Review of Thai Smile flight Bangkok Siem Reap in Economy

Airline Thai Smile
Flight WE 588
Class Economy
Seat 52K
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 05 Feb 18, 07:25
Arrival at 05 Feb 18, 08:15
WE   #59 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 37 reviews
By 1784
Published on 9th March 2018
Hi and welcome to the 3rd report in this series:

05.02 BKK-REP, THAI SMILE - A320 - you are here
07.02 REP-KUL, AIR ASIA - A320neo
12.02 SGN-PQC, VIET JET AIR - A321

There are many ways of getting from Bangkok to Siem Reap. As it's not far away you can even go there by bus, minibus or taxi but why to take a bus if you can fly? The other thing is that despite the distance being quite small, the journey lasts not less than 8 hours and if you add 2 hours usually spent on the border, you spend a whole day on the bus. No, thanks. Later in Vietnam we met a guy from Sweden that assured us flying was the best choice as he once made this bus trip and it was one of the worst experiences in his life. Once we decided to fly, there were several options to choose from: Bangkok Airways, Thai or Thai Smile from BKK or Air Asia from DMK. While Air Asia and Thai Smile offered almost the same price, Thai and Bangkok Airways were far too expensive for such a short hop. For me the choice was easy then: if there are two airlines that offer a ticket at the same price and one of them is LCC and the other one offers meal, checked luggage and operates from the main airport, there is nothing to think about. We fly Thai Smile :)

Before I take you to the airport and onboard, let me share with you some bonus pictures from my 2-days stay in Bangkok.

Bonus : Click here display


Our flight was supposed to depart very early (7:25 a.m.) so getting to the airport by skytrain wasn't possible, we needed to take a taxi. I couldn't spot Thai Smile on any entrance so we decided to get inside and search for the check-in desks.

photo img_7680

BKK has this feeling of being big and overwhelming

photo rsz_img_7681photo rsz_img_7683photo rsz_img_7684

As online check in wan't possible for this flight, I wanted to try the self check-in kiosk but it sent us to the traditional check-in desk as the other options work only for domestic flights.

photo rsz_img_7685

The check-in area is very well marked and the staff is very helpful. There was no queue so it took not more than a couple of minutes.

photo img_7687photo img_7688photo rsz_img_7689

Copies of deamons from The Emerald Buddha temple. I don't find them scary at all but as I read in one of Marathon's reports they were accused of bringing bad luck to the staff in the arrivals area and that's how they moved to departures.

photo rsz_img_7690photo rsz_img_7691photo rsz_img_7693

Even if departing from BKK means going up (for the security check) and then down (for the passport control) and passing many different levels and corridors, this morning it doesn't take much time and within 30 minutes from check-in we enter the airside part of the terminal and head to our gate E1.

The passage to our concourse looks like a shopping mall

photo img_7697

Churning of the sea of milk - a scene from Hindu mythology. Too long for one photo.

photo rsz_img_7694photo rsz_img_7695

Spotting in BKK is always difficult due to the terminal construction, so taking a good photo of this Thai A380 or 747 is quite impossible

photo img_7701photo img_7706

But if you have a bus boarding here, as it was in our case, it means you will be able to see something more.

photo img_7705photo rsz_img_7708

Thai 747

photo img_7710


Our bus ride isn't long this time and soon we notice our A320 in this beautiful Thai Smile livery

photo img_7713photo img_7720photo img_7722

Bankok Airways ATR 72-500 and some Thai widebodies

photo img_7723

Smile Plus class seats as we pass to the economy section. I must admit I like this cabin from the very first moment. The aircraft is very clean and looks new.

photo img_7724

Economy class and view from my seat

photo img_7726photo img_7727

Cabin crew consists of young female FAs only, they are all very friendly and helpful from the very beginning, soon we will also learn they are very fast. Immigration forms are being distributed during boarding and as the boarding is long cause we wait for the second bus to come, I have enough time for all the paperwork.

photo img_7731

The seat is thin but comfortable. I would describe the amount of legroom as very good too (sorry for the pic that refused to cooperate and stayed this way despite numerous attempts to make it horizontal)

photo img_7736

The upper seat pocket and safety card

photo img_7728photo img_7734photo img_7735

The lower seat pocket content together with Thai Smile route map on the following photo

photo img_7733photo rsz_img_7737

Time to go back to normal position… View from my window, Bangkok Airways A319 is visible

photo img_7729

When all pax are on board we begin a long taxi to the runway

Thai 787 and A350

photo img_7748photo img_7751photo img_7752

Safety demo is dispalyed on the screens

photo img_7755photo img_7756photo img_7757

Time to go up

We shorty pass through the clouds and as the fasten seat belts sing is off the FAs rush with the service. We can't believe our eyes when we receive a warm tortilla and a box wrapped in cloth with fresh fruit, juice, water, refreshing towel and plastic cuttlery. Then a rapid service with cold and hot beverages begins. The flight lasts only 40 minutes!

photo img_7774photo rsz_img_7772photo rsz_img_7773

A short stay over the clouds

photo img_7769photo img_7770

Shortly we begin our descent over Cambodia with Tonle Sap lake visible in the distance and rice fields full of water


photo img_7787photo img_7788

It seems that at this time of the day Air Asia roules here, but a Bassaka Air aircraft can be visible too and something that looks very familiar - Small Planet A320 that must have been leased for the winter season.

