Review of Hainan Airlines flight Chicago Beijing in Business

Airline Hainan Airlines
Flight HU498
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 12:00
Take-off 08 May 18, 15:20
Arrival at 08 May 18, 16:20
HU 25 reviews
By SILVER 5057
Published on 17th June 2018
Hello Flight-Report community,

The Five-Star airline club is an exclusive one. Though many can argue the merits of the Five-Star designations given by a certain U.K. firm, in this report we’ll take a look at one of the lesser-known members of the Five-Star club, Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines. Though Hainan may not enjoy the same level of name recognition as some of the other Five-Star carriers, the development of this carrier over the last decade has been impressive. As the largest privately-owned carrier in China, Hainan Airlines have managed to differentiate themselves from the larger state-owned Chinese carriers as the more upscale option. With ten destinations in North America served from multiple Chinese cities, Hainan have grown their global presence despite the restrictive Chinese “One route, one Airline” rule.

Recently, Flight-Report had the opportunity to discover Hainan’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner between Chicago and Beijing and visit the carrier’s flagship PEK lounge: the HNA Club.

We begin our journey on a beautiful sunny day at Chicago’s O’Hare International airport.

photo 0000

The international Terminal 5, which is mostly used by non-U.S. carriers, is on the small side with all ticket counters in the same area.

photo 0001

We head to the Hainan Airlines Business class counters to check in for our flight to Beijing.

photo 0002

The boarding pass is given along with a lounge invitation card in a golden “VIP Lounge Invitation” ticket jacket. These little extras show that Hainan pays attention to little details.

photo 0004

Here we are airside.

photo 0004a

Swissport Lounge Terminal 5

Hainan uses the Swissport lounge in Terminal 5

photo 0005

The lounge isn’t very large and the furnishings seem mostly dated—but the worst part is the lack of natural light as the lounge has no windows.

photo 0006

Work stations are available

photo 0008

The selection of reading materials is pretty slim

photo 0008a

As far as the catering goes, it isn’t much better with some drinks and a few sandwiches available in a fridge…

photo 0009

…and some instant ramen noodles—nothing terribly exciting. However, spirits and wines are available at a self-service counter, which is convenient.

photo 0010

Some industrial packages cheese can also be found…

photo 0011

…along with some snacks.

photo 0012

The lounge does have a coffee machine.

photo 0013

An unimpressive snack—typical of U.S. lounges.

photo 0013a

Being that the lounge experience isn’t particularly glamorous, no need to stick around too long. Let’s head to the gate and check out our Boeing 787-9, which is pulling in to the gate just as we arrive.

photo 0014

Our aircraft today carries with it some AvGeek value as it is one of 4 painted in a special Kung Fi Panda livery, each of which is a different color.

photo 0016photo 0017


Boarding was generally well organized. We did have the opportunity to pre-board, which allowed some time for clean cabin photos.

photo 0019photo 0020

Priority boarding lane

photo 0021

At the bottom of the jetbridge there was a selection of newspapers in English and Chinese along with headphones for Economy class passengers.

photo 0022photo 0023

At the time of this flight, the cabin crew were still wearing the old uniforms; however, since the 6th of June, new uniforms designed by Laurence Xu have been introduced throughout the airline.

photo h2photo h3

On Board

Let’s begin our visit of Hainan’s Dreamliner with the Economy class cabin and its 258 seats beginning at door 2.

photo 0023a

The Economy class seats are in the typical 3-3-3 configuration and feature individual IFE screens.

photo 0023b

Seats in Economy offer a standard 32-inch seat pitch.

photo 0023c

Business class consists of 30 fully-flat forward-facing seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.

photo 0024photo 0025

Hainan Airlines has two different seat models on its Boeing 787 fleet—the Aura lite that we see here, on the 787-8 and part of the 787-9 fleet, and the Cirrus on some 787-9s—both models from French aircraft seat manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace.

photo 0029

The seats are upholstered in Hainan’s signature red, which gives the cabin a distinctively Chinese feel.

photo 0030

Below the central armrest we find the IFE remote control, a universal power outlet, and a USB port.

photo 0031

The seats are equipped with nice and large 15 inch (38cm) IFE screens.

photo 0032

Some small storage spaces between seats—not terribly convenient as you have to take off your seat belt to reach them.

photo 0033

The foot rests are great as they allow for unrestricted leg and foot space. Many Business class seats these days have small spaces for the feet, so this is definitely a positive.

