Review of Andes Líneas Aéreas flight Buenos Aires Puerto Iguazu in Economy

Flight OY570
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 12 Jul 18, 12:55
Arrival at 12 Jul 18, 14:40
OY 4 reviews
Published on 9th January 2019
Hola a todos.

Welcome to the second leg of this trip around Argentina. The report for leg 1 is also available.

This time we'll begin with a brief tour of downtown Buenos Aires, visiting some landmarks like the Obelisco, Puerto Madero, the Casa Rosada, and the Japanese Garden.

But first…!!

The correct way to read this bonus is by clicking on the following YouTube link and letting the background music play as you read.

Done? Here we go.

Tourism Bonus - Downtown Buenos Aires

Our Lady Saint Mary of the Good Air - now known simply as Buenos Aires ("Good Airs") - was founded by Pedro de Mendoza in 1536. Even though it's one of the most populous cities in the world - with about 15 million inhabitants - walking along its wide avenues, embellished by the beautiful architecture of its high rises, is a stunning experience.

photo img_6725

One of its most renowned landmarks is the Obelisco, in the middle of Avenida 9 de Julio…

photo img_6634

…which also happens to be the widest avenue in the world.

photo img_20180717_132229

A photo with the obelisk is mandatory. In the distance (lower right), in that giant portrait of Evita Perón on the wall of the Ministry of Public Works…

photo img_6642

…her eyes might be closed…

photo img_6734

…but others are watching you closely.

photo img_6643

On the sides of the obelisk you learn about the importance of this place. The Argentine flag was hoisted here for the first time on August 3, 1812…

photo img_6644

…and Buenos Aires was designated Federal Capital in 1880.

photo img_6639

Only meters from the Obelisco you'll find the beautiful Teatro Colón.

photo img_6737

Corrientes street, at the very foot of the Obelisco, became my favorite street because of its many theaters and second hand bookshops. I found a huge lot of novels by Agatha Christie in English!

photo img_20180716_170212

Enjoy a walk from the obelisk to the east through lovely narrow streets…

photo img_6646

…brimming with examples of the most magnificent architecture, like the Bencich building

photo img_20180717_124118

…designed by a French architect who was famous, not in France, but in South America! In no time you will come to…

photo img_20180717_121706

Puerto Madero.

photo img_6648

Puerto means port. Puerto Madero was the main port of Buenos Aires until it became obsolete as the size of ships increased and a new port had to be built (the docks we saw while landing at AEP in my previous report)

photo img_6653

In time, this area became one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city. Here, the Puente de la Mujer (or Woman's Bridge).

photo img_6647

The old buildings on either side have been renovated and turned into exclusive hotels and shops.

photo img_6650

The old cranes have been kept.

photo img_6655

Some of them, like this one…

photo img_6656

…were built in Genoa, Italy…

photo img_6658

…and others…

photo img_6678

…in Germany.

photo img_6679

Going back west I find the Libertador building, which houses the Ministry of Defense.

photo img_6690

Why do I always end up in wasteland when I go for a walk?!

photo img_6685

The Libertador building faces the back of the Casa Rosada (meaning Pink House), the government headquarters.

photo img_6683

Its back is decorated with very interesting details. I like this side of the Casa Rosada even more than the front, which is mostly…

photo img_6684


photo img_6703

To the last detail!

photo img_6714

I wonder if some variation in hues or colors…

photo img_6705

…could highlight the beauty of the building. The coat of arms, for example, goes almost unnoticed.

photo img_6711

The Casa Rosada stands on the east side of the…

photo img_20180711_135516

Plaza de Mayo, a very meaningful place.

photo img_6726

According to Wikipedia, "mothers whose children "disappeared" during the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983 […] began to march in 1977 at the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, […] in public defiance of the government's state terrorism intended to silence all opposition. Wearing white head scarves to symbolize the diapers of their lost children, the mothers marched in solidarity to protest the atrocities committed by the military regime."

photo img_6706

On the north side of the Plaza de Mayo…

photo img_6717

…stands the Metropolitan Cathedral…

photo img_6718

…which hosts a mausoleum with the remains of General José de San Martín. Never heard of him? Shame on you! Chile, Argentina and Peru owe him their independence.

