Review of Lufthansa flight Nagoya Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH737
Class Economy
Seat 43A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 12:20
Take-off 20 Aug 17, 09:45
Arrival at 20 Aug 17, 15:05
LH   #62 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1174 reviews
By GOLD 2364
Published on 4th May 2018

An other report in english, on LH737 between NGO and FRA, with LH in A343.

routing :
PTP-ORY - TX543 - 6 Juillet - A359 (–)
MRS-FRA - LH1087 - 18 Juillet - A320.S. (–)
FRA-HND- LH716 - 18 Juillet - B747-8i (–)
NGO-FRA- LH737- 20 Août - A343 (here)
FRA - LYS - LH1078 - 20 Août - A320.S. (French)
ORY-PTP - TX542 - 29 Août - A359 (French).

The departure was planned at 9:45 am, we woke up early. Our airbnb was located 300feets off Nagoya train station. We go there on foot to take Meitetsu Line to Nagoya Airport called 'Chubu centrair Japan Airport'.

I take the 6:30am train, the trip lasts 30 minutes. It's fast, but it's a pity that it is necessary to take a real train (suburbs train) while city subway stop a few km ago of airport.
photo img_8578

Suburbs train is aerial. : photo img_8583photo img_8584

The airport was built on the sea (like KIX, Osaka Kansai), arrival is beautiful.
photo img_8587
photo img_8588

Station on the airport is composed by only 2 tracks, but it's sufficient.
photo img_8589

We take a bridge to go to landside part of airport.
photo img_8591
photo img_8592
photo img_8593

Let's go to LH counters. there is a crowd, but it's good, we check-in faster than expected.
photo img_8594
photo img_8595

direction the SkyDeck, a good concept which is an observation platform on the roof of the airport !!
photo img_8600.
photo img_8601.
photo img_8602

There are 2 terminals : International and national, we see both from skydeck.

B777 Cathay Pacific
photo img_8596

B777 Korean
photo img_8598

A343 Philipinnes Airlines
photo img_8599

A321 Vietnam airlines.
photo img_8597

A330 Finnair just landing.
photo img_8617

L'A343 Lufthansa, our plane to 12:30 flight to FRA.
photo img_8607
photo img_8608
photo img_8610

With A350, I think A340 is one of my favorite plane, i love his look !!!

Morning departuresphoto img_8616

Korean leaves for Seoul ICN
photo img_8615

United will go to Guam in a few hours.

photo img_8621

after that, it's time to go to gate (203). We have to go down in a little room, visibly used for PAXbus boarding.
photo img_8620

Of course, boarding is done in bus, with an old bus.
photo img_8622

Lufthansa A340-300
photo img_8623
photo img_8624

Welcome was smiling and warm. I go to my seat (43A), window side.

photo img_8627
photo img_8628

I really like A340's configuration in 2-4-2, it's more friendly.

IFE was very recent, and looks like the IFE of Air Caraïbes's a350.
the choice (music, movies, games etc…) was great.
photo img_8629
photo img_8630

photo img_8626

Pitch was great,I can almost lengthen my legs. Seat was very confortable.

photo img_8625

Push-back with 15m of delay. Take-off 10m later, to the Pacific. We turn on our right as we continue to climb.
photo img_8633
photo img_8634
photo img_8638
photo img_8639
photo img_8640

Fly over Airport and Nagoya City
photo img_8641

Distribution of the menu and hot oshibori.
photo img_8642
photo img_8643

West direction, to the Korea. Our itinary of the day will be west direction until Beijing, after west-north/west, fly-over Oulan-Bator. After, vertical of Moscow, Berlin, and landing to FRA.

Lunch was served at noon (JST). On the 2 choices, only Japanese menu were avalaible. (no pic).

Sushis were goods; but i don't liked meat and veggies (veggies were viscous). Dessert were very good; it was "1000 crèpes dessert"(1000pancakes dessert) with whipping cream.

Then, go to toilet which were clean.
photo img_8650

2hours 20 before landing, just after Moscow.
photo img_8655
photo img_8657

Second dish was served 1h before landing, i choose pasta. It was very, very good ! fruits were welcome, I was dry! Bread wasn't good.
photo img_8660

After Warsaw, we enter on German airspace.
photo img_8661

We start our descent above Berlin.
photo img_8662photo img_8663

Just above the cloud. we were in final in parallel with an a320 LH.

photo img_8665

Violent landing because of strong wind in Francfort today. i like this.

Landing on German land on runway 07L/25R
photo img_8664
photo img_8666

photo img_8667

Lufthansa Technik
photo img_8673
photo img_8674

Go to our gate. almost only LH in term of traffic.
photo img_8675
photo img_8676

Unboarding very fast. Passing of European formalities at FRA of course. After, let's go to A/Z gates to our next flight to Lyon, France.

photo img_8677

Qatar's A350 an others
photo img_8678

photo img_8679
photo img_8680
photo img_8681

New terminal reserved for big planes (A380/747/A340…).
photo img_8682

Thanks to read my report, hope it was relevant.
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Cabin crew10.0

Nagoya - NGO


Frankfurt - FRA



Nagoya : beautiful airport, recent and efficacious. Good idea to build the SkyDeck!

LH : Very good flight with LH despite his lenght (+12h30). eBooking was very effective, in contrary of some companies. Catering was very correct. Crew was pleasant. Aircraft was clean.

Frankfurt: european hub which do his job. Airport is close to saturation. Controls were severe (normal after Barcelona attacks). it takes at least 1h30 of layover to be quiet.
If it's possible, Munich J-S international (second LH's hub) can be an other very good solution.



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