Review of KLM flight Jakarta Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL810
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 08 Mar 18, 19:25
Arrival at 08 Mar 18, 22:30
KL   #48 out of 127 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 584 reviews
Eric V P
By GOLD 1075
Published on 10th March 2018
Report #27: KL810 - In search of the Delft Blue

This will be my report on flying KLM economy class (if only I could get a reasonably priced upgrade) from Jakarta CGK to Kuala Lumpur KUL, a short haul international flight within SE Asia. For the trip from KUL to CGK with Batik Air earlier that morning, read here.

To prevent confusion, KL refers to KLM while KUL refers to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


It was a pretty difficult situation as many (especially JT and 3K - I could go straight to SIN with the latter) offer better trip options on price and timing, but between hoping to get a reasonably priced upgrade on check-in and trying KL economy class after being in the business class before, I decided to book KL, which for last-minute booking was steep at Rp912.242 (US$66 / €54) after OTA discount.

Another reporter mentioned that it costed him RM 360 (€80 at that time) to upgrade on the same route back in 2016 and I recalled it would cost €80 to upgrade between DPS and SIN on end-2016, which seemed to be a rather fair value if I could get one.

The itinerary for this trip turned to be:
Jakarta - CGK: airport train
CGK - KUL: plane (i.e. this flight)
KUL - Johor Bahru: intercity bus
Johor Bahru - Singapore: cross-border bus

Trip to CGK and check-in

After I cleared some matters in downtown Jakarta, I proceeded to the airport train station by car as it was raining for a while.
photo 20180308_153712

Unlike the train station in CGK, the ticketing and waiting area are located above the turnstiles floor, which almost caused me to miss the booking time cut-off for the 3.51 PM train.
photo 20180308_163635

Further unlike the train station in CGK, the waiting area looked much more spartan.
photo 20180308_163639

My train ticket.
photo 20180308_164110

A few minutes before departure I proceeded to the turnstile and down to the train.
photo 20180308_164442photo 20180308_164514

The train had waited. On a related note, airport trains do not even have separate platforms at the downtown train station since they are supposed to terminate at Manggarai Int, so it couldn't stay for too long there.
photo 20180308_164541

The train interior, which still looked new.
photo 20180308_164547

We traveled past the traffic madness as seen from near the CBD.
photo 20180308_165320

After one hour of futile attempts to get a sleep, I finally arrived at the airport train station.
photo 20180308_175843

I then took the people mover to the airport terminal.
photo 20180308_180056

EK's 77W on gate D1 - it's surprising that now some gates at the terminal 2 already have glass-walled aerobridges.
photo 20180308_180553

SJ, IN, and QZ at the terminal 2F - the only reason I could take this photo was because I thought KL flies from terminal 3 like GA and some other SkyTeam carriers while it was in fact still at terminal 2.
photo 20180308_180948

One thing that frustrated me was that the people mover was so slow - in fact it seldom went to 25 km/h or above and never 30 km/h, which wasn't appreciated as it significantly reduced the train frequency.
photo 20180308_180811

After backtracking to terminal 2 people mover station, I proceeded to the terminal 2 building and then to the departure floor.
photo 20180308_183401

I then proceeded through the ticket check and first security check, which was done in ~1 - 2 minutes.
photo 20180308_183541

KL's check-in counters were rather empty, but it took me a while to clear check-in since there were quite some questions thrown.
photo 20180308_183821

During check-in I asked:
- Whether there are paid upgrades available (not this time),
- How much would an upgrade otherwise cost (€100 / Rp1.700.000; may as well buy business class outright which would cost Rp2.250.000/€132 one-way with 2 weeks advance purchase), and
- How much was the load of the day (pretty light (no exact figures) but no miles-awarding upgrade space available; I just wanted the business class seat so that shouldn't matter, plus KL specifically said that upgrades only offer services, not miles),
- Whether it would be possible to get a window seat instead (yes, but at the the second economy cabin)
In return, she also asked:
- Some standard luggage questions,
- My return ticket (NA, but I explained my intent to go to Johor Bahru and then by cross-border bus to Singapore; I bought my bus ticket to Johor Bahru after check-in), and
- My ticket out of Singapore (I flashed my students pass instead; she was unsatisfied with my statement of no return ticket).
After she was satisfied of my plan, she then issued my boarding pass, which as usual looked dull.
photo 20180308_184414