photo img_6719

This inscription on the front of the cathedral reads "Here lay the remains of Captain General Don José de San Martín, and those of the unknown soldier of the independence. Salute them!" Well, "saludar" can also mean "say hello", so… Hello?

photo img_6723

Bolívar station of the Subte, next to the impressive tower of the Legislative Palace.

photo img_6727

Lunchtime. The traditional and ubiquitous milanesa. You can enjoy one on your own…

photo img_20180711_144728

…or in the company of some feathered friend. In the end I succumbed to his birdly charm and tossed him a crumb. Craso error!. His 20 siblings and 30 cousins immediately gathered for the feast.

photo img_20180711_150142

Let's finish this tour of downtown Buenos Aires surrounded by the peace and quiet…

photo img_20180716_114806

…of the Parque Japonés, which is very close to AEP.

photo img_20180716_121539

Proving that we live in a small world…

photo img_20180716_115022

…a Japanese man who was cooking under that white tent couldn't believe it when he learned that I came from Valdivia, in Chile. His son lives in my neighborhood!

photo img_20180716_120832

It's time to go back home and get ready for tomorrow's flight to Puerto Iguazú. But why call an Uber when we are in such a beautiful city on such a beautiful day?! I prefer to walk the 4km to my accomodation…

photo img_20180716_121703_1

…and risk getting run over so you can see how wide the avenues are here.

photo img_20180716_122305

And here we are. I'm staying in this neighborhood only a couple of streets west of the Obelisco.

photo img_20180716_133110photo img_20180716_133640photo img_20180716_134608

But before I leave….

…I'm sorry but this is bigger than me!! XDDDD

photo img_6645

This very enjoyable video contains stunning aerial views of the same landmarks in this bonus, and more. Highly recommendable!

The Mysterious Flat Rate

As I commented in my previous report, I purchased my tickets in December 2017, six months before the trip. At that moment The three fares offered by the airline - básico, intermedio and premium - were at the same price! In this case, 2081 ARS (55 USD) which is ridiculously low for a 90-minute flight.

photo price

Of course I chose the premium fare, which allowed me to carry all the baggage I wanted, and didn't have to pay for choosing my seat.

But things have changed radically and the prices for this year's winter holidays have NOTHING to do with what I paid. If I had taken this flight this year, I would have had to pay a whooping 9755 ARS! (257 USD) Almost five times more!!

photo prices 2019

I'm telling you: I have my serious doubts that Andes will make it to the end of this year with those prices. Competition is getting tough in Argentina with the arrival of LCCs like Flybondi, and now the Chilean JetSmart!

Whatever. I was lucky. Here's the seatmap for the flight.

photo seat map

AEP - La Puerta, Pleeeeeeeeease

Buenos Aires has three main airports: Ezeiza, mainly for long haul international flights; Aeroparque, for domestic and regional flights; and recently-opened El Palomar, serving a couple of LCCs.

Aeroparque is located downtown, so getting there is the easiest thing in the world. The Uber trip cost me 5 USD. However, notice how far from the traditional taxis I was dropped. The relationship between taxi and Uber drivers in Argentina is not good. Your driver will probably ask you to be cautious and pretend that you're family or friends. This will imply sitting in the front seat, and saying goodbye with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, even between men. I'm not complaining! :D

photo img_20180712_100149

As explained in my previous report, AEP's terminal is a long and narrow building tucked between the street and the only runway, so the only ways to go are left…

photo img_20180712_100225_2

…and right. Of course, you also have to go up because check-in is on the first (ground) floor, and the second floor is for departures.

photo img_20180712_100237_1

Hm… FIDS, FIDS FIDS, can anyone see the FIDS?

photo img_20180712_100315

Oh, there you are.

photo img_20180712_100436

Iguazú at 12:35… hmmm…. On time but no gate assigned yet. Understandable. It's quite early. But the check-in at counters 1 - 6.

photo img_20180712_100534

Over there. And it's open already!

photo img_20180712_100951

I'm not checking any baggage this time, but.

photo img_20180712_101009

…I want to get the printed boarding pass…

photo img_20180712_101121

…even though I got the PDF version when I checked-in online. Just in case, you know?

