Review of Royal Air Maroc flight Casablanca Manchester in Economy

Airline Royal Air Maroc
Flight AT818
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 28 Apr 18, 13:15
Arrival at 28 Apr 18, 15:50
AT   #60 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 118 reviews
By SILVER 1178
Published on 3rd May 2018
Alas as quick as I had arrived in Morocco,it was time to head back ! You may wonder why there is no Marrakesh to Casablanca review ? This is due to me having got the train ?

Airport & Check-in

As soon as you enter Mohamed V Airport , you have to clear Istanbul Ataturk style security immediately,show your ticket and get a pat down.
photo 20180428_091820
photo 20180428_092041
photo 20180428_092121

I had seen a Saudia 787 parked closeby when I arrived this morning - this must be their office at Casablanca Mohamed V Airport ?
photo 20180428_092804

Flight Information Screens

photo 20180428_092850
photo 20180428_092900

Then you have to take a lift up to Terminal 2 Departures

photo 20180428_093011

Self checkin is not available for Manchester – so I checked in at a counter.
photo 20180428_093217
photo 20180428_093320
photo 20180428_093341
photo 20180428_093442

I had assigned 16A and 16ABC was free last night,but now the whole row was all booked !
I changed to 30A ahead of checking in at a check in desk. 30B and 30C were free and this was also confirmed at the gate.

All checked in - beautiful floor design !
photo 20180428_094615

Baggage Wrapping
photo 20180428_094543


Another security checkpoint and the Immigration officer asked where I am headed and if I have Moroccan Dirhams ( you can't take more than MAD1000.00 / GBP80.00 ) out of the country. I advised I didn't and he opened my hand luggage and went straight for my tablet cover. After a quick search he then asked if I have dollars ? I again advised I am flying to the UK.
I then queued a little for Immigration - blue uniformed ladies were directing passengers to desks.

I arrived at the desk and the officer asked where my card was ? What card is that then? He advised me to fill out a disembarkation form and to come back. I advised the queue was very long now. He advised I won't need to queue. I filled out the card at a free desk.
When I went back a few minutes later, he asked where my Parents are from ( Pakistan in case anyone is wondering ! )

The friendly helpful staff in the Moroccan Souveniers shop at least didn't stick to me like in Seoul Incheon. I spent a total of EUR118.00 on gifts !

You can pay in Euros and pickup up most gifts from magnets to clothing to Tagine pots to Babouche ( Moroccan shoes ).

photo 20180428_100407
photo 20180428_100413
photo 20180428_100508
photo 20180428_100519
photo 20180428_100532
photo 20180428_100548
photo 20180428_100655
photo 20180428_100753
photo 20180428_101114
photo 20180428_101120
photo 20180428_101234
photo 20180428_101500
photo 20180428_101921
photo 20180428_102937
photo 20180428_103042
photo 20180428_103236
photo 20180428_103307
photo 20180428_103446
photo 20180428_103455
photo 20180428_103613
photo 20180428_103633
photo 20180428_103700
photo 20180428_103720
photo 20180428_105104
photo 20180428_105216
photo 20180428_105335

Seating areas
photo 20180428_102927

Now time for some spotting !

The aircraft nearest to the front is my ride to Manchester,CN-RGI.
My aircraft to Manchester is a 737-800 which came in from Kinshasa in the Congo just over an hour ago.

photo 20180428_102922

The aircraft on the right hand side is CN-ROB,which had come in from Agadir and would be flying to Frankfurt.
This is the same 737-800 which in 2014, was performing flight AT971 from Madrid to Casablanca with 125 passengers. The aircraft was enroute at FL370 about 100m north of Tangier and almost over Seville when the First Officer reported feeling ill and became incapacitated prompting the Captain to divert to Tangier for a safe landing about 25 minutes later. Here is hoping for safe flights for everyone on every airline around the world at all times.
photo 20180428_103750

I had been promised Free Lounge Access by someone high up in RAM who then vanished into thin air - maybe moved to Turkish Airlines who also promise the world and then vanish.

photo 20180428_110426
photo 20180428_110435

What to do with your spare Dirhams !
photo 20180428_104500

WiFi Excellence - you can put in any email address. If you put your actual email address in you will be spammed like crazy !
photo 20180428_104504

AT 818 Fast Facts

Casablanca - Manchester
Previous flights Moscow,Paris,Cairo,Bologna,Lagos,Milan,Kinshasa
Next flight Casablanca-Manchester-Casablanca
then Dakhla,Marrakesh,Paris Orly

The same lady from AT405 was boarding this flight ; I recognised the lovely smile and she recognised me too !

