Review of Eurowings flight Düsseldorf Warsaw in Economy

Airline Eurowings
Flight EW 9722
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 11 Oct 17, 17:50
Arrival at 11 Oct 17, 19:30
EW   #3 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 68 reviews
By 558
Published on 24th November 2017
Hi and welcome to this flight report covering the flight back from Dusseldorf to Warsaw with Eurowings.
The outbound flight description can be found here:

As I wrote before I came to Germany for the annual food exhibition where the company I work for had a stand. After 4 very busy days spent in Cologne I took a train back to DUS airport that is perfectly connected to the railway network and that makes it easily accessible from anywhere around. The train from Cologne brought me there in less than 40 minutes. Then I took the fameous sky train that of course can be considered something interesting if it is not crowded (I suppose it always is) and if you travel without luggage that occupies your hands and makes taking photos impossible. Sorry guys, no photos of the skytrain this time :(

Finally I arrive to the terminal and head immidiately to Eurowings counters to get rid of the bag that makes my life so difficult. Anyway the whole procedure is quick, I print my boarding pass from self check-in kiosk and wait in a long line that gets unloaded within minutes. By now DUS efficiency looks really good.

photo img_6262photo img_6263photo img_6265

But I didn't come to the airport just to fly back home. I wouldn't have arrived here then so early (almost 4 hours before my flight). My aim is to have some spotting from the observation deck that, as I read, is quite big and offers good view on the tarmac and runways. Let's check this out.

The access is easy and fully marked, you just need to take countless escalators that give some nice view of the terminal interior

photo img_6267photo rsz_img_6330

The entrance ticket costs 2 euros, my hand luggage is scanned and I'm free to take as many pics as I want. Good it's not too windy and there is no rain.

Germania 737-700 and EK 388 in the distance

photo img_6271

Air Berlin R.I.P

photo img_6275photo img_6279

BA A319 from and back to to LHR

photo img_6303

Haven't seen this one before

photo img_6280photo img_6322

UIA 737-800, SWISS BCS100 and AUSTRIAN A320

photo img_6319

TUI 737-800

photo img_6318

Control tower on the top of the observation deck

photo img_6324

Time to go back to the terminal to catch my flight.

photo img_6328

There are long as hell queues to the security check but once again everything is very quick and the staff seems ok.

My flight departs from a gate located on the ground level, it means we will board the aircraft by bus. It also means some nice spotting facicilities. This ANA 787 was so close.

photo img_6335photo img_6337photo img_6341

Current departures

photo img_6345

And my gate

photo img_6346

After a short ride I'm on the stairs to a decent looking A320

photo img_6348photo img_6349photo img_6350

As always during this food exhibition, the flight is full to the very last seat. The aicraft interior looks good and new with slim seats and good legroom as for a low cost airline. It is announced that there will be free WI-FI on this flight but it never worked.

photo img_6374photo img_6381photo img_6382

View from my seat

photo img_6352

Air Malta waiting for it's turn while we take the runway for take off

photo img_6360

View of the terminal and river Rhine and the city of Dusseldorf as we become airborne.

Finally, after 4 days of clouds and rain I can see some sun and blue sky!

photo img_6367photo img_6373photo img_6375

This flight is operated fully by Eurowings and there is no Air Berlin crew as on the first flight. I must say this crew is much more professional and polite than the previous one. Passengers with full option receive a complimentary snack and drink, while the ones with basic fare including me may buy something from the BOB. This time I decided to take Warsteiner beer I know very well from Lufthansa. It was definitely a better option than the weak tea on previous flight.

photo img_6386

It slowly becomes darker as we fly eastwards

photo img_6383

and it's completely dark when we land and park next to this SWISS A319 departing to Zurich

photo img_6392

The bag arrives quite quickly this time

photo img_6395

Many thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Düsseldorf - DUS


Warsaw - WAW



Eurowings offers a decent semi-low cost product with many options to choose from and - what is really important - in resonable prices. The aircraft was new, modern and comfortable and the crew was really nice. The only thing that didn't work on this flight was WI-FI. DUS is quite big and crowded but very efficient and the observation deck is a nice addition (must be really nice in the summer).



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  • Comment 420312 by
    Benoit75008 7308 Comments

    Thanks Loukas for this report,

    DUS is a really nice airport.
    Eurowings is not convincing me for sure, but your beer was definitely a better choice than this so called too on your previous flight.

    I regret the time when LH the same service like concerning FRA and MUC.

    Milego weekendu!!

  • Comment 420499 by
    Rl 777 809 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this great FR with us!

    “Anyway the whole procedure is quick“
    - Great to hear :).

    “Air Berlin R.I.P“
    - :(.

    Fantastic spotting shots at DUS, old memories are definitely brought when seeing the AB aircraft.

    “It is announced that there will be free WI-FI on this flight but it never worked.“
    - I recall when Norwegian began to install Wi-Fi systems in their 737s. Initially it rarely worked for me but on my more recent flights with DY it seems to have gotten much better. Hopefully the same could be said about EW in the near future.

    Absolutely breathtaking aerial shots throughout the flight!

    Have a good one, see you.

    • Comment 420759 by
      loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

      Thank you for your kind words. I remember flying Norwegian in 2014 and the Wi-Fi didn't work very well, I'm glad they improved it. This time onboard Eurowings it didn't work at all but it is definitely good to stay offline sometimes. Have a good one!

  • Comment 420540 by
    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    DUS is definitely one the best airport for spotting with AMS, you were right to take advantage of it by arriving so early :-)
    EW is indeed good value for money, with newer planes and nice crew.

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