photo img_20180712_101808

I did very well coming early. The line is getting longer.

photo img_20180712_102311

It took me less than five minutes.

photo img_20180712_102517

So, what's around here? ATMs. Very important.

photo img_20180712_102647

Going towards arrivals…

photo img_20180712_102657

…there are restaurants and candy shops.

photo img_20180712_102722
photo img_20180712_102748

On the other end are the counters. This is getting crowded.

photo img_20180712_102930

It must be nicer upstairs.

photo img_20180712_102953

On the top of the escalators is the access to the international boarding area…

photo img_20180712_103040

…and a long hallway leading to domestic departures…

photo img_20180712_103051

…that goes…

photo img_20180712_103141

…all along…

photo img_20180712_103256

..the street.

photo img_20180712_104158
photo img_20180712_104208

"¡Have a nice trip!" LOL. Spanish must be the only language with inverted question and exclamation marks, but very few people use them nowadays, except in formal texts.

photo img_20180712_103328

10:36 and no gate has been assigned to our flight yet. But the status changed from On Time to Estimated. Ouch! I hope this won't mean problems.

photo img_20180712_103603

As you can read there, this is the access to the boarding area for gates 1 - 16. What if my flight is assigned gate 17 or higher? Only later I realize that gates 17 and higher are for international flights. Duh! Anyway I sit outside and write some mails in the hope that I'll soon see the gate number next to my flight.

photo img_20180712_111630

But at 11:24… still no gate! Gosh! Boarding is at 11:50! To h*ll with it. Let's go in.

photo img_20180712_112415

Long line and few scanners. We're moving very slowly. Two thumbs up to SCL in this regard!

photo img_20180712_114110

I'm through at 11:46. A large group of passengers is staring at the monitor. Still no gate! Only 4 minutes for boarding time!

photo img_20180712_114627

11:50 comes and goes. Eventually, at 11:56, gate 5!

photo img_20180712_115623

We run en masse to our gate…

photo img_20180712_115649

…to find that Andes' flight to Bariloche is still boarding there. Grumble.

photo img_20180712_115745

There seems to be a little problem with that lady in the light top. She is yelling at the guy in glasses, but he seems to have finished the conversation long ago.

photo img_20180712_115809

With her screams in the background I go to find a seat. At least in this section, AEP is very spotter friendly, and even has a row of seats facing the apron (left)

photo img_20180712_120721

The problem is that you won't see much more than Aerolíneas Argentinas around here. But look! Don't tell me that LV-GWL is my ride for today. I am expecting an MD-80!! :'(

photo img_6743

Interesting livery with the IATA codes of the airline's destinations. PDP? Ah! Punta del Este, in Uruguay. I can't forget that terribly lousy - and terribly expensive - lunch.

photo img_6744


At last! Whatever happened to the yelling lady? She must be in hadcuffs by now. XD Boarding starts. We are divided into two lines according to seat row.

photo img_20180712_122246

Just to remind us that Andes is not an LCC…

photo img_20180712_122338

…the newspaper is included in the price of the ticket.

photo img_20180712_122453

Woo - hoo! Let's go board our…

photo img_20180712_122507

…Embraer??? :O Something's wrong here.

photo img_6746

Oh, I see! The jetbridge leads to some stairs.

photo img_20180712_122541

The bus was already waiting for us at the bottom. It's not funny when the weather is beastly and you have to wait for the bus here in the open air, like that time in transit to MVD. What about sliding doors, AEP?

photo img_20180712_122630

So, will it be an MD-80 this time? Holy guacamole! Look at that! An MD-80!! Is it waiting for us??

photo img_6747

I think we are going its way!

photo img_6748

Wait. There's a 737 over there, too.

photo img_6749

Please, don't spoil my happiness!!

photo img_6750

Woo - hoo! We drove past the 737 and are heading towards the MD-80!!

photo img_6751

Yes! Yes!

photo img_6752


photo img_6753

Thing of beauty! Look at that sexy tail!

photo img_6755

And that… tubular body!!

