Review of Joon flight Oslo Paris in Economy

Airline Joon
Flight AF1775
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 02 Apr 18, 12:30
Arrival at 02 Apr 18, 14:55
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By 1704
Published on 8th April 2018
This is only my second flight-report so feedback is appreciated. I decided to do a flight report on Joon because there wasn't any on the English version of flight-report.com. For those of you who doesn't know what Joon is, it is the new subsidiary of Air France, made to target millennials.

Carrier: Joon
Date: April 2nd, 2018
Route: Oslo (OSL) - Paris (CDG)
Flight #: AF1775
Aircraft: F-GKXN

For this review I will start when I board the aircraft. For some pictures from Oslo Airport see my previous review here

My aircraft arrived a bit late into Oslo but I followed it in on Flightradar24 and was ready at the window when it arrived. I have to say that I really like the Joon livery.

photo img_20180402_114250565_hdr

The turnaround was fast and we were soon ready for bording. Business class passengers first, and then I was the first of the rest.

photo img_20180402_120427335_hdr

The seats on Joon are the same as on Air France, although the headrest covers are a different color. I found the seat really comfortable, and for someone who usually flies Norwegian it was a good upgrade.

photo img_20180402_120617055

The pitch was also fine for someone like me (I'm 178cm)

photo img_20180402_120802156

Oslo Airport doesn't really have that many long haul flights, but today I was lucky and were able to grab a photo of multiple big birds during our taxi out.

photo img_20180402_122946900
SAS - Airbus A330-300

photo img_20180402_122956195_hdr
Emirates - Boeing 777-300ER

photo img_20180402_123010809_hdr
Thai Airways - Boeing 777-300ER

photo img_20180402_123136514
Ethiopian Airlines - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

I was also able to take a picture of one of Oslo Airports amazing snow-plows which keeps the airport open throughout the winted even when it is more than a meter of snow. (unlike other countries which shuts down if it only snows a few centimeters)

photo img_20180402_123201089_burst000_cover_top

After a smooth take of roll we were airborne.

photo img_20180402_123626456

As we were departing northbound we turned right immediately after takeoff which meant I was even able to grab a picture of the runway we just departed.
photo img_20180402_123639336photo img_20180402_123657886

The weather above Oslo was simply amazing.

photo img_20180402_123848344

Passing Oslo city on my way to Paris.

photo img_20180402_124408321

One thing that separates Joon from Air France, is that there is no free food on-board but a buy on-board menu. You get a choice of coffee, tea, water or orange juice for free but everything else is for purchase only. I was hungry and wanted to buy some food and I had the following options:
photo img_20180402_125047839photo img_20180402_125102840

However they also had a combo deal for 9,50€ which included a meal, a snack and a drink:

photo img_20180402_125058943

This is unfortunately where my problems on this flight started. I tried to order the baguette but it was sold out. I then asked for the pasta salad, which was also sold out. The flight attendants soon told me that in fact every single item was sold out, except for the quinoa salad. This is not good, and it shows really bad planning. When I tried to order some chips, guess what, they were sold out of my first and second choice there as well. I finally ended up with the following which costed me 12€ as it turned out the chips I ended up with wasn't part of the 9,50€ deal.

photo img_20180402_131951497

But hey, at least the weather was amazing as we followed the Norwegian coastline south.

photo img_20180402_125824712

The flight was also advertised to have wi-fi on-board. It even had a brochure on how to connect.

photo img_20180402_130724792

However there was no wi-fi to connect to so there was no in-flight entertainment on this flight other than the Magazine provided and the view out of my window. I couldn't let that ruin my mood however as the seat was comfortable, the cabin was fresh and the individual air nozzles were working. For me this is really the three most important things on a short haul flight.

photo img_20180402_141310487

As we approached Germany the clouds started to show up beneath us so there wasn't any more views before we were below them, which happened approximately 5 minutes before landing.

photo img_20180402_143857313

On thing I haven't experience before was that we did final approach parallel to another aircraft. An Easyjet A319 were following us down and landed on a parallel runway.

photo img_20180402_143908895

We touched down on time and I proceeded to transfer to an Air France flight to London, but there won't be any review on that as there already exist plenty of reviews on Air France on this site.

photo img_20180402_144255138_hdr
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Cabin crew8.0

Oslo - OSL


Paris - CDG



I can see what Air France have been thinking with Joon. As a millennial myself I know many people will appreciate the vibe on board with the color scheme, the flight attendant uniforms, free wi-fi, the healthy food etc. However when the basic things are not there I am not left with a positive experience. That only a few meal items were available show major problems with catering loads, and that the advertised wi-fi didn't work is not good when you are targeting millennials which are used to being connected 24/7. I can see how Joon can work, but it needs to be executed a lot better than what I was shown on this flight.

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    KL651 TEAM 4402 Comments

    Thanks for your FR.
    As you may know, in France Joon was pretty badly received, as prices didn't go down but the service onboard decreased and the overhype marketing campaign just o disguise cost cutting didn't fool many.
    I'm surprised they have such catering issues, they have more than few months of experience on what to stock in which quantities...

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    Kolia GOLD 628 Comments

    Thanks for this FR on the new JOON route ;)

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