photo 0034

The seat control panel allows the seat to be adjusted in multiple ways. There is also a massage function and a memory function that can be programmed to remember your favorite seat position.

photo 0034a

Seat pocket contents which includes several magazines and the Hainan Duty Free catalog, which is quite popular with the Chinese clientele.

photo 0034b

There is an oshibori service during boarding. The hot towels are presented on a dish rather than being laid directly on the center armrests.

photo 0035

The hot towels are followed by a pre-departure welcome drink served with mixed nuts.

photo 0037

The drink offered is the mocktail of the month.

photo 0038

Alcoholic beverages are not offered on the ground for departures from the U.S. due to U.S. taxation rules.
Cabin crew then offer a large and eclectic choice of reading materials.

photo 0039

The noise-cancelling headphones in Business class are high-quality Bose headphones.

photo 0039a

The safety video, which plays after pushback, is modern and showcases the airline’s home island of Hainan.

photo 0040photo 0042

Location of exits on this 787-9

photo 0043

Our route from Chicago to Beijing will be polar rather than transpacific.

photo 0043a

A quick taxi to the runway …

photo 0044

…and takeoff powered by the 2 GEnx engines.

photo 0046


We climb out as we leave the huge Chicago O’Hare airport behind us.

photo 0047photo 0048

The moving map is powered by “Airshow”

photo 0049photo 0050

The airshow offers a preview of today’s flight.

photo 0052

Heading north parallel to Lake Michigan.

photo 0052a


Hainan Airlines provides some decent comfort items in Business class, including slippers in addition to an amenity kit.

photo 0053photo 0054

The amenity kit has a good amount of content

photo 0055

It features high-end Bvlgari products for a discerning international clientele.

photo 0056

Hainan distinguishes itself in Business class from most other carriers by offering pajamas.

photo 0059

The 100% cotton pajamas are quite soft and stylish.

photo 0060

The welcome note included with the pajamas is a nice touch.

photo 0061

For passengers who wish to change into the pajamas, cabin crew offer bags to store clothing.

photo 0061a

Economy class cabin in flight

photo 0061b

Business class cabin

photo 0061c

Two of the lavatories in Business class feature a window. The rose brings a nice decorative touch, though it is artificial.

photo 0061d

The products in the lav are also Bvlgari

photo 0061ephoto 0061f


Let’s take a look at the menu

photo 0062

Starting with the wine list

photo winephoto winespeordpek

An amuse-bouche is served with the aperitif drink service.

photo 0063

Shrimp dumpling, mushroom shaped bun

photo 0064


photo 0065

The menu includes 3 services.

photo ordpek1

The tables are set by the cabin crew with supplies from a cart.

photo 0070

Unlike the tray service seen in many carriers’ business class, Hainan does a restaurant-style plate service.

photo 0074

Each passenger received a basket of breads for the meal.

photo 0075

The cutlery

photo 0077

Nice scenery of northern Canada outside the window

photo 0078photo 0079

Char siew, marinated cuttlefish, lotus root salad

photo 0076


Applewood smoked duck breast lobster, lemon herb mayonnaise

photo 0080

Wild Asparagus velouté

photo 0081photo 0082

Garden leaves thousand island dressing, creamy Caesar dressing

photo 0083

The wine is served to pair with each course and the bottles are properly presented, again nice attention to detail in the service concept.

photo 0084photo 0085

The chop sticks are quite pretty and come with their own holder.

photo 0085a

Maine lobster with Chinese greens in onion sauce
Braised pork belly in tomato sauce with bell peppers
Stir-fried mixed vegetables
Steamed rice

photo 0086

A nice portion of lobster

photo 0088

A chef is present on board, which is again a high-end luxury not seen on many carriers. The onboard chef takes meal orders and also serves the cheese and dessert courses with the cabin crew.

photo 0089

Cheeses and desserts cart

photo 0090photo 0091

Seasonal fresh fruit

photo 0092

Cranberry crumb cake
Mixed berry compote, ice cream

photo 0093

The meal was delicious with generous portions!