She also tagged my laptop bag, which was let through.
photo 20180308_185312

I proceeded to the automated gate, which actually worked this time.
photo 20180308_184448photo 20180308_191027

CGK transit area and departure

The automated gates seen from behind, while JT crews ended up still using manual counters.
photo 20180308_191118

I proceeded to the D gates.
photo 20180308_191214

After several months of waiting, the Sundanese restaurant was finally opened and I had my dinner there.
photo 20180308_191351

Dinner of the day, which came at an exorbitant price of Rp96.500 (€6) without ordering any drink. I could eat better even at fast-food restaurants, so it was unacceptable.
photo 20180308_192901

A playground just before the second security, which was unused.
photo 20180308_194304

Fast-track security for different needs people but not for business/first class passengers?
photo 20180308_194330

On a side note, security took me less than 2 minutes, which was good.
photo 20180308_194515

The gate seemed to be also used by QF, but there was otherwise no sign of QF at all.
photo 20180308_194531

I then proceeded to the waiting room through the corridor, where afterwards it was ticket check. I also checked the load of the day, which at last I got the exact figures.
photo 20180308_194538

The waiting room is typical of what you would expect in CGK terminal 1/2 except that it was roughly divided among different seat rows.
photo 20180308_194656photo 20180308_194704

The sole view of the plane of the evening, PH-BVR.
photo 20180308_201908

After waiting for quite a while thanks to some issues with a handful of arriving passengers, we finally started boarding with priority strictly enforced.
photo 20180308_201751

I passed through the corridor.
photo 20180308_201947

Then it was a walk through the renovated aerobridge.
photo 20180308_201956

Despite the new walls, the glass was in a very poor state.
photo 20180308_202019

Soon it was my turn to enter the plane, featuring mostly senior cabin crews.
photo 20180308_202107

On board

Flight: KL810
Plane: PH-BVR "Gunung Mulu National Park"
STD/ATD: 19.25/19.40
STA/ATA: 22.30/22.37
Load factor: 50%C (17/34), 31%Y (115/374)
Seat type: Standard economy class
Details: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/PHBVR/history/20180308/1225Z/WIII/WMKK

After I was welcomed, I passed through the business class cabin, which was not for me to enjoy this time.
photo 20180308_202125

The bulkhead rows have wider footwells.
photo 20180308_202129

I then continued to the economy class cabins.
photo 20180308_202133photo 20180308_202152

My seat of the evening.
photo 20180308_202201

The first thing I noticed is the larger than normal seatbelt hole.
photo 20180308_202424

The next thing is the narrow armrest (my hand is for comparison) and how the seat recline button could be accidentally pressed just by my thigh. At least the middle seat was empty again, otherwise I may be ready to be canned when I arrive.
photo 20180308_202511

The magazine and in-flight shopping catalogue was present.
photo 20180308_202606photo 20180308_202614

The safety card was also present.
photo 20180308_202636

Last but not least, the airsickness bag.
photo 20180308_202644

Legroom was fine, but it was because of the slimline seat which was rather hard. On a positive note, the headrest can be adjusted quite high.
photo 20180308_202722

Coat hangers are located between the seats, which doesn't seem really appealing.
photo 20180308_202819

2 power plugs were available for the seat triplet.
photo 20180308_203543

Flight attendants were distributing the headset.
photo 20180308_204006_001

The seemingly flimsy headset - I didn't bother using it and instead used my own earphone, which works on the IFE and also miles better.
photo 20180308_204217

Safety video was then played.
photo 20180308_204404

Afterwards I checked the classical musics selection, which was quite extensive.

