Review of Thai Airways flight London Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG917
Class Economy
Seat 63A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 22:57
Take-off 16 Apr 18, 22:20
Arrival at 17 Apr 18, 03:17
TG   #9 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 353 reviews
By 8990
Published on 5th August 2018

THAI A380 London to Bangkok

photo img_5121

Introduction: TG917

Hello there, 'flight-reporters!' This is my second Flight Report on this website, so this one should be better than my first. So anyways, today I'll be flying Thai Airways International flight TG917 from London Heathrow to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi. As I said in the review of my outbound flight, there was an equipment swap on TG910/911, and TG916/917. TG910/11 was originally operated by the almighty Airbus A380-800, and TG916/17 was operated by the smaller Boeing 777-300ER.

This flight was operated by an Airbus A380-800 named Kamalasai (HS-TUF), which is THAI's newest and last Airbus A380 to be delivered. Speaking of something new, this plane is only 5 years old, which is relatively new compared to THAI's other aircrafts.

THAI's A380 Seat Map
photo img_5122

And it begins!

Our journey started at London Heathrow's Terminal 2, called "The Queen's Terminal". Our flight departed from gate B47, which was really far away. It was quite a long walk til we reached the gate. I was one of the first people to arrive, with the exception of Flight Attendants and Captians already waiting to board the huge aircrafts. I took a few pictures of it, then I did some plane spotting after that. I actually wasn't excited too excited to board this flight, as I have flown the A380 numerous times. Once with Qatar, and the rest is on THAI.

photo img_5123
Thai Airways A380 at London Heathrow

photo img_5124
Air China 77W at London Heathrow

photo img_5125
Air India 788 at London Heathrow

Of corse, Heathrow has a lot interesting traffic, as it is one of the busiest airports in the world (in terms of flights). I also spotted Ethiopian's A359, Korean 747-8, and Qatar's A350. All of which I don't commonly see in BKK.

Boarding and Interior

Door: L2
Seat: 63A

photo img_5126
Thai Airways A380 Cabin Interior

I was one of the first Economy Class passengers onboard, so I know that I don't have much time before it gets really crowded. One thing I've gotta say about my first fifth impression of the interior are; DAMN.. it looks amazing!, and considering the fact that pink is one of my favorite colours, I loved the interior colours! Good job, THAI! This looks better than the A359/77W seats in person, but the gradient on those are a little more impressive.

photo img_5127
Thai Airways A380 Cabin Interior

While I didn't have a lot of time, I talked to one of the FAs about the load factor of this flight. She said there's only around 385 pax, which is weird, because when I was choosing seats, it looked like it was almost full. She is super nice and friendly, and luckily, she will be serving my row!

photo img_5128
Thai Airways A380 Economy Class Seats

photo img_5136
Thai Airways A380 IFE Screen

The IFE Screen is the Panasonic eX2, and is decently sized. It is touch-screen, but isn't very responsive so instead, I used the remote control.

photo img_5137
Thai Airways A380 Safety Video 2012

The safety video was then played during pushback, and surprise, surprise! It's still the boring less colourful version. I just wished they used the 2017 version instead, not sure wether it's only for the 787-9 or not, but if it is, then it's a shame, honestly. Since they've only got 2 787-9s in their fleet, and only flies Bangkok to Auckland and Taipei. I still hope they install it on other aircrafts as well.

*Edit (AUG18): The new safety video has now been installed on all aircrafts.

photo img_5138

Dinner and Beverage service

After takeoff, the crews started serving Sour cream Pretzels and Beverages. I chose Cola, because why not? If my parents were here, I wouldn't be able to ;)
(Let's hope they're not reading this) ?

photo img_5826
Cola and Sour Cream Pretzles

Soon after that, the actual meals were served. There was a choice between Laab Gai for the Thai option, and something else which I can't remember. Of corse, I chose the Laab Gai.

photo img_5141
The delicious Laab Gai (ลาบไก่)

The Laab Gai was delicious! Sour, spicy, and simply flavorful! I was quite surprised by fact that they serve Laab Gai on flights from Europe. The pasta in presto sauce also tasted quite nice, and the brownie was a nice dessert. Everything I ate was nice, and I wish all TG meals were like this.

After the dinner service, the cabin crews turned off the lights of the passengers to sleep. I also asked one of the crews for an eye mask, he obliged then went back to the galley and returned a few minutes later. As I wasn't too tired, I only slept for 2 hours and then decided to watch a few movies and a TV show.

photo img_5143

After a few hours of browsing the Entertainment System, the crews turned on the light. I believe that this is supposed to represent the sunlight at dawn.

photo img_5144
Good morning!

photo img_5146
Thai Airways' eye mask

photo img_5149
Cabin view before meal service

The meal was then served, and there was only one option, as usual. It was Cheddar Cheese and Egg Soufflé with Sausages and Veggies. It comes with a Croissant, Butter, Jam, Strawberry Yoghurt, Orange Juice, and Fruit Salad. The presentation was nice enough.

photo img_5153
Meal before landing

The Egg Soufflé was fine, but the sausages were very nice. I didn't touch the Veggies though. Everything else on the tray was good as well, especially the Croissant.

photo img_5154
A hot cup of Tea

It was then followed by a choice of Coffe or Tea. I chose Tea of corse.

photo img_5150

photo img_5827
Seat fabric

photo img_5828
The OTOP magazine

photo img_5829
Safety Card

photo img_5830
View over Myanmar

As we started our descent for Bangkok, a video about Suvarnabhumi Airport was played.

photo img_5157
Video about Suvarnabhumi Airport

photo img_5158
View as we descend to BKK

photo img_5833
Landed at BKK

After we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we pulled into a gate, and was parked next to one of El Al's 767s

photo img_5832
Parked next to El Al 767

photo img_5834
Disembarking the aircraft

Thanks for scrolling through this review! I apologize for the late report. I forgot all about it u til today! ?
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew10.0

London - LHR


Bangkok - BKK



I really enjoyed this Economy Class flight onboard TG's A380. Everything was nice. The seat was comfortable and has a lot of legroom, thought unfortunately, there was an IFE Box obstructing the legroom. The food was also quite nice and flavorful. Kudos to Thai Airways for finally serving good Thai food onboard. The crews were friendly and talkative. I even talked to one about the aircraft, the flight, the load etc. There were a lot of movies available, but there could've been more in my opinion. It kept me entertained throughout the flight though.

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