Review of Singapore Airlines flight Taipei Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ877
Class Economy
Seat 61A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 23 Jan 18, 14:10
Arrival at 23 Jan 18, 18:55
SQ   #5 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 630 reviews
By GOLD 1885
Published on 3rd February 2018
My preceding flight to TPE was continued with a side trip to South-East Asia:

CDG-TPE : BR88 (B777-300ER) there
TPE-SIN : SQ877 (A330-300) you are here
SIN- BKK : SQ982 (B777-200ER) there
BKK-TPE : BR76 (B777-300ER) to be posted later
TPE-CDG : BR87 (B777-300ER)

A word of warning : this FR is LONG, really VERY LONG, with an unreasonable number of pictures of planes in both the flight report and the bonus. If you are not interested by planes, better close this window right away (probably because you did not expect to click into a aviation geek website in the first place).

Now that you have been warned, possibly with a supply of non-Taiwanese coffee to help you reach the end, let’s begin the story.

This is an SQ flight, but it was part of a TPE-BKK round trip on Eva Air, with the way in flown on SQ on a BR ticket quota with a 24h stopover in SIN. This was cheaper than an ordinary triangular trip, but a side effect was that both websites of BR and SQ refused pre-OLCI seat selection: BR because I was going to fly in an SQ aircraft, and SQ because I had a BR ticket.
photo clipboard07a
There were some leftover seats in the front of the cabin when I checked in on line, but they were overwing. Going through immigration is always fast in SIN: the advantage of being among the first passengers to deplane would be limited and I could just as well choose a seat in the rear of the aircraft, furthest away from the hot air from the reactors which are a nuisance for taking pictures, and with less hindrance caused by the wing. Also, if the flight turned out to not be full, there was more chance to have an empty seat next to me. I chose therefore Seat 61A rather than Seat 46K (a window seat, but overwing and on the wrong side due to the sun’s direction).
photo clipboard00
This flight was a good opportunity to fly SQ while I could, because I discovered on the OLCI that there is an age limit: the drop-down menu does not allow a year of birth before 1918.
photo clipboard01a
I had checked before the OLCI opened what meals would be offered on board. The least that I can writ is that the description was terse.
photo clipboard14a
On D Day, I arrived at the end station of the subway’s airport line, which is actually closer to Beimen station than to Taipei Central station. I had noted when I had arrived in Taipei that there were in-town check-in facilities, like in Hong-Kong.
photo img_2668a
What the signs do not indicate is that the in-town check-in is offered to the passengers of Eva Air (and its subsidiary Uni-Air) flights only. A BR ticket on an SQ flight is a no-go. It’s a far cry from the offering of HK’s Airport Express where some thirty airlines provide in-town check-in services.
So much for the in-town check-in test : that would be for another time.
photo img_2669a
This was not a problem for me, because I was leaving immediately to the airport, using a means of transportation which is 100% accessible to handicapped passengers and passengers with a large suitcase alike. The main issue was obtaining a ticket for that line. You can use your Easycard (Taiwan’s multipurpose stored value card), but the credit on mine was not enough and I had planned to recharge it like in any subway station. But this was not “any subway station” and I did not find an Easycard reload machine anywhere.
photo img_2671a
No problem, I’ll buy a one way ticket. Yes, but the machine does not give more than 99 TWD of change, and consequently accepts only coins and 100 TWD banknotes. You cannot buy a 160 TWD ticket with such a high denomination bill (500 TWD are worth about 15 EUR), and bad luck, I’m out of 100 TWD bills. (In any subway station, you can reload your Easycard with 500 or 1000 TWD bills…)
photo img_2670a
The solution was the manual counter, where not only you cannot pay with a credit card (after one year in Stockholm where I never ever used cash, even for the most insignificant purchase, it felt strange), but I had to wait until the single staff had finished handling of a passenger on the other side. Four minutes waiting time is not a disaster, but it seems much longer in front of an empty counter than in a waiting line which is making progress. I did not have the impression of a VIP service, despite the claims of the cash tray.
photo img_2673a
All that for obtaining this contactless infinitely reusable token, typical of both Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese subway systems. (I am always puzzled that subways are still using single use paper tickets in France and in Japan alike. They are so 20st century…)
photo img_2674a
Fare evasion is negligible in Taipei’s urban transport : the turnstiles are consequently of the rather symbolic kind.
photo img_2675a
Back view of the in-town check-in counters where the staff is far from being overworked, due to the lack of passengers which can use their services.
photo img_2676a
The subway was reasonably full, unlike on the way in which was before typical working hours, but I has no difficulty asking a passenger to please remove his hand luggage from the seat next to him. I was lucky: the express trains run every 15 minutes and this one departed two minutes after I had reached the platform.
photo img_2678a
When I was living in Taipei, there were advertising campaigns reminding that taking pictures under the skirts of women was forbidden. Did Taiwanese men go one step further in sexual harassment in public transports?
photo img_2679a
This does not mean that relationships between men and women is discouraged : I saw this ad in a corridor to the in-town check-in counters :
Looking at beauty on the internet rather than the real beauty is completely stupid!!
photo img_0782a
I did not look at the questionable beauty of my male neighbor in the subway, but to the landscape : the Shin Kong Tower (the second tallest building in Taipei) looks taller in this skyline than the actually considerably taller Taipei 101 tower which is much further away.
photo img_2681a
A former branch of the Danshui River has been transformed into parks, and also a floodplain.
photo img_2685a
The urban area of Taipei has been separated administratively speaking between Taipei (the center of the city) and New Taipei City which also includes vast areas of undeveloped mountains
photo img_2686a
Taipei is disfigured by many overhead expressways and interchanges
photo img_2690a
Mount Guanyin in the background, on the left bank of the Danshui River. The summit provides a sweeping view on the river from Taipei to the sea about 20 km downstream
photo img_2694a
Taipei used to be regularly devastated by catastrophic floods in case of storms or typhoons in its vast watershed. The city is now protected by hundreds of kilometers of dykes which can be crossed at regular intervals through openings which can be closed by heavy flood-resistant gates. This is one of these dykes, with an expressway on top of it, seen from the river’s side.
photo img_2696a
And the same on the city side
photo img_2698a
The industrial areas crossed by this new subway line are not very exciting.
photo img_2702a
You can’t see it well, but the line climbs steeply from the city center through a small mountain.
photo img_2704a
The bus or taxi ride to the airport used to take this expressway which is empty in the middle of the day, but not during the commuting rush hours.
photo img_2707a
Arrival in TPE
photo img_2710a
The drawback of these inclined travelators is that four-wheeled suitcases have a strong tendency for rolling away.
photo img_2713a
No excessive waiting time expected, especially since I checked in on line
photo img_2714a
SQ set a 7 kg limit to hand luggage : this is a hard low lost ceiling, only that it is never enforced. I nevertheless have no need to bother taking much on board: SQ also allows 30 kg of checked luggage in Economy: this is a different story from any LCC, or any European legacy airline.
photo img_2716a
I’ll stay only 24 hours in Singapore, and I actually have a round trip TPE-BKK ticket, with a stopover in SIN on the way in, so I needed to ensure that my luggage would stop in SIN.
photo img_2718a2
There was some waiting in SIN and at the immigration, but I was airside in a quarter of an hour.
photo img_2721a
I chose to not adhere to the chronological order in the airside chapter, and also to not keep duplicate pictures of aircraft of the same type and livery. Let’s have a look at the facilities first: the two linear terminals are separated landside, but communicate airside, creating a continuous rectangle.

