Review of Qantas flight Los Angeles Melbourne in Business

Airline Qantas
Flight QF96
Class Business
Seat 8K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 15:10
Take-off 07 Jan 18, 01:35
Arrival at 07 Jan 18, 11:45
QF   #24 out of 130 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 134 reviews
Published on 23rd January 2018


I hadn't intended to write a review for Flight Report of my journey on Qantas' new LAX-MEL service on the airline's new B787-9, however on returning home I found I had a number of images on my iPhone that I could cobble together for a report. Of course, I am sure the community is keen to see and hear about the new Business Class product.

I would be flying out from JFK on Saturday 6 January 2018 on QF12. In the 24 hours prior to airport check in, I logged onto the Qantas website and selected my inflight meal: Black Angus beef fillet with roasted potatoes, snow peas and red wine mustard butter. In addition to the menu that could be ordered from onboard, there was an 'online exclusive' of fusilli spaccati with duck ragu and roast celeriac. I tend to avoid pasta if I can, so that dish was not for me!

QF12 to LAX was delayed by several hours (we sat at the gate after an initial one hour delay for a further two). New York was still in chaos from the "bomb cyclone" snow storm that had hit the city a few days earlier. This meant a large number of passengers on QF12 risked missing their connecting Qantas services to Australia, as the flight feeds into services to Melbourne and Sydney. During the flight we were informed that Qantas HQ had decided to hold all LAX to Australia flights for passengers from QF12.


Unfortunately, the delay into LAX meant I wasn't able to take advantage of the Qantas oneworld Business Lounge in the TBI terminal…. next time! As soon as QF12 landed I had to make my way to QF96 which was being held. QF96 was departed from some far flung gate at the other end of the terminal. When I finally got there, I discovered no gate but a transfer bus that would take us to a stand-alone air bridge away from the terminal. Suffice to say, when I finally got on the place and was shown to my seat, I was happy! I hope that Qantas finds a gate that is attached to the terminal for this flight in the near future, because this certainly diminishes from the service and I would imagine, reduce potential lounge time.

photo img_5154
My seat, 8K, on the new Qantas B787-9 for the next 15 or so hours

I was seated in the forward (larger) cabin of the two business class cabins in a window seat, 8K. I was late to booking this flight so it was a choice of this seat or 4K (centre aisle). While 8K is probably one of the less desirable seats (it's in front of the galley and isn't a more private of the window seats), I prefer the window over an centre seat where, despite the divider, I'd still have a neighbour. If you take a look at Seat Guru, you can see that some of the window seats offer more privacy, try to book these!

photo img_5157
A glass of Duval-Leroy Brut NV Champagne as a welcome drink

On boarding, the flight attendant serving my section introduced herself as Ebony and offered me a welcome drink. Of course, I opted for champagne and enquired as to today's selection: Duval-Leroy Brut NV. My first impressions of the cabin were of a calm and clean environment. The light was bright but soft, and the cabin had a very spacious and modern feel.

On my seat I found a bottle of water, noise-cancelling headphones, menus and a pillow and duvet. As the flight was a late departure, the seat was already prepared with a mattress. Ebony asked me to fill out the breakfast order card at my convenience and return it to her.

We sat at our parking bay for some time and didn't take off for a further 40 or so minutes, and I wished for another glass of bubbles!

photo img_5159
The forward business class cabin from 8K

photo img_5160

photo img_5162
Seat pocket contents

photo img_5164
Noise-cancelling headphones

photo img_5171
The duvet


After take-off, Ebony came around with amenity kits and pyjamas, and I also returned my breakfast order card. I took a M/L in the PJs which proved rather baggy (but comfortable!) on my 180cm and 70kg body. The amenity kit was simple but nice: eye shade, socks, tooth brush and paste, creams, all in a special edition Oroton case for the B787-9.

As the service continued, the customer service manager (CSM), Steph, made her way around the cabin introducing herself to all the Business Class passengers and having a chat. She was absolutely lovely, and I found out that this was her first time (along with a number of other crew) flying the B787-9. She handed out arrival cards and immigration/customs fast-track passes.

photo img_5168
The pyjamas

photo img_5170
The amenity kit

photo img_5166
The cabin, with some subtle mood lighting, as I begin to watch films

Service was slick and efficient. Qantas has structured the initial meal service considering that given the late departure time most people would go to sleep. I also imagine a lot would eat in the lounge and then head to sleep after take off. I, on the other hand, wanted to make the most of the experience. Ebony promptly confirmed my online order of the beef, and I asked that I be served the cheese course after this. I found that service almost moved too quickly given I wanted to savour the experience, however I cannot fault Qantas for designing it in this way.

Below are the menus for the flight:

photo img_5158
Breakfast order card

photo img_5161
Supper menu

photo img_5163
Drinks list

My tray table was promptly set with linen and cutlery, butter, salt and pepper. I was offered drinks and given a side salad and offered a choice of sourdough or olive bread (I went with olive and more Duval-Leroy). I also asked to be served some red with my beef. Before I knew it, another crew member served me my meal. It was so quick Ebony hadn't made it back with a choice of red wines.