We then taxied for departure.
photo 20180308_205157photo 20180308_205549

Lights were dimmed.
photo 20180308_205630

At least they did the moving map right - including not substituting 77W with another type. The image was blurry as the plane shaked quite a bit.
photo 20180308_211055

We passed through some cloudy weather, which means that the fasten seatbelt sign was not switched off until quite a while after reaching the cruise altitude.
photo 20180308_211418

The economy class seats from aside, which also shows the recline and the seat's thinness, hence the seat being a bit hard.
photo 20180308_212331

I then visited the lavatory, which was very clean and feature Zenology soap.
photo 20180308_213236photo 20180308_213240

Despite the fasten seatbelt sign, as it was a rather short flight drinks and snack service needed to commence. The hand-carried blue box contained the hot snack, while drinks were served by cart.
photo 20180308_213842

The hot snack of the evening - vegetarian risoles (rissole in English) served hot. The outside was pretty soggy, while the inside and also the taste was acceptable. It was pretty sad to only have hot snack instead of full meal on this sector, which is longer than CGK-SIN, but one gets what he paid for.
photo 20180308_214001photo 20180308_214047

The carts were not designed with Marcel Wanders' pattern, being used for economy class.
photo 20180308_214247

I opted for the white wine, which was a South African one and being loaded during its stop in KUL earlier. The menu of the flight (based on what I could see) was therefore:
Savoury pastry: rissole
Non-alcoholic drinks: juices / soft drink / mineral water / sparkling water
Alcoholic drinks: gin & tonic / red wine / white wine
photo 20180308_214346photo 20180308_214521

KL-branded glass was used with bicycle, tulip, and one more depiction.
photo 20180308_214451photo 20180308_214458

Trashes were collected on yet another cart bearing KL's first logo - how many kinds of carts do they carry?
photo 20180308_215053

I then had a look at the rear cabin, which was very sparsely filled.
photo 20180308_220341

After I went to the lavatory again, I asked whether I could get spare Delft Blue (KL's signature miniature house) from 3 different flight attendants, with all of them yielding different results:
- First flight attendant at the rear galley: not there, but she suggested me to ask the flight attendants at the front,
- Second flight attendant at the 4th door galley: no, he mentioned the need to keep it exclusive, and
- Third flight attendant at the 2nd door galley (upon disembarking): no, but she suggested to look for it at the internet.

Since I couldn't get the upgrade this time, perhaps some people here have some spare instead?

I then played some musics from the IFE. While not that responsive, it's a big positive on me that I can rewind the music.
photo 20180308_221458

Duty-free sales was conducted during descent.
photo 20180308_221848

We soon approached KUL and landed safely despite the landing being slightly rough.
photo 20180308_222901photo 20180308_223001

As some condensation had formed on the window again, taking photos outside was rather challenging.
photo 20180308_223415

Some preset videos were played on loop.
photo 20180308_224405

Last view of the cabin.
photo 20180308_224631

I bid farewell to the crew and left the plane.
photo 20180308_224731

Afterwards, it was a short walk through the aerobridge and corridor.
photo 20180308_224729photo 20180308_224754

Arrival at KUL and post-arrival trip

The waiting room for those bound to AMS.
photo 20180308_224806

It just occurred that the waiting room was beside the Sama-Sama Express Lounge, which I had reviewed before.
photo 20180308_224819

Connecting passengers also needed to reclear security.
photo 20180308_224815

This means long queues, just like on the SIN-DPS flight.
photo 20180308_224841

Not wanting to lose out, the queue for MH flight to SYD was also equally long.
photo 20180308_224914photo 20180308_224916

The new set of crews for the KUL-AMS sector.
photo 20180308_224940

I then proceeded to the main terminal by the people mover.
photo 20180308_225108

KE crews just arriving from ICN.
photo 20180308_225141

From there, it was an escalator ride down to the arrival hall.