Eva Air is not alone in the co-branding game with Sanryo, the Japanese owner of the “cute” Hellow Kitty character: so does TPE, and the nursing room airside is inescapably decorated in this super-kitsch and 可愛 ( kěài in Mandarin, kawaii in Japanese) style.
photo img_2723a
If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, i.e. either a Western girl below 6 or a Taiwanese or Japanese woman below 40, you should not miss Gate C3, the one from which the flights on Eva Air’s Hello Kitty jets usually depart.
photo img_2731a
There is of course the corresponding airport shop
photo img_2730a
The Chinese New Year was approaching (it is very late in 2018, because there was an additional lunar month in 2017 to resynchronize the calendar), so the ceiling with decorations with the character 春 (« spring », because Chinese New Year is called 春節 = Spring Festival, i.e. the moment when the days start lengthening again , and not spring in the Western acceptance of the word)
photo img_2724a
And the character 福 (happiness)
photo img_2725a
This decoration is entirely made of different calligraphies of the same character 福
photo img_2789aphoto img_2790a
Not everybody is interested in planes in an airport, and MSI, a Taiwanese maker of graphic boards and similar processing hardware has installed racing car simulators to promote its wares.
photo img_2728a
If you are more interested in Aboriginal cultures (and all their trinkets and take away foods), this shop is for you. You have recognized a Tao canoe from Orchid Island in the foreground, and if you did not, I suggest you read (again) ce FR.
photo img_2732a
Talking about orchids, the decoration in this booth is regularly renewed
photo img_2735a
Come listen to contemporary Taiwanese music at Gate C1
photo img_2738a
A sign of present times and of the current Indonesian immigration, this microbus transformed into a sales booth guarantees to its customers that all the products there are halal.
photo img_2741a
On the other hand, these prayer and meditation rooms have not changed since the beginning of the Flight Report era.
photo img_2737a
The production of electronics has been vastly delocalized from Taiwan to Mainland China, despite what the decoration of Gate B7 implies.
photo img_2745a2
This staff, center, calls in Mandarin the last passengers for Dōngjīng 東京, ans also in Japanese and English, two languages in which the name of this city is pronounced Tōkyō.
photo img_2743a2
I do not like this style, but it is Taiwanese.
photo img_2748a
The corridor between the two terminals includes this escalator on the way in
photo img_2753a
And this iconic diminutive other one on the way back.
photo img_2759a2
It passes also through two corridors decorated with these calligraphies
photo img_2755a
And along this « Airport Experience Zone »
photo img_2757a
… that I call a deserted windowless and dark bar.
photo img_2756a
An information booth at the intersection between the corridor of Terminal 2 and one of the corridors connecting it with Terminal 1
photo img_2761a
I don’t know about you, but these are not the pictograms that I would have selected for th Online Preorder Service Counter. Do they mean that you have time time to have lunch before you retrieve your wares, and that you should pray that they did not get lost ?
photo img_2763a
This boarding gate is dedicated to gastronomy: you can seat on mouth watering cushions shaped like thick cream.
photo img_2782aphoto img_2783a
This other boarding room is dedicated to the Hakka culture, with wicker baskets of kakis drying upside down under the ceiling. The Hakka originate from Fujian, the Mainland province facing Taiwan, and are therefore numerous in Taiwan. The Hakka language is the third most used Chinese language in Taiwan, after Mandarin and Taiwanese).
photo img_2810a2
My flight departed from Gate D7, whose them is that of the Pili puppets which revisit this ancient art with heroic fantasy style clothes and hairdos.
photo img_2814a2photo img_2815aphoto img_2818a
But before that, I had done some, and even a lot of plane spotting, because TPE is a rather plane-spotter friendly airport if you know where to find the non tinted glass windows (Hint : look for emergency escapes).

