Review of Turkish Airlines flight Porto Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1450
Class Economy
Seat 08F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 18 Jun 18, 15:30
Arrival at 18 Jun 18, 22:05
TK   #12 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 672 reviews
By GOLD 1000
Published on 2nd July 2018

This trip includes 2 flights;
Flight 1: TK 1451 Istanbul to Porto ( Economy ) Boeing 737-800 [click here]
Flight 2: TK 1450 Porto to Istanbul ( Economy ) Boeing 737-800 [ you are here ]

Pax for this flight
Business Class: %55-60
Economy Class: %85-90

For this flight almost %80 of the passengers were transfer passengers at Istanbul and only %20 terminated their journey at Istanbul. There was mostly Portuguese passengers, also some from Far East which came to visit Porto and the Douro Valley like us.

Online Check-in:

photo img_2437

Mobile check-in was quick and efficient because my seats were prebooked online.

Seats 7A-B-C was empty but it lacked a window so didn't changed my seat and I would be seating at seat 8F.

photo img_2444photo img_2438

Simple questions: Did you prepare your own luggage

photo img_2439

Porto Airport wasn't eligible for a mobile boarding pass or Turkish Airlines didn't let me have one.

photo img_2440

Incoming flight:

The incoming flight TK1449 departed with a 35 minutes delay and scheduled to arrive late at Porto at that time.

photo img_2445photo img_2446

The tram was efficient to go to the airport but checking the tram schedule would be helpful because the interval between two trams are almost 30 minutes.

photo img_2447photo img_2448

Entering the airport:

FIDS as I arrived to the departure terminal

photo img_2451


The check-in agents were not mindful at all. When I first arrived to the check-in desk one of the agents told me that Tax-Free customs is before check-in but the customs officer told me that I should come with my boarding pass but she helped me for that time and I didn't need to go the queue again. After heading back to the check-in desk I have just headed to the Business Class check-in counter. No one was waiting at both Economy & Business lines at that time. The employee issued my boarding pass but she almost forgot to put a Priority tag to our baggages with my travel companion. We reminded the agent and she realized that my companion had a Miles&Smiles Elite card at that time. She told that we could use the lounge and use the fast track service at security.

photo img_2452

Security Checkpoint:

Although there was not a long queue, me and my companion decided to use the fast track. Our boarding passes weren't applicable for fast track so the security guard manually scanned it and let us pass to the fast track line. He told that the check-in crew should register the barcode on the boarding pass to use fast track.

photo img_2453


After wandering around shops I have headed to the lounge. There is only one lounge at this airport which is operated by Ana Vinci. The lounge was not that big but there were some empty tables and chairs at that time.

photo img_2456photo img_2457

Food at the Lounge

photo img_2458photo img_2459


photo img_2460

Alcoholic Beverages offered today

photo img_2468

There was also a Nespresso machine which had some small issues but it could prepare my coffee.

photo img_2461

The incoming flight hasn't arrived at that time and FIDS indicated passengers to go the gate.

photo img_2462photo img_2463

Boarding Pass:

photo img_2465

A Bombardier CS series Swiss which is pushing back for its flight to Geneva

photo img_2464

Also I have taken some snack for the flight.

photo img_2466

There was also a small food bar which had some of the selections at the main area

photo img_2467

Ryanair 738 aircraft parked at remote stands

photo img_2469photo img_2470

A Vueling A321 to Paris Orly

photo img_2471

CS-DJH, a TAP ATR 72-600 was assigned to the hourly LIS-OPO service

photo img_2472

Passport Control:

There was no queue at the time my passport was checked.

Our aircraft was arriving to gate 10 just after I arrived to the non-schengen area.

photo img_2473

A TAP A319 getting ready to fly to the capital of France. Another flight to Paris Orly.

photo img_2474

Germania A319, will fly to Agadir, at Gate 13

photo img_2475


It was interesting that Boarding signs were appearing even when the aircraft wasn't on the ground yet. After arriving to Gate 10 the ground staff checked my passport and boarding pass, later on she told me to take a seat until boarding starts.

photo img_2478

There were 3 lanes for boarding today. One for priority, one for rows below 17, one for rows above 18

photo img_2479

Our aircraft from the gate

photo img_2486

It was 15:30 when the flight was ready for boarding. First Business Class passengers & Star Alliance Gold members were invited on board.

TC-JHN "Yeşilırmak" from the jetbridge.

photo img_2488

When I was just entering the Boeing 737-800 a ground staff member stopped the queue and told us to wait 2 or 3 minutes because the aircraft wasn't ready at that moment. After a 5 minutes waiting time I picked up my newspaper at the jet bridge and boarded. Turkish Airlines mostly offered Turkish newspapers but there were some international newspapers too.


The seat was the same such as the IST-OPO sector. Pillows and blankets were offered at the overhead bins.

photo img_2489

Personal screens were installed and again no USB port or power supply today. Today my earphones were waiting for me at my seat.

photo img_2490photo img_2491photo img_2493

Boarding was completed in 10-15 minutes.