The beef was ok. I imagine the meal would have been a lot nicer and not as tough (overcooked) if the flight had left on time (a few hours earlier). The potatoes and veg were great and the shiraz was tasty too. The side salad was pitiful. It was like the leaves you find in the bottom of a bag of packaged lettuce, limp and browning.

After the main meal I went back to champagne and, having requested the cheese, this was served along with a mini lemon tart. I always opt for cheese over dessert, but I must say had I only ordered the lemon tart I would have been disappointed. It was tiny and wasn't served with anything…cream? coulis? something else? The cheese was tasty and I enjoyed it with my champagne, although some more crackers would have been nice.

After the meal, the lights were dimmedand I requested a Martell VSOP Old Fine Cognac which was served promptly with a packet of Boulder crisps (a nice touch from the cabin crew serving the other aisle!).

photo img_5172
The table setting

photo img_5174
The tenderloin, featuring the new Qantas B787-9 cutlery

photo img_5175
A lovely Heathcote shiraz and some sparkling water

photo img_5177
Lemon tart, cheese and champagne

photo img_5178
Cognac and crisps

photo img_5184
Peppermint tea


After supper service, I started to get comfortable. I changed into my Qantas PJs, visiting the washroom. Originally Qantas planned on allowing premium economy passengers to use the washrooms located in the middle of the two business class cabins. However, I have since read that they changed this rather quickly. To this end, the washrooms were always accessible to me. I did find them very small and cramped, if not very sleek and clean.

Heading back to my seat I grabbed another glass of champagne from the self-service area the crew had set up. At this point, the crew were no where to be seen… I imagine they were in the forward galley eating their own supper. I settled in, watched some films and tried out the fully flat bed.

photo img_5179
The washroom sink

photo img_5180
Hi there!

Mid-flight snack

After a few hours of sleep I stirred. The seat was really comfortable and felt spacious (for a bed in the sky!). The padded mattress, duvet and pillow really add to the experience and the sleep I did have was enjoyable. But, I was enjoying being on the plane too much to sleep. Instead I took advantage of the multiple positions of the seat, including the massage function.

The entertainment system was great. Very easy to use and very responsive. I probably watched 4 or so films during the flight. The screen is big enough and very clear. Conveniently, it can be tilted to face you as you change the settings on the chairs position.

Waking from the short sleep, I rang the call bell and requested a snack: prawn and chive siu mai with black vinegar. This was the tastiest thing on the flight - really great flavours! I also asked for a re-fill of water and some peppermint tea - all that champagne had parched me! Service was quick, and following this I requested some more champagne and something sweet. The crew member (who had brought the crisps earlier with the cognac) again brought me a plate of different sweet things: lemon tart, shortbread and chocolates. Really great service!

photo img_5188
The prawn and chive siu mai - delicious!

photo img_5186
Champagne and a glimpse of the seat controllers

photo img_5190
Sweet treats


Two and a half hours before landing, breakfast was served. Passengers were offered a 'wake-up' juice or something along those lines… I think it consisted of orange with carrot and ginger. It was nice but we weren't served a great deal.

Breakfast was served on a tray with all the components you had pre-ordered from the breakfast card. I'd selected: earl grey tea with milk, a green juice, fruit with yogurt, a croissant and the free range scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with Applewood bacon, braised beans and pan fried mushrooms.

The croissant was strangely missing and I thought perhaps it would turn up later, but it was only when I spoke with the CSM that it arrived (along with more champagne). Breakfast was rather mediocre. Everything was rather dry and underwhelming. The green juice was nice, but again, too small.

photo img_5193
The 'wake-up' juice distributed by crew

photo img_5198
My breakfast tray minus croissant (sorry for the grainy image!)

photo img_5194
2 and a half hours to go!

photo img_5195
The route map

The seat

I realised I didn't really take many photos of the seat itself, so towards the end of the flight I took a few pics of the seat (sadly not in the flat position). Overall, the seat was great. Very spacious and well thought-out. There were lots of cubby holes for storing things during the flight and several different lights one could turn on/off. As commented earlier, the flat position was great, but I mainly got use from the various seated angled positions to make use of the entertainment.

photo img_5200
The seat controls, including the flat and take-off positions and massage functions.

photo img_5210
My slept on mattress-covered suite

photo img_5211
8K: there is a 'do not disturb' button to press that illuminates the seat number in red to communicate to crew that you do not want to be disturbed

photo img_5213
The ledge with headphones and bench space


The cabin began to come alive and the lights suddenly switched from warm red to bright on. I think the crew were still getting used to the B787-9's systems because a minute later they went back to warm red. At some point, I assume, the crew allowed passengers to be able to control the window shades as I was able to lighten my windows to view outside. The crew distributed a hot towel. This was done after the breakfast service and as they passed through they thanked each passenger.

