113_071146photo 20171113_071159

The Delta counters are located at the end of the terminal just next to the Marriot.

At this time there's nobody and i drop my luggage off in barely 5 minutes.

photo 20171113_072815

My skyteam elite plus status allows me to take directly this line.

photo 20171113_072841

The security is passed in 5 minutes too and the same for the US customs.

Passing the border we find a Duty free zone, well-stocked with the typical gifts from Canada + the usual perfumes.

photo 20171113_075822

The transborder terminal.

There are just some sandwich stores nothing more.

photo 20171113_080748

View of the canadian customs.

photo 20171113_080639

The main hotspot remains the aircraft.

photo 20171113_080813

AC is at home!

photo 20171113_084200

In spite of the number of flights serving USA any US airlines decided to open lounges there. The one present belongs is of course the Maple Leaf lounge of Air Canada.

As we talk about lounge i wanted to highlight the fact that Delta explains on it website that even if they don't have lounge we can go to it partner lounges proposed by Air France-Klm which is wrong as in reality this lounge is located in another part of the terminal not accessible from the transborder terminal.
I find that a bit dishonest.
Here is the link.

Meanwhile this seat will be perfect to wait my flight which is about to arrive from Detroit.

photo 20171113_085700

Here is my bird for the next hour.

photo 20171113_085716photo 20171113_0915050

At the beginning i had reserved a seat in eco but my Skyteam status will allow me to travel in Delta Comfort.
Before the flight Delta used to upgrade it most loyal customers.
The main difference is the legroom: much better and alcohol is proposed for free.
The crew is smiling and wishs a warm welcome to every passengers.

photo 20171113_091854photo 20171113_091859

The magazine for this month.

photo 20171113_092927

Our neighbour going to NYC.

photo 20171113_093217photo 20171113_093221

Hey bro! Coming back to NYC too?!

photo 20171113_094035

As usual the destination brochure is almost illegible.
When are they gonna propose something easier to read?

photo 20171113_093625

Some info regarding the configuration of it new Airbus A320. DL is the one US company which gave it preferences to the european aircraft. Well, even if this aircraft isn't as european as before since it will be assembled in Mobile, AL.
photo 20171113_103656

And it's time to go. We push back on time.

photo 20171113_094244

I confess i really appreciate Bombardier and especially the aircraft proposed by Delta, they are very modern and convenient. Except the restroom but i'll tell you more about soon ;).

photo 20171113_094329

Another canadian colleague.

photo 20171113_094337

Taking off

photo 20171113_094950

Flight duration 1.15h.

photo 20171113_100224

Wifi is proposed aboard.

2 options are available.

-free option: to check email + messages like messengers, Whatsapp…+ access to Delta entertainment.

-the video option is available but we must pay an extra.

For the duration i should be able to survive without Youtube and Dailymotion.

photo 20171113_100919photo 20171113_100936

Then the snack.
Usual choice of beverages: Coffee, tea, herbal tea, different kind of juices, sparkling waters,cokes, win and beer…
And of course the traditionnal sweet and salt option.

Today i won't be adventurous and will take something classic.

photo 20171113_100623

As said above the main problem i find in this configuration. In oder to maximize the room DL only propose a restroom at the rear of the CRJ700. The problem with this configuration is to go to the restroom first of all most of the time the crew occupies the galley with the trolley and if we wish to go the crew members must step back until the first class+ the CRJ 700 of DL can have until 70 passengers, i guess a restroom for 70 PAX is the minumum allowed. What if someone is sick and monopolize it?
For a flight of 1.15h i agree we can anticipate beofre the flight but what if the journey is longer like between YUL and ATL where the same aircraft is used?

After 1h of flight it's already time to prepare the descent

photo 20171113_110236

First view of DTW and DTW airport.

The landing will be smooth. The airport is not full at this time and we could inmediately reach our gate in advance.
Last view of the winglet.

photo 20171113_111842

Ladies and gentlemens welcome to DTW airport! In spite of the number of passengers i find the terminal very well organized but we will talk more about during my next FR ;).

photo 20171113_113031photo 20171113_112329photo 20171113_112938

My luggage will barely arrive 2 mins after me. The g(round team will be very efficient.

photo 20171113_113329

I'll take a taxi to go to the center. For 47$ i'll be downtown. It's the most efficient way to go. Public transportations are quite bad and very confusing if we are not from the city. It can take between 90 and 2 hours to go.
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew9.0

Montreal - YUL


Detroit - DTW



Overall a good flight.

The seats are very comfortable and in Delta Comfort we have plenty of legroom. DL used to upgrade it best customers almost automatically when the seats remaining in th-e superior class allow it. I very appreciate that.
I didn't talk a lot about the crew but they were smiling and efficient. Really nothing to say.
You'll have understood my rant is mainly against the unique restroom present aboard. The CRJ900 propose by DL have 2 restroom while the aircraft can only contain 6 passengers more one at the front and one at the rear while the cabin is merely the same. What DL can gain in space it can lose it in passenger satisfaction.
Here is the reason of my 7.

YUL efficient airport but out of the 747 line not a lot fo direct bus lines are proposed from downtown and the highway leading to the airport is often jammed.
Montreal should definitely improve that.

DTW The DL terminal is very modern with great facilities but it grade could be even better within a good transportation system leading to downtown.

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