Cabin seen during deboarding

photo img_7798photo img_7799

Cambodia Angkor Air A320

photo img_7800photo img_7805

And our A320 as we walk to the terminal

photo img_7801photo img_7807

Very odd looking terminal buildings

photo img_7802photo img_7803

What looks very classic outside is very modern inside and the whole immigration process with visas upon arrival is surprisingly fast and in very nice atmosphere (for the first time in my life immigration officers smile, ask how I am and wish me a nice stay in Cambodia - a positive shock!). Visa costs 30 USD, you just need a photo and one of the forms that were distributed onboard.

photo rsz_img_7810photo rsz_img_7811

Most of the hotels here offer a free ride from the airport. Our driver, Mr Siem, waited for us in the arrivals hall. The tuk tuk ride to the hotel was an unforgettable experience…. I loved Cambodia from the very first moment here.

photo rsz_img_7816

To be continued soon :) Thanks for reading!
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Thai Smile

Cabin crew10.0

Bangkok - BKK


Siem Reap - REP



Sometimes a great short flight can be worth more than a million long ones. This flight with Thai Smile was my best flight lasting less than one hour. The cabin, the crew, exceptional service for such a short flight made it a great experience. REP has a very modern, clean and nice arrivals terminal and the immigration officers are exceptionally polite.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Bangkok Airways avec 7.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 6 minutes.

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  • Comment 436235 by
    Eric V P 123 Comments
    Thank you for sharing! Yesterday morning I passed by a WE plane while my plane taxied from KUL and now there's a WE report here, which is good :D

    Once we decided to fly, there were several options to choose from: Bangkok Airways, Thai or Thai Smile from BKK or Air Asia from DMK. While Air Asia and Thai Smile offered almost the same price, Thai and Bangkok Airways were far too expensive for such a short hop.
    - How much was the difference between WE and TG, and PG, and if you don't mind sharing, how much does the flight cost (since flights to/from REP are notoriously rather expensive to begin)? It seems a bit strange that you said TG was priced far more than WE, though I could see TG relying more on connecting traffic rather than O&D.

    The Grand Palace ad the Temple of Emerald Buddha were definitely more crowded than 4 years ago but this place is a must when in Bangkok.
    - I skipped it while I was there a few months ago, not only due to the crowd but because of the steep entrance fee (which would equate with either 10 roundtrip train trips to Maeklong (where the railway market is) or a lot of pad thai + mango with sticky rice).

    Thai 747
    - She's indeed a beauty, so it's sad to count her days with TG.

    .... We can't believe our eyes when we receive a warm tortilla and a box wrapped in cloth with fresh fruit, juice, water, refreshing towel and plastic cuttlery. Then a rapid service with cold and hot beverages begins. The flight lasts only 40 minutes!
    - Even by Asian standard it would be considered luxurious, but since they also took time for beverages run did they still have time to collect trashes, or was it the cleaners' turn after deplaning? It seems that the competition with PG makes for a cut-throat competition in service, which is always a good sign.

    Once again, thank you for the report!
    • Comment 436239 by
      loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
      Hi and thanks for stopping by! The ticket price was about 100 USD, while TG and PG wanted ca 150 USD. Yes, flights to REP are expensive, the bus costs ca 30 USD but as I wrote It’s rather considered as a nightmare. They managed to collect everything before landing, I’ve never seen such a fast and well organized crew, a perfect team work! The ticket price to the Grand Palace is expensive and you are right that you can have many nice things for 500 BHT in Thailand but I like the place very much and comparing to ticket prices to Angkor It’s not expensive at all. Many thanks! Have a nice weekend!
  • Comment 436252 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 999 Comments
    Wow! I agree with you, Loukas! What a remarkable service for such a short hop! And what a handsome cabin! Certainly an unforgettable experience. I hope the airlines on this side of the world will read this report. They need it!

    Thanks a lot for sharing and congrats on your beautiful trip. :D
  • Comment 436736 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi Loukas, thanks for sharing another great report!

    I love Thailand and have been many times, but never got to try Thai Smile. After reading your report, I'll definitely have to consider flying them next time! I'm very impressed with the service on Thai Smile. I've also always wanted to take a hop over to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat.

    The Thai Smile cabin looks really nice! Though I'm not a fan of the headrest covers, the seat colours are nice and they look comfortable! I see that the Premium cabin is a "European Business class" style cabin with just an empty middle seat. I've always said this is smart for Low-cost carriers--less so for legacy carriers.

    Nice Bangkok bonus! Looking forward to a Cambodia bonus.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 436864 by
      loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
      Hi Kevin, many thanks for your comment. Thailand is great but, believe me, Cambodia is even nicer. As far as the airlines are concerned, here you can easily see how air travels in Europe and America used to be once. Thai Smile is great, don't hesitate to try it next time you come to Thailand. Have a nice day!
  • Comment 440071 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Excellent bonus pictures from Bangkok, thanks for sharing.

    Nice shots of the airport.

    “But if you have a bus boarding here”
    - Seems like the bus was painted to match TG’s livery, nice.

    “I have enough time for all the paperwork”
    - Clever, better to be finished with the boring stuff in the beginning I suppose haha.

    I’m a big fan of the colours and patterns used for the seats onboard.

    Wow, impressive service for such a short (and inexpensive) flight!

    At REP it seems like they’ve managed to do a great job at combining a cultural exterior look with a functional and modern interior look.

    Have a good one, see you.

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