Tunisair A320 (TS-IMR) was parked next door ! I had to chuckle as the registration is almost my name !
photo 20180428_120019
photo 20180428_120057


photo 20180428_104255photo 20180428_104306
photo 20180428_113120

The RAM Brussels flight was boarding next door to us. The aircraft, a 737-800 CN-ROS had come in from Nouakchott in Mauritania and after flying to Brussels today would come back and fly to Lagos then London Heathrow.
photo 20180428_110555

We had initially waited in the all glass airbridge - in the airbridge next to us I could see the Brussels passengers waiting to board their flight AT832. As I waited I asked the ground hostess if I can move forward to photograph the Tunisair A320 as my name formed part of the registration. She smiled and said yes and another passenger was invited to look at the aircraft !
I was amongst the first to board after a wheelchair passenger - the same lady travelled with me from Manchester to Casablanca a few days earlier. I would recognise more passengers from my AT819 flight a few days earlier !

The customary walk through Business Class
photo 20180428_120630

I said Salaam Alaikum to the Cabin Chief - she replied with a traditional Islamic response and I was very happy as only someone with strong faith would give the response given. Next to her was an expressionless Airhostess who clearly didn't want to be flying on this day.

I then said Salaam Alaikum to a Steward who was in the mid section of the cabin and managed to get you these shots. I love it when I get the chance for rear facing cabin shots without worrying that someone will end up being photographed.

photo 20180428_120656
photo 20180428_120700
photo 20180428_120719
photo 20180428_120727
photo 20180428_120759
photo 20180428_120805
photo 20180428_120924

My seat base was stained with a large food stain – I gave it a wipedown with a wetwipe I had on me so this photo is shown after the cleanse. I have left the cream cheese wrapper here as it was when I arrived at my seat. I don't know which is worse. Someone going out of their way to put the wrapper in such a tight space or a cleaner not removing it ?

photo 20180428_120903
photo 20180428_120907

I went to a Steward to get tissue to dry my seat and also ask for a few new sickbags which would come in handy as gift bags plus they had the RAM logo !

A lady on 28A could be heard complaininhg to a Steward that her seat was wet. My dream of having the whole row to myself was dashed as in 30B a lovely lady sat down. But only until doors closed. She then moved to sit with a lady friend she had made a few rows further forward ! There was no boarding music.

Tunisair A320 TS-IMR - a beter view of the aircraft which almost has my name ! Plus CN-ROB has now been brought to it's airbridge to start boarding for Frankfurt,

photo 20180428_121150
photo 20180428_121252
photo 20180428_121301

The Flight

The aircraft was fully boarded by 1220pm and doors closed at 1225pm. Some passengers from Tuesday's AT819 were sat around me – a guy with his elderly Parents, a Jamaican gentleman and an Arab lady from Huddersfield !

photo 20180428_122008
photo 20180428_122406
photo 20180428_122512
photo 20180428_122833
photo 20180428_122838
photo 20180428_122842
photo 20180428_122849

Not sure why there are channel / audio controls when there is no IFE !
photo 20180428_123053

At 1235pm there was a manual safety - moments before it began Mr 30D asked for a pen to open his sim card. I was looking for a paperclip too when a gentleman on 31 D got up during the safety demonstration to get a paperclip. I mean come on. Really ? During a safety demonstration ? And also when the issue has been resolved ?!

After the safety demonstration,an announcement was made, that due to "English health and safety rules" – we will be spraying the cabin with insecticide which won’t affect your health The smell was most bizarre !

The Cabin Chief came to my seat and welcomed me aboard and gave me a Time magazine and salted almonds in a packet. I had earlier passed her a letter advising I am returning home after my first RAM / Morocco trip ! I felt special.
At 1245pm, there was an announcment to say sorry for the delay and that we would leave in 15 mins ( due to heavy traffic )

As were still stationary, instead of sitting waiting I went to use the washroom which was especially opened up for me.

