Review of Singapore Airlines flight Istanbul Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ391
Class Economy
Seat 31J
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 09:26
Take-off 01 Jan 18, 14:49
Arrival at 02 Jan 18, 05:15
SQ   #2 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 620 reviews
By 3176
Published on 24th March 2018
Hello! I'm back with reports and this is a series of several flights because this is my round-trip between Jakarta and Istanbul using Singapore Airlines. In case you haven't read the reviews from the previous outbound sector:

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SQ391 IST-SIN B77E you are here
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Carrier: Singapore Airlines (SQ/SIA)

Flight Number: SQ391
Origin Airport: Atatürk International Airport - Istanbul, Turkey (IATA: IST/ICAO: LTBA), International Terminal
Destination Airport: Changi International Airport - Singapore (IATA: SIN/ICAO: WSSS), Terminal 3

Departure time information are given in Further-Eastern European Time (UTC+03.00)
Standard Time of Departure: 1425 hrs
Actual Time of Departure: 1449 hrs
Departure time information are given in Singapore Standard Time (UTC+08.00)
Standard Time of Arrival: 0545 hrs
Actual Time of Arrival: 0515 hrs
Flying Distance: 8671 km
Flight Duration: 9hr 26min

Flight Path
photo sq391 fp 1 jan 2018
Aircraft Registration Number: 9V-SVG (MSN 30872)
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-212 (ER)
Aircraft Age: 15 years (delivered April 2002)

So, this review covers my inbound flights after a 10-day trip in Turkey. I apologize because I remembered to document the airport just when I already cleared all the check-in, immigration, and security screening processes. But there are still some pics of the airport, I hope it will give the best depiction and I will try my best to give clear verbal description. Well, Istanbul Atatürk International Airport is not a new airport for me. I've travelled twice with TK on flights to Europe, which means I've been here before twice even though it's just a mere few hours layover before the next flight to Europe departs. Easy to say, even though the airport is not the most aesthetically pleasing or lavish in nature but it has what it has to offer to the passengers there, and it's very adequate. Like I've said in the review of the previous flight, the best term to describe Atatürk Airport for me is simplicity at its best. Some people may find it boring, but the stuff there are pretty much going to help you to fullfill all your travelling credentials without any fuss at all.

Atatürk International Airport is the main airport serving Istanbul and the international hub of the flag carrier Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines also happens to be the airline with the most number of destinations and countries in the world, all of them served from this very Atatürk International Airport. Given that figure, it is easy to imagine the number of movements the airport handles everyday, yet the airport still maintains a very simple and convenient layout without having to confuse the travellers inside. It also only has 2 terminals which is simply the domestic and international terminals, respectively. After clearing the immigration and security checks you will reach the long main concourse which has the food court on one edge and the Turkish Airlines lounge on the opposing edge. Other duty-free shopping options are available to traverse in between these two points. In the middle, there is a path that goes down to the boarding gates where the instructions and signages are very clearly legible and highly understandable.

Simplicity at its best.
photo sam_5737photo sam_5738

This the view outside from a section of the long concourse that leads to the gates. It's a fine sunny day in Istanbul and the temperature is a warm 8 degrees Celsius.
photo sam_5740

This is TC-LJI, a 1-year old Boeing 777-300ER that's departing this afternoon as TK77 bound for Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida, USA (KMIA/MIA)
photo sam_5739

Sitting lounge availability is adequate
photo sam_5741

Charging outlets
photo sam_5742

Based on the information obtained from the FIDS, my flight was assigned to gate 711 which requires to go down to the ground level where it is directly on par with the apron, so from that gate a electric sliding door opens and the bus is already waiting there to carry us to the remote parking stand.

Boarding is perfectly on time. Damn, I'm going back to the tropics. Even after 19 years born and raised, and living my whole life in a country with a tropical climate I never seemed to like it. All the humidity makes outdoor activities bothersome because you will sweat a lot. I prefer to live in places with cold and drier climates, and Istanbul in the winter perfectly resembles that
photo sam_5747

Inside the bus already.
photo sam_5748photo sam_5749

Here, TC-LJI is already pushing back for its departure to Miami
photo sam_5750photo sam_5751photo sam_5752

What a coincidence, this Airbus A321-231 with the codename Arnavutköy, registration number TC-JSC was the one that took me from Istanbul to Venice back in August 2014. Now it's getting ready to operate TK1674 to Köln in Germany.
photo sam_5755

This is TC-JOM, an Airbus A330-300 fitted with General Electric CF6 engines with the codename Efes (Ephesus). It just arrived from King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (OEJN/JED) as TK97 this morning and this afternoon, is getting ready to operate TK1723 to Berlin Tegel International Airport (EDDT/TXL)
photo sam_5756

9V-SVG for today
photo sam_5757

The plus side of doing the boarding process the old-fashioned way
photo sam_5758

So at first, I was assigned to seat number 37H which was somewhere in the middle of my sector and H means it was on the right side of the aircraft, by the aisle. My whole family of 7 people are all sitting in different seats, separated from each other. My mother was concerned about my youngest sibling because she was only 10 years old and thought she might be a bit uncomfortable sitting next to strangers. So some modification was done, that's why I moved to 31J which was a bulkhead with extra legroom, sitting next to my 17-year old little brother.
photo sam_5762photo sam_5763

