Review of Vueling Airlines flight Rome London in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY6224
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 19 Jun 18, 13:15
Arrival at 19 Jun 18, 14:40
VY   #7 out of 14 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 170 reviews
Published on 25th June 2018


Hello everyone!
Last time I took a plane before this flight was August '17. It means I spend almost one year without flying :/ Maybe it's the longest period in my life spent "on the ground".

However let's talk about this flight. About one month ago I decided to leave to London in order to find a summer job, like waiter or shop assistant. For the first time in my life I book a one-way ticket. Using SkyScanner I find many good offers with Ryanair, but since I needed to bring a big baggage, I chose Vueling's offer, which included it. Departure date set for June 19th.
About a week before the flight I made the online check-in and print my BP.

Just to give some stats: this is my 6th flight with Vueling and 2nd flight to LGW.


My parents brought me to the airport around 11, with the flight scheduled at 12:45. Even if I made the online check-in I needed to go to drop-off desk for my baggage. Like most airlines at FCO Vueling is based at Terminal 3. The other Terminal, 1, is used by Alitalia and its partners.
The bright departure hall was a bit busy
photo andata 1

Old style FIDS
Note: all non-Schenghen flights are handled at boarding area E, the newest part of the airport. As it happens in other major airports the gate is not showed until minutes before boarding. This "obliges" passengers to spend most of the time (and maybe money) in the mall-style departure lounge.
photo andata 2

Vueling has an entire line of desks at the far end of the Terminal
photo andata 3

There were two queues: one for baggage drop-off and one for passengers without BP
15 minutes after getting into the queue I saw my baggage disappearing on the belt
photo andata 4

At this moment I realized my flight would have a 55-minute delay :P
photo andata 5

Passport and BP
photo andata 6

This large banner showing airport's latest achievments: World's First in Services' improvement and Europe's First for quality
I think that FCO really deserved those prizes, since in the last 3/4 years it changed completely, reaching other European hubs' standards
photo andata 7photo andata 8

After greeting my parents I made my way to the security check-point
Despite the crowd it took about 10 minutes to complete the procedures
photo andata 9

Time to turn left, towards passport control and boarding area E
photo andata 10

Passport control done in 2 minutes thanks to eGates
photo andata 11

Mandatory passage through the large duty free
photo andata 12

Boarding area E opened on December '16
It contains a lot of Italian luxury brands, plus a large food court. It has also 8 remote gates and 14 contact gates, mainly used by widebodies
photo andata 13

The departure lounge is large and bright
photo andata 14photo andata 15

Many fashion brands
photo andata 16

The "rotunda" at the end of the departure lounge
photo andata 17

I went upstairs to the food court to have lunch
photo andata 18

I really like that glass skylight…
photo andata 19

…and the impressive glass "bubble"
photo andata 20

Time for some spotting
Alitalia A320 in old livery, 737 and Aeroflot A320 parked at the pier
photo andata 21

Aer Lingus A320 taking off from RWY7/25
photo andata 22

Lufthansa A320 and Iberia A321 parked at Pier D, used for Schenghen destinations
photo andata 23

Despite the reported delay boarding for my flight was called on time at gate E8
Time to descent to ground floor, where gates E1-8 are located
photo andata 24

Nothing to say about this small waiting area
photo andata 25

The gate for my flight
photo andata 26

Boarding was already started
photo andata 27

Most of the passengers don't like boarding by airside bus, but for an aviation geek like me it's amazing
photo andata 28

Alitalia's unique Boeing 777-300, EI-WLA, named Roma
photo andata 29

It started flying for AZ in December 2017, after belonging to ILCF
Air Austral and Garuda Indonesia leased it for different periods
photo andata 30

I love those enormous engines
photo andata 31

This plane is used at the moment on FCO-JFK route
photo andata 32

Passing by amazing Delta A330
photo andata 33photo andata 34photo andata 35

Another DL and AZ A330s parked at the pier
photo andata 36

China Southern Airlines B787
photo andata 37photo andata 38


Our A320 for today's flight, EC-MES, delivered to Vueling on March '15 (3,3 years old). It's jokingly named Leonardo da Vueling
photo andata 39photo andata 40photo andata 42

As many A320s it's equipped with sharklets
photo andata 43

Hainan Airlines A330 in the distance
photo andata 41

The cabin is equipped with 186 Y-seats
photo andata 44

I took my seat 6F. The view of the cabin while boarding continue
photo andata 45

I really like those yellow details
photo andata 46

Legroom was sufficent for a two-hour flight (I'm 1,8m)
photo andata 47

Boarding and doors were closed on time. However we had to wait about half a hour before pushing back due to heavy traffic at LGW
photo andata 48