Rest On-board

Another high-end service element is the turn-down service. This is something you usually see in First class, rather than Business class.

photo 0094

The turn-down service includes a mattress laid over the seat, a comfortable and light cover, and two pillows.

photo 0095

The cover features a discrete and classy embroidered Hainan logo.

photo 0096photo 0097

In such comfortable conditions it wasn’t difficult to get some sleep.

photo 0098photo 0099

Though there is no true bar area, a portion of the galley is set up with snacks, fruit, and cheeses.

photo 0100

A midnight espresso is accompanied by a hot towel and a box of Godiva chocolates.

photo 0101

According to the airshow, we’re overflying Russia, close to Kakutz.

photo 0102photo 0103

The airshow also features some nice images of the airline.

photo 0104photo 0105

Our route today, which came very close to the North pole.

photo 0106

Some hot snack options are also available on demand.

photo ordpek2

Pan-fried dim sum

photo 0107

Grilled tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, black olive tapenade

photo 0108

A cappuccino to enjoy afterwards showcased the artistic talents of the onboard chef with a cute cat made out of the foam ^^

photo 0109

To finish on a sweet note the crew bring some little cakes and an apple cut in the shape of a crab…again, adorable.

photo 0110photo 0111

And the animal shapes continue with a hot towel folded like a rabbit ^^

photo 0112

IFE System

The Hainan Airlines Boeing 787 fleet features the modern Panasonic Ex2 system and wonderful Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

photo 0119

The IFE system is available in several languages besides Mandarin and English, including German and French.

photo 0120

The different categories are presented as a series of slides—the system is generally intuitive and reactive.

photo 0121

We find recent Hollywood hits, older movies, TV series, documentaries, games, and music.

Pre-Arrival Meal

Based on the time of departure, many airlines would have served a breakfast prior to arrival; however, this second meal service is adapted to the local time of arrival with another lunch/dinner type meal.

photo ordpek3

There are two options for this meal.

The Chinese option:

Fried noodles
Pork, mixed vegetables
Chinese broth, pickles, dim sum, salted egg

photo 0128aphoto 0128b

And Western option:

photo 0128ephoto 0128c

Mushroom ravioli
Sautéed shrimp

photo 0128d

We’ll be landing shortly.

photo 0129photo 0130

A typically smoggy approach into Beijing.

photo 0131photo 0132

Short final

photo 0133

The taxi time is quite long, assuming we were waiting for a gate.

photo 0134

However, in the end we parked at a remote stand.

photo 0135

Though inconvenient, remote parking is always good for tarmac shots on deplaning.

photo 0136

The HNA Club at Beijing Terminal 2

Prior to flying back to Europe, we had the opportunity to visit Hainan’s flagship lounge: the HNA Club.

photo 0006

A very walk welcome from the agents. Near the check-in area is a space to leave cabin baggage for those who would prefer not to carry them around with them through the lounge.

photo 0006a

This stylish hallway…

photo 0006b

…leads to the lounge’s main room.

photo 0007

The lounge’s overall atmosphere is quiet and relaxing with tasteful furnishings and soft lighting.

photo 0009photo 0010

A curved flat-screen TV displays promotional videos on the airline.

photo 0010a

Some of the decor elements make the spaces feel like a living room.

photo 0010b

There are many different type of seating—something for everyone.

Like solo seats for those travelling alone.

photo 0012

Seating for couples

photo 0012aphoto 0013

And chaise lounges for relaxing

photo 0013a

There are large windows with nice tarmac views.

photo 0045

There are convenient work stations offering privacy with high walls.

photo 0013b

There are power outlets and USB ports throughout the lounge, which is very important in these days of passengers travelling with multiple devices.

photo 0013c

There is a large restaurant-like dining area.

photo 0014

There is a large selection of food options, including a salad bar…

photo 0017

And a noodle bar with 3 different dishes and a soup.

photo 0017a

Condiments for the noodle bar

photo 0017b

Several types of breads

photo 0017c

Due to the late hour some dishes have been taken out, which is unfortunate for those with late flights.

photo 0017d


photo 0018

Sandwiches, bagels, pastries, and fresh fruit.

photo 0018a

A large selection of ice cream flavours.

photo 0018b

There is also a good variety of drinks; the wines and champagne are the same found on board.

photo 0019photo 0020

Fruit juices

photo 0021

A professional grade Nespresso machine

photo 0021a

Chocolates and biscuits to enjoy with coffee

photo 0021b

Tea drinkers have not been forgotten

photo 0023b

There is also a wide variety of reading materials

photo 0022photo 0023

WiFi is obviously available

photo 0023a

There are two TV rooms in the lounge

photo 0024

For those looking for calm and relaxation, massage chairs are available for use.

photo 0026photo 0026a

The massage chairs have remote controls with several settings.

photo 0026b

There are several relaxation rooms for those with long layovers wishing to get some rest.

photo 0027

This hallway leads to the restrooms and shower rooms.

photo 0028

A light snack with a glass of champagne

photo 0038a

Customers in the lounge can order fresh dishes. The staff give buzzers that will notify you when your dish is ready.