The counters weren't crowded, but it still took me 5 minutes. I asked the officer whether there was a peak earlier (i.e. like on my recent flight to KUL; yes), and he also asked me on why did I depart and return to KUL at the same day, to which I told him of the trip being a change from the usual shuttle.
photo 20180308_225723photo 20180308_230350

Arrival information screen.
photo 20180308_230421

The first bag arrived 27 minutes after arrival, which was decent enough for a wide-body, and this time priority was applicable.
photo 20180308_230459

There were quite some people already waiting for the bag.
photo 20180308_230511

My bag arrived 6 minutes later.
photo 20180308_231008

Grab and Uber are both still competing , despite Uber about to sell its SE Asia business to Grab. On a side note, customs was pretty fast.
photo 20180308_231018photo 20180308_231341

I proceeded to the bus terminal after reaching the public area.
photo 20180308_231415photo 20180308_231557

I passed through the corridor serving both the bus terminal and the carpark above
photo 20180308_231636photo 20180308_231641

Bus schedule - I took the 11.45 PM bus to Larkin.
photo 20180308_231836

Seats were as expected on an intercity bus.
photo 20180309_001709

I connected to the cross-border bus, shuttling Malaysians working in Singapore.
photo 20180309_051512photo 20180309_052944

Rather than going up and down at the Woodlands/Sultan Iskandar checkpoint, I proceeded via the Tuas/Sultan Abu Bakar checkpoint. The Malaysian checkpoint staff looked at me like a three-headed traveler upon seeing my sequence of entries and exit before asking the reason for the strange pattern, but I was let through after mentioning the trip.
photo 20180309_053736

The motorcycle traffic.
photo 20180309_053919
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Cabin crew6.0
In-flight Entertainment7.0

Jakarta - CGK


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Despite some minor shortcomings, KL is indeed one of the better ways to travel between CGK and KUL but only economically feasible when booked in advance (for last-minute trips, stick to the Lion Air group, i.e. OD/ID/JT). In terms of upgrading, this is not a particularly good route to put a bet on as it would be much better to get a confirmed business class seat instead.

Would I repeat the flight again? With multiple connections and 2 consecutive nights of sleep in the bus for the whole trip, I would avoid it in the future (except, of course, if it's either only one-way [i]with confirmed business class flight[/i] or somehow split, ex.: overnight stay in Kuala Lumpur).

Sponsored message: If any of you have some spare Delft Blue and are going to Singapore, I would love to get my hands on some as well :)

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Short check-in queue at CGK
+ Acceptable immigration and security at CGK
+ Enforced priority on boarding
+ Low load factor
+ Acceptable seat pitch
+ Headrest adjustability
+ Extensive, proper IFE
+ Clean lavatory on board
+ Reasonably fast baggage claim

Things that can be improved:
- Expensive last-minute fare Rp912.242 (US$66 / €54) one-way)
- Plain boarding pass stock paper
- 10-abreast 777 configuration
- Rather hard seat
- Lack of hot, full meal
- Immigration waiting time at KUL

Information on the route Jakarta (CGK) Kuala Lumpur (KUL)


  • Comment 436327 by
    KL651 TEAM 4309 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Though you sure can find a cheaper alternative, flying on a 77W for such a short flight and on an exotic carrier for the region I mean sure is a plus.
    I'm not surprised about the answer to your Delft House request, I got the same the two times I asked, they really consider them special and don't give them out like an amenity kit.

    • Comment 436328 by
      Eric V P GOLD AUTHOR 107 Comments

      Hi KL651,

      Though you sure can find a cheaper alternative, flying on a 77W for such a short flight and on an exotic carrier for the region I mean sure is a plus.
      - I didn't factor the 77W when booking since KL's economy class is pretty tight and 77W tend to be pretty loud (I factored the business class product they have instead as I was aiming for the upgrade), but it can be a plus for some. Nonetheless, it's indeed a pretty exotic one - with AF and LH no longer flying to CGK they're the sole European carrier flying to Indonesia.

      Thank you for reading!

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