Review of Air Canada flight Vancouver Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC007
Class Economy
Seat 26C
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:05
Take-off 16 Mar 18, 12:30
Arrival at 16 Mar 18, 16:35
AC   #42 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 307 reviews
By 5365
Published on 2nd April 2018


Hey guys, I'm going back to Hong Kong and I was searching up some flight deals and I came across this Air Canada flight deal for around 500 dollars plus tax. At the same time I miss Cathay but decided that the price is too good to pass on. So I booked the flight and off I go to Hong Kong.

Flight Information AC007

Aircraft Registration: C-FNNQ
Aircraft Type: B777-300ER
Boarding (planned): 11:10
Boarding (actual): 11:18
Push Back: 12:00
Departure (planned): 12:00
Departure (actual): 12:19
Arrival (planned): 16:20
Arrival (actual): 16:34
Arrival Gate: 16:42


Nothing much to say, got a ride and got dropped off at the check in.

Let's talk check in, so basically people like me travelling in economy has to do self check-in(This part isn't special). Then we go to the guy who only put the tag on for us and we're supposed to drop the baggage off at the belt ourselves to the way they desire and they do nothing to help. Even the 70/80 year old grandma have to put the bag onto the belt by herself. I felt bad so I gave her a hand.

Waited a bit in security and then I headed to the lounge:

A variety of Air Canada Tails at Councorse C
photo 20180316_093135
Hong Kong airlines going to race us to HKG(Spoiler alert, we lost)
photo 20180316_093137
Too young for beer, here's apple juice with sparkling water, cheers to the trip ahead!
photo 20180316_093425

The flight starts.. Now

Boarding at gate D51(Also known as Air Canada's 77W executive gates)
photo 20180316_104928
Zone 5 today, honestly I quite like the zone boarding area
photo 20180316_111225
Of course you have to keep going right when you got a ticket for 500 dollars.
photo 20180316_113718
First look at our bird, no new livery for us today.
photo 20180316_113743
Yes, I am at the right seat
photo 20180316_113850
Tip for you guys, don't choose row 25 because you have 0 window :)
photo 20180316_113938
Why are they giving this menu when this is an internation flight with food provided?
photo 20180316_114335
Safety card, yes this is a 777-300ER
photo 20180316_114350photo 20180316_114356
Magazine, didn't read through much
photo 20180316_114410
This model I really want
photo 20180316_114559
Navi magazine, also too lazy to ask for one
photo 20180316_114901
Yes, Air Canada has quite a large fleet
photo 20180316_114934
A tight legroom for me(I'm 6 foot)
photo 20180316_115328
Electronic menu
photo 20180316_115609photo 20180316_115616photo 20180316_115618
Wrong livery.. Might change soon though
photo 20180316_120306
Safety video, nothing spectacular
photo 20180316_121319
On pushback at the horeshoe
photo 20180316_121413
photo 20180316_122809
Unlucky guy spending 2 hours trying to get wifi
photo 20180316_124758


The Caesar Chicken, all I could say is not good but not bad
photo 20180316_130607
The speghetti is like a gooey blob of flour, passed that. Park was very dry so yea only managed a bite
photo 20180316_131237


Baywatch, did I mention they only gave out phone quality earphones(Should be called earbuds)
photo 20180316_132035
Minimizing the movie so I can still look through the IFE
photo 20180316_151725

Cabin tour

The very very long 77W economy section
photo 20180316_165538photo 20180316_165751
Washroom/Toilet, whatever you call it
photo 20180316_165616photo 20180316_165618

Dinner/other meals I ate

Beef with rice, another fail from Air Canada, very salty
photo 20180316_190131
Shanghai noodles with chicken, chicken was more juicy in this one surprisingly
photo 20180316_190149
Stopped by the back galley and I can say there's where the good stuff is
photo 20180316_165756photo 20180316_211007
Best sandwich I ever ate on a plane
photo 20180317_001753

Plot twist.. Here it comes

PA: Ladies and gentleman, our washroom on the left hand side of the plane doesn't work, we will also not provide any hot drink service because the water system is not working.
Me: Air Canada, always giving me surprises 1 after the other(There's a worse one on my next flight, spoiler alert). Thank god there's only 3 hours left to this flight

Get me out

Pretty much an on time arrival into HKG. This is CX's 1000th A330
photo 20180317_014906
Bye HD 77W
photo 20180317_015900

I'll be back pretty soon for a more "wonderful" trip. Please leave me feedback below :)
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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.0

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures)


Vancouver - YVR


Hong Kong - HKG



Let's go over Air Canada
Cabin is really meh. 3-4-3 on the 77W is not desirable and the asking for people to check their bags because of the lacking overhead space is not surprising to me at all.
Cabin Crew: I actually have mad respect for them because they only have 2 galley for the whole economy/premium economy section. So basically the cart has to go all the way from the front(door 2) all the way to door 5. I don't know why you guys are working for AC man I think a lot of Chinese airlines will love to take you.
Food: Presentation with a film above my meal? It feels like me taking my leftovers out of my fridge and reheating it. Food tasted bad but I'm giving it a 6 because of the sandwich.
Entertainment: Not a lot of choices for movies to be really honest, but games, moving map and the rest are pretty good.

Honestly it is pretty good in general, yea I get that the Cathay lounge is better but when it's free don't expect much from it.

HKG: Fast, clean(A little worse thanks to mainlanders). Nothing else needed to be mentioned. Solid marks
YVR: Slow-ish security, other than that all good.



  • Comment 439271 by
    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Well the price is really good, not woder why the plane was full.
    The meals indeed look like the cheap microwavable ones found at a gas station.
    Good that the crew was nice otherwise this would have been a pretty bad flight.

    • Comment 439358 by
      HV9690 AUTHOR 3 Comments

      Honestly I came into this flight prepared, I brought some sandwiches from the lounge just incase if the food was bad. And luckily for me the 2 meals I chose were the better ones.
      I actually loved the crew, how they dealt with the no hot water problem by doing a few more juice runs, actually keeping a smile to their face.
      AC put their HD 77W's with 388 economy seats on this route just so they can get everyone in at a cheap price(or else they would be taking cathay's 2/3 daily flights here instead)
      Thanks for the comment! Stay tuned to part 2 of this.. It's gonna get worse(Spoiler alert)

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