Review of Thai Airways flight Everett Bangkok in Business

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG8913
Class Business
Seat 18K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 16:00
Take-off 31 Oct 17, 16:00
Arrival at 31 Oct 17, 22:00
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By SILVER 2753
Published on 16th December 2017
Since its founding in 1959, Thai Airways International has ordered more than 75 Boeing aircraft (or predecessors), including the DC-10, MD-11, 737, 747, 777 and 787. THAI was one of the launch customers of the Triple-Seven, becoming the first airline to operate the type in Southeast Asia. THAI received its 1st 787 in 2014 and currently operates 8 Dreamliners—6 787-8 and 2 of the stretched 787-9.

With more than 1,200 orders from 70 different customers, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a bestseller. The 787 has become the manufacturer’s best-selling 2-aisle widebody aircraft. The efficient and long-legged Dreamliner has allowed some 170 new routes to be opened since it was introduced in 2011. had the opportunity to take part in the delivery of THAI’s 2nd 787-9, and final Dreamliner to be delivered. This new aircraft sports a new Royal Silk (Business class) cabin.

  1. Paine Field Everett (PAE) – Bangkok (BKK) | B787-9 | Royal Silk

Delivery Ceremony

Boeing 787s are delivered either from the gigantic Everett, WA plant (-8 and -9models) or the relatively new Charleston, SC plant (variant -9 and -10). In this case, the aircraft was manufactured in Everett.

At the Everett plant, the aircraft meets its owners at the Delivery Center. A team of representatives from the customer airline is present to perform test flights and some last minute technical checks prior to accepting delivery. Funds are transferred between the customer and Boeing at the Delivery Center, where the customers receive a symbolic key to the airplane.

photo 0001photo 0002

Screens in the Delivery Center display the delivery of the day.

photo 0003

The brand new aircraft awaits its new owners at the parking stand

photo 0004

Center stage for the ribbon cutting ceremony are the THAI Airways CEO, Boeing representatives, as well as a representative from Aer Cap, the aircraft leasing company.

photo 0007

Let’s have a look at this new bird !

photo 0008photo 0008a

THAI has generally had a preference for Rolls-Royce engine, so logically the Trent 1000 was selectd for the Dreamliner fleet.

photo 0009photo 0010

The -9 variant is 6 meters longer than the smaller -8.

photo 0011

The famous THAI Royal Orchid ‘jumpee’ Logo adorns the tail of the new Dreamliner.

photo 0012

This second THAI Boeing 787-9, and last Dreamliner delivery for the airline is registered HS-TWB.

photo 0013

Everything is squeaky clean on delivery day, even the tires.

photo 0014

Following the delivery ceremony, a luncheon is held in the Delivery Center before the new aircraft takes off for its new home.

photo 0014a

The Buffet is Asian inspired, with some Thai curries and noodles, while elements of the THAI Airways corporate colors are used in the dining room décor.

THAI, like many other airlines, name each of their aircraft. This new Dreamliner is baptized “Phrom Buri”, a district in Singburi Province, central Thailand.

photo 0023photo 0024

The distinct shape of the Dreamliner’s flight deck windows

photo 0025photo 0026


photo 0029

Thai Airways introduced a new Business class on its two Boeing 787-9s.

The six 787-8 aircraft are currently equipped with Rockwell Collins Interior Systems' (formerly B/E Aerospace) Parallel Diamond seats while its Airbus A350, A380 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft are equipped with Stelia Aerospace's Solstys seats.

photo 0030photo 0031

The new seat type featured on the THAI 787-9 is the popular Cirrus seat, by French manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace.

photo 0031a

This popular seat, with its 1-2-1 configuration giving direct-aisle access to all passengers, can be seen on some of the world’s most highly rated airlines.

photo 0031b

In Economy class, there are 268 seats in the standard 3-3-3 configuration.

photo 0032photo 0034a

The aft Economy cabin.

photo 0033photo 0034

The in-flight entertainment system is the Panasonic EX3

photo 0035

Economy class features 11” IFE screens which display seat numbers.

photo 0036

The THAI 787-9 has two crew rest areas. Pictured here is the aft crew rest featuring 7 bunks for cabin crew.

photo 0036aphoto 0036b

Back in Business class, let’s have a look at our seat for this long delivery flight to Bangkok.

As this is a delivery flight, the cabin service items, such as pillows, blankets and amenity kits, are not what you’d see on a normal Thai Airways commercial flight.

photo 0040

One of the amenity kits is provided by AerCap, while a second kit is offered by Boeing.

photo 0041

Let’s have a look at the seat’s features.

