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Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO 3922
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 03 Jun 18, 21:10
Arrival at 03 Jun 18, 22:00
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Published on 4th August 2018
Hi and welcome to the report covering my flight back from Krakow to Warsaw with some bonus pictures from the beautiful and full of history city of Krakow.

The WAW - KRK sector can be found here:


Krakow used to be Polish capital during the most prosperous time of our history and even when the king Sigismundus the 3rd moved with his court to Warsaw in the end of 16th century, it still remained the royal city where coronations took place.
The first place that every tourist encounters in the Old Town is - the biggest square of medieval Europe - the main market square with the Cloth Hall, Saint Mary's church and Town Hall's tower.

photo img_0585photo img_0589photo img_0624

It's been a while since our last stay in Krakow, so we decided to make a quick tour of the Old Town's most important attractions. The first place was one of the oldest European universities, the Jagiellonian University founden in 1364. It's oldest building, Collegium Maius, hasn't changed much from the medieval times.

The next place was the Saint Mary's church that may change your mind about gothic architecture if you ever thought that all the medieval churches were gray as most of the cathedrals in western Europe. This church is full of colour and I love it!

photo img_0581photo rsz_img_0631

Its most known part is the great wooden altar from XVth century sculptured by Veit Stoss known in Poland as Wit Stwosz. Some of the figures (there are 200 in total) are even 2,7 meters high!

photo rsz_img_0633

A visit to the Royal Castle hill is a must while being to Krakow. Most of the Polish kings and queens are buried in the Wawel cathedral church being one of the most important historic sites of the country.

Unfortunately the beautiful renaissance courtyard of the castle is being renovated so there was no possibility of taking a photo without scaffoldings.

photo img_0727photo rsz_img_0725

The next day the great market square was full of dragons (dragon is one of the symbols of the city, it was thought to live in a cave under the castle that still exists and is called "Dragon's den") after the "Dragons Parade" that took place the evening before.


To reach the airport we took the very comfortable train that brought us there in 20 minutes

photo img_0767photo img_0770photo img_0772

The station is connected with the airport, so in less than a couple of mintues we were inside the freshly built terminal.

photo rsz_img_0773photo rsz_img_0774

Let's have a look at the current departures and arrivals board

photo rsz_img_0775

It's a little bit strange that all the check-in stands are located downstairs. There are no self check in kiosks so in order to print our boarding passes, we needed to visit a regular check-in desk.

photo rsz_img_0778photo rsz_img_0779

After a very smooth security check (when I complained once about a very unpleasant security check in Katowice, I heard: fly from Krakow, it's much better there. It's true) we went to rather small airside part with some shops, cafes and departure gates.

photo rsz_img_0780

The flight to Gdansk is (almost) always delayed as the aircraft operating on KRK-GDN-KRK route must first come to KRK from Warsaw, the WAW-KRK flight is (almost) always delayed and that's how the domino starts…

photo img_0783

Our flight is also slightly delayed but at least our aircraft is changed from Q400 to much more comfortable and quiet E75.

photo img_0785

LOT doesn't seem to use jetbridges in Krakow, so we need a good bus ride to reach our plane parked at a remote stand. Our today's ride is SP-LIA - the first E75 delivered to LOT.

photo img_0787

It still looks very good inside even though I prefer the black seats of the newer E-jets than the initial grey ones

photo img_0791

View from my window on Norwegian 738 departing to CPH

photo img_0793

It was completely dark already but some last rays of the sun may still be seen on our cruising altitude

photo img_0797photo img_0800photo img_0811

Standard service on domestic flights: a glass of water and choice between chocolate bar and fruit jellys

photo img_0799

Approaching Warsaw

photo img_0818photo img_0820

This time we will disembark by jetbridge (maybe it's because there are many transer passengers and their flights are waiting for them as CC announces)

photo img_0824photo img_0826photo img_0827

That's all about this short domestic flight. Many thanks for reading.
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LOT Polish

Cabin crew8.0

Kraków - KRK


Warsaw - WAW



A standard domestic flight with nice CC and comfortable aircraft. For us the delay was not a problem, but some transfer passengers where anxious about their connecting flights. LOT seems to have a serious problem with delays as it operates on more and more routes with not enough aircarft and crew.
KRK has much changed, it's still (too) small but at least doesn't look anymore as a very provincial airport.

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  • Comment 457693 by
    Benoit75008 7308 Comments

    Czesc Loukas!

    Nice bonus! Krakow is beautiful, even if "rynek" can be very crowded (same concerning Wawel).

    Nice short flight in a new terminal, finally KRK Is equipped with a descent airport!

    Milego weekendu!

  • Comment 457722 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 766 Comments

    I loved those photos of Krakow! The architecture is overwhelming!

    For some strange reason, that fat orange dragon with yellow mane, thin legs, small hands and a big, fat mouth reminded me of a certain US president. I wonder if it was made that way on purpose! XDDDD Was it set on fire after the parade, just like the Falles festival in Valencia, Spain? I hope so! XDDD

    It's great that they have some kind of onboard service in such a short flight!

    Thanks for sharing, Loukas!

    • Comment 457968 by
      loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

      Hi Nechus, I don’t think they burn the dragon, it will rather be reused next year. The service is Ok on domestic flights, pity it’s exactly the same (with addition of tea&coffee) on European routes. Have a nice week!

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