I could see the two Stewards sorting meal trolleys – I asked today's choice and was told Beef or Fish.

The Washroom View…believe me you didn't want to see the aged toilet.

photo 20180428_124903
photo 20180428_124907
photo 20180428_124919
photo 20180428_124928

We pushed back at 1255pm and kids packswere being distributed at the same time.

Egyptair 737-800 boarding for Cairo
photo 20180428_125438
photo 20180428_125445

After some taxying,we finally taxied onto the runway and at 1305pm my homeward journey began !
photo 20180428_125824
photo 20180428_130051
photo 20180428_130116
photo 20180428_130157
photo 20180428_130448
photo 20180428_130826
photo 20180428_130832

I made a video of take off - I had chosen a seat on the left side of the aircraft as I had wanted to see Hassan II Mosque. When I saw that we had started going into thick cloud I stopped filming.

Moments later I got beautiful views of the Mosque anyway !

photo 20180428_130837
photo 20180428_130900
photo 20180428_130907
photo 20180428_130927
photo 20180428_131051
photo 20180428_131341
photo 20180428_131452
photo 20180428_131652

Spain coming into view .
photo 20180428_133046
photo 20180428_133133
photo 20180428_133159
photo 20180428_133308
photo 20180428_144342

And the view
photo pastedimage

Inflight Entertainment

I prepared these photos during taxying for take off - unbelievable that there was no Airshow. Sadly SKYRAM didn't work either :(

photo 20180428_125538
photo 20180428_125616
photo 20180428_125625
photo 20180428_125632
photo 20180428_125657
photo 20180428_125707
photo 20180428_125833
photo 20180428_125904
photo 20180428_125958
photo 20180428_130014
photo 20180428_130021

Email received from RAM 3 weeks after my flight

We invite you to discover our new SKY-RAM entertainment programme available on-board of our Boeing 737 !

Completely free, you can now watch a movie, listen to music ou read magazines on-board straight from your personal devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop…) !

To make the most of this, bring your headphones and don’t forget to dowload the SKY-RAM Player before your flight.
Experience the most entertaining journey with SKY-RAM!

Along with this great discovery, we are offering you 40% discount on your award ticket for the following 10 destinations:

Amsterdam, Brussels, Dakar, Geneva, Madrid,Marseille, Porto, Praia, Rome, Venice

photo img_0202

Inflight Service

The Cabin Chief then announced we would be served lunch with some drinks and then there would be a duty free service.

A further announcement thanked us for choosing RAM – and that suggestions can be made at the website

photo 20180428_145110
photo 20180428_145205
photo 20180428_145328

And as always I asked for more ! The evidence speaks for itself !

photo 20180428_151516
photo 20180428_153651

Self presented Teatime - Cream Roulade with lime jam and coffee !
photo 20180428_152803

20 minutes after take off,the engine sound calmed down. I really think the inner winglets should have the Moroccan flag or the RAM wings logo.

photo 20180428_154451
photo 20180428_154456
photo 20180428_154503

The Cabin Chief brought me a Business Class menu as a memento upon my request.
I told a passing Steward ithat I don’t eat beef and prefer fish – once meal service began I was first to be served !

I asked the Steward in my section what the Lentils starter was called and he told me "Ahadus".

The Airhostess who had boarded the flight with the Cabin Chief rarely smiled through the flight and didn't even speak when offering meals after advising the options. This really spoiled the hard work by the Stewards but luckily they were so nice I have to score a 10.

I had to Lol when I was offered champagne and cheese later in the flight - As I am Muslim I don't drink alcohol and didn't have room for cheese !