photo img_6757

I waited for so long! After so many years of flying nothing but 737s and A319s, it's going to be the ride of my life. OK. Let's stop. Wait…

photo img_6758


photo img_6759

Oh, I see. That 737 is taxiing only. We stop until it taxies past.

photo img_6760

Phew! For a moment I thought this great moment would be ruined. Haha.

photo img_6761

Here we are. OK. Stop, Mr Driver. Mr Driver? Stop! STOOOP!!

photo img_6762

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

photo img_6763

Somebody please KILL MEEEE!! Somebody put an end to my suffering!!!!

photo img_6764

Boo -
photo img_6765


photo img_6767

My seat. Bwaaaaa..

photo img_20180712_123240

…and the view out of the window. Snif!

photo img_6768

Old seats are not a problem for me. On the contrary, I think they're more confortable than modern ironing boards.

photo img_20180712_123353

The problem is when they're falling to pieces.

photo img_20180712_123451

The legroom looks even better that on LV-HKK. I'm 170cm tall.

photo img_20180712_123400

Does anyone still use these?

photo img_20180712_123422

Those are not stains, but the dirty window.

photo img_20180712_123526

Contents of the seat pocket.

photo img_20180712_123617

The magazine is actually closer to a brochure than a magazine.

photo img_20180712_123644

Whale spotting in Puerto Madryn.

photo img_20180712_123722

Safety card.

photo img_20180712_123759

Thank goodness oxygen is an element. I hope the FA won't ask if I want C12H22O11 with my coffee! XD

photo img_20180712_123811

Overhead panel.

photo img_20180712_123838

That light looks really vintage! How old is this plane?

photo img_20180712_123857

LV-GWL is 18 years old and, according to, it was withdrawn from use and stored in Toulouse Francazal three months after this flight.

photo 2019-01-06-235449_1366x768_scrot

Maybe that's why no-one cares that the decals are peeling off!

photo img_20180712_124014

A Domestic Flight with an International Twist

As you see below, we'll fly along the Uruguay river - i.e. the border between Argentina and Uruguay/Brazil - up to the tip of the panhandle in the north-east of Argentina.

photo route

I'll mention three rivers - Uruguay, Paraná and Iguazú - repeatedly in this and the next report. It can be confusing, but this simple map can be very enlightening. We are travelling from AEP all along river Uruguay, up to the point where rivers Paraná and Iguazú meet. Keep that in mind. More details in the next report! :D

photo plata2

So, even though it's a domestic flight, the view out of the window will be Uruguay and Brazil most of the time. And a bit of Paraguay, too.


photo img_6769

Needless to say…

photo img_6771

…we're leaving quite behind the schedule.


photo img_6783

Does Macri really fly on that?

photo img_6784

We'll take off westwards this time. Makes sense.

photo img_6786
photo img_6787

The fate of everything and everyone who has become old and sick. :(

photo img_6791

Here we go.

As soon as we start climbing…

photo img_6796

…over the Río de la Plata…

photo img_6797

…we bank to the north…

photo img_6798

…which allows for some cool views…

photo img_6799

…of AEP and downtown Buenos Aires.

photo img_6801
photo img_6802

In no time we are flying over the islands at the mouth of river Uruguay.

photo img_6805

The largest one is Oyarvide.

photo img_6806

The port of Punta Pereira is in the Uruguayan department of Colonia del Sacramento. We'll visit Colonia in a report very soon!

photo img_6807

Just in front of the cape of Martín Chico there's an island…

photo img_6809

…called Martín García. In fact, only the forested part (with the runway) is Martín García island. The north half used to be a different island called Timoteo Domínguez, but sediment from river Paraná accumulated until both islands joined together.

photo img_6811

Even though both islands are in Uruguayan waters, Martín García is Argentine territory.

photo img_6812

Carmelo is also part of the same department.

photo img_6814

It lies by river Arroyo de las Vacas. The mother of former president José Mujica was born there.

photo img_6815

Dolores. They say that the first wheat plantation in America was grown here in 1528

photo img_6816

The area is still an important wheat producer in Uruguay.

photo img_6817

On the shore of river Negro…

photo img_6819

…lies the town of Mercedes. Here's a short video by an expat showing what life is like in the town.

