Review of JetBlue Airways flight New York Washington in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight JB1307
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 26 Jan 18, 10:05
Arrival at 26 Jan 18, 11:20
B6 44 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 1st May 2018
A new airline for me and the only flight on my trip not to be operated by a "Mainline" Airliner!

Flying the legendary JETBLUE on Embraer E-190 from New York (JFK) to Washington DC (IAD).

photo 24

I almost messed this up badly as I overslept at my hotel in Newark. I awoke at 05:45am (was planning a 4am departure) and had to mad dash across NYC to catch this plane!

So after a run that included an Airport Shuttle Bus, train from Newark Airport to Penn Station then the Metro from Penn Station to Jamaica Station then the Air Train to JFK………..

I MADE IT!!!!!!!

I hadn't checked in by this time, however as I got to T5 at New York JFK, I went to a kiosk and put my details in and probably due to my hand-luggage only idea for this- I was able to check in!

photo 1

Whilst JetBlue is mostly known for operating the Airbus A320/A321-T in their operations, a lot of regional operations are done with a small "merry men" fleet of Embraer E-190.

This was a good opportunity to mix this trip a bit. I had thought the idea of going from Newark or JFK with Delta CRJ, United B737/Dash 8 but since I'd already booked them airlines, I thought a JetBlue flight would be ideal as I was also trying on this trip Southwest & Virgin America/Alaska Airlines.

My flight was running on time and had a light load on this mornings service. I had pre-booked a free seat of 5A (at the front but not an extra-legroom seat which is at a cost).

photo 2

There was a bit of wait as we taxied through JFK. Seeing a lot of wide-bodys around our small E-190 was a unique experience as this was only my 3rd time in one.

photo 4

Finally taking off and observing the sight of New York as we darted up into the sky was amazing.

photo 5

The IFE Screen finally began to work for the PAX and I personally found the screen a bit of a 90s model. Wasn't the same as previous screens I had used with KLM, Finnair, Delta or American. But that could have been down to the Embraer's being older or due to their constantly rumoured replacement by JetBlue.

photo 3photo 9

Cruising through the sky on this short 55 minute flight we were served a juice drink along with a packet of cookies or crackers. I had both due to my crazy dart to JFK that morning robbing me of breakfast at any reasonable stop off.

photo 7photo 8

I also grabbed an opportunity to get some pictures around the quiet flight. Taking some wing-shots at different empty rows and a few cabin shots.

The flight was generally smooth and uneventful and we were quickly getting ready to land in Washington D.C. Capital city of the US of A!

photo 15photo 16photo 17

Arriving and parking up, I didn't get a chance to visit the flight deck on this flight so I left and decided to make haste to my IAD Airport hotel.

photo 18photo 19

Once getting there and having reorganised my stuff, I then proceeded to my destination of the day: The UDVAR HAZY Centre!

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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew9.0

New York - JFK


Washington - IAD



JetBlue- Decent legroom and seats. Didn't have long enough a flight to really compare the service to other US Airlines I used. But it was a fine introduction, would definitely look to JB again on further trips! Service was decent for this short flight. Was nice to get two options of snacks. IFE screens appeared a slight bit dated.

JFK- Once there it was quite efficient. Was nice to find a place to sit and charge my phone once I got airside.

IAD- Standard domestic arrival system, had a bit of a treck to the landside area having had to use an underground mono-rail. Quite a clean and modern airport. Easy access to the Udvar-Hazy Centre.

UHC: Worth the wait! Great to see another Concorde, the prototype Boeing 707 (Dash 80), B-29 ENOLA GAY and a Hawker Hurricane (I live near Langley, England where they were built during WW2).



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    B6 is probably as good as it gets for an E-jet in North America with PTVs and so much legroom. AC have PTVs in their E-jets, but less seat pitch. Had you been flying into DCA you would have been on the perfect side of the aircraft to see all the monuments for a River approach. I love the Udvar-Hazy museum--was there just a few weeks ago in fact, for like a bazillionth time lol. The one downside of the UHC is that you can't actually visit inside any of the aircraft. Would be nice to be able to go inside the AF Concorde, like in other museums with Concordes. Thanks for sharing!

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