Let’s begin with Eva Air with an A321
photo img_2826a
photo img_2812a
Let’s continue with her rival China Airlines : 737
photo img_2785a
A330 in standard livery
photo img_2772aphoto img_2841a
A330 in Skyteam livery
photo img_2773a
Arrival at her gate of a 747 in Skyteam livery
photo img_2834a
747 freighter parked in the distance
photo img_2747a
Tiger Air has created a Taiwanese subsidiary ; this is one of its A320
photo img_2767a
These aircraft are Taiwanese, but for how long ? In front of an Orient Thai 747, a Transasia Airways A330 is stored since this airline folded after suffering two fatal crashes of ATR72s
photo img_2768a
The A321s of its low-cost subsidiary V Air are also grounded there. They did not fly very long in this livery.
photo img_2769a
Now the foreign airlines : KE flies an A380 to TPE.
photo img_2736a
All the major Chinese airlines are there: Air China A321
photo img_2802a
China Southern A330
photo img_2821a
China Eastern 737 in special livery
photo img_2788a
737-300 transformed in a freighter version for EMS
photo img_2804a
One country, two systems, but this Cathay Pacific A330 is also Chinese
photo img_2746a
Like this Hong-Kong Airlines A350, which furthermore belongs to the Hainan Airlines group
photo img_2727a
Over one million Japanese tourists per year visiting Taiwan and even more in the revers direction, there were of course Japanese airlines.