Unfortunately, this particular aircraft is still fitted with the older generation cabin which means smaller IFE with less sharp resolution as well. Well, I guess today's not my lucky day. At least the seating is still comfortable and accomodates me well for this sector. The generous legroom
photo sam_5761

Row 37 where I was initially sitting
photo sam_5764

Christmas festivities cabin decorations were still here
photo sam_5765

Old-fashioned IFE screen and cable-attached remote control
photo sam_5759photo sam_5760

Even though the interface is outdated, they managed to update the new safety video into the system! Personally I think this is the best safety video in terms of content. Many airlines has executed new safety videos with the same concept like this one where the video is some sort of a journey throughout the country where the carrier is based but I do think SQ nailed it the best. Some people may find it quite lengthy, but what's so bad about lengthy if it's entertaining and the music is just so soothing as well!
photo sam_5766

The older generation flight plan menu on the IFE
photo sam_5767

Take-off is only a few minutes off the schedule and the seatbelt signs has been switched off
photo sam_5768

Soon afterwards, I moved to the bulkhead row of 31J. I always liked a personal IFE like this because it has a more personal feel to it.
photo sam_5769

photo sam_5818

You also have that big screen directly above you that displays the flight information program
photo sam_5770

After-departure light snacks
photo sam_5772photo sam_5773

And my preferred beverage of apple juice, obviously
photo sam_5774

I utilized the perks of being close to an aisle to sneak into the lavatory, nothing special but hygiene levels are well-maintained. Availability of tissues and the amenity kit is also adequate.

This particular lavatory is at the end of my sector, some rows behind my seat
photo sam_5783

Nice view from the emergency door just by the lavatory. Smoothly cruising over the Anatolian Plateau heading southeast.
photo sam_5781photo sam_5782

More or less an hour into the flight, lunch service is distributed. No printed menus for this flight as well. I guess this is a Turkish-style chicken kebap with steamed rice. Full course meal with bread and prawn salad included as well.

Before take-off the captain also made the usual address informing matters regarding today's flight. The captain said that today's flight to Singapore will be completed in 9 hours and 30 minutes which is 1.5 hours faster than the outbound trip. This is possible by creating a flight path that traverses jet streams to create a strong tailwind. Now we're flying at exactly 1000 km/h.
photo sam_5789photo sam_5792

Speed increases as we head further east leaving the Turkish airspace
photo sam_5794photo sam_5795

140 km/h tailwinds, sheesh
photo sam_5796

Completed my meal
photo sam_5798

Seeing everyone already completed their meals, the crew gave this treat to top-off the lunch service! My mother said that back in Indonesia we also have these ice creams but she claims that the ones sold in Turkey like this one is much more tasty! (Easter egg: tailwind is now 161 km/h)
photo sam_5800

And as we head eastwards the sun is starting to set. It's winter so the sun sets really early.
photo sam_5801photo sam_5802photo sam_5804

At its peak, the speed reached figures of 1115 km/h and the tailwinds are around 200 km/h.
photo sam_5805

The cabin lights are now reduced to enter the sleeping mode. I did sleep for a few good hours. I woke up because I sensed movements around me and it happens that the cabin crew were distributing light snacks. I opted for the chicken sandwich. It's very hearty and filling indeed.
photo sam_5806

Having regained full consciousness, I reluctantly updated my position and right now the aircraft is already over the Andaman Sea, above the Indian territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
photo sam_5807photo sam_5808

There are no more tailwinds to assist the flight by now, so the ground speed has returned to what a typical jetliner usually flies in. We're getting closer to Singapore and is predicted to arrive earlier than schedule.

And at this point, it's breakfast time
photo sam_5813

I'm really happy because what they promised to serve but wasn't available on the outbound sector, was served now without any notice! Turkish pastry for breakfast! Assorted sliced fruits and a warm nice bread to complete the start of your day as well. Very satisfied with the overall breakfast experience.
photo sam_5814photo sam_5815photo sam_5816

The aircraft is entering Malaysian airspace
photo sam_5817

This is the final moments before the lights are dimmed out in preparation for landing
photo sam_5819photo sam_5820

Descent went well and without any major issue
photo sam_5821

Welcome to Singapore!
photo sam_5822

Disembarked quickly as I'm sitting in the front part of the economy class cabin
photo sam_5823

Took the Skytrain service because the connecting flight to Jakarta was from T2.
photo sam_5824photo sam_5825

Well, I know I've said this often enough but seriously, Changi Airport has always been the best of the best on my airports list, and you do everything here with so much ease and convenience so there it goes without saying.

That concludes this flight report.

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Overall, a solid experience by SQ despite the aging fleet used in this sector, I really enjoyed my breakfast. Really made my day and was the highlight of the flight as well. Istanbul Airport is also the type of airport of my liking, very compact and practical when it comes to having a connection there.

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