Noodle soup with soya braised beef brisket

photo 0038b

A designer bowl with quality chop sticks.

photo 0039

With generous portions of meat, the soup is delicious.

photo 0040

A little dessert to finish our visit.

photo 0041

That concludes our visit of the HNA Club


From the US, Hainan Airlines operates flights to China from Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York-JFK, San Jose, and Seattle.

The Chicago – Beijing flight operates 4 X weekly.

Hainan’s Boeing 787-9 fleet is configured to accommodate 258 passengers in Economy class and 30 passengers in Business class.

Business class passengers are offered 150MB of free WiFi onboard the Dreamliner fleet.

A chauffeur service is offered on departure and arrival to Business class passengers at most Hainan destinations (excluding award tickets).

Flight taken by Flavien for Flight-Report as a guest of Hainan Airlines
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The overall quality of the Hainan Airlines product is undeniable. The Chinese carrier has successfully differentiated itself from the other Chinese airlines with impeccable service and all the makings of a high-end Business class experience which included coursed plate service, pajamas, and turn-down service.

The cabin crew are young, energetic, and eager to please. Their English language skills were quite good compared to other Chinese carriers.

The onboard meals were excellent and well presented, though several items were not listed on the menu. The wine list was average and the choice of champagne could have been better—aside from this, Hainan certainly know how to do onboard dining well.

Hainan have differentiated themselves mostly on the soft-product as the hard-product consists of a common seat on Dreamliners. Though fully-flat and comfortable, these seats, in a 2-2-2 configuration, can be seen on many carriers including LATAM and Air India.

The IFE system is quite good with a decent amount of content and interface in multiple languages. Adding to the good IFE experience are the excellent Bose QC25 noise-cancelling headphones.

The only disappointing part of the experience was the lounge in Chicago, which felt dark and had limited catering.

Overall, Hainan is an impressive carrier deserving of its 5 stars.


- A very attentive and enthusiastic cabin crew with good English-language skills
- Comfortable fully-flat seats
- Quality catering and on-board chef
- Turn-down service with mattress, two pillows, and pajamas
- Good IFE system with excellent noise-cancelling BOSE headset
- Free WiFi
- Overall advantages of the Dreamliner: Higher cabin pressure, large windows, mood lighting, quiet ride, and higher air humidity level, all of which help fight symptoms of jetlag.


- Dark Swissport lounge in Chicago
- Frequent Boarding/Deplaning by bus in Beijing

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) Beijing (PEK)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 4 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Chicago (ORD) → Beijing (PEK).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Hainan Airlines avec 8.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 13 heures et 2 minutes.

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    thejetflyer 124 Comments
    Wow ! Since Hainan began flights here to Manchester a few years ago and to my native Scotland last week,I have been longing for a top quality review of Hainan Airlines. Thank you for lovely detail and superb photos. By the way Gulf Air,Turkish and Austrian all have onboard Chefs and Bvlgari amenity kits are also found on some other airlines. I love your menu at the start of the review which takes the reader directly to points of interest. Are you able to tell me how to create this ? Thanks again for a wonderful review !
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    757Fan 619 Comments
    Wow! Great photos. It looks like you had a great flight with them. I actually just flew back to Minneapolis from Chicago today, and saw the Hainan 787 pulling in across the tarmac. They look like a great airline!
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    Andyw 34 Comments
    Good photos all well shot, nice summary with lots of info and very impressed with that business class food. Up there with EVA on business and far ahead of other carriers.

    Thanks for spreading the word, I had thought all Chinese carriers much the same. Obviously not.
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    pwecar 53 Comments
    The seat and its coloring scheme are terrible yet the services are top among Chinese carriers.
  • Comment 456016 by
    Joch 3 Comments
    Very good report indeed! ....however ...
    I was taken a bit by surprise when HU was awarded a skytrax 5 start recognition.

    I work very closely with them and I have seen how they fold the used Economy class blankets upon arrival from SEZ for the return flight to China.
    Not only that, even the Business Class and Economy pillows are re-used with the same pillow cover!!!!

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