Review of Nordica flight Vilnius Warsaw in Economy

Airline Nordica
Flight LO 780
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 22 Oct 17, 15:30
Arrival at 22 Oct 17, 15:35
EE 13 reviews
Published on 20th December 2017
Hi and welcome to this report on the flight back from Vilnius to Warsaw, again onboard LOT/Nordica hybrid.

You can find the first leg description here:

Let me start with a little bonus from this two day long stay in Lithuanian capital. As I mentioned in the first part, this trip was an anniversary gift for my parents, so it consisted mostly of showing them the most interesting in my opinion places in the city that I had already discovered the previous year.


On the day of our arrival the weather was very good as for the end of October, so we even managed to catch some blue sky over Vilnius cathedral

photo img_6555

Later that day the sky became cloudy, and it was really cold when we reached the hill of three crosses that gives a panoramic view of the city

photo img_6576photo rsz_img_6580

and then the Gedimino hill and tower with view on the so called Vilnius Manhattan and some baloons that (as we learned later) are very popular here

photo img_6584photo img_6587

There was also some Vilnius by night (the gothic churches os St Anne and Bernardine are visible here)

photo img_6605

and an obligatory guide to Lithuanian cuisine…

with zeppelins

photo img_6559

herring and beetroot salad

photo img_6618

traditional dark bread

photo img_6616

and boiled pork ear that is a local specialty and my father wanted very much to try (I found it disgusting)

photo img_6619

we ended it with a choice of triditional liqueurs

photo img_6600

The next day the weather was much worse, cold and rainy, so it was necessary to visit the university, the castle museum and cathedral with its catacombs

The last thing to see was the old Rasu cemetery where a lot of fameous Poles and Lithuanians are buried (my mom loves old cemeteries, so it was something for her). I must admit it looked very picturesque in the middle of autumn, in a very cold and foggy weather.

photo rsz_img_6702

And for the end, a cake that looks strange but is very popular in Lithuania and Poland, called "sakotis" in Lithuanian and "sękacz" in Polish, made of some incerdible amounts of eggs, traditionally baked (roasted?) on the spit, delicious!

photo img_6692


It is very easy and cheap to reach Vilnius airport: buses run frequently, it takes not more than 15 minutes and the price is 1 euro. The airport is very small, so you don't need much time before departure.

Here is the main departures hall

photo img_6731

and current departures dispalyed

photo img_6735

The safety control is very fast and nice, the staff is professional and polite. There isn't much to do on the airside part of the terminal. A few shops, 2-3 cafes and not to many opportunities for spotting as the windows are not spotting friendly at all.

LH A321 to FRA

photo img_6736photo img_6737

WIZZ A321 to Oslo

photo img_6738

and my equipment to WAW (the same aircraft as on the opposite direction) that has just arrived from Tallinn

photo img_6739

Boarding starts on time, we need to go down the stairs to reach the bus

photo img_6741

A good thing is that even if the flight isn't full, we can leave the hand luggage before boarding the plane and take it back while leaving in WAW (I hope the luggage guy won't stuck there)

photo img_6742photo img_6743

We are greeted by a friendly CC and proceed to the already known cabin with blue headrest covers.

photo img_6744

To my big surprise, already during on-line check-in, we are all given emergency exit seats but my parents decide to move to another free row. We stay and enjoy unlimited legroom.

It seems noone wants to seat in the exit rows so the CC needs some time to encourage passengers to move there. We continue to enjoy the legroom.

photo img_6755

The tray table in this rows doesn't open, it is specially blocked and the one to be used is hidden in the armrest.

photo img_6754photo img_6777

Before we depart, we are given some written and oral instructions on how to operate the exit if needed. The written instruction is in English and Estonian.

photo img_6752photo img_6753

View from my window

photo img_6758

Another Wizz aircraft in the distance

photo img_6759

The cabin as we taxi to the runway

photo img_6761

Another (this time a blue one) Nordica CRJ-900 arriving from Warsaw

photo img_6765photo img_6766

and now the runway is ours

photo img_6767

But not for long, as we rotate quickly and disappear in the clouds

to find some sun above them

photo img_6774photo img_6776

Traditional LOT service begins not long after we reach the cruising altitude. Tea is the same awful. Again there is no BOB service, even if there are both Nordica and LOT menus in the seat pocket.

photo img_6778

The flight is rather calm and descending to Warsaw seems endless as the clouds end shortly before touchdown

photo img_6779photo img_6782photo img_6785

We stop next to a blue sister

photo img_6792photo img_6794

Cabin and aircraft view during disembarking

photo img_6795photo img_6796photo img_6799

Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew8.5

Vilnius - VNO


Warsaw - WAW



Nordica offers a very decent product combined with LOT service. The CRJ-900 is comfortable and provides a fast connection between the Baltics and Warsaw. VNO is a small, calm and cosy airport that will need some improvement shortly as it is no longer up to date.

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The airline with the best average rating is LOT Polish with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 7 minutes.

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  • Comment 424027 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7492 Comments

    Thank you so much Lukasz!

    VNO seem to be nice but old town is not so big, and maybe less interesting than in Riga for example?

    Legroom is perfect where you were seated, and Nordica is offering a service quite similar as LO.

    I wish you a great Christmas with relatives in this rainy Warszawa!

  • Comment 424067 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Absolutely breathtaking bonus pictures :).

    “a cake that looks strange“
    - Hunger levels are increasing at unstable levels right now.

    “I hope the luggage guy won't stuck there“
    - Oh yes! Hope not.

    “unlimited legroom.“
    - Satisfying!

    “Tea is the same awful.“
    - Perhaps not as satisfying but thankfully it's a short flight, then some could argue it's better than no offering.

    Nice shots of the ride when embarking at VNO but also when disembarking at WAW.

    Have a good one, see you!

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