From the transparent Skyshop trolley, I bought a RAM branded stylus / 8GB USB. The memory stick box could have had the RAM logo to make it stand out more.

photo 20180428_152734

I had a nice photo with the crew just before descent started around 1535pm. They gave me thanks for thecompliments and said Marhaba - in the contect we were happy to have you aboard and look forward to seeing you again.

photo 20180428_153709
photo 20180428_154022
photo 20180428_154116
photo 20180428_154212
photo 20180428_154228
photo 20180428_154313
photo 20180428_154334
photo 20180428_154359
photo 20180428_154405
photo 20180428_154434
photo 20180428_154438

Tatton Park / Tatton Hall
photo 20180428_154538
photo 20180428_154617

We landed on Runway 2 at 1550pm.
photo 20180428_155017
photo 20180428_155024
photo 20180428_155130
photo 20180428_155134
photo 20180428_155306

Monarch Cook Airlines ? Sad to see this as I used to handle Monarch Airlines at Manchester Airport.

photo 20180428_155442
photo 20180428_155448
photo 20180428_155457
photo 20180428_155536
photo 20180428_155606
photo 20180428_155645
photo 20180428_155653
photo 20180428_155701
photo 20180428_155924
photo 20180428_160343

As I began clearing my seatpockets, I was appalled to see this - it seems an entire pack of Bourbon cream biscuits had been crushed into the seatpocket. The individual or individuals who have sat at 30A before me really have no manners or concept of hygiene. The cleaning staff are no better allowing a passenger to sit in such filth. Disgusting.

photo 20180428_160003
photo 20180428_160009
photo 20180428_160102

Upon leaving the aircraft I bade farewell to the Cabin Chief and she hoped to see me again.

View on exiting the airbridge - the Rovers Return Pub - from Manchester and the world's oldest soap opera Coronation Street !
photo 20180428_160736
photo 20180428_160754
photo 20180428_160906
photo 20180428_161241
photo 20180428_161435
photo 20180428_162208
photo 20180428_162501
photo 20180428_162931
photo 20180428_163451

After almost 30 minutes of waiting my case arrived…..the Turquoise coloured one by Tripp ! Would you believe someone else had exactly the same one ?! Every trip throws up a new experience !
photo 20180428_163457
photo 20180428_230911

Bonus : Click here display

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to fly Royal Air Maroc again !! Please do like and comment.

Almost 3 weeks after my flights, I received my Safar Flyer Welcome Pack !
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Royal Air Maroc

Cabin crew10.0

Casablanca - CMN


Manchester - MAN



A top class flight let down by a not so happy crew member and a seatpocket / seat that was filthy at best and appallingly dirty at worst.
What exactly are the cleaners doing ? Hopefully my seat area was cleaned thoroughly before it departed Manchester.
I just cannot believe someone would be so careless and disrespectful to another passenger.
The toilet also needs an upgrade as it is very tatty and worn. No IFE was also a let down as was the non availability of SKYRAM.
3 of the 4 crew members were excellent hence the score of 10. It is always a shame when one person lets the the rest down.



  • Comment 443508 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5331 Comments

    Yikes, RAM really need to work on their cabin cleaning. Issues on the way out with cleanliness and even worse on the return. You definitely shouldn't have to wipe down your own seat because of mystery stains, yuck. Seems like the Y experience on RAM can be hit or miss depending on the aircraft and whether the cleaning crew decided to actually clean that day, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 443874 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

    Hi, Window Seat!

    Thanks for this report! Casablanca is such a romantic destination! It's very high on my travel wish list. I know the modern city has nothing to do with that of Rick and Ilsa, but I still want to walk around the Corniche humming As Time Goes By. (sigh)

    Now I know that I have to take an extra bag with me for the souvenirs from the duty free. XD

    My seat base was stained with a large food stain


    Thanks for sharing!! :)

    • Comment 443988 by
      livingthejetlife SILVER AUTHOR 109 Comments

      Hey there and thanks for reading my review of Royal Air Maroc. Indeed Casablanca the movie is filmed in Hollywood and not Morocco ! Similarly the Abu Dhabi Souk scenes in Sex and the City are filmed in Marrakesh ! Indeed you can buy all your souveniers at the airport and can pay in Euros. Cleanliness has been a factor on all 3 flights on this trip.

      • Comment 443991 by
        Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

        Casablanca the movie is filmed in Hollywood and not Morocco

        LOL. I'm aware of that. But anyway, did you know that they built a replica of Rick's Café in Casablanca? They tried to make it similar to the fictional one to the last detail! And you can befriend them on their FB page and watch singers or bands playing jazz. Beautiful!

        you can buy all your souveniers at the airport and can pay in Euros

        Did you buy any souvenirs there? Do you think it's much more expensive than buying in the city?

        Thanks again :)

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