Japan Airlines 737
photo img_2808a
Vanilla Air A320, with deployed thrst reversers.
photo img_2776a
Arrival of the most important aircraft for me that day : the SQ A330-300 which was going to operate my flight
photo img_2779a
There she is at the gate
photo img_2822a
The same from further down, because in TPE you pre-board to a room at the lower level
photo img_2827a
There it is
photo img_2828a
There were only a few power ports, but even less demand for them, so that I could recharge my laptop and look at the traffic through the windows top left.
photo img_2830a
A becoming FA who may have reached retirement age since this picture was taken indicates the direction of the Economy cabin.
photo img_2839a
Earphones are to be taken just before boarding
photo img_2842a
As well as a selection of newspapers on the upper tray
photo img_2843a
And on the lower tray too. You probably recognized on the first page of the newspaper in the center the picture of Tsai Ying-wen 菜英文, the president of Taiwan. She lives up to the promises of her first name which means “intelligent and well-read”.
photo img_2844a
The plane door with both a male and a female FA welcoming passengers.
photo img_2845a2
Boarding of the Economy passengers was per zone, starting from the rear of the aircraft, and I was among the first in my zone. These are the last two seats on the rear left of the aircraft.
photo img_2847a
And a view of the rear of the cabin which had not filled up yet
photo img_2850a
The rear of the seat, below the IFE screen
photo img_2853a
I like planes which provide at seat power, here at the tip of the armrests between two seats.
photo img_2878a
The seat pitch is decent for a medium range flight in Economy
photo img_2854a
The width between armrests is OK too
photo img_2856a
The tray table deploys in two parts
photo img_2866a
The carpeting was clean – I liked the design.
photo img_2855a
Nothing special overhead
photo img_2941a
Safety cards tend to become wordless in many airlines (like those of AF), but this one is especially verbose.
photo img_2938aphoto img_2939a
I did not check in detail the in-flight magazine : that would be for the next report
photo img_2991a
End of push-back for this Japan Airlines 737
photo img_2863a
… which taxies away, saluted by these four strictly aligned ground staff.
photo img_2864a
An oshibori was distributed shortly after take-off
photo img_2865a
A menu whose cover page is made of a resistant material
photo img_2867a
This was the occidental menu
photo img_2868a
My frequent readers won’t be surprised that I chose the oriental menu
photo img_2869a
The offering of drinks
photo img_2943a
Pushback and then came a good surprise : my neighbor self-upgraded himself to an empty set of three central seats, and that upgraded my seat to a double seat.
photo img_2876a
The space for my legs was no longer used by my laptop daypack
photo img_2881a
… and the width between armrests shot up to sofa size
photo img_2882a
This was my private office space during this flight
photo img_3013a
Plane spotting resumed from the end of push-back : China AIrlines A330
photo img_2870a
Followed by a China Eastern A330
photo img_2872a
Miscellaneous stabilizers together with the winglet of our plane
photo img_2875a
The China Eastern A330 has reached her gate
photo img_2886a
There was a long line of aircraft heading towards the runway behind us (and half a dozen more in front of us too).
photo img_2887a
Skyteam vertical stabilizers at Gates D
photo img_2888a
Alignment of Eva Air aircraft at Gates C
photo img_2892a
With one in special livery
photo img_2893a
The planes ahead of us for departure : Vanilla Air A320
photo img_2897a
China Airlines A330
photo img_2899a
China Airlines 747
photo img_2901a
Tiger Air Taiwan A320 (I missed another one before the Vanilla Air A320)
photo img_2903a
The maintenance facilities of Evergreen (the owners of Eva Air)
photo img_2906a
Southern Air (DHL group) 777
photo img_2919a
Eva Air 777 in Hello Kitty livery
photo img_2921a
An unexpected Ukraine International777
photo img_2922a
The line lengthened behind us, with China Airlines planes
photo img_2914a
Take-off run, passing along the line behind us : China Airlines A330
photo img_2917a
Tiger Air Taiwan A320
photo img_2925a
China Airlines 747 freighter
photo img_2926a
Take-off : this is TPE from the sky
photo img_2928aphoto img_2929a
The end of the terminal, with this semi-circular boarding room which is not plane spotter friendly because of the presence of a deplaning corridor.
photo img_2931a
The other runway with in the center the parking area for planes of failed airlines waiting for potential buyers.
photo img_2932a
Zoom and image enhancement of an Orient Thai Airlines 747, two Transasia Airlines A330 and a V Air A321.
photo img_2933a
The business areas beyond the limits of TPE
photo img_2935a
Expressway 61 and the tiny Zhuwei harbor
photo img_2936a
The cloud cover quickly eliminated any hope for landscapes
photo img_2942a
A glass of fruit juice (apple for me) and a pack of 15 grams of dried nuts were distributed after take-off.
photo img_2947a
How could it not be suitable for vegetarians?
photo img_2951aphoto img_2952a
Cheers !
photo img_2948a
The wing through the glass
photo img_2950a
The meal was served like this
photo img_2955a
After unwrapping
photo img_2958a
Zoom on the hot meal that I found good and spic the way I like it.
photo img_2959a
Note the presence of metalware with SQ logos which are welcome in a world where plasticware rules in Economy.
photo img_2961a
Bon appétit !
photo img_2956a
It was well after I had finished this meal that a 100 gram of Häagen Dazs ice cream was distributed, evidently to serve it as cold as possible.
photo img_2962a
Everybody knows that this vaguely Scandinavian name has been made up by an American ice cream maker, but who knows that most of its world wide production is churned from a factory located in
Tilloy les Mofflaines, a tiny 1,500 inhabitant village in northern France.
(It is written in Chinese that the list of contents applies to Taiwan.)
photo img_2965a
Note that this ice cream coud have been sold in Hong-Kong too, because the information below is for the Hong-Kong market. It beats me why the Taiwanese focus on the ingredients and the Hongkongese on the quantity of calories, lipids, etc.