photo img_6821
photo img_6820

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the story of the next town on the BBC. Did you ever eat corned beef, or did your mother cook with Oxo cubes?

photo bentos

If so, you owe much to Fray Bentos…

photo img_6822

…where corned beef was produced and exported around the world, feeding everyone, from the modest working-class people to the British royals.

photo img_6824

Another example of German immigration in South America? Behold New Berlin.

photo img_6827

I'd call it "ein winziges Berlinchen". XD Bad joke. Like many German jokes.

photo img_6826

But even smaller is San Javier. Or should I spell it Сан-Хавьер? Because it was founded by Russian immigrants looking for religious freedom.

photo img_6828

A Jesuitic settlement became…

photo img_6832

…Concepción del Uruguay, in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos.

photo img_6833

Very close to it, the heroic city of Paysandú, in Uruguay. It's called heroic because it stood the siege by Portuguese and Brazilian invaders three different times.

photo img_6834

It's connected to the Argentine side via the General Artigas bridge.

photo img_6835

It's time to see what's in the menu for today. Oh! The same as in the previous flight. Cabrales, by the way, is an excellent Argentine coffee brand. But don't be misled to buy the fancy, more expensive versions of it. You'll regret it. I recommend the simple yellow packets.

photo img_20180712_135035

The contents in the (noisy!) snack box are the same as before. salty cookies, sweet cookies, and a small madeleine. All very cheap and more suitable for a little child's (unhealthy) birthday party than a flight. Where's the "legacy airline" in all this? If Andes is going to charge four times more for this flight this year, they should definitely improve the quality of their snacks. A cereal bar or a bag of nuts wont lead them to bankruptcy, for God's sake! What about a sandwich?

photo img_20180712_135244

I'm curious about the future of good ol' LV-GWL. Will it get a modern cabin? Or will it be retired for ever?

photo img_20180712_141709

Having finished my snack, it's time to go back to that wonderful landscape outside…

Oh - my - God. Whatever happened to the land?? Where are the trees?!

photo img_6841

It looks like the land has been shaved with a razorblade! Barely any trace of the dense jungle that was supposed to cover this area!

photo img_6844

This is, dear readers, only the first little glimpse of the devastation that is visible everywhere around here. In fact, by the time I finish my visit, the extent of the devastation has ruined the joy of my trip. The view is unbearable.

photo img_6845

We are flying above Uruguaiana, in Brazil, and Paso de los Libres, in Argentina.

photo img_6847

But the devastation will not come to an end…

photo img_6849

…until the last tree has burned.

photo img_6851

We cross the panhandle into Paraguay above the town of Posadas, on river Paraná. In the photo, its eastern neighborhood of Villalonga…

photo img_6852

…and the bridge over the mouth of river Pindapoy Grande.

photo img_6853

I wonder if these crops in the south of Paraguay…

photo img_6856

…are intended for the production of bio-fuels…

photo img_6857

…in an effort to reduce pollution by destroying the jungle. Should I laugh or should I cry?

photo img_6858

You might notice that from the San Ignacio peninsula to the north, there are larger patches of jungle on the Argentine side.

photo img_6860

I was told that tourism is the main reason for this.

photo img_6883

Though it's evident that many of those forests are plantations, not native jungle. Anyway, notice the difference between Paraguay (right) and Argentina (left)

photo img_6886

We cross the river Paraná back into Argentina.

photo img_6889

You can't imagine how difficult it was to locate those buildings (granaries?) in the map. It's Puerto Torocuá, in Paraguay.

photo img_6890

Paraguay on the right, Missiones province, Argentina, on the left.

photo img_6892

This must be Ruta Nacional 12.

photo img_6896

Banking to the left above the…

photo img_6899

eastern reaches of Uruguay dam.

photo img_6902

Then I see it. Iguazú National Park.

photo img_6904

A green sea that looks infinite…

photo img_6906

…though it's not.

photo img_6907photo img_6908photo img_6909

My first glimpse of river Iguazú.

photo img_6910

Over there! The waterfalls!

photo img_6913

That is the spray from the largest fall, Garganta del Diablo…

photo img_6914

…or Devil's Throat.

photo img_6917

The cloud of spray is visible…

photo img_6919

…almost until the very moment…

photo img_6920

…of landing.