The crew prepared the cabin and we arrived at 11.45am, an hour and 35 minutes after our scheduled 10.10am arrival time. De-planing was rather efficient and I made it through immigration quickly. My bags were some of the first out and using my express pass I cleared customs in minutes.

photo img_5204
The mood lighting

photo img_5206
The famous B787 window

photo img_5208
A view of the engine

photo img_5217
The cabin with the windows at different levels of 'open'

photo img_5215
Watching Modern Family up until landing

photo img_5222
Hello Air Canada and hello Melbourne!
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Cabin crew8.0

Los Angeles - LAX


Melbourne - MEL



There is no doubt this is a stellar product for Qantas and for trans-pacific flying. Overall, I was really thrilled by my flight on the Qantas Boeing 787-9. The flight was smooth and I arrived - despite the champagne - feeling really refreshed and less 'dried-out' than other flights. Qantas' cabin is well appointed, clean, smooth and has a tranquil ambience. The bathrooms were clean throughout and I never had to line up. The offering of amenities is top-notch with pyjamas and amenity kits that make the flight a lot more comfortable (especially the PJs!). Entertainment is vastly improved on the B747 and A380 systems; both the offering and operating system. The seat is the main draw card and offers a retreat into your own world. Despite having one of the 'less desirable' seats in the business class cabin, I felt very secluded. If I'd wanted to, I know I could have got a lot of sleep or done a fair amount of work.

The catering is the main area for improvement. On all my Qantas flights, I always find the food ex-Australia to be of a great/good standard, however ex-LAX the offering was mediocre. It was lack-lustre, and typically dry or over-cooked (except the siu mai!). I cannot complain about the drinks list however. The champagne was delicious and the offering of other beverages beyond my needs. Service was of a high standard: non-intrusive, respectful and not overly formal. Several of the crew offered those extra touches - the top up of wine, bringing something you hadn't thought you needed, etc. You don't find that with all Qantas crew, so often you have to be very specific with what you want, like that cheese board or cognac to follow the meal. The gate at LAX needs to be sorted out, as being bused to the plane really isn't ideal (of course, this may have been a one off?). Arrival to MEL was a good as could have been expected: bags were among the first on the carousel and the express pass through customs is very helpful indeed.

Thanks for reading this report. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave these below. :)



  • Comment 428862 by
    Rewardflying SILVER 447 Comments

    Hello EzraTheodore. For not intending to write a report and 'cobbling' a few photos together you sure ended up with a fantastic report. Great job!

    I was wondering what you thought of the seat without the mattress pad. Having flown intra-Australia on this seat (not the 787) I found the faux leather to be cold and just not very comfortable on a long journey. The mattress pad sure looks nice however. What did you think of the seat without the pad?

    The side salad was pitiful. It was like the leaves you find in the bottom of a bag of packaged lettuce, limp and browning.

    -Seems like standard fare for QF, too bad.

    Otherwise looks like a great flight and thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 428886 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Thanks Rewardflying and for taking the time to leave a comment. I think DrSK (below your comment) has answered some of the details around the differing versions of the seat. I haven't experienced the seat in the leather version, only the fabric version. But again, my seat was dressed with the mattress for the duration of the flight so I couldn't comment on the differenced. Very comfortable, all the same.

  • Comment 428871 by
    DrSK 1 Comments

    Very nice report, Ezratheodore. Catering ex-LAX is more miss than hit, in my experience, regardless of carrier or class of service. I now eat in the lounge (as I generally have a long connection) and then stick to the drinks list when on board - the food in the F lounge is far better than anything you'll ever get on board, and even the J lounge's offerings are preferable (overcrowding aside). Selfishly, it's good that J passengers have three dedicated lavatories, but this will only serve to reduce the appeal of premium economy on this long flight.

    Rewardflying: the QF business 'suite' is dressed in fabric (except the headrest) for long-haul operations (787 and A330-300), and leather ('industrial' rather than 'faux', I think!) for the higher-turnover short-haul flights operated by the A330-200. The mattress pad, as you say, rather negates any difference.

    • Comment 428888 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Thank you DrSK, yes catering ex-LAX is dire. Those are some great tips. I imagine if I'd had time I would have eaten in the lounge and will certainly do this next time. Interesting comment re the premium economy class and lavatories. I wonder what it would have been like down in economy with all those passengers 194 economy and premium economy passengers using four lavs. :/

  • Comment 428901 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4764 Comments

    Hey, welcome back! It's been a while, and what a great report! Nothing "Cobbled" or slapped together about it, haha.

    Yeah, the "bomb cyclone" screwed up NYC airports for like a week and the flooding in T4 didn't help. I hear JFK was a war zone. It's great that they held the ex-LAX departures for QF12. I guess they didn't have much choice or they would have had hundreds of missed connections on their hands.

    Aside from the mediocre catering, which is just normal ex-LAX (or ex-US in genera), everything looks great. Sounds like Ebony and the rest of the crew treated you well throughout this long flight. I have limited experience flying QF, but in all cases the crews were super friendly.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats on being the 1st to report the QF 787-9 here!

    • Comment 428903 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Hi KevinDC -

      Thanks for much for the warm welcome back and kind words. I have been lurking, that's for sure. JFK sure was in disarray. Our flight was originally delayed an hour, then another half hour. When we finally boarded we sat around for a few hours as they tried to find someone to load our cargo/baggage. Turns out a lot of people were still unable to make it to work in the days following the storm.


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