photo img_2963a
The Chinese are expected to receive 2000 kcal per day in Nutrient Reference Value.
photo img_2968a
The workers in Tilloy les Mofflaines had been kind enough to provide a small plastic spoon (not very good for the environment), and I found it more convenient to use SQ’s metal spoon, which has the added advantage of being 100% reusable and 100% eventually recyclable.
photo img_2969a
I finished my meal with a coffee. Quite frankly, a French ice cream with a Taiwanese coffee is not the combination that I would have recommended, because my readers know the poor esteem in which I hold Taiwanese coffee. The best proof is that although you can find ice cream made in Tilloy les Mofflaines in Taiwan, you will have a hard time finding Taiwanese coffee in Tilloy les Mofflaines. Customers know better than airlines.
photo img_2970a
SQ’s moving map is like that of BR a non interactive program, but unlike that of BR, the sequence of successive zooms is much more to my liking, and there are no spurious tourist pictures hiding the plane’s position.
photo img_2971aphoto img_2973a
When you self-upgraded to a central triple seat, you get a lie-flat seat. It is somewhat too short, but it is nevertheless lie-flat.
photo img_2974a
And on the other hand, the exile of my neighbor to the nearest bed gave me total freedom to move around, in particular to this galley which was empty because the FAs were collecting the meal trays.
photo img_2975a
I don’t drink wine, but I was warned by specialist to never try these three bottles of wine photo img_2981a
There is not much space on both sides of the trolley in the aisle
photo img_2977a2
The rear of the cabin, with the misalignment of the seats due to the narrowing of the fuselage
photo img_2990a2
For door addicts
photo img_2976a
And for jumpseat addicts
photo img_2979a
SQ considers that changing a baby’s diapers is a strictly female business
photo img_2983a
And believes it is safer to remind Singaporean mothers that throwing the said diapers in the loo is a bad idea.
photo img_2982a
The toiletry supplies, removed from their enclosure
photo img_2984a
Mouth wash
photo img_2985a
I did not have any opportunity for an air to air picture on route, but this is an air to sea one
photo img_3015a
A glass of orange juice (or apple juice, or water) before the beginning of the descent
photo img_3017a
Tanjung Sedili, on the east cost of the Malay peninsula
photo img_3022a
Did the captain just realize that he forgot his duty-free bag in TPE ?
photo img_3023a
No, he simply was assigned one penalty lap, before touring south in Indonesia (I had forgotten to set my phone in flight mode and it welcomed me in that country). This is a Flightradar24 screenshot.
photo clipboard010a
Two dubious attempts at air-to-air picture
photo img_3031a
Too little light and too much haze, unfortunately
photo img_3053a
The maze of Indonesian islands south of Singapore
photo img_3045a
The first three bridges on the Trans Barelang (=Batam – Rempang – Galang Islands ) Road, from Batam Island (bottom)
photo img_3050a
The long island is Melintang, with Batam in the foreground
photo img_3056a
Small and densely inhabited Buluh Island
photo img_3057a
Tanjungkubu Island
photo img_3060a
It was getting late and the atmosphere was very hazy : it was very frustrating to barely see the center of Singapore which was in full view during the final descent.
photo img_3067a
This is what image processing revealed of the iconic Marina Bay hotel and casino
photo img_3069a
The park in Tampines, in the alignment of Runway 02L/20R.
photo img_3078a
Construction work near the airport
photo img_3081a
Imminent landing Runway 02L
photo img_3084a
Rather soft landing, without using the thrust reversers
photo img_3089a
I was relieved to see this confirmation that we had landed in Changi
photo img_3092a
We did not need them
photo img_3093a
Some plan spotting while taxiing to the terminal : Philippines Airlines
photo img_3098a
Emirates A380
photo img_3099a
Qantas A330
photo img_3100a
The same in OneWorld livery
photo img_3102a
Air France 777-300ER in Skyteam livery
photo img_3104a
China Airlines A330 also in Skyteam livery
photo img_3119a
And completing the list of the three major alliances, Singapore Airlines 777 in Star Alliance livery
photo img_3108a
Jet Airways 737
photo img_3111a
Two LCC : Lion Air 737-900ER
photo img_3122a
Silk Air737
photo img_3123a
We taxi next to a Singapore Airlines A380
photo img_3116a
I had the impression that our A330’s winglet was dangerously close to that of the A380 at the next gate
photo img_3121a
… but it was a misleading perspective : the were several meters away from each other.
photo img_3125a
I was genuinely relieved to leave the aircraft for one reason : the tiring shopping mall music which was blasted on the PA system from the beginning of the descent. Not only I hated it, but the sound level was way beyond what other sadistic airlines like AF or BR pour on their passengers. I can’t understand why an airline which strives to keep no other ranking than #1 among world airlines ensure that the last impression of a departing passenger is an awful one. I took a couple minutes to tell the FA before the plane door how unpleasant this was.
photo img_3124a
We are now airside where there is no separation between incoming and departing passengers, since the security check of departing passengers is done at the entrance of the boarding room.
photo img_3127a2
Going down towards the immigration counters, where enough are open to make each waiting line a short one.
photo img_3128aphoto img_3134a2
Too bad that SQ did not distribute immigration forms on board as usual elsewhere: it would have saved a couple minutes to all passengers.
photo img_3130a
Not enough SQ girls in this report ? Wait until the report of the next flight (teaser…), but here is one to kep you waiting.
photo img_3131a
Arrival in the luggage delivery room 24 minutes after the plane had reached her final parking spot, and I waited only a few minutes for my luggage before withdrawing some cash from an ATM and taking a taxi.
photo img_3135a
Thanks for reading me!