photo img_6921photo img_6923photo img_6924


Welcome to Mayor Carlos Eduardo Krause airport…

photo img_6931

…better known as aeropuerto Cataratas del Iguazú.

photo img_6939

It's a bit lonely on this side.

photo img_6940
photo img_6941

In a matter of minutes we are going down the jetbridge.

photo img_20180712_144733

The three airlines serving this airport have coincided here today.

photo img_20180712_144741_1

From those windows…

photo img_20180712_144757

…you have a great view of the back of the terminal. Poor Mayor Krause. He died fighting for the Falkland islands, but he has fallen into oblivion in his own airport!

photo img_20180712_144811

Down to baggage claim…

photo img_20180712_144835
photo img_20180712_144844

…where I don't have any baggage to claim…

photo img_20180712_144908

…so I head for the exit.

photo img_20180712_144944

Transportation to the city is abundant and cheap. Can you see all those signs announcing taxis and buses to the city? Well, I didn't, so I went out of the building and then had to come back to get my ticket. DUH!

photo img_20180712_145334

The exit looks a little messy because of the building work at the parking lot.

photo img_20180712_145416

There's the transfer. I never saw a more obvious name. I feel like asking him Does this bus go to the city? XD

photo img_20180712_145441

Wow! Brand new bus!

photo img_20180712_145541

Evidently Argentines are bad at English and even worse at designing logos! Am I the only one who sees a reprochable silhouette in that map of Argentina? That panhandle… and other protuberances… This is disgraceful! I'm starting to doubt of my own moral and psychological integrity.

photo img_20180712_145658

Are we leaving soon, Mr Driver?

photo img_20180712_145720

Yes. We leave after some ten minutes.

photo img_6942

There's a lot of work…

photo img_6943

…going on out here.

photo img_6944
photo img_6945

After a long…

photo img_6946

…long curve to the west…

photo img_6948

…we head for Puerto Iguazú among countless reminders…

photo img_6953

…that wildlife is still abundant here.

photo img_6955
photo img_6956

I like that there's a clean area on each side of the road in case some animal suddenly comes out of the jungle.

photo img_6959

We pass by the access to the waterfalls. I'm coming here the next day!

photo img_6965

Don't miss the next report. You'll see the most stunning views of the waterfalls. And something good will happen… at last!!

photo img_6966

Thanks for reading! :)
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Andes Líneas Aéreas

Cabin crew10.0

Buenos Aires - AEP


Puerto Iguazu - IGR




Feels like this airport is working under an enormous pressure. I think that serving so many flights with a single runway is a feat. But other aspects like the lack of scanners for the huge amount of passengers, and the delay in assigning a gate... Could that be a sign of impending collapse??

Undergoing deep renovation. The runway was renewed last year, they are enlarging the parking lot now, and there are plans to revamp the terminal building, too.

Andes Líneas Aéreas
If you're looking for older cabins with cushier seats, this is your airline. (Let's see the bright side!) We fell a little behind the schedule this time. I don't know the reason. But I would appreciate a BOB menu more than the current snack box.

Information on the route Buenos Aires (AEP) Puerto Iguazu (IGR)


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  • Comment 483266 by
    marathon GOLD 9819 Comments

    Some people claim that the widest avenue in the world is not Buenos Aires' Avenida 9 de Julio, but Brasilia's Eixo Monumental, others counter that the latter is really two parallel avenues separated by a long park.

    Was the Puente de la Mujer named such because it looks like a high heel shoe ?

    I take the blame of not knowing General José de San Martin, but did know about the significance of the Plaza de Mayo (it was more in my time, after all ;)

    Pigeons have the same voracious instinct the same the world over.

    The 11:25 flight listed as boarding when it is 11:24 - aviation has a warped sense of time...

    I did not know that guacamole could be holy ! XD

    What is this Boeing 737-800 safety card doing in an MD-80 ???

    Nice views at take-off, and geography + history illustrated lessons as usual.

    I like Old Berlin better ;)
    (I note how all these cities have a rectangular street grid)

    Sad views of deforestation, sigh...

    Thanks for sharing; I'm looking forward to the next report !