An individual reading light is found off to the side. Nearby is the IFE remote control, the seat controls, a USB port, and a plug for the noise-cancelling headphones.

photo 0042

The 16” IFE screens in Business class are in 16/9 format

photo 0042a

The seats feature some storage areas as well as a universal power port.

photo 0043

The ottoman is a decent size and not as constricting as other Business class seat models

photo 0044

The armrests on the aisle side can be raised and lowered and include another small storage space.

photo 0044aphoto 0044b

The ultra-modern Dreamliner cockpit

photo 0044c

787-9 and -10 variants feature 17 and 18 degree flap settings not found on the -8.

photo 0045photo 0046

The futuristic head-up display

photo 0047

Ready for departure…

photo 0049

On a super long flight to this bird’s new home base in Bangkok

photo 0055

15 hours and 34 minutes of flying time to be exact!

photo 0056

Push-back and taxi

photo 0057

The Delivery Center is a mini-Terminal with two jet-bridges

photo 0058

The new Thai Airways safety video plays as the aircraft taxis

photo 0059

Start-up of the engines is rather quiet.

photo 0060photo 0061

And we’re off

photo 0062

Modern Airshow

photo 0063photo 0064

The aircraft registration number is also found on the right wing

photo 0065

Nice scenery flying over British Columbia at sunset

photo 0066photo 0067

Though it gets progressively more cloudy

photo 0068

The contents of the two amenity kits is pretty basic, but they’re neat collector’s items.

photo 0069photo 0070


Again, as this is not a commercial flight, the catering is provided by Boeing and not the normal Thai Airways fare.

Chips and peanuts to start.

photo 0071

Here’s what the Boeing-provided meal tray looks like

photo 0072

Sans wrap

photo 0073photo 0074

Starter of smoked salmon and prawns

photo 0075

Chicken wings and drumsticks were available

photo 0076

Asian cabbage salad

photo 0077

Sliced pork and rice for the main dish

photo 0079
For dessert, blueberry cheesecake and vanilla ice cream

photo 0080

The last rays of sunlight…

photo 0078

…with that warm orange glow

photo 0084photo 0085

As we make our way over the Pacific ocean and into night…

photo 0086

It’s time to put this Business class seat in full flat mode

photo 0081

The bed’s made up!

photo 0082photo 0083

Throughout the long flight, snacks are available in the aircraft’s galleys

Such as a selection of fruit

photo 0087

Sandwiches and cheese

photo 0088

And a choice of soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages

photo 0089

Time for a midnight snack

photo 0089a

There is plenty of time to sleep on a long Transpacific flight.

photo 0090

Some of the advantages of flying on the Dreamliner such as higher levels of humidity and better cabin pressurization really make a difference on long-hauls. The higher humidity keeps you from getting that dried-out dehydrated feeling you can often get on other aircraft and the higher cabin pressure simulates a lower altitude than other aircraft, which has been shown to help against symptoms of jetlag.

photo 0091

In-Flight Entertainment

The modern IFE system is available in multiple languages.

photo 0096a

One can browse the IFE options using the touchscreen smartphone-like remote control or directly on the touchscreen monitor.

photo 0096b

Here are the main categories

photo 0097

A broad choice of movies, TV series, music, and games are available to keep one entertained

There is also a dedicated Thai section

photo 0104

Just two hours left in the flight.

photo 0093


A breakfast is served just prior to arrival, with an Asian and Western option. The Asian option is congee, while the Western option is an omelet with sausage.

photo 0104aphoto 0104b

The cabin lights are turned on for arrival

photo 0106photo 0107

The bright white lighting is a bit aggressive on the eyes

photo 0108

The mood lighting is much more pleasant

photo 0109a

The crew announce our imminent arrival

photo 0109photo 0110

Tailwind into Suvarnabhumi

photo 0111

In the end, the flight time was just shy of 16 hours, at 15:54.

photo 0112photo 0113

Final approach

photo 0114photo 0115

As we taxi the Bangkok humidity fogs up the windows making planespotting a bit difficult.

photo 0116photo 0117

Thai’s latest and last Dreamliner is now home.

photo 0118


The Thai Airways International Boeing 787-9 is configured to accommodate 30 passengers in Royal Silk class (Business Class) and 268 in Economy Class.

WiFi is available on board thanks to a KU Band antenna. Passengers in Royal Silk class receive a voucher for 5mb of complimentary WiFi.
The THAI Boeing 787-9 currently operates between Bangkok and Singapore (flights TG403 and TG404) and between Bangkok and Auckland (flights TG491 and TG492).

Trip taken by Flavien for with the cooperation of Thai Airways International and Boeing.
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With the Boeing 787-9, THAI continues to renew its fleet, which now has an average age of 9.3 years.
The on-board product is competitive and modern. Both the Business and Economy class cabins are attractive and true to the Thai Airways identity with color choices and style.


- Elegant and soothing cabin atmosphere thanks to the colors of the seats and decorative elements
- Roomy seats that go full-flat with direct aisle-access
- Advantages of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Higher humidity, bigger windows, mood lighting, higher cabin pressure, better air quality
- WiFi on board
- Large screens in 16/9 format in both cabins, with a responsive and easy to use entertainment system with good content.


- The 3-3-3 configuration in Economy isn’t spacious, but has become the standard on 787s.
- Missed opportunity to make better use of common areas
- Some rows in both Business and Economy are missing windows



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    Very good review.

    Sam Chui did a review on the new Singapore A380 delivery review recently and the Airbus food looks just a bit better in my view. Boeing needs to up that :)

    I think your camera shots are very good, compared to a lot of out of focus shots that get put on FR from cameras. Can I ask what you used? There must be a niche for the ultimate flight camera

    Not too big
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    Good low light and macro for menu etc.

    Would be an interesting topic.

    Once again, thanks for the review and the site!

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      Thank you for your comment.
      I was also on SQ A380 delivery flight and the catering is indeed a bit better exTLS
      I am using a Canon G3X, you can check out the video I have just added to this report:

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    Excellent review for this delivery flight - I felt like I was along for the ride!

    What a beautiful evening for flying and the new plane looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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