I had promised you lots of plane pictures, and if you are not bored yet, you can see more by clicking on the Taiwanese bonus below.

Bonus : Click here display
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Taipei - TPE


Singapore - SIN



A comfortable seat with a comfortable seat pitch, with an IFE delivering a moving map which is not interactive but well designed, a power port, on a two seat set where your neighbor decides to take a rest elsewhere: what more would you want ? Not having to do with a too powerful shopping mall music which defeated my ear plugs from the beginning of the descent to the exit of the aircraft, and I severely reduced the comfort grade of this cabin for this frustrating mistake.

TPE’s accessibility has made a spectacular leap forward with the opening of the airport subway line. Too bad that only Eva Air group flights have access to the in-town check-in, and that the ticket machines have such unexpected limitations.
In SIN, you have a choice between cheap taxis without any waiting time and an even cheaper subway which is admittedly slower, but comfortable.
The fluidity at the immigration in SIN would have been even better if SQ distributed immigration forms like most airlines do around the world.

Information on the route Taipei (TPE) Singapore (SIN)


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      - By the time I can create the DDDDDDDM (Department for the Deletion of Discrimination by Double Digit Drop Down Menus), there should be over a million potential members. :)

      “They definitely made it easy to recognise that park with that large font, at least when overlooking the park from a fair distance.”
      - The Taiwanese are serious about adapting facilities to the handicapped, including vision impaired people.

      “either a Western girl below 6 or a Taiwanese or Japanese woman below 40.
      I can’t be a fan too?”
      - There is a business opportunity for you to develop the marketing of Hello Kitty to Swedish adults :)

      “I would most definitely be interested in these (racing car simulators), used to play loads of racing games at younger ages.”
      - All you need is booking a round trip to TPE, and travel with hand luggage only so you can be airside as early as possible before a night return flight :)

      “my neighbor self-upgraded himself to an empty set of three central seats, and that upgraded my seat to a double seat.”
      - A good example of win-win decision for both of us

      “And for jumpseat addicts - I appreciate your effort to open up to wider audience.”
      - In a tough competing world, I’ll do anything to increase my audience :)

      Thanks for your comments !

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