    • Comment 483302 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      others counter that the latter is really two parallel avenues separated by a long park

      I'm one of those others!

      Was the Puente de la Mujer named such because it looks like a high heel shoe ?

      The explanation I found is that the artist thought of this name as a homage to women considering that all the streets around it are named after important women. And as for the shape, they say it's an allegory of a couple dancing tango. I think you need A LOT of imagination to see something like that, though!

      What is this Boeing 737-800 safety card doing in an MD-80 ???

      Haaa ha ha. Thanks for pointing that out. I knew that something was wrong. You see? I was eager to fly on one of those.

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  • Comment 483283 by
    KLMA330 28 Comments

    Love your reports :)

  • Comment 483295 by
    viajero90 89 Comments

    Hola Nechus! Impecable reporte como siempre!
    Hace 10 años volé esa misma ruta por ultima vez, en un MD 80 de Austral! Eran los aviones que tenian antes de pasarse a los Embraer. Me acuerdo el ruido que hacían jaja.
    En un par de meses voy a volver a volar esta misma ruta, pero con LATAM.
    Me encantaron las fotos de Baires!

    • Comment 483304 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hola! Muchas gracias!

      Sí, son súper ruidosos! Finalmente pude comprobarlo yo mismo en el camino de regreso. Pero igual lo disfruté. Me llamó la atención lo suave que fue el rodaje al despegar y al aterrizar.

      Amé Buenos Aires. Qué ciudad fantástica. Qué vistas! Creo que hay que ser muy mal fotógrafo para que Buenos Aires se vea mal en una foto.

      La experiencia con latam seguramente va a ser mejor que con andes, pero nada superará a la crujidera al abrir la cajita del snack. jajajaj

      Gracias por comentar! Buen viaje! :)

  • Comment 483311 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus, thanks for this fantastic report! Such a pity you didn't fly the MD80, I hope you'll manage to do that soon as there is not much time left for these birds :( I always knew that Buenos Aires is a very interesting city but I didn't know that it's so beautiful! Great photos of the city and - as always - breathtaking aerials! Thanks to your reports I learned more about South America than from National Geographic and Discovery! :)

    • Comment 483343 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hey Loukas! Thank you very much! I'm very glad you liked the report, and that it turned to be "educational" too! :D

      I must confess that I also learned a lot of geography and history this time, especially about rivers Uruguay and Paraná. My understanding of the local geography was a complete mess.

      I'm looking forward to reading about your marathon at ATH!! :D

  • Comment 483378 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    Hola Nechus! Thanks for yet another awesome South American report!

    Buenos Aires is such a beautiful city. Architecturally, it's like a mix of Madrid, Paris, and Rio--I really love all the Haussmannian and beaux-arts style buildings. Once, on a private guided tour of DC on which we took my parents-in-law, the tour guide mentioned Pennsylvania Ave was the world's widest avenue....pfffft, lies, all lies, I knew better but I didn't want to correct him. Obviously, all of us being French, we knew at least the Champs-Elysées was wider, and of course Buenos Aires also came to mind.

    Buenos Aires (and Argentina in general) is one of those few bucket list places I still need to check off, along with Chile! I almost took a day trip to Iguazu when I was in Brazil, but the weather wasn't good the day we wanted to go and it would have been a looooong day with a flight from Santos Dumont at 6:00 and getting back at 22:00.

    What an off pricing concept Andes have. I mean it's common for premium or flexible Economy tickets to be cheaper than regular Economy tickets when a plane gets close to being sold out of the cheap fares, but to have all 3 fare categories at the same level 6 months in advance? Someone in revenue management is either not paying attention of is just bad at their job, haha

    Sorry you didn't get your ride on an MD-80. It's funny how MD-80s have now become sought-after whereas I used to avoid them because they were so noisy in the back. But now that they've become so rare, it's back to being a novelty!

    I totally agree about older seats. As long as they are well-maintained and the cushioning is changed regularly, they are much more comfortable than the new ultra-slimline-ironing-board torture devices we now see on most aircraft.

    Beautiful aerials as always! The flat coastal landscapes are a big departure from your usual Andean adventures. And so cool that you could see the falls, or at least the spray, on landing!