45 minutes after boarding we started pushback
photo andata 49

easyJet and Tunisair A320s
photo andata 50

Our stand, located in front of gate area E51-61
photo andata 51

Saudia A320 at remote stand
photo andata 52

China Southern, Alitalia and Air Canada heavies at the Satellite Terminal
photo andata 54

Alitalia 777-200 EI-DBK "Ostuni" and China Southern 787
photo andata 55

Taxiing to RWY16R/34L, generally used for landings
photo andata 56photo andata 57

Alitalia A320 EI-DSY "Aldo Palazzeschi" ready for departure
photo andata 58

So many wonderful tails
photo andata 59

And then he goes…
photo andata 62

Qatar Airways 777 just landed
photo andata 63

Our turn for departure
photo andata 64

Blue Panorama 737s in the distance
photo andata 65


Vueling 6224 cleared for take-off, RWY34L
photo andata 66

IAE V2500 engines went full thrust
photo andata 67photo andata 68

photo andata 69

We crossed RWY 7/25 (on the far right), only used for TOs at FCO
photo andata 70photo andata 71photo andata 72

Goodbye Rome! See you in two months
photo andata 73photo andata 74

We banked over Roman coastline, flying over Fiumicino town
photo andata 75photo andata 76photo andata 77

Lazio northern coast
photo andata 78

Civitavecchia Power Plant and harbour
photo andata 79

Argentario, a big island connected to mainland by two narrow stripes
photo andata 80photo andata 81

Isola d'Elba
For some it looks like a lizard, for others like a fish…
photo andata 82

Marina di Campo Airport (IATA: EBA, ICAO: LIRJ), located on the island
photo andata 83

In the blu dipinto di blu…
photo andata 85

Approaching Ligurian coast between Italy-France border
photo andata 86

easyJet plane going somewhere
photo andata 87

Po river and (maybe) Turin in the distance
photo andata 88

Crossing Alps and flying over Savoia region

Another easyJet plane
photo andata 93

Geneva Lake and city underneath
photo andata 94

Geneva Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG)
photo andata 95

Flying over French mainland
photo andata 96

Approaching the Channel we started flying over a big layer of clouds
photo andata 97photo andata 98

A glimpse of England Coast
photo andata 99

Cloud layer started to thin as we descent to LGW
photo andata 100

Banking over southeastern London, we made a complete "loop"

Passing through the clouds…
photo andata 106

…finally we see here…Anglia, to use my ancestors' words

Motorway M23 serving the airport
photo andata 111

Airport parking lot
photo andata 112

London Gatwick railway station
photo andata 113

South Terminal, where Vueling is hosted
Many British Airways tails
photo andata 114

easyJet A320 and Emirates whalejet ehm A380 waiting for departure
Such a great welcome to Gatwick
photo andata 115

North Terminal Satellite connected through a bridge crossing taxiways
photo andata 116

Air Traffic Control Tower
photo andata 117

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to London
photo andata 118


Half a hour later than scheduled we landed at Gatwick
Virgin Atlantic A330 parked in the distance
photo andata 119

Previosuly seen easyJet A320 departing after we cleared the RWY
photo andata 120

British Airways A319 landed behind us
photo andata 121

Ryanair 737
photo andata 122

British Airways 777
photo andata 123

Emirates A380 still waiting for TO next to a British Airways A320
photo andata 124photo andata 125

Fortunately we were parked at the beginning of the pier, meaning we won't have made a long walking to the exit
British Airways A320s
photo andata 126

Norwegian 737 "Astor Piazzolla" parked next to us
photo andata 127

Docked at the stand
photo andata 128

While desembarking I received the flight report from the crew and was invited to visit the cockpit
I chat a little bit with pilots before thanking and greeting them
I really appreciate when cabin crew is so available with Avgeeks like me
photo andata 129

Strange to see a glass jetway in a London airport…
photo andata 130

Bye bye EC-MES
photo andata 131

Let's go to Passport Control
photo andata 132

Last view of our plane, with Norwegian 737 and British Airways A320 behind
photo andata 133

What a nice line up: Ryanair 737, Aer Lingus and British Airways A320s
photo andata 135

Sorry for the blurred pic, but I wanted to snap this nice Aurigny ATR72
photo andata 134

Her Majesty the Queen kindly welcomes you to London
photo andata 136

Norwegian 737 and British Airways A320
photo andata 137

On the way to passport control
Despite the big crowd, immigration was a breeze thanks to eGates
photo andata 138

Baggage reclaim hall
We had to wait about 10 minutes to have our baggages delivered
photo andata 139

Fortunately my bag was among the first to be delivered
I made my way through customs and out in the bright arrivals hall
photo andata 140

I headed straight to the train station
photo andata 141

Waiting for the train
It takes about half a hour to reach London Victoria Station, one of the most central railway terminus
photo andata 142

Thank you for your attention! See you next time ;)
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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Rome - FCO


London - LGW



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