Before Takeoff:

The same videos as my first flight was shown with the safety video.

We had pushed back 25 minutes later than our scheduled departure time.

Again CS-TTN getting ready for its flight to ORY.

photo img_2500

Route information for today's flight

photo img_2503photo img_2505photo img_2506

IB3094 from Madrid had just arrived when we were waiting for takeoff.

photo img_2504

Before us there was a SN A319 to Brussels taking off.

photo img_2507

Last view of the airport

photo img_2510


Some photos after takeoff

photo img_2511photo img_2512

OPO from the air

photo img_2513photo img_2514

Another regional airport

photo img_2515


There was two options for the meal today on this flight. Passengers could choose between chicken and pasta. No menu cards were distributed today.
I had chosen the pasta option.

photo img_2517

It was served with a plate with cucumber,olives and cheese, a pudding and bread&butter. The pasta tasted well but the portion was small and didn't satisfy my expectations.

photo img_2518

The chicken option

photo img_2519

After the meal service, tea and coffee was offered by the crew.


Panasonic Ex2 system for today's flight. Everything seemed good except the enter button on the remote wasn't comprehending my command.

Today I watched the movie Hostile which was a good selection.

photo img_2516

The safety card

photo img_2520

The Shop&Miles catalogue for online shoppers

photo img_2521

Skylife magazine

photo img_2522

Bonus : Click here display

Turkish and AnadoluJet has 101 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and the technical information about the aircraft

photo img_2531

Mid Flight:

Today no midflight drink service was offered and the cabin temperature rose up and it was too hot at that time.

Flight Information at that point as we were 78 km away from Bari

Had my snack at the middle of the flight

photo img_2539

Played some Sudoku to spend time because I hadn't got time for a second movie.

photo img_2540


The entertainment system wasn't closed today. Some flight information just before landing. Connecting flight information wasn't posted today.

Silivri district

photo img_2544

Büyükçekmece district

photo img_2554

Florya park

photo img_2556


Arrived to gate 221 today and a Turkish A321 to Kuwait was preparing to depart at gate 222.

photo img_2563

After arriving to our parking spot Turkish Airlines advertised the 5 senses featured in the commercial which Dr. Oz played.

photo img_2560

Passport Control:

I waited 5-10 minutes at the regular checkpoint although it was crowded. The Turkish Airlines fast track lane was crowded than the regular line as only one officer was calling passengers from the fast track lane.

Baggage Claim:

My baggage arrived 10-15 minutes after I arrived to belt 6. It was interesting that priority luggages didn't arrived first. Bags were arriving in a random order. After claiming my luggage I started my journey back home.

photo img_2566
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Vinci Lounge


Porto - OPO


Istanbul - ISL



(+) Passed through security in 5 minutes
(+) No queue for the passport control.
(-) Check-in agent almost forgot to attach Priority tags on our luggages
(-) No fast track access was loaded to our barcode even though the ground staff at the check-in desk told us that we can use the service. ( Some other airlines such as Aegean Airlines has Fast Track and Lounge Access information on the boarding pass. )
(-) FIDS were misleading passengers ( It's not ethical to not announce a short delay and post boarding signs on the screen even when the inbound flight hadn't arrived yet.
(-) No information desk after the security checkpoint. ( I needed to ask several airport staff to find the Handicraft Store which does the Tax Free Refund process, but every employee answered me differently. At least I was able to find the store. )
(+) Was absolutely OK for this airport
(-) Coffee machine had some issues
(+) The aircraft was installed with PTV's
(+) The meal tasted perfect but the portion was small.
(-) No midflight drink service. I think that the crew skipped it.
(-) Cabin was extremely hot ( 27-28 C I guess ) even though the captain announced that the cabin temperature was adjusted to 23 C degrees for our comfort.
(-) Priority lane at the passport check was crowded.
(-) Priority luggages didn't arrived first. They were arriving in a random order.

To conclude, Turkish Airlines has reduced their service after losing the "Best Airline in Europe" and "Best Airline meal in Economy" titles, and also people expected more after paying a high amount. Next time when I head to Europe I could choose Turkish Airlines if the price is affordable and competitive to other airlines, but I wouldn't pay extra to fly them.

Thank you for reading.



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    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Your conclusion pretty much sums up my opinion: now that TK has a great reputation they have decreased the service level.
    Sure they offer more than AF or KL but only on a flight to Istanbul, not a long haul connectng one.
    And as most of their pax are connecting to the world, they are no longer worth the extra money.

    • Comment 452963 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Firstly, thank you for your comment,

      You have just got the point that I meant. I also agree that TK offers more than AF & KL , but TK has lot of stuff to improve, and as you mentioned most of the passengers are transfer passengers and they are the only airline to fly direct to most of the destinations from IST so they decreased the service level.

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