    Aside from cushier seats and a meh snack-box, Andean doesn't really seem to offer anything special over an LCC, or AR and LA/JJ (etc).

    Gracias por compartir amigo!

    • Comment 483529 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      a day trip to Iguazu

      You did well. A visit to Iguazú implies lots of walking and stair climbing. Too much for a single day. Besides, I recommend going on your own, not on a guided tour. The trails are narrow and kilometric, there are lots of people, and I saw many visitors struggling to keep up with their groups. Nothing like enjoying the walk at your own pace.

      What an off pricing concept Andes have.

      Yes. I often complain about my luck. Not this time! :)

      Sorry you didn't get your ride on an MD-80

      Luckily, this would change later. :D

      Thanks for stopping by, Kevin!

  • Comment 483538 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 541 Comments

    Hi Nechus,

    Glad to see the continuation of your journey.

    Lovely tourism bonus to kick things off. I would really like to visit someday.

    Nice street views on the way to the boarding area.

    Oooooo… newspaper. Very nice.

    Nice swerve on the Embraer there. And then the Mad Dog! So close! I felt your pain. To come so close. I can only conclude the bus driver was paid off by your arch-nemesis, whoever that may be, to ruin your avgeekout. And then the ground controllers too, having that which was so cruelly denied you parade by you while taxiing.

    “So, even though it's a domestic flight, the view out of the window will be Uruguay and Brazil most of the time. And a bit of Paraguay, too.”
    That is some geeky cool stuff right there!

    “Does Macri really fly on that?”
    Well… ummm… it’s not a 737-200, so it’s got that going for it.

    As expected, some great shots from the air. Until we get to the sadness of the deforestation. Wow. That’s… just…. wow. Sobering.

    Thanks for sharing this ride, and your thoughts. Once again, I really enjoyed your narrative stye. Happy flying!

    • Comment 483608 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      So close! I felt your pain

      Thank you! My family were not nearly as empathetic when I told them. No avgeeks among them, so they just raised an eyebrow and said "So what?!" A plane is a plane." :'(

      That is some geeky cool stuff right there!

      That's right, especially if you like geography. I felt terrible when I realized that I had no idea where I was during the trip until I wrote this report! I can find many important rivers on the map, but I didn't know those in my own neighborhood. Shameful!

      I would really like to visit someday.

      That's a very good idea. And the exchange rate is very convenient these days :D

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Comment 483737 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Comments

    That was a detailed report. Thanks for sharing. You made me curious about that box of them on my comment haha, but it took me a good solid time to read through your report. I am completely unfamiliar with the Latin aviation market, but it is always a very very enjoyable read through them!

    • Comment 483769 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      You made me curious about that box of them on my comment

      So you noticed the "slight" difference between Asian carriers and the misery that I have to endure in Y down here. :'(

      AR is just a little better than Andes.

      it took me a good solid time to read through your report

      LOL. Yes, my reports are usually a bit on the long-ish side. I TRY to make them short, but it doesn't work! Thanks for taking the time! :D

  • Comment 484440 by
    Christian Gerber 2 454 Comments

    "the Ministry of Public Works…" strange translation for "obras sociales"...The small story says that Peron named his wife minister of social wealtfarese asked for a ministry, Peron answered I don't have spare building and she answerer "You have to build one here, showing the middle of 9 de Julio !

    "In fact, only the forested part (with the runway) is Martín García island. The north half used to be a different island called Timoteo Domínguez, but sediment from river Paraná accumulated until both islands joined together." And Timoteo Dominguez is uruguayan so we can see the only ground border between UR and AR ! Peron and other werre deported to Martin Garcia!

    Nice pics - Gracias

    • Comment 484456 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      strange translation for "obras sociales"

      Yeah, I was not sure what kind of "obras" those "obras sociales" are. Charitable organizations? We don't have such a ministry in Chile, so I just picked the ministry I thought would be closer to "obras sociales". Now that you say "welfare" it makes more sense to me. Thanks :D

      You have to build one here

      So, she gave the orders and he obeyed! :O

      Peron and other werre deported to Martin Garcia!

      After reading your story, I think that HE asked to be left there on his own! XDDD

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